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This is a short travel video of my 2 1/2 week trip around Japan in late November 2016. Japan is an amazing country with a unique coexistence between the old and the new that sometimes boggles the mind of a foreigner. At its heart lies a beautiful country, filled with generous and polite people always willing to help a lost stranger with map reading issues.
During my brief visit, i passed through Tokyo, Shirahama, Kumano Kodo, Koya San, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and some strange and wonderful places in between. I hope you enjoy the video i've made of this little journey and many thanks to all the people i met along the way!
Shot & Edited by Charlie Johnston

Music licensed from Musicbed: Jessamine by AJ Hochhalter
Sony A7rii
DS1 Gimbal
Sony 24mm-70mm f4
Sony 50mm f1.8
Edited in Premier Pro & After Effects

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Feb 12, 2017




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Moutai Global
Moutai Global 6 hours ago
Could someone tell me the name of background music
A 12 hours ago
MarcusFilms Day ago
Japan's tourism board should pay you guys. Amazing film of Japan!
yogesh pendharkar
Lord Budisum like your conty
Mustafa Elmas
Mustafa Elmas 2 days ago
çok güzel
Eila Zila
Eila Zila 2 days ago
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Manal Arya
Manal Arya 2 days ago
It's my dream to go Japan but I'm a kid when I will grelw big then I will go there but at that time may be all of the thing will be change but I wish all of the thing will be not change in japan
keithtko 3 days ago
Magical !
とうふっち 3 days ago
thank you for this movie
Savita Ghokshe
Savita Ghokshe 3 days ago
I like Japanese culture very much
Bradley 4 days ago
Saumya Gaur
Saumya Gaur 5 days ago
whenever i am faced with media materials showcasing oriental beauty, i cannot help but be reminded of the hypocrisy of the British empire when they labelled Asian people and culture 'savages' upon first discovery...well the Asian culture is ethereally beautiful and mystical..its no surprise that some would want to label it alien upon first visit.
SkyKeeper *
SkyKeeper * 5 days ago
Ichi, Ni, San! SkyKeeper go to Kyoto now! 💇🐦❤️🏯
RAFFIN VLOGS 7 days ago
First of all, I am very sorry to say that I would like to upload your video to my youtube channel without your permission. I would be very happy if you would remove the copyright claim. Thanks
pranit shingare
pranit shingare 8 days ago
Once in a lifetime I'll definitely visit japan❣..love from India❣
Phương Anh Nguyễn Thị
I love Japan. I will be here on the nearest day ♥️
Pihu 8 days ago
Just love how you captured it... So much emotions
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Our Family Chronicles
Check out this island! Hatsushima is an island in Sagami Bay, Japan!
It's approximately 3 hours away from Tokyo, a small island full of adventure!
Kids had a lot of fun at their Votan Playground.
The island attracts a lot of day-trippers, and is good for snorkeling and diving as well!

