Japanese Katsu Curry (Pork Cutlet)

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- Thank you so much for watching and extra thanks for Patreon supporters! Curry with rice is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Thank you for the requests and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section! Cheers!
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【Ingredients】(Serves 2)
-curry sauce-
100g onion
100g apple (or mango, jam, honey, etc...)
20-30g unsalted butter
100ml milk
400-600ml water (adjust the thickness however you like. Any vegetable stock/soup will be good, too)
10g Worcestershire sauce
15g Beef stock
10g beef fat
2tsp flour
1-2 pinch of salt
200-300g rice
-pork cutlet-
200-300g pork
canola oil
(serves 5)
The instruction of my curry spice mix.
200g meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc…)
1 onion
1 potato
1 carrot
5tbsp canola oil
3-5tbsp flour
1 soup stock cube
700ml water
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Oct 19, 2020




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Comments 100
JunsKitchen 6 months ago
Thank you so much for watching and extra thanks for Patreon supporters! Curry with rice is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Thank you for the requests and if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section! Cheers! ご視聴ありがとうございます!リクエストなどがあれば、気軽にコメントでお知らせください。^^
raminou sauvage
raminou sauvage 15 days ago
300 comment i love you cat😍😍
Jason Wen
Jason Wen 19 days ago
Curry with rice good
Eric Lawrence
Eric Lawrence 21 day ago
Those Knife skills make me M O I S T.
Yuko Oz
Yuko Oz Month ago
Watching from NYC... ところで素晴らしい自然の中にお住まいですね!どちらでしょう??佐賀県とかですかね?(あてずっぽ)。うちいる二匹の猫はアボガドを食べ、マンハッタンのど真ん中、舗道脇で昼寝し、毎日散歩する近所の犬に噛み付いたりしてます。日本素晴らしいなぁ
Mr Nickel
Mr Nickel Month ago
Where did you buy those ceramic plates and also you are cool:)
Bada Bing888
Bada Bing888 4 hours ago
I really do fancy a Katsu curry right now. Lucky pussy cats.😺
Tobio 11 hours ago
Me:Wow what a beautiful video Me sees flowers at 2:37 : 😳
Terrence Eustache
Terrence Eustache 15 hours ago
Wish I had those cooking skills.
Kaeya 21 hour ago
Jun is a Disney prince in disguise.
Fauzan JR
Fauzan JR Day ago
I was like watching the main character in an anime with the slice of life genre
Potoo Burd
Potoo Burd Day ago
I have been following you for a while now, and it's sad to see the cats age 😭
Depressed Husky
ma gad your new place look at heaven but on earth.... :P
너무 귀여워요ㅎㅎ
Vmack Day ago
7:47 "Insult the meat" Jun: *starts yelling at his food*
gęjś 2 days ago
This guy is like that main anime character who is always nice
Nyxus Rune
Nyxus Rune 2 days ago
7:49 i have APD so I heard insult the meat instead of and salt the meat lol
Pelsom Adristi
Pelsom Adristi 2 days ago
could you please cook takoyaki?? :D i really enjoy your video!
يوسف الكعبي
Good 💙💙💜👍
Devita Anc
Devita Anc 2 days ago
Its literally how the anime look like in real life T_T
B I R D 2 days ago
7:45 insult the meat
ゼフィー 3 days ago
Owen A
Owen A 3 days ago
Imagine if everyone was like jun. The world would be so much nicer
-Killer IOS
-Killer IOS 3 days ago
Where is this
Y Leung
Y Leung 3 days ago
Love it!!!and so look forward to such lifestyle!
