Japanese guy speaks Hindi and surprises Indians in Tokyo

Violinist Kohei
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Namaste!! Kohei, a Japanese guy speaks Hindi and surprises Indian people in Tokyo, Japan!!
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Apr 17, 2020




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Violinist Kohei
Violinist Kohei 6 months ago
And what I love about India is my subscribers (Family)❤︎. Thank you very very much for your support ❤︎ ◆Please Subscribe to My Channel↓ 【 ruvid.net/show-UCoFiap7J9HtmcILlLESpW2g 】 ◆Follow me❤︎ Instagram【 instagram.com/violinist_kohei/?hl=ja 】 Twitter 【 twitter.com/BollywoodKohe 】 Facebook 【 facebook.com/violin.bollywood/ 】 For Business Enquiries→violin.kohei@g
Ayush Mandal
Ayush Mandal 20 hours ago
I want to learn Japanese.
Samiran Pal
Samiran Pal 14 days ago
I have seen you at Colors Jammin stage with Kumar Sanu. Is that true?
true gamer
true gamer 27 days ago
Im getting hypnotize affter getting your #hinpan.
DKmjohot Mjo
DKmjohot Mjo Month ago
@abhijit roy I think he is love the hindi
DKmjohot Mjo
DKmjohot Mjo Month ago
@Kinjal Pathak sahi h
Harshad Mistry
Japan, INDIA, Love 🇮🇳🎌
Barun 2 hours ago
Happy Japanese
Lalnunsanga Hrangchal
Hajra World
Hajra World 21 hour ago
I live in japan Nagoya but I am from Pakistan 🇵🇰 すばらしい
zhubhi hgyio
zhubhi hgyio Day ago
0:38- Girl:Yeha pollution zero level maai haai...mujhe pollution bohut aacha laagta haai.
Mahi Chouhan
Mahi Chouhan Day ago
Yrr...... Natural beauty mein hindustan se accha kon ho skta h?
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj Day ago
Indian people go to other countries and others countries peoples come here to study and more things😎
Nidhi Kumari
Nidhi Kumari Day ago
Tum mere ghar mein bhi aao Ranchi sector 3 quarter number
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer Day ago
Very nice bro
Tech Gamer
Tech Gamer Day ago
Very nice bro
Taku Tare
Taku Tare Day ago
You are legends. And your editing is also so nice
Kajal Sharma
Kajal Sharma Day ago
I love my india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
GamePlay Buddy
0:43 Mujhe pollution accha lagta hai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vivek Ghure
Vivek Ghure 2 days ago
Bhai yaar dil jeet liya .... ❤️❤️❤️
Neha nidhi
Neha nidhi 2 days ago
Fun fact : That 3rd lady was kind of gup shup mood so she didn't even noticed any change
Neha nidhi
Neha nidhi 2 days ago
Me- I m shocked!!!!he is better at Hindi than me... Mom- what is such difficulties in understanding this!! Me-mom u take a look... Mom-🤯😶
Saurabh Chauhan
Saurabh Chauhan 2 days ago
He speaks better than South Indian people
Sweta Sinha
Sweta Sinha 3 days ago
I love this video yarr☺☺☺
Keval Bhatt
Keval Bhatt 3 days ago
wow! 😄👏👏
Thotngamla Angirah
Het 511
Het 511 3 days ago
Is he have any talent our getting views on name of Indians
Jâsh skwäl
Jâsh skwäl 3 days ago
U r brilliant 👏 sudh hindi mai vartalap 🤩🤗
harsh shah
harsh shah 3 days ago
Lol Indians also speaks better japanese than I thought I should start learning it seems ❤️
Naveen Gupta
Naveen Gupta 3 days ago
You are looking so cute during speaking Hindi sir
Srujit Kumar
Srujit Kumar 3 days ago
Kohie I love your videos 🤩🤩
King gamez
King gamez 3 days ago
they are right japanese peaple are very kind and polite.
