Japan. Interesting facts about Japan.

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In this video we'll take a look at the land of the rising Sun - Japan. We all know Japanese are workaholics. What else? Why are they so healthy and live the longest?
Big Thanks to:
who gave me permission to use their footage.
Shinji kawamura
Kenichi Yakushiji
Iyhon Chiu

Jenya Geyn


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Nov 22, 2017




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Franklin Anoliefo
Franklin Anoliefo 21 hour ago
I love Japanese girls.....they are so beautiful and sexy
Trevor Turnia
Trevor Turnia 7 days ago
Sidney Mathious
Sidney Mathious 10 days ago
After spending so much time in Japan while in the military I want to go back so badly and see what changes have taken place since the last time I was there in 1983. During the Vietnam War there was so many products there which I had not heard of in the United States.
Hsa Moo
Hsa Moo 11 days ago
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Hsa Moo
Hsa Moo 11 days ago
Hsa Moo
Hsa Moo
Hsa Moo 11 days ago
Hsa Moo video RUvid videos
Hsa Moo
Hsa Moo 11 days ago
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abortnite 14 days ago
Best things Japan has given us Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai Hentai
PEKAK Pekik 14 days ago
Most if gods japanese trust in veda gta!!facefuul !
PEKAK Pekik 14 days ago
I like japan causef japanese belive the names of gods japan from (weda gta!)
Ken narville
Ken narville 15 days ago
i wanted to going in Japan a time but now I am discouraged because of many defaults which outweights the advantages out there. Because it's a costly destination for richest travelers who must be also daredevil , because japan is filled of spitting volcanoes, earthquakes, infernal heats, Fukushima radiations ... I learned nothing of good about Japanese people too , they're execrable people who are numerous to being close-minded , greatly manipulatives and indirectly racists. many of them showed to me their arrogance in YT. you would say we could meet persons like that worlwide , but i really think there's 99% of probability we meet detestable persons in japan. i would prefer to "travel" in japan through videos like this one.
Kim Il-sung ꧄
Kim Il-sung ꧄ 17 days ago
I’m Japanese but I have to say that “we have only 10 vacations” is misleading. The fact is that we have two holidays in a week(Sat and Sun) and 16 national holidays and “Golden week”(7 day offs consecutively )and “Silver week”(About 7days separately)... and in addition to them you have a right to apply for about more than 10 paid vacations (it depends on your working situation) in a year if you work in a company, although not many exercise this right fully because of a peer pressure. I know that this is still little compared with European countries where they can have a month paid vacation and that we should focus on increasing working productivity instead of working hours and hours, but a fact should be explained correctly.This video isn’t even spelling the cities’ names right. This kind of videos are informative but they’re usually mix of information someone picked from the Internet and aren’t always precise.
Ken narville
Ken narville 16 days ago
you just lives in hell.
Kim Il-sung ꧄
Kim Il-sung ꧄ 17 days ago
Good video sir but can you at least spell our cities correctly
whatstoodo 17 days ago
You really need to learn how to pronounce the names of these places. Not one was pronounced correctly. I couldn’t watch more than a few minutes. Better luck in the future.
Hưng Nguyễn
Hưng Nguyễn 19 days ago
Cris Dionio
Cris Dionio 23 days ago
CORRECTION. kareoke was invented in philippines and not in japan.
Saif Mohammad
Saif Mohammad 24 days ago
Angel Fata
Angel Fata 25 days ago
love Japan definitely gona go there.🙌🙋❤
mitchell luste
mitchell luste 27 days ago
Wow that's the only word I can say about japan😱😱😱💞💞🏆🏆
Meong777 27 days ago
8:46 8:57 😹😹😹😹😹
Ron Fowlie
Ron Fowlie 28 days ago
It might be a good idea to learn how to pronounce the names of the cities you are talking about in a country like Japan!! Osaka is pronounced OH SA KA, not how you pronounced it. Having been in the Far East when in the military, we learned how to pronounce all the areas we were in prior to being sent there. I would suggest you do the same!!
adzmyer aming
adzmyer aming Month ago
Everything I see, is very clean
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Month ago
where is this narrator from?? pronunciation is very weird!
Nguyen Lien
Nguyen Lien Month ago
japan airline is bad for security at their airport try to take customer's wrench tool set.
Afrocanuk Month ago
Why is the girl in the thumb-nail Hwang Mi-Hee; a South Korean native?
