Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Extended Interview)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jamie Foxx shows off his impressions of LeBron James and Denzel Washington, dishes on a celebrity karaoke party he threw where Whitney Houston sang "I Will Always Love You" and reveals what it was like partying with Prince to ring in 1999.
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Jamie Foxx Has Footage of Whitney Houston Singing Karaoke (Uncut Version)




13 ноя 2018

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Комментарии 2 708
. 22 часа назад
Remember when them people invented that super black. Jamie jumped right on that one
fizzie robinson
fizzie robinson День назад
Right someone get back to me ....the song the little jingle he dances to at the beginning i knownits from an old school song i jus dont remember which one anyone can help?
You Don’t Matter
You Don’t Matter 2 дня назад
Is that his real beard? 😂😂😂😂😂
Jared Q
Jared Q 3 дня назад
Bobby brown is a hot mess. Rest well Whitney and Bobby Kristina.
Balbi Francesca PY
Balbi Francesca PY 3 дня назад
Great story teller! That bobby brown sorry makes sense tho considering what he and Whitney were up to at that time hahahah so random! When he did the Denzel thing i lost it 😂😂😂
Maxime Janvier
Maxime Janvier 3 дня назад
Jamie is such a great story teller. He is always has some stories to tell.
Butty Prince
Butty Prince 4 дня назад
Jamie Foxx is incredible!
mario 4 дня назад
I love jamie but damn he aint even subtle bout paintin his beard haha
PREEMINENCE 5 дней назад
Looking Like ABE Lincoln with that damn beard
Lavar Stark
Lavar Stark 6 дней назад
Bro hit them legs
Hayden Mary
Hayden Mary 6 дней назад
That look on Jamie's face when Jimmy says "like the band Poison" PRICELESS
man dingo
man dingo 7 дней назад
Why does Jimmy "fake ass"Fallon always mimic his guest in some way,it's annoying,anyway Is that beard real or fake?? I sincerely can't tell
Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann 8 дней назад
When i saw the beard, i thought, i know he don't have a piece of felt on his face like a beard! Then, when he said he was sick, i was like, "oh, ok. That must be a face mask. I didn't know they made them in black!" Then i scrolled down to the comments and was was like, "why Jaime, WHYYYYYYYY!" LOL
Eugénio Maza
Eugénio Maza 8 дней назад
Jimmy fallon is so fake damn
Edwin Roche
Edwin Roche 9 дней назад
Why is he trying to look like Drake? Lol
Gus Palentino
Gus Palentino 9 дней назад
Hardlee Theyer
Hardlee Theyer 10 дней назад
Jamie Foxx is a racist stooge.
Dieter Rust
Dieter Rust 10 дней назад
Jamie needs a show like Everybody hates Chris where he retells all these stories and narrates them
Phat Baby
Phat Baby 12 дней назад
I'm only here for Whitney Houston but unfortunately I got tricked SMH
RobEcu123 13 дней назад
All the rich Jewish lawyers are doing so bad in Malibu , fuck giving them money wtf
beatswork 14 дней назад
Jamie Foxx is wearing a invisible football helmet with a furry chinstrap
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar 15 дней назад
@11:59 Jimmy: he kill metok tok tik tiktok Jamie: in the boots Jimmy: that was his boots doing tok tok tik tik tok . . . I think it was a good joke from jimmy after a very long time.
Francheska Ward
Francheska Ward 15 дней назад
this beard🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Ricardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz 16 дней назад
Ho yea we do chest and back and when we are in the crib we sqatt the fuck out of our legs sometimes we do sqatts while fucking but yea brothas do have skinny legs
rai ZOR
rai ZOR 17 дней назад
Theres magic in these hips
Felix Paul
Felix Paul 18 дней назад
I love this dude...a great all around entertainer!!!
Maria Lewis
Maria Lewis 19 дней назад
The best at EVERYTHING and a hell of a good guy...
