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This is a short travel video of my 2 1/2 week trip around Japan in late November 2016. Japan is an amazing country with a unique coexistence between the old and the new that sometimes boggles the mind of a foreigner. At its heart lies a beautiful country, filled with generous and polite people always willing to help a lost stranger with map reading issues.
During my brief visit, i passed through Tokyo, Shirahama, Kumano Kodo, Koya San, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and some strange and wonderful places in between. I hope you enjoy the video i've made of this little journey and many thanks to all the people i met along the way!
Shot & Edited by Charlie Johnston

Music licensed from Musicbed: Jessamine by AJ Hochhalter
Sony A7rii
DS1 Gimbal
Sony 24mm-70mm f4
Sony 50mm f1.8
Edited in Premier Pro & After Effects


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Feb 12, 2017




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1990 ysak
1990 ysak 2 days ago
貞男島田 4 days ago
日本🗾 🗻🎎🎍🎋🎐🎑🧨🎇🎆
Tsevelmaa Chimid
Tsevelmaa Chimid 4 days ago
Ruwan Indika
Ruwan Indika 6 days ago
Check it out guyz !!! .Kandy Temple of Tooth Sri Lanka Ruwan Indika ruvid.net/video/video-ItW-ZZ2yi84.html
Nick Polak
Nick Polak 13 days ago
‘Great job!
Guaton Solid Snake
Guaton Solid Snake 13 days ago
The species most loved by God
Raynzo 9
Raynzo 9 16 days ago
Damn that so beautiful
ВладиМар 19 days ago
I also try to shoot and edit the video)) True, so far on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and on the cheap Hubsan Zino drone))) ruvid.net/video/video-lnEqp3U4RJw.html
私 スリランカ人です🇱🇰 日本国は 私の 国見たいに 好きです 日本語 勉強 中です
Ko12 23 days ago
It is totally different between traveling and living Japan. I never recommend to live in Japan.
iMNeeliax 24 days ago
Where is the place at 3:13? May i know please anyone.
ANKIT ax 26 days ago
i really love Japan iam from India Kolkata 🇯🇵🇮🇳🤗
Geri Anderson
Geri Anderson 28 days ago
With sincere Gratitude and respect. Wonderful Video. Love, ♡.
sakura pack
sakura pack 29 days ago
soflo23 29 days ago
Weird country.
little dead kid
little dead kid Month ago
This video made me proud of Japan even though I don't belong to Japan. Japan is beautiful!💝🎀 Love from India😊
Souravh Paul
Souravh Paul Month ago
what is the name of this music?????????? in love with it
Tik Tok
Tik Tok Month ago
I am from India and I think Japan is the beautiful and lovely country. I have chance to ho anywhere then I definitely choose Japan.
Marvel's Spider Man
I can't control my tears *I LOVE JAPAN SO MUCCHHHHHHHHH*
Bidyut Pratim Hazarika
I am from India
hirak gayan
hirak gayan Month ago
Abdul Hakkim Hakkim
could you please upload Sony Company's video
Abdul Hakkim Hakkim
Japan, ... Amazing country and Amazing people
Helly The Explorer
I can’t wait to visit Japan. Thanks for sharing your video. 😎 Hi from Maldives 🇲🇻
Simon Main
Simon Main Month ago
Waw! Masterpiece!
Sam nang
Sam nang Month ago
I want to lived in japan
Alok Bodo
Alok Bodo Month ago
Amazing really! My dream of place..
Roberta Ghisolfi
Wooow😍. I love Japanese culture💞
Ravi Koretee
Ravi Koretee Month ago
Amazing, I want to be in japan
stay tv stay tv
stay tv stay tv Month ago
Do you subscrbe my you tube chanal piz
Praveen kumar singh
Best country of the world.....japan
Kit Suman
Kit Suman Month ago
Such a rich culture, beautifully captured and presented. Nice editing and grading skills too, good video Charlie 👍🏼
Choudappa Kanaka
Love you Japan from india
Afroja Rahman
Afroja Rahman Month ago
Ur country and the people are soooooo beautiful... love from bangladesh...
Sandhya Sandhya
Sandhya Sandhya Month ago
Love from Kerala🌴🌴🌌🌌💟India🙏🤘💟
Sri Baleine Tours
Vevo Khushi
Vevo Khushi Month ago
Villege is available in japan????
Suchandra Sardar
So peaceful
Haseeb Ullah
Haseeb Ullah Month ago
Hard working people...love them💔
Hana Chan
Hana Chan Month ago
i loved the script !!! the ideas are clear and ordered ! The best video about Japan (Tokyo especially) i've ever seen till now . I share it in my blog because it is a hidden Gem.
Faisal Fz
Faisal Fz Month ago
duwa g
duwa g Month ago
incredibal japan
priyanka's mhendi Designs
Hi....I'm from India but I love JAPAN . 😍😍
Maghnath Hembram
Dogga Lalli
Dogga Lalli 2 months ago
I m Indian I Like Japan
khem 2020
khem 2020 2 months ago
Aparajita Metya
Aparajita Metya 2 months ago
I love 🇯🇵
SAD Production
SAD Production 2 months ago
Express and Explore the World
Being an Indian I love very much the developed country Japan with full of peace, love , kind and development .🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🗻🗻
Anirudh Gaikwad
Anirudh Gaikwad 2 months ago
William Spiritdancer
Awesome job very well done!
Devendra Gautam
Devendra Gautam 2 months ago
Duniya ka Sabse Sabhya shaant suviksit takniki Desh ha Japan. Kyonki wo Gautam Budh ke dhamm Ko anusaran karta ha. Aria Orr aabadi me bahut Chhota sa hone par bhi Jahan hamare desh ka Pradhan mantri economic Orr takniki ki bheek mangne Jata ha.
Himansh Bhad
Himansh Bhad 2 months ago
I love japan. ❤ From India.
Yumlembam Nsnda
Yumlembam Nsnda 2 months ago
May my dream of traveling Japan come true
Sravani Murla
Sravani Murla 2 months ago
Really nice
Manas Ranjan Behera
Manas Ranjan Behera 2 months ago
I like ❤ Japan nd peoples. Any Japanese girl🙆 Mery me
병아리날아라 2 months ago
doub't clear hai
doub't clear hai 2 months ago
Japan live in future
Chiara Carla
Chiara Carla 2 months ago
beautiful!!!!!!!! beautifuuuuullllll!!!!!
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