Japan. A Day in the Country Side

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A weekend with a group of Japanese friends in the country side in Japan. Steam trains, traditonal local food, a tea ceremony, etc. April 2009.
Een weekeinde met een groep Japanse vrienden op het "platte"land in Japan. Stoomtreinen, traditionele plaatselijke gerechten, een theeceremonie, etc. April 2009.
Un fin de semana con un grupo de amigos japoneses en el campo en Japón. Trenes de vapor, comida local tradicional, una ceremonia de té, etc. Abril 2009.

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Jan 17, 2013




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sakmethea Month ago
Look so happy and wish to eat
katera Month ago
i wish to live in japan as a photographer and writer when i grow up. i grew up eating japanese food and being exposed to their culture, i have japanese family. but, sadly lgbt families aren't legal yet, meaning that lgbtq+ citizens aren't allowed to have or adopt children :( as somebody who is part of that community and might want children in the future, it makes me sad because my family is probably going to move to japan :,( i hope it becomes a law in the next ten years!!!
katera feelsbadman
marquis ballard
marquis ballard Month ago
Japan 🇯🇵 Philippines 🇵🇭 Indonesia 🇮🇩 Singapore 🇸🇬 Malaysia 🇲🇾 Thailand 🇹🇭 & Vietnam 🇻🇳 Are my Favorite Asian countries
W 2 months ago
I wish my mental health wasn't so horrifc and I could finish school and get a degree so I could live in japan. Its such a shame we need a degree to have any job in japan and the main job is English teacher. Its always been my dream to live in this amazing place but alas I will always be stuck on the other side of the world.
Roman Sentis
Roman Sentis Month ago
Where you from?
Elchanan Kempen
Elchanan Kempen 2 months ago
I moved to Japan a couple of years ago, and I fell in love with this place. Didn't leave ever since, the best country in the world!
Sat chua
Sat chua 3 months ago
Seeing that middle age man trying to help that lady during the entrance is the sign that ur in country side
sapana koranga
sapana koranga 4 months ago
I wish I can visit , I want to live there.😢😢
Gerti Shtembari
Gerti Shtembari 5 months ago
Il paese più bello del mondo 🤲
Ifaana Ilyas
Ifaana Ilyas 7 months ago
Got addicted for Japanese vidoes
Benjamin Hausmann
Benjamin Hausmann 9 months ago
wenn der zugbegleiter oder kontrolör einfach singt und stimmung macht japan ist zugfahren wohl noch ein erlebniss
Roshan Mayengbam
Roshan Mayengbam 9 months ago
Dear mother nature please😫🙏🙏💓 don't take away Japan from us and from the world please stop hurting 🇯🇵JAPAN
todo todo
todo todo 10 months ago
This seems to be part of a quiet but hearty movie.
tomomi takayama
tomomi takayama 10 months ago
😢😢😢how peaceful how relaxation❤️❤️❤️🌳🏞️🍙i studied this song when i was 8years old in my school(*´∇`*)
Keesecito 4 months ago
Daan Brassé
Daan Brassé 7 months ago
What's the song's name?
Lalani Faure
Lalani Faure 10 months ago
Well done relaxing to watch such areas
Crystal Say
Crystal Say 11 months ago
I really love this video 💗🤗🤗soooo relaxing 🍃 and all the people seem so kind 💗💗💗
S R Year ago
no money for dental care, if you don´t have a gov.job pay 50% of the charge for medical care yourself...smal retirement fees, so retirees kill themselves or starve at the lost homes at the countryside since the familymembers in the cities can´t afford to send money anymore, expensive cemeteries(so they jump from cliffs or die in the woods around mt.Fuji, or the like); prostitution from abandoned school girls, straving old, homeless everywhere in the cities....but as i noticed such videos get abolished from he net....similar to France , there are living 300.000 on the street in Paris! and so on...itß´s all just a fantasy and a Potemkin village....
katera Month ago
it sounds bad, but just think about literally any other country ...
池内亜也 5 months ago
I grew up the same way as them, I don't regret anything. My grandfather is 103 years old and been happy all his life, it's sadder to think that the world has nothing fun.
Killer Machine
Killer Machine 8 months ago
@FeelingShred true
FeelingShred 8 months ago
people will keep ignoring the pain until it reaches them... for now we tune into TV fantasy land
S R Year ago
thad video is 10 yrs old! much happened over there! but think as you like...the younger ones live in tiny rooms atvthe family base with 60hrs jobs! so beautiful...yes,...but maybe i´m too realistic...
A J Year ago
Country side definitely beautiful. Like a dream. I hate city life. Nature is where it's at.