Adhipan B. Iniyan
those shopkeepers from the beginning were wholesome
Paul Kotz
Paul Kotz 4 days ago
every time i watch your channel and your videos it inspires me to cook either your food or just in general. It doesn't always come out good and sometimes it comes out really bad and i get discouraged, but then ill watch some of your stuff and feel inspired again. thank you for all of these wonderful videos and for having such a welcoming atmosphere. Im gonna keep practicing until my knife skills and dishes are nearly as good as yours.
sahla hanifa
sahla hanifa 4 days ago
that butterfly deadass landed on his hand on cue... jun is indeed an anime protagonist
Luf.v 4 days ago
12:50 best moment
ゆうか 4 days ago
ZMBI3Z 4 days ago
ur kitchen very natural and awesome
Shibaboi2009 doggo
the butter fly tasting Jun's hand "hmm, good grub".
under-done 5 days ago
Jun is officially my new Standard of being a boyfriend 🤌
A Cloaker
A Cloaker 5 days ago
Damn the way he cuts vegetables is so smooth!
العربي vloog
Hey, do you have a little time to see these cute stray cats? I hope you enjoy it and participate
nightingale017 5 days ago
When the butterfly and dragonfly landed on his finger, all I could think of was: Jun is either a Disney prince or the male lead in a Miyazaki film.
In a Nutshell
In a Nutshell 5 days ago
My questions are why are people disliking it ?
Abby Is Watching
Abby Is Watching 6 days ago
Did...did he just hold out his hand and say "come here" and the butterfly immediately did? I'm beginning to suspect he's some kind of benevolent nature spirit. Jun, I love your cooking videos so much! I am trying to learn from you, and not only are you a good teacher, your voice is so relaxing. Love from the US to you and Rachel and your furry family!
jirat jiampoonsap
Verthandin 7 days ago
This is one of those videos I get back to when I am having a bad day or just want to watch something calming before bed. But to be fair that goes far all of Juns videos
simp 7 days ago
after 2 failed tries a fly landed on my hand just like jun :)
wiki wiki
wiki wiki 7 days ago
Maggie H
Maggie H 7 days ago
What a beautiful and delicious looking dish! And your kitchen! I'm in kitchen love!!!!!
C C 8 days ago
Return of thy king
Milen DK
Milen DK 8 days ago
Jun is straight up just a disney princess at this point.
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza 8 days ago
Can I use beef except for pork I can't eat pork
Raspy 8 days ago
I'm still wondering why Jun is isn't on MasterChef
Saltiiu 8 days ago
I'm back here for Nostalgia and it's 3 am and I'm hungry
Max Jurczyk
Max Jurczyk 8 days ago
When he was cutting the zucchini I didn't even notice that the letters were disappearing as if he was cutting them away like the zucchini. It's the small details that make your videos so much better!
Ryans art
Ryans art 8 days ago
7:48 insult the 🍖
Cheyenne Lawrence
As usual spending quality time with haku
Deborah Duffy
Deborah Duffy 9 days ago
In another life I want to be one of Rachel and Jun’s cats 😻🇯🇵🥗🌱✌️ great video!!
deb 9 days ago
damn these knife skills
deb 9 days ago
I thought I pressed some short movie by accident at the beggining
Warlordalexi 9 days ago
It's honestly great watching you two interact with your cats, and cooking stuff. It's so wholesome, and your cats are super disciplined too.
Jovani Jaimes
Jovani Jaimes 9 days ago
Jun really just flexin his gorgeous country 🤣
Landin Browning
Landin Browning 10 days ago
Thai curry is my fave
EPG 17
EPG 17 10 days ago
Nice cutting skill👍
독거게이머 10 days ago
와우 !! 나도 내 고양이랑 같이 여행하고 싶다
Kyabi 11 days ago
11:12 not a good transition.... LOL
Kyabi 11 days ago
my fking heart everytime he executes one of those veggies
Zachaby 11 days ago
This made my stressful and busy day a looooot better! Really relaxing and intriguing to watch.
Haris Malik
Haris Malik 11 days ago
Butter chicken is my favorite curry
Asma Ai
Asma Ai 11 days ago
It's sooo calming 🌺🐈🎶
Linh Phương Hoàng
Share tips planting trees in the house for us Jun :D, your house is so peace and beautiful, I want to decor my room just like you
Ja-yu Sa rang
Ja-yu Sa rang 11 days ago
So harmony 😭❤
Pragati 11 days ago
Your videos have this chill out vibe which is superb! 😍
Sk1x Gaming
Sk1x Gaming 11 days ago
ppl who didnt know theres a flower from the anime at 2:39
Ashley Spry
Ashley Spry 11 days ago
Watching you cook is so relaxing for some reason
NatureBoy 12 days ago
Why does every animal and insect like you. I want to touch a butterfly.
proscuttio 12 days ago
I love how carefully he plates the food. How much effort goes into it when it's not for the camera tho? I organize things that go on my plate sometimes, like one area for chicken, another for veggies, another for mashed potatoes. But for something like pasta and meat sauce, it all just gets thrown in a bowl lol.
