Jason Momoa Always Visits Emilia Clarke Whenever He's In London | The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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Jason Momoa makes an amazing entrance, reuniting with Emilia Clarke, Regina King, and meets Ross Noble. His 'stunt double'.
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Oct 28, 2019




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Comments 80
Naughteous Maximus
Naughteous Maximus 15 hours ago
Jason and Emilia bring out the best of humanity with their personalities. Fantastic! I wish both of them very happy and long lives!
Damien Dingus
Damien Dingus 22 hours ago
Looking like Jesus with his big self.
Billy Finlay
Billy Finlay Day ago
All four of them have a crush on him
Emma Stearns
Emma Stearns 2 days ago
omg their the cutest 🥺
darkmvz 2 days ago
Emilia is so adorable, a rare breed of beauty and brains
Erick Machuca
Erick Machuca 2 days ago
Jason be smashing all the celebrity thots
Florin Morariu
Florin Morariu 3 days ago
The coat is from real leonard?
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo 6 days ago
Однажды он ее сожрет))) Ахаха
ar quin
ar quin 7 days ago
Jason momoa is perfect character for sabertooth
Sentient Meat
Sentient Meat 7 days ago
To reenact his favourite GOT scene 😂
Madison Rivera
Madison Rivera 9 days ago
Omg when they switched jackets I lost it 😂 this was so precious
Artemis 11 days ago
I can’t watch this without smiling
Boris Bilan
Boris Bilan 12 days ago
3th klass actor
Rage jun No Videos
Rage jun No Videos 14 days ago
Fred Flinstone with shoes
Adithya Adithya
Adithya Adithya 15 days ago
Emilia Clarke is just a bowl of warmth and smiles
Grace Smith
Grace Smith 17 days ago
Jason and Emilia are like a devorced couple that are best friends
lieutenantkettch 21 day ago
If they're replacing Amber Heard as Mera can we have Emilia Clarke instead?
greego saju
greego saju 22 days ago
Thats not cat food its 🎏 food..dude..
Leah Ray
Leah Ray 22 days ago
They act like two best friends who married each other platonically🙃
Cabello _____
Cabello _____ 22 days ago
Look at how jason didn't care about graham and run to emilia😂 0:05
Brezo Man
Brezo Man 22 days ago
Kinder fick....
Inês FTB
Inês FTB 24 days ago
That coat fits him so goooooood
Andrea Downing
Andrea Downing 24 days ago
Jason Momoa is so gorgeous and such a sweetie!
Jaime Bahena
Jaime Bahena 26 days ago
Watch out, there's sumthin' there
ali mojarrad
ali mojarrad 28 days ago
Noone else find it weird that he is married and this close to another woman ? I means guys have best friends but they are never this close to them either.
winter hug
winter hug Day ago
@Agnes @alimojarrad - I agree, Jason and Emilia have always been close and when Emilia had those two brain aneurysm several years back that brought them closer together. Emilia is one of Jason's best friends. Jason's wife Lisa Bonet is also friends with Emilia and she trusts that nothing will happen romantically between Jason and Emilia
Agnes 25 days ago
not really, i mean they're just friends and she almost died a few years back so i think that kinda brought them closer together,, but idk
Swag Potato
Swag Potato 28 days ago
He left the practice in OKC Thunders to be interviewed. The most humble center in NBA.
Emilia needs to be Mera in Aquaman 2!! It would be a dream come true to see them both together in a movie having the happy ending they deserve 😍❤️
Sravan Kumar
Sravan Kumar Month ago
Jason momoa has the most wholesome laugh i have ever seen in a man!
Thiyagesh Waran
Thiyagesh Waran Month ago
Child in a beast body😂🤗
That’s was very fun
فارس الشيباني
Jason look like Roman reigns
Yorg Month ago
And i wonder why .....
Agnes 7 days ago
bc they are friends?-
Toilet Gangster
Toilet Gangster Month ago
Ross looks like a warlock and Momoa looks like the warrior hero burdened with slaying him.
Tupak Tupakari
Tupak Tupakari Month ago
neuerntzer neuernutzer
Dont wanna judge but intercourse has just made em close each other and never lefts
Chamath Pasan
Chamath Pasan Month ago
they 2 are banging each other
Game of FRIENDS Month ago
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IsraChick Month ago
I find it cute that they have that relationship but on the other hand, it's a bit weird that their too close no?