Hanapetals 6 months ago
A J yeah I always think that but then I realise in the city I have lightning fast WiFi, no bugs, any cuisine I want is in a 15 mile radius, I would get so bored in the country after a few weeks haha
Elli Arellano
Elli Arellano 11 months ago
Mukuto Year ago
I want to live rest of my life in japan... and I am manifesting it now...
S R Year ago
but they won´t give you perm. res. visa except you have at least 4000,- $ income netto per moth guaranteed from an outside source...I asked, I have 30 % more than the average Japanese and don´t get more than 2x3moth visas/year....and if you stay don´t forget the taxes, the high prizes and the social insut´rance fees, even if you are already retired, they charge you 160,- euros/month for retirement even if you are an expat retire under 60! you need a spouse to stay there, a job as a specialist , a husband/wife ; they check your background; you have to do those videos and other silly stuff to proof that you "love" that country and so on....I worked on that for over one year....no thanks....sorry, but no chnace except you are loaded!
Elena Kawaii
Elena Kawaii Year ago
岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
Japan rescued 765 Polish orphans in Siberia in 1920, 1921 and 1922.Polish orphans lost their family in Siberia and were hungry without food. Poland asked different countries to save Polish orphans. But every country refused to save the orphans.Finally, Poland asked Japan to rescue the orphans.Japan soon decided to save the Polish orphans. Japan found and rescued the orphans who were crawling in Siberia.We Japanese did our best to rescue Polish orphans. Japan sent a total of 765 Polish orphans to Japan.The orphans were weak. And the orphans were ill.Japan gave orphans a warm meal. And Japan treated the disease of orphans. The disease of all orphans has been cured. The orphans have recovered.Many donations were collected for orphans from all over Japan. Toys were also donated.The orphans treat Japanese who take care of them like a mother.Japanese also loved the orphans as their own children. The Empress of that time also loved the orphans as their own children. Polish orphans had a good time every day.The diet of the orphans was nutritious and gave a delicious meal.On the day of parting, the orphans cried crying that they did not want to leave Japan.The Japanese also shed tears at the farewell with the orphans. Polish orphans sang the Japanese national anthem "kimigayo" and the Polish national anthem on the ship. All 765 Polish orphans returned safely to Poland. Japan loves Poland.If something happens to Polish children, Japan will help again.Japan handed out the Virgin Mary prayer card to all orphans. Polish orphans who always had it survived the war and lived until they were over 80 years old.And during the Second World War, the Japanese “chiune sugihara” saved more than 6,000 Jews.
S R Year ago
Phong Lan Hải Đường
I want to visit japan From Vietnames
S R Year ago
me too, but expensive....very beautiful, safe , clean, friendly as long as you pay for, ....so sad...
Ismayil Arifoglu
I would like to spend the rest of my life in shadows of Shito shrines, walking on the ancient roads and to find comfort in Japanese landscape. I hate my fucking dull office.
galliards #18
galliards #18 Year ago
Im studying cookery so that i can go to japan and work in there! But photography is so nice too!!! I think I'll study both!
Maya Pun
Maya Pun Year ago
The mean City also than village side is very nice. Because there is very clean ad Green. I Love Japan.
sokhorn pen
sokhorn pen Year ago
The food suits with wine
sokhorn pen
sokhorn pen Year ago
I am really wish there and lives there
space cowboy
space cowboy Year ago
god I want to live there, its kind of like the south, all family. it's lovely
Crab army Attack!
Japan is one of the healthiest country becauee not only food but also the environment the atmosphere and the strong happy bonds with one another thwt brings a smile to anyone's faces because smiling can kill so many bad stuff in your face that is why most adults asks children often to smile
S R Year ago
and one 3rd of the population between 16 and 42 is unemployed, or stuck in 3 jobs, sleeping in manga cafes...or under the bridge; women in family -slavery with no futue´re than nursing some old .......so healthy, yeah?....nuklear pollution, stress , empty countryside, crowded cities, ...high prices, falling income, tiny flats and houses, discrimination,,,,pls watch more than sightseeing vids....I love japan, but even with a good and stable income they won´t allow you to stay, ....it´s just different bcs they exclude... but at least they stay as they are...very expensive or you just hike on a very low level as a backpacker...simple ryokan 80,- bucks per night?
