Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Uncut Version)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jamie Foxx shows off his impressions of LeBron James and Denzel Washington, dishes on a celebrity karaoke party he threw where Whitney Houston sang "I Will Always Love You" and reveals what it was like partying with Prince to ring in 1999.
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Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Uncut Version)




13 ноя 2018

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Комментарии 2 741
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera 3 минуты назад
wait what happened in 1999?
m wright
m wright 4 часа назад
Look for the good,dam I wish people would!!😭
Stars Stripes
Stars Stripes 5 часов назад
Yeah look at all the good Trump has done for our country. America first!!!
12Sisters 1bride
12Sisters 1bride 6 часов назад
Sha_Facetime Boo
Sha_Facetime Boo 8 часов назад
that look Jamie gave Jimmy when he said, "what the band poison" lmao
Ainentare Hicks
Ainentare Hicks 13 часов назад
1999... “significant “
Jasmine Bischof
Jasmine Bischof 18 часов назад
I appreciate him taking the time to speak about the wildfires. I truly didn't understand the severity. We get so caught up in our day to day. Thanks Jamie. Love this guy. SO funny and talented.
Harry Schmidt
Harry Schmidt 19 часов назад
KayBee 211
KayBee 211 21 час назад
Im just here for the beard comments cause I know I'm not the only one that noticed how it stuck out like a sore thumb
ReenyNY 23 часа назад
Bobby Brown stole his clothes. #CrackIsWhack
DJ RomaK
DJ RomaK 23 часа назад
TO in the house.
KillFitGaming День назад
did he get his hairline re-done?
Frances Edwards
Frances Edwards День назад
Jamie is legit a great guy! I don’t know him on a first name basis, but I’ve encountered him several times while I lived in LA. Once I was trying to get into a celebrity Malibu beach party and he was with his entourage and I said Jamie let me get in with you and he kinda rolled his eyes and then laughed and said come on girl! Lol! It was like how an older brother would do his annoying younger sister! Lol! Another time I was at a theatre in Thousand Oaks with my son and we’re out in the lobby area playing video games waiting for our movie to start, I see Jamie and he’s with this pretty woman and she’s playing a video game next to my son. So I finish my game and then see that my son somehow has is now hanging with Jamie and his lady friend and the lady friend has my son finish her game and Jamie is rooting him on. It was so funny! It put a huge smile on my sons face! Jamie in my book is just a genuinely great guy. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
gingerly День назад
did he dye his beard??
BMJSpitteler День назад
I just can't believe that that Katie Holmes is with him.
Hammer Man
Hammer Man День назад
Fox is a sack of shit, punk bitch...
Stian Ihle Gulbrandsen
Stian Ihle Gulbrandsen День назад
Jesus Fu Christ tht Fallon is a fake! Hurts me to even watch him
Adele C.
Adele C. День назад
Is it me or This 2 look like they had sex.
Lotus Justice
Lotus Justice День назад
I love Jamie Foxx !!
He cannot be serious with that fucking Velcro beard !
Mista Nugget
Mista Nugget 2 дня назад
What the flying fuck is he doing with that fake mother fuckin 🧔 it looks mad weird. Jamie just stop ✋ now. Does this man not have any friends to tell him to stop doing this shit to himself. First the hair, now the beard 🧔
Chiranjeevi Raju
Chiranjeevi Raju 2 дня назад
That Denzel impression is right on!!
Jrad Israel
Jrad Israel 2 дня назад
That spray is the beard dye
Chelle b
Chelle b 2 дня назад
What a life Jamie has.
DARK VADER 2 дня назад
prince is thee greatest artist whoever lived, facts!!!!
Madrid Zona Bruta
Madrid Zona Bruta 2 дня назад
Sorry I couldn’t hear what Jamie spoke about; the cat wrapped on his chin kept distracting me
nexxusish 2 дня назад
Man talking gay is a shame and NO I'M I DON'T HATE GAYS
Tree Tree
Tree Tree 2 дня назад
What in the, species is Jamie talkin about? How is Cali the 4th safest place? lol... bullshittt! it isnt the 100th safest place! ha! its gonna be the first state to be wiped off the plateu! smh..... omg! do people actually listen to wat some of these tv personalities even say? omg wow! 4TH SAFEST PLACE! NO NO HELL TO THE N AND THE O!
hakkaji 2 дня назад
They make magic man weaves so maybe that's the next thing for men. The weard-beard whenever you want it! Hahaha Beard looks fake but I Love Jamie Foxx!!! Man of multiple talents. I keep hearing about his parties wish I can go to one or just be in a room full of talent!
trugb24 2 дня назад
Give money? Nah, ya'll be good. You rich people have insurance and money.