maribeth veneracion
i was work before to tokyo japan i'm so many suitors japanese guy so kind
maribeth veneracion
@derek lambert what do you mean?
derek lambert
derek lambert Month ago
but very Fake
Meraj Ansari
Meraj Ansari Month ago
brother do you know japanis how sexy people in counted
Dwarakesh Pv
Dwarakesh Pv Month ago
First learn about at least pronouncing the city names before making a japan video
Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts Month ago
Japanese are weird
phillip bateman
phillip bateman Month ago
Narrated by a very ignorant american. Couldn't even be bothered to correctly pronounce names or words. Facts are thrown out the window. This is quite insulting.
Max E Hirschel
Max E Hirschel Month ago
Learn how to say Osaka
skredrose2 Month ago
I love Japan
Daniel Lincoln
Daniel Lincoln Month ago
#Plenty to know abt japanese country..
Phantom T-rex
Phantom T-rex Month ago
I been to Japan last year and got a major culture shock but it is a great country
STARBOY Month ago
Great info, I love some of their game shows and comedy when translated.
cute rat Lup
cute rat Lup Month ago
I like electronic technology Japan .
Buzzchoppr23 Month ago
Interesting thing is the Island is dead your Fools Fools Fools to think that your going to get away from the greatest Nuclear disaster ever known to mankind! fools! Sure visit JAPAN suck in some hot particles and DIE, or maybe take a shower in highly radioactive water witch you can’t see, feel, taste. Foolish Japanese people..
Tom Riviere
Tom Riviere Month ago
I have to say; that Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world along with its culture. But like many countries even if you lived there your whole life you will always be a second class citizen. Racism is all over the world due to ignorance and traditions. Of all the Asian countries I live in and worked. I found that their food tasteless. But healthy. Other than that, I love Japan.
ivy yui
ivy yui Month ago
Engr Wehelie
Engr Wehelie Month ago
i searched about #japan trying to compare to #Russia but when it comes to japan i don't think that there is such a strange info
BADGUY 1 Month ago
o-SAK-a..or...O-sak-a....Sa-POR-o..yo-ka-HA-ma. Lived there a short time. GREAT food...GREAT fun! Yes you will ALWAYS be a "gai-jin" (outside person)....but so what? Local people will NOT chase you down the street..with sticks. The Japanese are VERY polite. And learning some Japanese and being able to move around the country using your new language skills...is fun.
Some Otherday
Some Otherday Month ago
Owh...I thought the thumbnail girl is a Japanese pornstar
Joshua Weeks
Joshua Weeks Month ago
I fucking love anything Japan. I'll never be able to go there but I can still love it from the USA.
Steph Sinnopal
Steph Sinnopal Month ago
what's up with the Korean girl in the thumbnail on a video about Japan? She is a Korean model.
Ryan Linden
Ryan Linden Month ago
Does it matter, School girls from Asia... PERIOD! That's all that matters.
진만김 Month ago
no japan...ㅋㅋ
Phea Ra
Phea Ra Month ago
Aaif khan
Aaif khan Month ago
I love American culture.
Mengstab G.michael
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Clayton P.
Clayton P. Month ago
Love Japanese women
ryo utsumiya
ryo utsumiya Month ago
I am a native Japanese. His pronunciation about Japanese words is incredibly horrible. I don't particularly care about his accent, but please correctly pronounce words like Kyushu or Honshu
羅德夫 Month ago
Boycott whale eaters. Japanese pride is killing high class whales. Once they slaughtered Chinese.
The Affable Guide
A good video.
Sarath Kp
Sarath Kp Month ago
Beam Doctor
Beam Doctor Month ago
Plus their Mafia has no problem prostituting women from poor countries. They use intimidation, hold passports, hold money back from their jobs, and abuse women. It's accepted because the Japanese men pay big money to the nightlife. Its not all worn out office workers in Japan. Many are hung over from drinking and wasting many nights with Karaoke hostesses. Then they spend their money on women trapped in a prostitution situation forced on them.
Beam Doctor
Beam Doctor Month ago
Totally annoying listening to this video change subjects so quickly. Not a story but annoying facts mixed with opinions,
jerry Hernandez
jerry Hernandez Month ago
Second hand American accent. Its grating but novel
Omar Chennit
Omar Chennit Month ago
There are certain things that I don't agree with. Working to death is one of them. I know the importance of work but also my life is most important than anything else!
Excellent Video my friend well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks
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