Georg Heinisch
Erinnert mich an Butterfahrten nach Borkum oder Norderney 😂👍
Moritz Year ago
Ich dachte es gibt nur Butterfahrten nach Helgoland? Oder gibts auf den ostfriesischen Inseln auch weniger Steuern?
diegowolf89 Year ago
This video brings me happiness, thanks for sharing! Much love from Brazil 🇧🇷
Travel To The World
Amazing experience really enjoyed
Rama Kisara
Rama Kisara Year ago
the only video category that justin.y wouldnt comment on it
Trinhltg - Cuộc sống ở nông thôn
*i like this place*
Kent Quibuyen
Kent Quibuyen Year ago
I really want to go in japan there people in the japan are so kind and hospitalable, that's why i want to go in there. It so beautiful and peacefully.
Menka Aggarwal
Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing
Tommy Mika
Tommy Mika Year ago
This peaceful society is becoming good memories of old Japan. Japan has changed so much. We now have serious problems with foreigners living in Japan and tourists from certain Asian countries. They are rapidly increasing. I don't want Japan to become a second Europe or America. Japan is already the 4th largest country of immigrants The Japanese culture is being destroyed by our stupid government.
Eusokty Dough
Eusokty Dough 8 months ago
Japanese ppl so narrow minded
Ken W
Ken W 10 months ago
That's not good. I hate America now. It's over populated with so many foreigners.
Thraenwall Aemon
@Paul Владимирович Простаков Your opinion is biased and based off no facts or evidence, so stop spreading such an arrogant view point.
lorene bonsu
lorene bonsu Year ago
Yep your right, y’all need to protect your country
Tommy Mika
Tommy Mika Year ago
Malon Prischer There are so many. For example, national health insurance and unemployment insurances are being ripped off by foreign workers illegally living in Japan, which puts heavy tax load on the Japanese. Also, there appear to be acts of terrorism by foreigners, which the Japanese mass media never report on purpose. The Japanese mass media are fake news!! The problem is: the Japanese government is so meek and stupid.
Aspen Year ago
What a life.
Summer Roya
Summer Roya Year ago
Ikr, hope u have nice one too (((: take care always!
Steven Cohn
Steven Cohn Year ago
Steven Cohn
Steven Cohn Year ago
Deepes Vr
Deepes Vr Year ago
Missionarys destroy other culture ,stop convention ,
Well it was one of yas!!
This is what lofi looks like in real life
theChartist Year ago
Wait, singing is normal?
alexleanh Year ago
Steam locomotive, idyllic countryside, pleasant atmosphere, good company, delicious (healthy) food, tea ceremony.... what's not to like? People should travel more often and open up to other cultures, foods, traditions... to have understanding and build lasting relationships to live together and share this planet in peace and happiness.
Dree Year ago
What a dream existence.
Gowrishankar GB
If the world behaves like Japan.It will be so nice.
travgpeters1 Year ago
just came back from japan after a 19 day trip there .. i am so amazed by the hospitality of the people .. it was so so amazing .. i am from canada ..and yes we could learn alot from the japanese people ..
Jyothi Year ago
Frm India but love Japan v v mch 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Momina Khatun
Momina Khatun Year ago
I am from India but still Japan is best
Masudo Okazaki
I am from Canada I think Japan is best in the world not only Asia.
Discover Odisha with Bharat
Very nice video .
Tony Chopper
Tony Chopper Year ago
Somen is traditional? you can eat that anywhere, it's not traditional local food
Tony Chopper
Tony Chopper Year ago
@viewsfinefromhere relax bro don't get too weaby, it is served in the city, i've lived in both
Somen is a traditional noodle in Japan, very seldom served outside the country. Somen is typically served during summer, cold with a weak soy-based broth as shown in this video. ~I was raised Japanese and spent time between the city and country. Also, sitting on the floor is expected but EATING off the floor is an insult.
Keesecito Year ago
Thank you for your information about somen. However, I never said or suggested that somen is traditional food, nor that all the food we had was tradional. I only said that we had tradional food. I also said that we travelled by steam train, but I did not say that all trains we travelled by were steam trains. Btw, I do not even know what somen is.
Hajili Jukerin
Im from malaysia and really love to go tour in japan... I wish one day malaysia can also be like japan and all village in malaysia can be clean and arrange nicely by malaysia gov and prepare all transport like train car and motorcycle are accessable with road... I hope
Yato 2 years ago
I hope that I can have a great time like this in Japan.It is my dream to go to Japan
Steven Cohn
Steven Cohn Year ago
saurav basu
saurav basu Year ago
Is it possible to hitch-hike in Japan ? I am not rich, eat simple food, can stay in ordinary places. How many dollars per day on average would I need to stay and travel there , say for 15 days ? Can I volunteer for some work there as well ? I am from India and I adore Japanese countryside. Crowded cities don't interest me.