Tiki 3 дня назад
I LOVE LOVE LOVE when Jaime comes on!! He has the BEST stories, I love to just listen. I wish he would do a show, maybe on Netflix or something where he just tells stories. I would watch over and over. He could even put that on FB or instastories and my eyes would be glued 👀
Zakia Hart
Zakia Hart 3 дня назад
He is cray😂
Aristocrat Jules
Aristocrat Jules 3 дня назад
The Prince stories 🥳
Nate River
Nate River 3 дня назад
Sales lady: "You want the Just for Men'?" Jamie Foxx: "No....I want the Just for Venom"
Nick Jones
Nick Jones 3 дня назад
The Ping Pong story is awesome...reminds me of the Charlie Murphy basketball story with him
MC FLY 3 дня назад
Fake beard alert 😅
Valencia Whittington
Valencia Whittington 3 дня назад
Jamie Foxx is a clown to me he's a complete sell out. Didn't he marry Katie Holmes and set her up in business? He won't marry a Black woman but will marry a pale unattractive White woman.
BossLady 3 дня назад
Can we see the karaoke tape? Whitney Houston #FOREVERLegend
Hunter Valentino
Hunter Valentino 4 дня назад
When he said he was sick, I thought he had on like a black, medical, chin strap... I love ALL Jamie's interviews, stories and entertainment though. But that beard can't be for real..
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 дня назад
Tariq's beard should leave his face and rip off whatever that is stuck to Jamie's chin. Also, more Prince stories.
A.I.K STOCKHOLM 4 дня назад
Dominique Speaks
Dominique Speaks 4 дня назад
I clicked just to see the Beard up close. I hope Kevin Hart got a peek of this!!!
suriya prakash
suriya prakash 4 дня назад
Anyone knows the song name Jamie dances to at the starting of the show? Beat sounds nice
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
I'm going to have coffee now Sir Anthony
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Yeah there's many who plays about Seth Curry but there's many who post about his wife the cook which brings me back to can you smell what The Rock is cooking let's get ready to rumble in the kitchen
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Did Django goes to London watch out for those werewolves hoops
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Jailhouse Rock perfect for you and MC Hammer to do see I got a million of them I got ideas I used to be the lady with the fresh ideas and sold Tupperware and I sold door-to-door Avon in Oakland try that one out for size my bag match Max and Mario's couch set Avon calling
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Hey men in tights was a good movie but grandma having a hissy fit won't be good throwing some people down stairways for attention getters
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Solid Michael you still alive Peggy call Peggy Lipton when we know clearance is still alive that's not how you spell clearance Vicky she's always looking for sales for the Lakeport gym
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Sha Na Na no no no no no no no no I want eggnog and I want it toasted with my best friend
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Maceo Parker that one
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Vegan when I say Posse up Mexican girl we better get those trains a-rollin all night long
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Chris Jericho Hanover be walking her Afghans around the park I seen that what is shock their hair is longer than hers notice I didn't say Rob Schneider Rob Schneider Rob Schneider Rob Schneider Rob Schneider I mean Rob Roy
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Revo you heifer you should be on your way to work I wonder if you are cuz I'm going to call you I just called to say I love you I just called to show how much I care oh do I care Toby leave I just called to say if it wasn't raining I'd be up there in the corner outside hanging around singing in the Rain with jet Li new song
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
What-you-see-is-what-you-get take a look and don't forget how's that for a fortune cookie
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
You've heard of White House Down how about Big Ben up Chariots of Fire to you Professor Huey
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
You mean every rose has its thorn that was the keys first album along with Guns N Roses imagine that hearing that with a kid yep Sweet Child of Mine Axl slash Chad and Jeremy where's the monkeys those 12 monkeys Bruce and Brad need to make more movies together that's for sure the legendary Die Hard couple Western follow up with Harrison Ford
Barbara Donohue
Barbara Donohue 4 дня назад
Imagine Shawn linen not that spelling the linen we're not talking about the linen are we what's the name of that movie oh she's six foot tall Oh Honey I shrunk the kids and the guardian of the angels of The gatekeepers Oakland High Street keep the kids safe watch out for those stopping goes those wrong turns oh Michael Caine
Jonathan Sweeting
Jonathan Sweeting 4 дня назад
Bad ass clip
Levi Dunn
Levi Dunn 4 дня назад
I never played Ping-Pong with Prince, but life is below mediocre, you'd be surprised! I'm doing real average.
