Jasiah - Crisis (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Jasiah - Crisis (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Jasiah
Director of Photography by Taylor Randall
Steadicam by Xaver Thompson
Ex. Producer - Sal Tarantino

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Comments 80
Fiji Madiツ
Fiji Madiツ 3 hours ago
*This looks like tokyo and x had a child*
Damien Wild
Damien Wild 4 hours ago
Dudes hair literally looks like an Aloe plant. Explains his name I guess.
Jovani Wilczewski
Jovani Wilczewski 4 hours ago
Older Brother: that from ticktock Me: *slaps* NO! (Now im the older brother now)
Drippy 2o9
Drippy 2o9 4 hours ago
This song makes me wanna throw hands with any one who wants smoke
Samuel Colson
Samuel Colson 5 hours ago
Jasiah* gets n pass* him * ima abuse it*
666 Fuck life.
666 Fuck life. 5 hours ago
Okay but no one gonna mention the beat from courage the cowardly dog at the beginning?
COFEM project
COFEM project 8 hours ago
Ashton Alley vlogs
Ashton Alley vlogs 10 hours ago
This song makes me want to break into jail
Garrett Atchley
Garrett Atchley 13 hours ago
Spotify when man
RedPanda09 16 hours ago
King Ramsey’s curse if it was Courage the Coward Dawg
Karem Moreno Rodriguez
this song makes me want to but some ice in my socks and put my toes inside it
Fire Ball
Fire Ball 19 hours ago
Did he just blow a kiss me. I'm not going lie he got me hard
marzxian _ii
marzxian _ii 20 hours ago
I can’t find this on Spotify... im bouta break shit..
Ant T
Ant T 20 hours ago
Imma lowkey play this when school comes back
Al Timofeyev
Al Timofeyev 21 hour ago
This song makes me wanna steal my own car
Luxid Jonesyyy
Luxid Jonesyyy 21 hour ago
When you think your 5yr old sister is listening to peppa pig songs and you hear this.... what do you do
The bananas Gang
The bananas Gang 21 hour ago
Just try to see a coment in a year
Nate B
Nate B 22 hours ago
This song makes me want to tell people that my moms a virgin
Teddy Games YT
Teddy Games YT 23 hours ago
Of course aloe is in one of jasiahs song
Emmanuel Abraham
Thank me later 1:21
Isaiah Mast
Isaiah Mast Day ago
Rip George Floyd
Dat Rona
Dat Rona Day ago
nascar out here
Laura Otter
Laura Otter Day ago
Why isn’t this on Spotify yet😭
Berk M
Berk M Day ago
another 6ix9ine incoming
VeZius_ S 0 U L
Lil tecca cant make a hard song Lil tecca : hold my glasses
Ant T
Ant T 20 hours ago
Adeeoluwa Adepoju ojo
my dude screaming like goku
Sebastian the assassin
Chris Dively
Chris Dively Day ago
The one homie looks like $crim
Shane House
Shane House Day ago
Its been 1 year Im just gonna say it Did nobody notice at 0:26 Nascar Aloe transforms
Theo Uchiha
Theo Uchiha Day ago
why this got recommended now
Theo Uchiha
Theo Uchiha Day ago
C.I.A Day ago
Someone really took Lil teccas Glasses
Alex Poe
Alex Poe Day ago
This song really do be having me swerving in the streets doe
RODEO • Day ago
This make me wont pull my pants down and tell some guys girl fuck off fly
Keegan Phillips
When someone tells a Billie eyelash fan there not depressed
Leyden Davidson
Girlfriend:*Stands in front of tv while I’m play cod* Me: 1:21
Ant T
Ant T 20 hours ago
Ant T
Ant T 20 hours ago
Michael Walker
Can this be on Spotify already??
Jakayla aa
Jakayla aa Day ago
Nobody : Tiktok : “GET TF OUTTA MY WAY !!”😂
Mr. Yeetson
Mr. Yeetson 5 hours ago
Fr though lmao 😂
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 days ago
why does he sound like xxxtentacion so much
Ant T
Ant T 20 hours ago
Kevin Marquez
Kevin Marquez 2 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue wtf are they on drugs and why he so cool
max Adventures
max Adventures 2 days ago
This song makes me want to ride a bike without a helmet
Shaaky 115
Shaaky 115 2 days ago
This song wants me to ding dong ditch my house
ТHΞ ŦФФŁ 2 days ago
Why does he lowkey sound xxxtentacion????
The Shorty
The Shorty 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna to watch a youtube video in the car
Lion 2 days ago
Does anyone here hear the voice of X?
Lion 2 days ago
I hear voice of X
Black Magic
Black Magic 2 days ago
how does he sound so much like x
Cozing 2 days ago
The insane guy is called Nascar Aloe
Jessica Ragland
Jessica Ragland 2 days ago
That dragon ball reference tho. Also KINGVADAR video (If you know you know)
Subway Surfer
Subway Surfer 2 days ago
1:32 when u sit on Santa’s lap and feel something hard
bad vibes78
bad vibes78 Day ago
Too funny
Shaaky 115
Shaaky 115 2 days ago
Lmfao yoooo
Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams 2 days ago
This song makes me want to tell the deaf kid that the blind kid is watching him
TAKK 808
TAKK 808 2 days ago
sound like x ngl
Zync _73
Zync _73 2 days ago
This playing in the background in whole USA rn
kyroxh 2 days ago
Is it just me or does he sound like X a little bit when hes screaming?
glub 2 days ago
when she bites the tip 1:50
The quiet kids first words
Vallerinq 2 days ago
This song makes me want to shoot the school shooter
SuperQwing 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna look up stuff about monsters on a rude pc to save muriel and eustace
Isodragon 3 days ago
When someone called tecca a virgin for the last time
GamerBoi1234 3 days ago
He sounds like x
Avise Tabroyy
Avise Tabroyy 3 days ago
The quiets kid national anthem
András Székely
András Székely 3 days ago
fake 6ix9ine
Sebastian the assassin
This song makes me wanna beat tf outta people who talk shit about me behind my back 😜💛
Uzi Snow
Uzi Snow 3 days ago
0:47 bruh
YKL Yella
YKL Yella 3 days ago
This song makes me wanna bath in Lava
Sabrina._. World
Sabrina._. World 3 days ago
One day I yelled a get the fuck out of my way when I was outside everybody was looking at me like I was dumb😂😂🤣
T u c q e l 月光
Commercial X.
Samael 3 days ago
this song is every anime week trying to turn into MUI watching dbz
YNB BARS 3 days ago
This sound like an xxxtentacion song
drip rat
drip rat 3 days ago
Jasiah is the type of dude to beat a nigga ass for nothing 😂😂
Silhouette_ESF 3 days ago
0:38 This moment makes me punch a kid in the face.
YourHelpYT 3 days ago
Wtf is this demonic shit 💀
SwaIn SwaTmin
SwaIn SwaTmin 3 days ago
Jashiah just sounds like XXXTENTACION
YoScrump 3 days ago
god_w 3 days ago
this song makes me wanna pour milk first before cereal
Max Level Max
Max Level Max 3 days ago
The family during quarantine
OMG Ronnie
OMG Ronnie 3 days ago
1:10 - 1:22 only thing you need to listen to
Lincoln Smith
Lincoln Smith 3 days ago
This song makes me want to have a staring contest with a blind person
Alptuğ Atalay
Alptuğ Atalay 3 days ago
MY ex gf is came again me: 1:22
V patch Nas
V patch Nas 3 days ago
Me leaking at my teacher be like
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