I love Japanese
sunil kumar
sunil kumar 3 days ago
I know little bit of Japanese.
Jani Ayushi
Jani Ayushi 3 days ago
4:36 the woman is gujarati
govind Jethava govind
ગુજરાત GJ 4
ruvid.net/video/video-lwddA6I171U.html Ganeshji ko dedicated ek video banai he dekhl0 please
Pun Bishal
Pun Bishal 4 days ago
He is Japanese but I thought he looked Nepali trying to prank his Indian friends 😊🤪
Bharati Gharat
Bharati Gharat 4 days ago
1:8 on building screen the txt cat and dog song play of kpop
Sharanya Ganesh
Sharanya Ganesh 4 days ago
Hindi is actually almost exactly like Gujarati and that’s the language I speak so I understand Hindi
Sharanya Ganesh
Sharanya Ganesh 4 days ago
You speak Hindi so fluently wish I could do that I’m Indian and can barely speak Hindi as a second language
Milton Sk
Milton Sk 4 days ago
Wow nice video 😀😀😀😀💖💖💖
Saloni Salhotra
Saloni Salhotra 4 days ago
Can I call you mayo's bhai😂
Siddharth Birhade
Wow I really surprise that you speak hindi 😲😳😱😱
Prince Naseer Mughal
Love from Pakistan
Akhilesh Singh
Akhilesh Singh 5 days ago
Awesome bro
Nimisha Sobin
Nimisha Sobin 6 days ago
konnichiwa Kohei San, kohei san no hindi go wa sugoi desu ne. Watashi wa Nimisha tou moushimasu. Nihon tou Nihon go mou dai tsuki desu. Dozou yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
thakur Rohit Singh
App bhut achh bolte he
NIMTT BAHUA 6 days ago
Omg very niceeeeeeeee
Tarun Jana
Tarun Jana 6 days ago
Plees make a video on how to lurn Japanese
Neeraj Sharma
Neeraj Sharma 6 days ago
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Armaan Yadav
Armaan Yadav 6 days ago
So nice hindi
kushagra Singh
kushagra Singh 6 days ago
Japan se kaho na Pokemon ka galar region India me dikaye
Ashok Siruka
Ashok Siruka 6 days ago
Jay davrakadhis ashoksiruka mithapur dev bhumi DAVRAKA gujrat India
kushagra Singh
kushagra Singh 6 days ago
I want to learn Japanese but it is very touch lauguage
Aditya Raj Singh
Aditya Raj Singh 7 days ago
Ok so the video starts at 1:59
Poonam Devi
Poonam Devi 7 days ago
Ye bhaiya Indian log se bhi jyada sudhh hindi me bolte hai.
curecentipede 7 days ago
Imagine the person from new delhi does not know hindi and he does 😂😂😂😂
Mosaraf Hussain
Mosaraf Hussain 7 days ago
Really Japan is very beautiful place
Atif Hussain. Fantastic life
priyanka choubey
priyanka choubey 8 days ago
Wow dude.. you can speak better Hindi than I can.
Meditation Master
Very Nice ✌️
Sangeet World
Sangeet World 8 days ago
Bhai socho yar agar humara india bhi Japan jaisa hota 🤩
Raj Patel
Raj Patel 8 days ago
RAdha Krishnan
RAdha Krishnan 8 days ago
cleaness aacha hay she also most speaking in Gujarati slang
RAdha Krishnan
RAdha Krishnan 8 days ago
Man your blowsome
Mandar K
Mandar K 9 days ago
Nice Video Kohe bro.... Respect and love from Pune, India
Gods Pearl
Gods Pearl 9 days ago
Gud kohieee
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh 10 days ago
Must watch #RomRomji channel for Japan insights.
ABHISHEK JAIN 10 days ago
i m subscribed you chanal
Madhuri Kulkarni
Madhuri Kulkarni 11 days ago
Indians love 4 Japanese 1. Kohei 2. Mayo 3. Doreamon 4. Shinchan 😆😊
girl 12 days ago
Is there any Indian who doesn't know hindi raise ur hands. Me first🖐. Is there any?
