Jane Fonda on changing her lifestyle to combat climate change | Nightline

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Fonda, who has spoken out for decades on issues including women’s rights and the Vietnam War, tells “Nightline” that climate change is a singularly important: “This is the future of the entire planet.
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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 260
shananagans5 11 days ago
lol Dicaprio charters the 453 foot yacht Topaz, which has four M90 diesel engines producing 12,000 horsepower each. Each engine can burn 640 gallons of diesel per hour. At full power that equals 2,560 gallons per hour. At a typical cruising speed, using 40% power, that still means he is burning 1,024 gallons of diesel per hour. In 24 hours of his vacation, he burns more fuel than I would in 42 years. That's assuming I buy 12 gallons a week. Please Leo, lead the way, tell us all how to save the planet.
poida 16 days ago
doesn't look a day over 75
Religion WhistleBlower
Jane we do not blame those young children who probably do not know but, you have seen the water coming down from the sky, those seeds that we place inside of that created soil, all were created by our Creator in order to provide us with provisions yet, we call ourselves a farmer!? You should know that the one who created you from ejected semen provided you with talent, fame, wealth, and protection all those years. Therefore, He is fully in control of the Global Warming and Crises and that is the punishment for humans who have been forgotten about our Creator. He allowed us to make these disaster with our own hands as the consequence of our wrong doings. Just make sure that none of these jumping up and down and screenings is going to fix this problem unless the whole world turn back to the Almighty Creator and leave all of those 4200 fake and false religions who are worshiping traditions, or that fake name which was never existed in the history and stop worshiping those made up idols, otherwise the worst is on the way. You should have lived your life in a different key. . .
Veronica Jaurez
Veronica Jaurez 24 days ago
You’re the best
John Flynn
John Flynn 25 days ago
I Love Fonda - a Lady. Loved her for Years.
John Flynn
John Flynn 13 days ago
Fonda addressed that issue many times. People have to get over it. I met her twice & saw her on the Broadway stage - she could not have been nicer.
Fishsmell 13 days ago
You love a traitor. She sides with the viet cong.
Rimbaud Junior
Rimbaud Junior 27 days ago
Old men still bellyaching over nam? Go feed some pigeons you boozed up old depends jockeys.
Eliza Howard
Eliza Howard 28 days ago
Great job now please go vegan if you are not already.
tata tante anne
tata tante anne Month ago
Jane Fonda your beautiful
Lisa Pelletier
Lisa Pelletier Month ago
The world is not in climate crisis and the US is in way better shape than the crazy liberals want anyone to believe.
Cricket Smith
Cricket Smith Month ago
1.25.20 ~ I like the idea suggested in the comments = I would like to see the *OLD* *BAG* put her money where her mouth is! That means anonymously pay out of pocket for some improvements she seems to feel are necessary in the environment! The challenge is set Fonda, put your money where your BIG mouth is!
Cricket Smith
Cricket Smith Month ago
1.25.20 ~ Oh, Yes! Fonda's activism in the Vietnam situation sure did make a change = in upping the level of punishment/pain our POWs received due of her backstabbing & cowardly actions. She is a heartless creature, who will answer for her choices, starting the moment her body releases its last breath & ending with her punishment being an eternity separated from Creator God &, thus, spent in the Lake of Fire! She won't be acting so high & mighty then!
Lazarous Bethany
Save us , the sky is falling, the sky is falling !!!!
Tong Po
Tong Po Month ago
Stop using electricity!
Debra Srnek
Debra Srnek Month ago
Why aren't you reporting on this. ruvid.net/video/video-FYMI6Shd7BU.html
adinda wildoer
adinda wildoer Month ago
what an amazing person!!
Gnome Sane
Gnome Sane Month ago
My favorite way to spend time contemplating world issues is to sit at home, alone and In silence, sipping organic tea. I find I can relax and give deep mindfulness. I can sit for hours and just wonder: what does Jane Fonda think about the issue. It warms the soul. I ponder: what does Jane Fonda have in mind to fix the issue? And I relax, because Jane Fonda is on the case and I have ABC News to provide coverage of Jane Fonda marching at a Climate Change rally. This is truly a marvel of our times and a testament to how much dedication modern man has to important issues. Jane Fonda really does care about the environment- and me! If I met her, she would like me and we wo... not now kitty #32 I'm contemplating..now off you go skiddles go play with the other cats.. We would become fast friends! If Jane Fonda can make life choices, then so can I! It will be easy with Jane Fonda leading the way, and with ABC News helping to teach us how. I just love ABC News they really are something aren't They? Sips tea. Sighs. Smiles.