TrashButQuality Trash
When he said: "and salt the meat“ i understood "and insult the meat“…can i do both? Maybe the meat is into it?
Khushboo Thaker
Khushboo Thaker 13 days ago
watching you -- vegetable cutting and meditation looks like one and the same thing
Mr Wildman
Mr Wildman 13 days ago
Thai red curry is bomb. As someone who doesn’t even like coconut (it’s the main ingredient), I still absolutely love it. Not to mention it goes really well with nutty flavors👌🏻😙
DiceQube 14 days ago
This man must be a god at cooking mama
DiceQube 14 days ago
This could be a calm anime
Animals Care
Animals Care 14 days ago
Love your channel 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ghait Sawaghi
Ghait Sawaghi 14 days ago
I love your knife 🔪
شغف passion
شغف passion 14 days ago
What is the name of vegetable which look similar to the keyboard of the old telephones
tinkeryn senpai
tinkeryn senpai 14 days ago
Me: *Watching Jun's videos thinking about eating healthier food* McDonald's ad: I don't think so.
Death The KiD - Topic
*Jun please come back, you’re the best channel on RUvid*
E-plunksna 14 days ago
that onion chopping! i'm convinced in the role of a good knife
G10-10.Pourav Wadhwa
Man I love your content the positivity is just so good
Thegamer 24
Thegamer 24 15 days ago
That is just such a amazeing place
sindhuja dessai
sindhuja dessai 15 days ago
I have exams in a few days and this man is really helping me aid my anxiety. Really therepeutic 😌🥺
Adriana Evseev
Adriana Evseev 15 days ago
Thank you 🙏❤😃
mamacita troy
mamacita troy 15 days ago
At this point hes definitely a disney princess
Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin 15 days ago
hi jun, did something go wrong with the cuts at 7:00 why is the vegetable/fruit trimmings back in frame? I'm really curious about this
ThatDude 15 days ago
Poki Poki
Poki Poki 16 days ago
That butterfly slurpin up his hand sweat.
NOMACHO 16 days ago
Did anyone notice the small edit when he cut the zucchini.
Abutahir Puthedath
Abutahir Puthedath 16 days ago
This is so therapeutic
Justus Scholz
Justus Scholz 16 days ago
i tryed this at home , it was so yummy
Xyleen Doesstuff
Xyleen Doesstuff 16 days ago
anybody gonna tell that this man is a disney princess?
H 16 days ago
He's so organized while cooking! 😍
Brasoe 6000
Brasoe 6000 16 days ago
Insult the meat
Gene 17 days ago
Bro i need that knife how can i get one? You cut the vegetables like butter and i mangle mine cause my knife isnt good. Edit: after i typed this i got a ad for knives. Ive nevet shown interest in knives untill now. The ad was literally right after i started the video again to keep watching. Google id like $1,000,000 please?
siddharth 16 days ago
Bro he has a Damascus knife and the reason it cuts like Butter is because he sharpened it himself :)
J F 17 days ago
Thank you youtube algorithm! The nature, the rice fields, the cats, the skills, the knives, the video quality and that beautiful meal at the end. Joy to watch!
a nus
a nus 17 days ago
i'm in heaven
고구마 17 days ago
Is he a disney princess lol
I love how this guy brought his cat everywhere he go i would subscribe to him
Vladimir James Lasmarias
Japan is so beautiful.
Vlad Dracula
Vlad Dracula 18 days ago
Ho lee fak! Japan is gorgeous. I NEED to visit!
Comfy Snow
Comfy Snow 18 days ago
this is probably the most wholesome cooking channel on the internet
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