Mojotmt Lo
Mojotmt Lo 21 день назад
Jamie Fox is Extremely funny!! he has a big fans base here In Riyadh_SAUDI
Frank White
Frank White 23 дня назад
That’s a clean ass suit 💯
Guilherme Oliveira Lima Carvalho
Tricia Star
Tricia Star 24 дня назад
What a job! Yes, he's probably paid his dues. We all have in our own ways... but, this job....to sit , laugh, talk and have fun with your friends for millions of dollars...means...you're living right.
CeeStyleDj 25 дней назад
Raise your hand if you thought we were gonna see the tape. ✋
acid sulfurik
acid sulfurik 25 дней назад
so nobody ever gonna talk about jamie foxx skipping leg days?
lissa Rodrigues
lissa Rodrigues 25 дней назад
lissa Rodrigues
lissa Rodrigues 25 дней назад
,Jamie Foxx can imitate anybody. How many he did in few minutes?!!!!
cha yan
cha yan 26 дней назад
Millions of civilians died in middle East, including children, many more homeless, do u guys think those ppl were having fun, and the Californian who lives in Malibu, oooh, so awful.
batka6255 26 дней назад
That beard looks like a fake mustache!
ashley fowlkes
ashley fowlkes 26 дней назад
I had *NSYNC singing Backstreet Boys songs and vice versa ...😆😂😂
Blue Night Grinner
Blue Night Grinner 26 дней назад
Grey Poupon...
marco peranteau6
marco peranteau6 26 дней назад
Fallon your "white" talk like one. Geez golly
Filipovic Sascha
Filipovic Sascha 27 дней назад
guys whats the name of the song 56 sec please!!!
R V 28 дней назад
Good tribute to Whitney here
Jamie James
Jamie James 28 дней назад
Wow. Jamie Foxx! That dude, Man! Love him! (well, not on that satellite radio show how used to have--that sucked--but otherwise? That's my dude!)
Zoe Mantzalos
Zoe Mantzalos 28 дней назад
Fallon and Ellen are my favorite hosts !
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 28 дней назад
Does he have on a lace front beard?
ja crispy
ja crispy 29 дней назад
Jamie foxx's beard so fake it makes jimmy's laugh sound real
@TheNormalGuy 29 дней назад
Jimmy has the fakest presentation ever!
ayjay36 29 дней назад
Prince did do disappearing acts. I worked at LAX and I'm through with his bodyguard and his bodyguard didn't get through the the security part because he had something in his pockets and the next thing you know Prince is gone to the plane and his bodyguard end up getting fired. The next time he came through there he had a different bodyguard and believe me that guy got through. Prince walk so fast now you see him now you don't. That's the only time I was able to see Prince in real life working at an airport. Miss that hell of a talented man.
Brian T
Brian T Месяц назад
Freaky talented Jamie..!
Anna Kcmb
Anna Kcmb Месяц назад
i cant even look
Anna Kcmb
Anna Kcmb Месяц назад
tell me that beard is fake....it looks dumb
Dante Corbett
Dante Corbett Месяц назад
Look for the good in people!!! 2019.
MissMelaninated Месяц назад
How am I just seeing this beard interview 😆😆😆😆
sue she
sue she Месяц назад
Look for the good in people
FoTwenny Месяц назад
Beard looking more fake than his hair
Julietdelta Pineapple
Julietdelta Pineapple Месяц назад
Jamie Foxx is the truth. He is the BO JACKSON of ENTERTAINMENT!! ... BUUUUT!!! that beard coloring has to be altered to look less fake. It makes me think of a self conscience school girl. You ain't gonna be young forever, Brother. its all good.
Christian Sandoval
Christian Sandoval Месяц назад
holy shit jimmy...stop being so corny. well ...guess he can't help that.