Yato 2 years ago
@Trendsetter 45678 yessssss
Trendsetter 45678
Trendsetter 45678 2 years ago
Shuri Japan is awesome! Save your money and go, you won’t regret it
p platymuth
p platymuth 2 years ago
wish i was with the people on the train. I absolutely don't understand floating noodles down a chute.
Pornpat B
Pornpat B 2 years ago
But how come there is Thai alphabet in train.
travgpeters1 Year ago
there are diffrent translations of things everywhere in japan .. english / chinese / korean / thai .. etc ... makes it easier for tourists from other countries to get around from place to place
queen talo
queen talo 2 years ago
I dream of visiting Japan once in my life 😍
Ken W
Ken W 10 months ago
Budi T
Budi T 2 years ago
I really like the video. It portrays happy moments that you're able to reminisce for a long time. I really like the music that you play on the guitar, it's very appropriate for the video, and it gives the video a very pleasant mood. Bravo!
Om Gurkha
Om Gurkha 2 years ago
Amazing.. Happy Momment.. Beautiful Japan..
saurav basu
saurav basu Year ago
Om Gurkha Where are you from ?
Claire 2 years ago
What a dream! Thanks for the video
Rina Germino
Rina Germino 2 years ago
I like Japan soo much,soon I will go there..very nice ,calming place to see..
Gerçek güzellik
Gerçek güzellik 2 years ago
C si calme et paisible i love japan
Engleshia By M.R. Pareek
Japan is symbol of peace Beauty n quality...... It's a heaven in itself..... Love you all from India
Almat Almat
Almat Almat 2 years ago
Вот так будем смотрет на немцев и на японию .бля кажеться победили то мы но так и не смогли победит корумцию вот и нищета общая и песпощадные алигаръи съели акции пенсионер нащих.а их старики отдыхает как дети .простите нас наши пожилые все пенсионеры быв.совхоза .простите если можете .
Bling Bling
Bling Bling 2 years ago
Wouldn't mind living there, as long as I can have mustang.
marco brenni
marco brenni 2 years ago
chidon tochi
chidon tochi 2 years ago
Please can someone take me there? I love japan
Nayana Kumari
Nayana Kumari 2 years ago
Beautiful peaceful country.please give me a citizen
Nayana Kumari
Nayana Kumari 2 years ago
I love Japan
Nima 2 years ago
Love Japanese villages and small towns with all my heart.
Leo Almeida
Leo Almeida 2 years ago
Kriti Kumari
Kriti Kumari 2 years ago
it's a beautiful place 😍
Shree Kumar Adhikari
so nice video
allgoo19 2 years ago
9:30 Favorite yopparai song, Otomisan. I've herd that hundreds of times.
allgoo19 2 years ago
1:45 What other country have entertainment comes with train ride? lol
Aastha Gauchan
Aastha Gauchan 2 years ago
Hello Japan! I am nepali I love Japan when I will be adult I will go to your beautiful country I am just 12 years old love u all from nepal
Donnn Tympuin
Donnn Tympuin Year ago
Nepal is state from India right
jitter xross
jitter xross 2 years ago
we are waiting for your visit
amandeep kaur
amandeep kaur 2 years ago
wow wow🙋🙋 hii I am Indian ,love you Japan people ,but I can't understand your language
Living Walks
Living Walks 2 years ago
Thank you for sharing your video. We film natural walks through soulful cities mainly in Europe so it's lovely to see others doing similar slow tv, in places we may never get to go to. We really enjoyed absorbing your video and losing ourselves in it. We look forward to seeing more and have subscribed.
Robin Olsson
Robin Olsson 2 years ago
This is absolutely beautiful. 美しいです。Well done.
highya kawt
highya kawt 2 years ago
I'm Japanese.Our emperor said that A great spinning top spins quietly. Can you understand the meaning of this?
Kishan Kumar
Kishan Kumar 2 years ago
酒枝豆 thanks.
highya kawt
highya kawt 2 years ago
Kishan Kumar ruvid.net/video/video-XgR-UlBCfpE.html A nice spinning top spins quietly. If it get poor balance, it begins to make load voice. One human who is trusted by many people is quiet, but another human who wants to be the one who is trust is noisy. My English is not pretty good so if you don't understand the meaning of the emperor's word, please translate the following. 良いコマは静かに回るが、良くないものはすぐに音をたてる。人もまた、信頼の置かれる人は謙虚であり、信頼の置かれたい人というのはすぐに騒ぎたてる。
Kishan Kumar
Kishan Kumar 2 years ago
酒枝豆 no please tell the meaning.
