Jared Leto Reacts To Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

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Jared Leto Doesn’t Want To Pass Over The Joker Torch
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Todd Phillips’ JOKER has been divisive and controversial. But there is one thing people can agree on about the movie: Joaquin Phoenix. His role garnered praise from all corners, except from Jared Leto. He’s pissed off.
His version of the Joker was less of a success (commercially and critically) and, after Phoenix’s version was so well-received, Warner Brothers scrapped what were going to be Leto’s solo sequels and spin-offs. Needless to say, this isn’t sitting well with Jared, who has expressed his discontent over the past week. But, as you’ll see, he started it.
Back when he played the Joker, Leto treated his coworkers to a barrage of unwanted gifts. These include dead and live animals as well as soiled contraception devices. Popular consensus, though, was that the means didn’t justify the disappointing ends.
Leto disagrees and describes how much of his role was cut from the 2016 movie, a decision that he believes was detrimental to his character and the movie at large. With Warner Bros’ announcement that Leto would not be cast in more Joker films, he has apparently responded with bitterness. Even before then, he tried to get the Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix project scrapped, without success.
Today we’ll be sifting through Leto’s possible motivations for being so against Phoenix’s Joker and the studio that produced. There is a lot to cover here, so buckle up. From Gucci to the Prime Minister of Canada, to good old-fashioned resentment, we’ll get through it all, together.
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Comments 80
tommy d
tommy d 5 months ago
Jared Leto is now going to become the real life Joker lol
be brewer
be brewer 17 hours ago
@Iisnipezii 43 Finally … Orlando Penate doesn't seem to know the writer was also the director who apologized for not doing a better job with the joker and wasn't given the time to do better. Also, 'used' condoms (Jared laughed in an interview) were removed from package & someone called them used. Jared could have played the Joaquin part but they would have had to make him ugly.
AISA Lapso
AISA Lapso 7 days ago
Bring jared leto back! Give him a try, i know its worthy for his fans like us...i was even waiting for the joker to appear in birds of prey...
Cepeda Carmen
Cepeda Carmen 11 days ago
TheBaioken 14 days ago
no, he is becoming a cult leader thats wants his followers money(and sometimes pussy) and he might be into underage girls, his groupies
Golden HD
Golden HD 19 days ago
I mean he is a JOKE
christian laurenz
The jared is the best joker
Raj Nadkar
Raj Nadkar 2 hours ago
Dude... have you even acted in life... people like you go out judging others about thing you can never do...
Drekster 4 hours ago
Well this was a waste of time...
Ebbemonster 4 hours ago
Leto like his joker are pretentious garbage.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 5 hours ago
Nobody cares jared ...your joker was a pile of shit , forgettable and a waste of time
Vincent Izquierdo
Joker is a street thug but more skilled n insane this is why the tattoos n the look
SlayedHunter Day ago
I feel like DeadShot should have his own movie, but played as a Will Smith.
JAred LEto's Joker was really cool, I just wish they wrote better stuff for him! He's a great actor!
Sarah Lund
Sarah Lund Day ago
I loved jared letos joker the other joker was trash !
llee allen maglaya
Misleading vid template
ITHEX ALARM 2 days ago
I liked suicide squad, and i think Jared Leto was fine as the joker...
Rednasyl28 2 days ago
Thumbnail has Leto’s face looking at his phone camera but he doesn’t even talk here. Lol
sima al
sima al 2 days ago
I think that leto's joker was so great . but we didn't see him in the movie .just 7 minutes . and suicide squad was not that good movie. but i saw the movie just for the joker (i love jared leto) 💖😁
SirTyJensen 2 days ago
"This bird is bait!" This video is bait.
John S
John S 2 days ago
The Joker was pure class
Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss 2 days ago
Leto played it way better
Stephanie Schulz
Stephanie Schulz 2 days ago
What kind of a person sends used condoms to someone/anyone
Jerry Setlerr
Jerry Setlerr 2 days ago
If he felt left behind, he is ,isn't that show business
Erika Camera
Erika Camera 2 days ago
Suicide squad is just a monster high custom
Alessandro Porcelli
Still waiting for the reaction, oh wait there's no reaction!
justin walker
justin walker 3 days ago
frogscat 3 days ago
Jared Leto's joker is the worst ever i think the best are The dark night joker and The new joker :P
Carter Ferris
Carter Ferris 3 days ago
I honestly really like to Jared Leto as joker it was different.
BobTheBuilder294 3 days ago
Honestly he's got a cool joker voice. I blame whoever decided to make him look like a moron. His look effected everyone's perspective on him. But sending dead animals to people is kinda foul.
Ribbon of Time
Ribbon of Time 4 days ago
I can't believe I'm actually commenting on this crap ! These are movies and overpaid actors who don't care about the fans . Movies ? Seriously ? By a ticket to reality , the popcorn isn't overpriced . Please excuse my first comment no matter how accurate . I must be mentally ill . Yep ! I'm mentally ill and loving it .