Check out this video to see a glimpse of this amazing place! ruvid.net/video/video-Ae2hdPA5Rb8.html For more of living in Japan with kids, subscribe to our channel! RUvid.com/channel/UCdfynk0qnK_x6CwoIIVMrVA
k andrew
k andrew 10 days ago
japan is the only country i wish to visit or may be even stay there forever much respect and love for japan
aoi miyamura
aoi miyamura 10 days ago
Talingdarung Talingdarung
Since I was a child it's my dream to go to Japan ...hope one day my dream will come true
Upaayam Sutra
Upaayam Sutra 11 days ago
Babs Motta
Babs Motta 12 days ago
SOUTHEAST ASIA ------> ruvid.net/video/video-hEIJxdQHpkM.html
Zoheb Shaikh
Zoheb Shaikh 12 days ago
I looked Japan only in Doraemon 😁😍😍
Nirupama Swain
Nirupama Swain 12 days ago
Japan is a so calm and quiet beautiful and discipline country. Very nice country. 🇮🇳💞🇯🇵💝💗
Madhur chauhan
Madhur chauhan 13 days ago
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Brian Lee
Brian Lee 14 days ago
i love japan
RHOLS VLOG 14 days ago
Ilove japan...
MIKE FILM / 마익필름
This video is a perfect...!!!
Welcome to Japan!
UKAY Phantom Channel
Kunak ngA apanak Japan ngem napunada met ta awan kawrtak lol haha mayat documentarym kabsat..
Cani- Zaro
Cani- Zaro 15 days ago
Make a short film on India. In India there is a Bollywood. lord Shiva, lord Vishnu, and lord Bharama know as Hindu Trinity which make the hindu religious powerful.
captain aslam
captain aslam 16 days ago
Japan is in my bucket list.... One day I will be definitely go there.... Wish for me...
Anita Indian
Anita Indian 17 days ago
Absolutely no doubt I LOVE *JAPAN*
Longpri Ao 1975
Longpri Ao 1975 18 days ago
เป็นประเทศที่ผมอยากไปเที่ยวหาประสบการณ์ที่สุดครับ Love Japan
Maya Grg
Maya Grg 19 days ago
Wanna come to Japan 💜 from Nepal
SMART TUTOR 19 days ago
Love it
Riefky Resonate
Riefky Resonate 21 day ago
I don't know how many times i watched this, love the ambient and backsound so much
Gammy Leddack
Gammy Leddack 21 day ago
beautiful country , detestable inhabitants.
Black Joker
Black Joker 22 days ago
I am so happy I was introduced to Anime through that I got to know about japanese culture now I'm dying to go to Japan💜
Josh the Intern
Josh the Intern 22 days ago
stunning visuals really shows the awesome contrast available
Pop Candy
Pop Candy 22 days ago
I know my country Japan is very beautiful I born in deferent country but raise in Japan but unfortunately I have to live in now French due to my parents jobs
Ashik kumar
Ashik kumar 22 days ago
Engaging audio will help
Julian Moriati
Julian Moriati 23 days ago
I’ve made a tour through Japan and this pretty summarize everything I experienced in this beautiful country. Brilliant editing and awesome choice of music. Thank you!
TABBY J 24 days ago
Thank you for the video. I spent two years there learning about the Japanese and their culture as a volunteer. The people of Japan are amazing people that are both respectful and hard working.
lame pal
lame pal 26 days ago
Real Indian legend in japan ruvid.net/video/video-xPej0xfwlMc.html
The Funky Cook
The Funky Cook 27 days ago
japan is love! To roam around japan is a wish in my deep heart. but as of coronavirus IDK whether ill be able to do so.
Shivam Vishwakarma
Shivam Vishwakarma 27 days ago
It's my pleasure to see the respectfull piexefull well diciple great citizen nation beautifully created by nature Japan .I really love and inspire to this trenendouse country .I love respect to the great Japan .my dream future visit Japan .
Shubham Bamnawat
Shubham Bamnawat 29 days ago
Who all wants to visit *Japan* 🇯🇵 at least once1️⃣☝️☝️
Ladislav Piljar
Ladislav Piljar 29 days ago
absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing
top musique 1M
top musique 1M Month ago
fuck Japon
K I Month ago
This video is beautifull and I feel that I really want to go Japan. though I am living in tokyo.
Nethmi Anusara
Nethmi Anusara Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-jWP5db1UVsA.html This is my youtube channel..
Nethmi Anusara
Nethmi Anusara Month ago
Amazing ❤️
Beauty of beautiful 💜💛💛💜💛💚💜💚💜💚💛💜💚💚🌹🌹 I love Japan 💖 Good heart people 💟 Beautyful locations 💝 Beautyful places 🌲 Good culture. 🌹 Advanced technology 💯 God bless you Japanese ✔ My heartfully wishes to you all. 💖 Thanku uploading. 🙏
夕の裏庭 Month ago
OMG,it is so good, awesome, I love the way you edit video
Traveling Bong
Traveling Bong Month ago
UTPAL sinha
UTPAL sinha Month ago
Why were they throwing water at the bodh statues at 3:56 , i think its some kind of holy water ??
Time To Travel
Time To Travel Month ago
Japan has always been on our bucket list. Whether you're craving for adventure, relaxation, culture or just a nice break away from reality, it's all in here. I love how Japan was presented in this vid. Beautifully captured and edited... It makes me want to book a flight right now.
Jassim Latheef
Jassim Latheef Month ago
Super!! Checkout my travel channel!!
mohan kumar
mohan kumar Month ago
mohan kumar
mohan kumar Month ago
ஜப்பானில் கல்யாண ராமன்..
Kagura Wagasa
Kagura Wagasa Month ago
I love the people in Japan I been there for 2 months and supposed to be 2 years but corona virus returned me home. I am crying everyday because I really love Japan. I've been in Okayama Otsu Kyoto
Asimoo Khan
Asimoo Khan Month ago
I'm now in Pakistan I love Japan❤️
Sanjeev Bista
Sanjeev Bista Month ago
rudro banerjee
rudro banerjee Month ago
Absolutely breathtaking ❤️
Austin Paz
Austin Paz Month ago
邓向前 Month ago
Aoods Month ago
Nice video
Miguel Angel Rosado Billionario
I absolutely love this video! thank you! I' m a big fan of Japan. I want to go back
yu ku
yu ku Month ago
匿名くん428 Ra_
Russell Ramos
Russell Ramos Month ago
The video speaks a lot of volumes! The music, transitions, aesthetics and the story telling! Edit: Soon I am going to visit this amazing country! ❤️ From the Philippines 🇵🇭
Rumana Sarkar
Rumana Sarkar Month ago
Anime Susi earthquake tsunami Technology beauty bullet train
Swarupa Mahapatra
I love Japan.. people over here are so kind.
Pàl Mucsi
Pàl Mucsi Month ago
🌏👍🤩😍 🖐️🇮🇷🙂 👍🎩
Verse Monct
Verse Monct Month ago
Its touching to see people in many parts of the world possess such thing known as 'devotion' to their culture. Aside from Japan, Thailand is another country rich in culture, devotion to their kings, culture and buddhism. In Singapore where I live, culture don't exist for people to feel devoted, Singapore is an Asian Chinese dominated society trying too hard in become westernized. So cultureless that when you started speaking Japanese, Thai or other foreign languages, they turn heads, staring at you like some rare species animals. Sad
Sekar Sanya
Sekar Sanya Month ago
Disholawatin dulu terus. Bismillah mimpi ke Jepang sebentar lagi akan terwujud. Aku Syifa dan Mafa. Semoga covid cepet hempas dari dunia ini. Lekas pulih kembali bumi dan manusia. Allahumma sholli'alaa sayyidinaa Muhammad 💚. Impian ke Jepang akan menjadi nyata. Sebentar lagi aku akan bikin paspor dan terus sholawatan dan nabung uang hasil les dan uang saku kuliah dan pengen mulai bikin channel RUvid. Bismillah wa Alhamdulillah 💚✨☺️
soumyo mandal
soumyo mandal Month ago
I'll Go Japan Once It's my dream . Love from India
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