R Nanjappa
R Nanjappa 2 years ago
Very nice. I recall with pleasure my visit to Japan in August 1996. Great country, nice people.
Dharani Dharani
Dharani Dharani 2 years ago
Very nice I really enjoy
Adit Setiawan
Adit Setiawan 2 years ago
That so cool
Kathleen Carter Steeves
My grandson arrived in Tokyo this morning I am old and so happy he is there with good fun loving kind people like I see here
Pathan Jani Basha
Pathan Jani Basha 2 years ago
I want to go to Japan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
venkatesh s
venkatesh s 2 years ago
I love Japanese.... I am India from Bangalore
Kriti Kumari
Kriti Kumari 2 years ago
i have seen this method of eating noodles in my fav shinchan 😀😀
Gyaso Gyadi
Gyaso Gyadi 2 years ago
Gyaso Gyadi
Gyaso Gyadi 2 years ago
Im going to japan one fine day!
Praveen Alvandi
Praveen Alvandi 2 years ago
Gyaso Gyadi me too...
sudha jayanth
sudha jayanth 2 years ago
It's so funny way to eat noodles I just can't stop laughing because I had never seen anything like this anyway country side is very rejuvenating
jitter xross
jitter xross 2 years ago
the way is much famous but not popular, in japan
1 Down 4 Up
1 Down 4 Up 2 years ago
I love getting lost on RUvid...very nice of you to post.
Rand U
Rand U 2 years ago
i understand the appeal of being in a big city like tokyo but for me, there is nothing like the beauty of japan's countryside. i've driven in the countryside with a rented car many times and i'm never disappointed. thanks for making and uploading this video. i hope it will motivate people to do what you did :-)
鹿鹿梦 x Somili
鹿鹿梦 x Somili 2 years ago
What cool way to eat noodles!! And the scenery is so beautiful
Ullib kante
Ullib kante 2 years ago
Many of the Japanese habits are similar to Indians. Like sitting on the floor to eat, keeping shoes outside when entering an house etc. But unfortunately Indians copy English culture and old good habits are fast vanishing here or else considered the things of poor. They should feel proud of thr culture like Japanese and should speak thr mother-tongues instead foreign language.
Sachin Bhalerao
Donnn Tympuin who told you!! Actually authentic Indian food is one of the healthiest food!! Most of Indian are pure vegetarian and now western countries understanding the importance of being vegan!! Don't judge us through videos of street food!!
Donnn Tympuin
Donnn Tympuin Year ago
But the different is that Indian food is unhealthy where as Japanese food is so healthy
Dark Side
Dark Side 2 years ago
@Merlin Arthur china worse than India
Carmela Camba
Carmela Camba 2 years ago
i think the similarities stops there, i notice in Japan they jave toilets almost everywhere and they are clean. Their transportation system is top notch, minimal people trying to rip off tourist, the drivers are respectful towards traffic laws, and many more that make Japan more peaceful than any asian nation, i'm talking about post war alright.
Merlin Arthur
Merlin Arthur 2 years ago
myblueandme and you talk like a stupid insect 🤣
Elia Rousa
Elia Rousa 2 years ago
i am so curious!
Sam Tanaka
Sam Tanaka 2 years ago
This must be a class reunion? Good to see them all having so much fun! (^^) I love country side. I get so emotional looking at the incredible beauty & peace there. Old fashioned Japan is so precious & fascinating! I do like the excitement of Tokyo & other big cities, but I do prefer small towns, villages where life is much slower & calmer. I love to taste the local cuisine & befriend with local people who can share about their life in their small communities!
Keesecito 2 years ago
They were actually all colleagues who are retired now and still are friends.
bubba jones
bubba jones 2 years ago
4:30...NOODLES...NOODLES...I love noodles!!! :D
ayesha kashif
ayesha kashif 2 years ago
So many people from India in the comment section well I'm from Pakistan ♥★♥ this video was adorable
Albano Mathias
Albano Mathias 2 years ago
Povo invejável, pela cultura, perseverança. Parabéns.
Noor Aara
Noor Aara 2 years ago
kawaii. i want to be there😍😍
RELAX CHILL 2 years ago
I wanna be there but with internet and some expensive pc.
Aaja Muhammed
Aaja Muhammed 2 years ago
Awesome... Wish to be there...
Gyaso Gyadi
Gyaso Gyadi 2 years ago
So cheerful and so much humanity.
Gyaso Gyadi
Gyaso Gyadi 2 years ago
I just find peace when I watch Japanese
Dark Side
Dark Side 2 years ago
Me too.
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