Richard Schaefer
Since the end of the Pliocene epoch, about 2.7 million on years ago, ice sheets began covering Europe and North America, in some areas hundreds of feet thick. Since that time, these ice sheets have grown and shrunk more than 50 times, causing sea levels to rise and fall by more than 400 feet. Since the end of the last period of glaciation (Ice Age), about 12,000 years ago - a pin prick on a timeline - sea levels have risen about 400 feet; 98 percent of this rise in sea levels took place well before the Crusades. This overarching rise in sea level necessitated the move inland of hundreds of Native America coastal villages, located from Alaska to Terra del Fuego. This process lasted over 11000 years and resulted in thousands of submerged villages scattered along the coast of North and South America. Today these village sites, now deep underwater, provide many clues and artifacts relating to early Native American culture. Perhaps one day we will need to move inland just like the original inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere (and the rest of the world). Then again, we are currently overdue for another Ice Age, which would end our current interglacial period. Note, submerged villages, ports and cities are common offshore on all the continents of the world. These areas were submerged long before any increase in CO2 levels. We can survive sea level rises and a warming planet - civilization can not survive the next Ice Age, and sheets of ice, hundreds of feet thick, covering everything down to Latitude 38. Lots of FOOD grows in a GREEN-HOUSE....BUT NOTHING GROWS ON SHEETS OF ICE.
justin holmes
justin holmes Month ago
Veterans around the country will have a party when it passes away.
Natalie Gian
Natalie Gian Month ago
Arrested! 😂😂 I'm sure she just bailed herself right out.
Skeeter NYC
Skeeter NYC Month ago
Keep fighting the good fight, Jane!
Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn Month ago
Nana F
Nana F Month ago
Who gives a crap
Mike Steves
Mike Steves Month ago
If it's so urgent, why are banks still giving 20 year loans on coastal properties based on advise by scientists they pay to be honest with them cause their money depends on it?
Christopher D
Christopher D Month ago
It doesn't matter what personal changes Fonda makes at this point in her life. She'll be gone soon. Typical Leftist worldview. "Activism" can lift you out of despair. Never mind what your message is, or if it actually does any good. Just be an activist. SMH. Just enjoy the rest of your life in comfort.
GEORGELET4 Month ago
Climate Change due to fossil fuel CO2 The biggest fraud in the history of science. Address real pollution and poor peoples’ - in Africa and elsewhere - inability to get abundant, reliable energy.
Ernest Perri
Ernest Perri Month ago
Who the F is this dried up old weed
Front Runner
Front Runner Month ago
jane is bored....
Front Runner
Front Runner Month ago
Too little too late Jane old gal!... You used up all your carbon footprint back in the 80's during your sweaty 'workouts!'😜
TheFireicing Month ago
Hero !!
B. Rippy
B. Rippy Month ago
Huh, where I live, it's cold at night, and warmer durring the hours that the sun is shining. Hot in the summer, cold durring winter. Temperatures ALWAYS drop at sunset every day like it always has, which simply proves that Co2 does not "trap heat" in the atmosphere. Only water vapor, In the form of cloud cover can trap heat, or reduce heat loss from surface temps at night when it's dark. It almost feels stupid having to state the obvious scientific factual reality known by humans before science was even a thing of how it's the SUN, and only the SUN that controlls heat on earth, not an invisible molecule (only 0.04% of atmosphere) that sunlight radiation passes right through unimpeded.
bill bixby
bill bixby Month ago
Her brother was a talentless hack of a slimeball and so is she.
Ali Ortega
Ali Ortega Month ago
all these sheep in the comments 😒👎🏼
Mike Oz
Mike Oz Month ago
Make no mistake, the tragedy in Australia in fuel load based. ' ruvid.net/video/video-E6RrgBrb6R8.html&feature=emb_logo
Suck My Ass
Suck My Ass Month ago
These do-gooders will find anyway they can to try and control other people. Whether they manifest themselves as puritan Christians or social justice greenies. Don't be fooled because they're one and the same and they hate freedom.
Death Painful
Death Painful Month ago
2,4,6,8, My vaginas dried up and it's way to late.. 8,6,4,2, I'd like to punch that kid who say's " How Dare You"
Kash Month ago
man made climate change is a lie
B S Month ago
Climate change is a hoax. Climate change is only used by Democrats to tax and fine and control the people and businesses.
Matthew Ball
Matthew Ball Month ago
Weston Shortnacy
I hate Hollywood. They make it to where we can’t even watch a movie without seeing someone you would just like to punch in the face. Robert De Niro who I used to love his movies now I just want to see him shot and killed off as soon as a movie starts.