Hrushikesh Pawari
Hrushikesh Pawari 13 days ago
will you please connect with me on my mail.
Rajeev Sharma
Rajeev Sharma 14 days ago
Wow what language
Karan FF
Karan FF 14 days ago
Please visit chandigarh punjab
Nice Hindi bro👍👍
Yash Vardhan
Yash Vardhan 15 days ago
The girl was so sweet yaar😂😍
Priyanka Chourasia
Priyanka Chourasia 16 days ago
Sharat Chandra
Sharat Chandra 16 days ago
Lol Lady was like “I like that people follow rules here” as her kid jumps off a rail behind her. Why are our kids like this everywhere? X’D
Sharat Chandra
Sharat Chandra 16 days ago
Speaking pure Hindi feels so strange haha
SUKHDEEP Gaming 16 days ago
Hlo plz mera naam loo in your video
Mr. Reaper
Mr. Reaper 16 days ago
37 years 😳
cute babies channel
You are telling soo s l o w l y😂😂
Sonu Singh
Sonu Singh 18 days ago
I am big fan for u broo love u ❤
Even I want to come Japan my family is in London and I am in India with my mother and grandmother and my dog 🐶 I want to come to Japan and eat something special and see the sky kohei sir can you take me to Japan and I want to meet you in Japan can you please come to Hyderabad please
N Padma Prakash
N Padma Prakash 20 days ago
Mumbai(maharastra)s language is Marathi Indian languages are not only Hindi Hindi is just one regional language
Mobilenetic [mobile netic]
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FUN EDITX 21 day ago
Sir I Saw you in Colors Jammin 2020 Promo 😲😲
sandip shigavan
sandip shigavan 21 day ago
Nice friend 💕
vishwanath shetty
believe me you are speaking like Sonia Gandhi
Mz Kawlni
Mz Kawlni 21 day ago
Mr.Kohei.....ap Hindi sahi bol rahe ho...shubkamnaye or bhagwan bhala kare apko
Indrajeet Mitra
Indrajeet Mitra 22 days ago
If we compare our safety to the safety of people in Japan we don't stand anywhere near that they're so cautious for childrens who are not even 8 can freely walk or travel without any fear or danger,threat,etc
Rinku Kumari
Rinku Kumari 22 days ago
Girl is shocked 2:38
VANAHOLIC 22 days ago
i am starting learning Japanese after watching this video
Dharmesh Dave
Dharmesh Dave 23 days ago
I am a big fan of yours. Pls reply me..
Muskan Ittan
Muskan Ittan 23 days ago
Chalo kahi toh hindi ki imp dikhi nahi toh india me eng ko hi top pr rakhte h😂
kanhaya lal
kanhaya lal 23 days ago
Adaptor the Fox
Adaptor the Fox 23 days ago
Mere Pokémon favourite cartoon hai
Adaptor the Fox
Adaptor the Fox 23 days ago
I love pokemon
Priyanka Times Files
Feeling proud #PriyankaTimesFiles from london
divyashree m s
divyashree m s 23 days ago
Shudh hindi.......feel great to see
Ashir Asmr
Ashir Asmr 24 days ago
Hindi japanes bhai bhai..👨‍❤️‍👨💖💖💖
Suprabh Dwivedi
Suprabh Dwivedi 24 days ago
Pollution aur safai to sirf bahar ki country mein hi accha lugta h indians ko apne bharat mein kuda to bahar hi phekna h.
RJ Rafiq
RJ Rafiq 24 days ago
I can't believe... your Hindi is far better than most Indian.😍😘
Anne shrezal
Anne shrezal 24 days ago
Hai Koi I love Japan and you know Korean language please aap India mein rahte hain lekin Agar login khatm ho to Gaya to kya aap Mangarh a sakte hain yah Chhattisgarh mein hai abhi Mangarh Aaye Aur vahan per City armour Kheda Hai vahan per chahie ka aur mere
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