Jared Leto's Weird Ass Cult

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Mar 19, 2020




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Comments 80
LightningSFM 42 minutes ago
I'm a big 30stm fan, or part of the "echelon", as they call it, but I even found this a bit weird. Jared is officially crazy lol. Even if I had the money to do this, I wouldn't. No thanks 🤣
Jade Taylor-Holden
I came here for an ass cult. I Was disappointed
Angel L
Angel L 14 hours ago
Wow this is so fire festival this is the spirit of man was so cheated felt like a fool
Dara Rohan
Dara Rohan Day ago
Hope you don't get a visit from Lord Jared's lawyers.
Dara Rohan
Dara Rohan Day ago
Unfortunately there'll never be a shortage of naivety in people that will fall for allure of cults.
Elliot G
Elliot G Day ago
Guy definitely has a child catching weirdo cult vibe about him.
James Festini
James Festini 2 days ago
Deep down inside I think we all wish we had a cult to lead.
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez 2 days ago
About 12 min in, "they really milk this thing to the max" yeah I was thinking the same thing about you guys hahaha
J R 2 days ago
Weird-ass cult or Weird ass-cult
imlikeheroin2 2 days ago
😆 They started running out of ways to describe the packages because they're all essentially the same thing, so they started throwing out phrases like "lockable, weatherproof, and furnished"... Just trying to trick people into paying an extra 2 grand for the same room... But this one is a "cabin" and that one is a "lodge". Smdh, like are we really gonna be surprised when he turns out to be another Jeffery Epstein or Jim Jones?! 🤦
J Schultz
J Schultz 3 days ago
Pretty soon he will save the men from Sin by sleeping with their ladies for them.
J Schultz
J Schultz 3 days ago
Oh no a hipster cult!
666k views....hilarious guys
Homie D
Homie D 3 days ago
I'm the 666k view ethan I think I'm chosen
Homie D
Homie D 3 days ago
Dont worry I screenshoted it I'll keep it forever
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 3 days ago
Jared Leto Ass Cult
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson 4 days ago
I don’t know, Ethan is slamming this a little too heavily I think. Yeah it’s weird, but those pictures do look pretty damn nice, and the price is honestly pretty understandable. The entertainment industry is a weird place, and no matter what, Jared Leto has created a cult. Might as well lead it 🤷‍♂️
Hope Morrison
Hope Morrison 4 days ago
He's got the Marvel shirt on because Jared Leto is playing Morbius lol Probably some type or moral support
Marina Jean
Marina Jean 4 days ago
it's depressing coming back to watch this clip again and hearing "he missed the coronavirus" cause we all thought it'd be over by then.
M M 5 days ago
How many actors/artists invest, own and have turned their own island into an asset ? Don't worry, I won't hold my breath for the answer 🤗
Ni ls
Ni ls 5 days ago
yeah sure this is kinda stupid but chill mate these spiritual trips are like a common thing for several 'gurus':D and he's jared leto he can get laid all the time he doesn't need a cult for that
Shane Stencil
Shane Stencil 5 days ago
Wasnt he the guy in fight club that got his face smashed all too shit?.And got yelled at for being to blonde?.He pay's other musicians too help him produce anything worth considering a record.Now'he's Jesus?.Whats next ah Vegan fast food chain?What ah deep river of contradiction that ya can't step in twice.That boy need's a methodone clinic.
sommi 5 days ago
💛🧡💚💙 Jared Leto is a wierdo and a fuckwit. Stop making videos on this idiot youre better than this Ethan & Hila. Anyone who likes him is also a cuck 💛🧡💚💙
Ellie Fuller
Ellie Fuller 4 days ago
His freakish behaviour was exposed by his co-workers while filming Suicide Squad, thank god
Josie Cat
Josie Cat 5 days ago
All that Adrenachrome
Hoden Krebs
Hoden Krebs 5 days ago
just take lsd and go for a walk
Jack O'Jack
Jack O'Jack 6 days ago
A religion is a cult that took off.
Bec SocSci
Bec SocSci 6 days ago
Jarred Leto could be Hila’s brother.