Ribbon of Time
Ribbon of Time 4 days ago
Jared Leto has now become the best ' JOKE ' ever .
Mark Cannon
Mark Cannon 4 days ago
That's just stupid really ?
How about another joke Murray
Jared leto's laugh sounds like a dying donkey
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman 4 days ago
And when is he gonna talk about it ? Fuck this channel
Xtr3m3 Bass Boosting Channel
I strongly disagree with all the "critics" about Jared Leto's joker, it's not his fault the producers decided to put 1 minute screen time of joker in the GREAT movie Suicide Squad and blame his awesome acting and look that is much better than Joaquin Phoneix's.Suicide squad is not that much of a "visual" but more "psychological" movie, the "critics" should try to understand the caracters more and not just judge because of the lack of visuals. After all they gave Joaquin the whole movie and not 1 minute screen time in some random movie about random guys.Suicide squad's joker is the real joker that all the legendary actors played, on the other hand Joaqin Phoneix's joker is completly diferent joker from another story it doesn't have anything to do with batman and all the other caracters from that universe. I feel a lot of people think this way too, but they are not addmiting it because they think they will be looked down upon by so called "critics" and "media". If they gave Jared Leto the whole movie and Joaquin Phoenix a minute screen time in some random movie it would be a whole other story. I think Jared Leto deserves that role and they should give it to him!
Mal Daley
Mal Daley 5 days ago
As much as I thought Joaquin Pheonix was outstanding as the Joker, Leto was better, he played the Joker more realistically to the comic as possible and as manic as the cartoon version but he modernised it with his dress and character.
Mahdi Teymuri
Mahdi Teymuri 5 days ago
Jared Leto was a big joke. Heath and joaquin such a badass acters as joker
Wats Ortega
Wats Ortega 6 days ago
If there will be suicide squad 2 i want him to portray joker again. If not then im not gonna watch the movie. If his the joker in suicide squad then it should be the same portrayer.
frick 6 days ago
truck this video
Marc Thome
Marc Thome 6 days ago
He has metal teeth because Batman knocked them out
chil ler
chil ler 6 days ago
Suicide squad is one of my favorite movies
ChamRoblox 6 days ago
I liked suicide squad, but it’s definitely not as good as the other dc movies
Ur mom
Ur mom 6 days ago
It was not his fault that the joker was written like that lmao
Joestar Soul
Joestar Soul 6 days ago
To be honest,everyone hated Suicide Squad because of the Joker,I liked the other characters,they were ok with their comic counter-parts
Joestar Soul
Joestar Soul 6 days ago
Jared is one of the Seed brothers from Far Cry 5
ahlem abdallah
ahlem abdallah 6 days ago
Bob Larsen
Bob Larsen 6 days ago
He should be prosecuted for that disgraceful performance.
X.david Williams
X.david Williams 6 days ago
Yes on both accounts.
Geeky 7 days ago
He is joker, bitch
Pedro riquesss
Pedro riquesss 7 days ago
Boy this vídeo is all about dissing Jared
Daige Sabin
Daige Sabin 7 days ago
Jared Leto: here's a condom with my juice in it, on top of this dead pig with bullets. warner bros: doesn't hire him. Jared: what did I do wrong? I could've drank that juice but I didn't! you should be grateful!
brookestarr 7 days ago
i hate seeing people blaming the outfit and design of the joker on jared. he didn’t decide how the joker looked, he just acted it his best, and we don’t know what directions we was given.
Smoke DOGG
Smoke DOGG 7 days ago
Jared Leto is a fuckin joke
Becca Bates
Becca Bates 7 days ago
I'll admit, when I first started watching Joker, I wasn't really liking what I was seeing, mostly because it wasn't what I was expecting. But after I finished watching it, it stayed in my mind for quite a while and I developed an appreciation for the unique, artistic way of showing a man who had so much potential to do good, descend into madness. Deeply diving into his background also allowed the audience to develop a sense of empathy for Arthur and therefore ending up rooting for him.
Lazer maddnes starter
Lazer maddnes starter
@Becca Bates So do it !!
Lazer maddnes starter
@Becca Bates Reply if you can cause if you do i will subscribe to you.
Lazer maddnes starter
Yeah , you understood the movie incorrectly at first.
Becca Bates
Becca Bates 2 days ago
@Lazer maddnes starter??
Lou Sirls III
Lou Sirls III 7 days ago
Both were dumb ass movies lol... "Joker" literally ruined the joker character.