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh 4 дня назад
He’s still fine so y’all can leave his beard alone😂
LonghornsLegend 4 дня назад
He went WAY too hard on the bigen come on Jamie😂😂😂😂
Camille Carter
Camille Carter 4 дня назад
Jamie You Better BACK UP OFF of Mr. Denzel Washington!!😬😒
Richardichard 4 дня назад
2 lovely ego maniac multi millionaire narcissists desperate for attention. sad really.
Judi Lynn
Judi Lynn 4 дня назад
Did anyone actually see "Robin Hood"?
benji benji
benji benji 5 дней назад
Damn that beard looks sprayed on. Wow..its embarassing.. and ETF Jimmy fake laugh and shit
T. Thompson
T. Thompson 5 дней назад
This press on beard ain't gone worry me.
zaks_poptarts 5 дней назад
jamie foxx is one of my favorite people
Kris Markling
Kris Markling 5 дней назад
Wildfires ? To many trees still standing while there’s houses burnt around them ... poor poor 🐑
Simplymck 5 дней назад
Love Jamie. But, everyone can't rock a beard. 🙄
aGsincebirth23 5 дней назад
That beard ain't it ...... love tho Foxx
sion bentley
sion bentley 5 дней назад
All y’all bitches wear fake hair fake lashes fake every thing leave him alone fuck all y’all I wear Bijen I’m not embracing the gray eat two dicks smashed together it’s called a double dicker
Marie Robinson
Marie Robinson 5 дней назад
Where’s the Whitney footage?
ngee00 5 дней назад
Maurice Day and the Time!!!
Rohan vaikkath
Rohan vaikkath 5 дней назад
His beard got dark due to the smoke from the fires.
Rohan vaikkath
Rohan vaikkath 5 дней назад
this nigga broke the bro code dated katie holmes. this will never be forgotten.
DOLLA BILL 5 дней назад
Why would i donate to a rich neighborhood...???
TheLovliestTear 5 дней назад
Omg, I had the beard is straight up click bait. I thought it was a joke. Lolol! C'mon, Jamie!
Tiffany Sykes
Tiffany Sykes 5 дней назад
So we ignore the part where Bobby Brown came to Jamie's house for the tape and said he wasn't gonna leave without taking something. 😂🤣
SraPollofrito 5 дней назад
he looks too young to have gone through all that
NEFrettiti M
NEFrettiti M 5 дней назад
*But seriously...looks like a VELCRO CHIN STRAP!...Chin up!*
NEFrettiti M
NEFrettiti M 5 дней назад
*soo HOT it HURTS*
Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope
Jimmy Fallon is like watching a toddler
Vlog and Thoughts Living with Hope
Oh my God that beard is hilarious
Pia Kiddo
Pia Kiddo 6 дней назад
He just looks like wearing a black "toothache" headband, but he needs to knot that "beard" bandage above his head. 🤣
markbra 6 дней назад
Jimmy is kissing ass
markbra 6 дней назад
Paradise CA. Leveled !
M.Joseph Ali
M.Joseph Ali 6 дней назад
That’s not dye. Fat joe’s beard is dyed. This mf is a movie prop! Bruh 😂 wtf is wrong with you
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 6 дней назад
They aint never donated to me
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 6 дней назад
Wildfires rich oplz problems donate my ass
007 Taylor
007 Taylor 6 дней назад
He should have dyed his hair to match his beard so it looks more realistic. They went overboard on the beard😩🤣😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤨🤔🥺🥴
Taga Carael
Taga Carael 6 дней назад
Whitney & Bobby used to come to a recording studio next to my office in Pasadena.
Ebony_Love_R_007 6 дней назад
Jamie Foxx was just going all around HollyWeird video taping folks with that big ole heavy dookie camera LOL! 😁 He talks about a video tape he has of suspect Diddy too! I wanna see it! 😁
Paige White
Paige White 6 дней назад
😳🙆🏾He got that FACE FRONT strap on beard lined up like a CHIN STRAP to a Helmet!!!🤦🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Billy Cringan
Billy Cringan 6 дней назад
Look like the person that beard on him before the show had their head tilted to one side. That glue is a bitch once you set it and say forget it
Shanene 6 дней назад
That beard is wack, but that man can sang!
cushe83 7 дней назад
I think Bobby might have been high. Call me crazy...
Chaka Grady
Chaka Grady 7 дней назад
I wanna f*%k the taste outta his mouth. Damn, I know he's spectacular in bed...
MekaJ 7 дней назад
Lol I need to learn how to do those fake beards..
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