Brandon Royce
Brandon Royce 6 days ago
I miss the Jared Leto of the Panic Room days, where he was about his talent and work. Now, it's a chain of outrageous publicity stunts that feed off each other, in order to maintain his name in media as an "eccentric artist".
r g
r g 6 days ago
you also missed the fact that he is laced in with Gucci so hard, he wears so many 1 of 1's, he transitions in and out of music, movies and fashion, now a fuck guru.
Abhijit Shandilya
The Guy's eyebrow movements - yo!
H Harris
H Harris 7 days ago
Is there anyone other than white peoples?wiedo
Tom Seleman
Tom Seleman 7 days ago
Hila asks "Why do people need cults?" Not taking into account she and Ethan lucked out and have a life that fits their drive and passion and is deeper rewarding. And regardless of drive or talent there is a large matter or luck in making it. Theirs more talented people in the world than famous people by 1000000 to 1. Just saying she can't contemplate whay her life would be an choices she would make without the fulfilment and companionship of h3 and Ethan. Just saying it's super naive to say ot others from where she's sitting
Alan Donnelly
Alan Donnelly 7 days ago
He is an absolute cult
William M.
William M. 7 days ago
So much to find ways to fill in the Utorrent income gap ... gna gna gna
Ondrej Kindl
Ondrej Kindl 8 days ago
mate he was in the DC movies, the Tshirt was a diss lol
S. Albertsen
S. Albertsen 8 days ago
Was that guy wearing marvel because Joker is dc? 🤣 Look at the smug look on that face lmaaao
Bastille 9 days ago
Ethan ages faster than Obama
Robert Lebar
Robert Lebar 9 days ago
A member of his band is from Croatia, like my father, that's probably why he found an island there. The sea is quite beautiful there, but for 7-10k you should get so much more than the packages 30stm offers. The flight ticket probably isn't included. Well anyway, I was also a fan of 30stm when I was younger, but now with this cult thing Jared acts a little bit weird so to say. Too much money and fame has spoiled him I think.
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 10 days ago
The hippie's at Woodstock were more spiritual than this weapon
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton 10 days ago
The irony of a multi-millionaire who is married into the government doing Buddhist practices is just too much to handle
Samson Kortana
Samson Kortana 10 days ago
Jared Leto is such a piece of shit lol.
Jeremy Payne
Jeremy Payne 10 days ago
Nobody else is gonna say it? *How the fuck does Jared Leto miss 12 days in May and not know about the global pandemic? The rest of us have been in quarantine for at least a month.* This is what happened: He knew about COVID-19. He just posted that to drum up business and make it seem like an escape from reality. I see you Leto...
Yudcrazy 11 days ago
Im a 170 pound overweight asian man, I would love to see Jared Leto's face If I ordered the "VIP activity with Jared Leto"
john crowder
john crowder 12 days ago
30 seconds to marvel
KILLROY 12 days ago
There was a guy with a black shirt 🤦‍♂️
RedDead wolf
RedDead wolf 12 days ago
The fame has clearly went to Leto's head, once you transcend music & acting then and only then do you become a leader of a shitty over priced cult on Dr. Monroes island
TheSpellShell 12 days ago
I remember This Is War album when this culty shit is kinda started. Since than I dropped listen to this guy's music. And end up watching video about his cult about 10 years later. It's weird
Andy Salter
Andy Salter 13 days ago
If you look up pretentious in the dictionary it will be a picture of Jared Leto!! Total tool....
Blacktooth Fox
Blacktooth Fox 14 days ago
Who is the Hebrew broad with the bellend hat? Looks moody, bet there's a stale sour aroma around that midriff. The chubby autist is almost funny though. Almost.
Even while being in a odd cult he still can’t play a good crazy joker
bit of everything
bit of everything 16 days ago
Frye festival 2.0
Iclal Demir
Iclal Demir 16 days ago
Imagine some of these cult leaders actually being hepephiles and sstanists. And people admiring them like the next Jesus. What a thought.
Michael Sables
Michael Sables 17 days ago
Who is this woman with the pink hat? she is so laid back. love her style
MrSlyxx 17 days ago
Fuck Jared.