Weston Shortnacy
Eileen Napier no I’m fine until I watch the news. That’s horrible that watching the news these days just pisses people off. It’s so one sided all of it it’s infuriating i like to watch the news same as you people why I don’t know Jane Fonda have you heard some of the shit she had said. Why can’t these kind of people keep shit to themselves wanna be a climate activist fine but talking down to others bullshit. The media loves the one with the biggest mouth. How would you like it if every news network was Fox News but twice as bad is a good way of thinking of it. Imagine every time you go from one to another your hearing the same shit all the bad people are people like you. It all is designed to take down one person which is even more infuriating
Eileen Napier
Eileen Napier Month ago
Are you forced to watch movies? Does Hollywood care that you hate them, I think not. Keep Calm !
Eileen Napier
Eileen Napier Month ago
What a violent person you are. Beware anyone who knows you !!!
Weston Shortnacy
Whatever it takes to stay relevant I suppose.
Weston Shortnacy
Weston Shortnacy 27 days ago
Rimbaud Junior what’s a boomer. Your like the 3 rd person who said that. I’m behind the times I guess tell me rimrod.
Rimbaud Junior
Rimbaud Junior 27 days ago
Ok boomer
Joey Holthusen
Joey Holthusen Month ago
Precession is real the earth wobbles in space up to 23 degrees. humans contribute 1,000 of 1 percent of a difference in climate change. Side note, it's not just earth warming up so are the other planets in the solar system. I guess human intervention better tax green house emissions on mars and Jupiter every other planet.
ExerciseMachina Month ago
Jane Fonda made a movie in 1979 that was anti-nuclear, she has no grounds to talk down to us about climate change.
Darius Ketchup
Darius Ketchup Month ago
You go, Jane Fonda, more power to you!!😁
Kelley Frye
Kelley Frye Month ago
More like she told the Vietnam prison guards about the Vietnam POW's trying to escape.....
Lullaby Month ago
Heres an idea .. send a hundred million of your 200 million to the Australia relief. Put your money where you collagen mouth is grandma. Instead of singing while the camera are on you sitting for interviews. and "mock arrests. That's not stopping the fires.... yeah.... at all.
John citizen
John citizen Month ago
the earth gets hot, the earth gets cold. been doin it fer billions of years...
Iris Month ago
Exactly. Earth will be fine. However, through those billions of years, it has only been a sliver of that time that humans have been able to live on Earth. The environs have been perfect for us to thrive. So, what do you do? Ignore it? Or do you do what you can to save your species to either see if you could change it or see if you could adapt? it may not mean much too older folks who will be dead and gone before one really feels the full impact. However, there are younger generations that will and it is their right to move the world in the direction they want as the past generations have done for themselves. They live with the consequences.
Lullaby Month ago
Changing her lifestyle............................................. She *Putting on a hat*.............. *DUN DUN DURR* Just another inane video. Of yet another entitled, never wanted for anything, person, and what they are "doing" in their ivory tower lives. *Now we can all sleep sounder in in beds.* Because Jane "has been 200 years ago" Fonda, is desperate to rekindle some limelight. This is news?
John citizen
John citizen Month ago
i don't listen too anything hanoi jane says....
Steve Whittier
Steve Whittier Month ago
The media is to blame for feeding her hunger to be in the limelight, and not reporting the truth.
Sherril Lee
Sherril Lee Month ago
If you have some one in the White House don’t believe in climate change cal it a Oaks . What we expect
adlibruj Month ago
I see the butt hurt Trumpanzees gather here to conduct a group orgy in honor of their little god, the Fake and Corrupt president!
Mr. Scream Genes
She should change her underwear
8:24 she spoke of the spiritual and physical self alignment....YEAH that needs to be alignment of your body and mind with the TRUTH of the WHOLE WORD of GOD and acceptance of The Gospel of JESUS and Him as the MESSIAH!!! NOT THIS FAKE CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA!!!! God is removing His favor off this PLANET. The Bible clearly states He will remove the beasts of the land, air and sea. That He will cause earthquakes and natural disaters in the world, pestilence and disease, as well as nation against nation, ethnic group against ethnic group & Jesus is RETURNING SOON TO JUDGE THE WHOLE SINFUL WORLD
Melissa Scafidi
Melissa Scafidi Month ago
🎵 We didn't start the fire-Billy Joel 🎶
Thomas Ray
Thomas Ray Month ago
Climate change is a hoax meant to shut down America, drive up the cost of living beyond reason. Jane Fonda has enough money to deal with the horrors of climate change policy.
Chozen Wone
Chozen Wone Month ago
Jane Fonda is an idiot. Why isn't she dead yet?
Elvira Reis
Elvira Reis Month ago
latinlingo 25
latinlingo 25 Month ago
Jane Fonda if you really want to protest go to Iraq go to Syria let's see how those Muslims treat you for not covering your face.. !!
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