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera Month ago
They must be banger friends
Ben Daulton
Ben Daulton Month ago
He went from Atlantis to Atlantis.
nightowl Month ago
No one's gonna talk about the fact that Jason Momoa looks like he's wearing a silk pajama? No? ok...
Muhd Afiq Zaharudin
Aquaman meets the penguin
Naim Hassan
Naim Hassan Month ago
His feet starts from ground floor and head ends on the 2nd floor
Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles Month ago
Good lord Emelia is gorgeous as a brunette
Chiku Ritz
Chiku Ritz Month ago
Emilia is too pure like a gift to the mankind.. Love her to death ❤️❤️
Vanessa D
Vanessa D Month ago
Jason Momoa's shirt looks like a pajama top and he makes it look sexy!
Far Cry
Far Cry Month ago
why i dont have people in my life so positive like them :(((
Memoo 22
Memoo 22 Month ago
If we send Emilia to an inhabitable planet she would make it habitable by just smiling at it ❤️
John Rambo
John Rambo Month ago
Here that poor sap is building him up deprecating himself the whole time and Jason throws him right under the bus with that "damp" remark lol
Cano Month ago
this man is a KOLOSS. look it up, it's a german word
Redha A Rachman
Redha A Rachman Month ago
*Kraven The Hunter*
Shit Says
Shit Says Month ago
Sugad daddy for emilia maybe 😂
Mattt Curry
Mattt Curry Month ago
Emila looks uncomfortable
Roxana Capparelli
RENEHIKO Month ago
Jason Momoa is such a magnificent beast
Last Tutmos
Last Tutmos Month ago
Who is this godzilla :)
Tariq Waseem
Tariq Waseem Month ago
Jason "The Poseidon" Momoa.
Nicole Sakwe
Nicole Sakwe Month ago
He warms my cold dead heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hellboy Hellboy
Hellboy Hellboy Month ago
Чет мамоа в каких-то лохмотьях вышел
tsensei Month ago
don't think there is a more humble, down to earth guy in hollywood right now than Jason Momoa. He seems like it would be fun to be around him ( also he was Khal Drogo ) NUFF SAID
Luxio63 Month ago
Ahmed N
Ahmed N Month ago
That’s the dude that should’ve played gaston.
Malaika D
Malaika D Month ago
I'm not even bothered by the fact that he came in his pyjama top
Sam Month ago
I know he's such a bad boy alpha male stud. My Biological Hypergamy is being activated when I see him
rafal s.
rafal s. Month ago
Jason is a sweetheart 💓
Sam Month ago
Can you feel your Biological Hypergamy being activated?
_barik _WOT_
_barik _WOT_ Month ago
в начале нужно вставить "слыш ты чё такая дерзкая"))))
Leonard Nicholas
Leonard Nicholas 2 months ago
I've not much of a fan of Jason Momoa's movies, but he seems like a really good person.
Tia Azrin
Tia Azrin 2 months ago
I swear he look even better with that suit lol
Ig KJI 2 months ago
Angel Angel
Angel Angel 2 months ago
Kimara3_3 2 months ago
I'm a simple woman. I see Jason Momoa and I click. I see Emilia Clarke and I click. I see them both and I fcking break the mouse :)))
Jack Rotten
Jack Rotten 2 months ago
They recreated a certain intimate scene later that night.
Mariam Musavii
Mariam Musavii 2 months ago
Emilia Clarke needs to join the dceu to reunite with Jason momoa
She needs to be MERA!! Watching them in a movie together and finally having the happy ending they deserve is the only comfort I would have after the last season. It still hurts. Both are up there with Keanu Reeves as the most genuine, humble, nice and real people in Hollywood. I hope they know how much people love them and support them. I wish for them to have the happiest future possible.
@Paperheartsx Yes, absolutely!!
Paperheartsx Day ago
Chris evans too💖
Thanos the Farmer
Thanos the Farmer 2 months ago
I hope Emilia gets the role of Mera in Aquaman 2.
Dr retardo
Dr retardo 2 months ago
and everytime he visits he pounds her from behind just like in game of thrones.
Александр Романюк
Nice Kraven the Hunter cosplay.
ArchangelExile 2 months ago
He visits to smash.
Laksh Pimpdae
Laksh Pimpdae 2 months ago
He must play a Viking.
Ajinkya Kale
Ajinkya Kale 2 months ago
The energy he brings! Incredible!
Sayeed Khan
Sayeed Khan 2 months ago
when they swapped clothes ... jason looked like chris(the thor)
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