Sarah Patrick
Sarah Patrick 17 days ago
For some reason I read it as he has a weird cult about asses
Nichole Lopez
Nichole Lopez 18 days ago
yo Ethan y do your eye brows do the wave ? wtf is that? a tic? or ru doin it on purpose? 😂
Jared Lemay
Jared Lemay 20 days ago
This is how a band makes money after they've become irrelevant
Derek R
Derek R 20 days ago
so weird that it seems like a cover up for something else haha
turd ferguson
turd ferguson 20 days ago
I love seeing these ironic videos from h3 like Jared Leto's cult as if you guys don't have one lol or idiot's of Covid 19 which was my favorite title since you'd have to be an idiot to not see that they had to make a video since epidemics tend to prevent guests from appearing on podcasts. I used to be obsessed with you two in a great way, but after you poured all you efforts into your podcasts that are 2 to 3 hours long of your ridiculous opinionated ramblings I lost interest. How do you get Papa John on there and just assume he did nothing wrong? Lol biased af. Either way what really made me lose interest was the seafood episode. Her asmr seafood video isn't for everyone SO OPPRESS HER INTO THE GROUND WITH YOUR CULT CAUSE IT ISN'T "YOUR THING" Someone let me know when they bring back more dumb shit like "Baby Love Your Body"
Srishti 21 day ago
The difference between a holistic massage and normal massage is 5 dollars
Alexsandar Iskandar
Bro Jared Leto slams no matter if he has a cult or not. Quit it.
PT Philosophy-Theology
-goes to festival -buys package with tattoo -looks at tattoo -666
Sebastian Kingcrown
This would have been way better as a goofy thicc boi reaction vid
Mollie McCabe
Mollie McCabe 21 day ago
back when 30 seconds to mars had their "mars 300" show where they got a world record for "most concerts in a single tour" or something, I got tickets and jared leto kept insisting on twitter that everyone wear white to the show. My friend and I spent the whole subway ride there making jokes about how he was going to sacrifice us all or force us to join a cult after the show for not heeding his instructions (we did not wear white, maybe 2/3 of the venue was in white). 8 years later I see I wasn't too far off.
Kaimas 100%
Kaimas 100% 21 day ago
cults is ok.
Ananya Neralla
Ananya Neralla 22 days ago
Good. Now Gwen and him can hook up and be cringy together. Maybe leave to an island and leave us tf alone! Who knows? Name it Le Goop or some shit.
Peoplestuff Things
Peoplestuff Things 22 days ago
Jared Leto Seed. (Reply if you get it )
FluorescenteChe 22 days ago
Hmm nope
James Hatfield
James Hatfield 22 days ago
he looks like john seed from far cry, and with the cult it erm kind of ehh, yeah
Luke Nardoni
Luke Nardoni 22 days ago
Just watched one of his Instagram videos. Reminded me of Geo Godley.
GamingKoalaHD 23 days ago
The maths teacher says the number 69 Me: 2:10
Master Classes
Master Classes 23 days ago
Is no one gonna make the connection between Jared Leto and The Father from Farcry 5?
gEkX 23 days ago
H3, Jellyfish looking mofos, clearly do not have ink too. Strait Tools why do these cats exist?
SIXXPMNOW 23 days ago
My nigga Ethan can't read
Actor Benandtonic
Actor Benandtonic 23 days ago
Imagine being in a cult where Justin Bieber fingers your butt
KAT DIABLANKOS 23 days ago
i paid less going to an all inclusive resort in cancun with my family
ssrevolver 23 days ago
How the hell did I get here
Luigi Warning
Luigi Warning 23 days ago
the more I watch Ethan the more I lose respect for him, especially when you started talking about the in Selden and you referred to the guys as entitled you're just parroting a literal CIA planted word you gave no explanation of how their behavior can be described as entitled it literally just makes no sense
Redstone_Jack 24 days ago
Watching this makes me glad that Jared Leto got his teeth kicked in Fight Club.
Adam J
Adam J 24 days ago
He's full of shit Ethan,he posted that tweet on 16th March.12 days before that would have been the beginning of March,the world was already in chaos at that time.China and Europe was in any case.
bill lumberg
bill lumberg 24 days ago
itsa shed
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