King_Hall 94
King_Hall 94 7 days ago
I like Leto’s version of the joker and suicide squad, I hate the new joker
Helin Canbolat
Helin Canbolat 7 days ago
so this whole video is about shitting on suicide squad & the joker? smh
AISA Lapso
AISA Lapso 7 days ago
I really, really love jared leto as the joker and i prefer him to be the partner of harley than joaquin phoenix so please support this message by liking to make jared leto see how we love him as the joker so we're begging you jared to come back as that character please..i once watched his concert because of i idolised him very much when i met him as the joker... give him his second chance to prove
Wats Ortega
Wats Ortega 6 days ago
Same here
Alexander Shades
Alexander Shades 7 days ago
All three recent versions of the Joker served their purpose. Phoenix/Ledger wouldn't match with Harley's energy. Leto was better for this. He was supposed to be flashy and unpredictable; Leto did that well. Leto and Phoenix wouldn't work well with the Bale Batman. Only Ledger could pull off the Dark Knight version of Joker. Phoenix was the best way to get the general public to be able to relate to the Joker and "understand" where he's coming from and why he's the way he is. It just depends on what the focus is. There is no single version of the Joker, because who even knows who/what the Joker is?
Chris Nero
Chris Nero 8 days ago
worst joker ever
Pranav Abra
Pranav Abra 8 days ago
Am I The Only One Who Loves Jared Leto As Joker
Georgia Boy 76
Georgia Boy 76 7 days ago
Yes, yes you are the only one.
Varsam Grey
Varsam Grey 8 days ago
Oh my... why does RUvid keep recommending these dumbass videos with- ugggggh fuck it I’m out
Katherine Bonnell
I really don’t blame Jared Leto, I blame the writers and the makeup artist.
Got Hoes On my phone
When Jared leto sat on that dudes lap, I knew this mf was gay as hell
EMILIA Martineli
EMILIA Martineli 8 days ago
I thought they were both great. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Pavle Bircanin
Pavle Bircanin 8 days ago
Leto is butt hurt because he was the worst joker to ever put on face paint. Suicide squad also was a really bad movie.
Akato 8 days ago
Leto would have been perfect for the Joker role. When you look at movies like Requiem for a dream, you cannot deny that he is perfect for such dark roles. I'm not saying that Phoenix didn't do a great job, I'm just saying that I don't understand why Leto was replaced in the first place
Akato 8 days ago
Also, I think the Joker movie was a lot of pretentious bullshit and neither Phoenix (nor Leto) could save that train wreck of an origin story
K0ng0 8 days ago
People that defend Jared letos joker by saying that it's the writers and directors fault need to take a second listen to his laugh. That laugh he does is his own creation, and that laugh just sums up this whole joker. It's like the laugh you did when you were 10 years old and imitated super villains on the school yard.
Mr RockNRoll
Mr RockNRoll 9 days ago
This guy is probably the most jealous pieces of cancer on the earth....now you've been shown that you're a shit actor.... You've got what you fuckin deserve
briana 9 days ago
I actually like the movie ...
Leej Vargas
Leej Vargas 9 days ago
This video was misleading.... WTH!??
Ron Brennick
Ron Brennick 10 days ago
Marry me marry me that guy is a pussy Marry me he ain't no fuckin Heath Ledger Joaquin is good too Jared is like Nuefetchel cheese
msminmichigan 10 days ago
Hasn't most of the Leto antics been confirmed to be made up?
itsmartinside 10 days ago
Well if the Joker reappears in the DCEU Leto will be playing him
tie lord
tie lord 10 days ago
Oh his outfit was dope and he he always was pimp like in the comics
Johnny savage Juicy J
Leto has to much say so in his joker costume which fucked the movie up an will smith was never a good hero or villain in a comic book like Hancock the movie was trash why would they make him play another comic character then you got Leto doing what he wants in the movie an also birds of prey was better than all the rest
Adam 11 days ago
This page sucks balls
Cepeda Carmen
Cepeda Carmen 11 days ago
Jared Leto is better then Joaquin Phoenix
joker x harley_quinn
Suicide squad is such a good movie I was a fan of it ever since it came out I was a fan when it came out and I’m still a fan of it it was the best movie I’ve ever seen
The LEGO Star Wars Gaming Master
DC: How about another joke, Jared? Jared: Ok. DC: *BANG!*
Loose Trans
Loose Trans 12 days ago
I hate CBR. This was a waste of my time. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n 12 days ago
To be honest, Leto is Okish as a joker.. But I cannot imagine anyone else playing Joker after Joaquin anymore.. Just can't.. Joaquin was born to be the Joker 100%.
M1 Aiquen
M1 Aiquen 13 days ago
you all talking like its letos fault, you cant be that fkn cracked up? its the directors, talk about that instead you schmuck
Melody Belardo
Melody Belardo 13 days ago
There's nothing wrong with Jared Leto's joker.. The problem is with the writer . Honestly, I loved how Jared Leto performed the joker very attractive and hot🤣🤣🤘🤘🤘🙈
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