Mr. Krepshus
Mr. Krepshus Месяц назад
Jamie has the best suit
Patryk Pudlo
Patryk Pudlo Месяц назад
Hey guys don’t diss his beard! It has partly burned due to fire in his California house..
that dan cooking
that dan cooking Месяц назад
I had to take my TV black light off because of the beard
John Stephanos
John Stephanos Месяц назад
He's got on a strap on beard, they sell those at any Dollar tree store.
Tim Spruill
Tim Spruill Месяц назад
I like the beard.
Young SauceDripperz
Young SauceDripperz Месяц назад
Dude is a clown 😂😂
Mz Sweetz
Mz Sweetz Месяц назад
Denzel Washington Twin... I love me some Eric Bishop/Jamie Foxx Fire Energy! Im very proud of you Jaime #Sagittarius Love
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Месяц назад
My bad some kin
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Месяц назад
I was told from several people that he's no relationship to Redd Foxx!AND THAT his biological name was Jamie King!!I was curious to why change the name!IS It So the viewers can assume your some kind to Redd!!AGAIN CURIOUS!!!
Destined Queen
Destined Queen Месяц назад
Forget the beard! The Denzel impersonation- classic!!!
mzk Finix
mzk Finix Месяц назад
it's like he doesn't age at alllll
Neteri Месяц назад
Stacy Feldman
Stacy Feldman Месяц назад
cracking up at these stories
PR3SSIN SZN Месяц назад
When Jamie talked in Prince voice 😍
Uncle AL
Uncle AL Месяц назад
is that his real beard like wow LOL
Gussy Gatlin
Gussy Gatlin Месяц назад
That beard is fake for sure... Jamie Foxx is a FTM anyway... They cant grown hair that thick....
Kimani Fleming
Kimani Fleming Месяц назад
No sweetheart it called chalk. They put black hair chalk in his beard to make it look fuller, I get it in my hair when I get it cut sometimes because it's so thin.
Gussy Gatlin
Gussy Gatlin Месяц назад
Why do all these stars plea for OUR money to help them... And others... They have MORE MONEY THAN WE DO... Sheeesh!
Emily Smith
Emily Smith Месяц назад
Ooooh girl he’s fine
Pasionlove97 Месяц назад
Jamie fox is one of the best human beings in the world!
Savannah Nixon
Savannah Nixon Месяц назад
The beard is a yes for me
Emöke Месяц назад
He needs a beard intervention.
mdna72 Месяц назад
Robin in the Hood
Brent johnson
Brent johnson Месяц назад
5 mins. Before the reason the video was posted.
C Sanders
C Sanders Месяц назад
So are fake beards a thing now?
Scott Williams
Scott Williams Месяц назад
Jimmy's laugh... smh
Chinupbeautiful Месяц назад
I can listen to Jamie all day!! Lmao!!
Exhaling1 Месяц назад
HE kind of looks Denzelish.......
D Dudley
D Dudley Месяц назад
I didn't even watch the beard, I mean video. I just saw that thing on Jamie's face in the thumbnail. I don't know what he said in the interview but it can't be funnier than his beard. At least it's a distraction from his new hairline.
Gerald Deus
Gerald Deus Месяц назад
Jamie foxx beard looking like a Snapchat filter. He may wanna lay off the black rinse a little.
Xilam Balam
Xilam Balam Месяц назад
Beard is coated in line x..
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Месяц назад
Where is the Mike Tyson movie he was going to start in?!!
Shakora Bamberg
Shakora Bamberg Месяц назад
Love Jamie's Energy & spirit Great guy :)
elyse moscozo
elyse moscozo Месяц назад
I'm sorry but Jimmy is so fucking fake. It's painful to watch him interview anyone, he's either interrupting, or brown nosing.
Witness Martin
Witness Martin Месяц назад
I think Jamie Foxx has a show. It’s call Off Script in collab with Grey Goose. Look it up.
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer Месяц назад
I could watch Janie Foxx all day long
MrApacis Месяц назад
I can beat you but I can't chase you
Moni Pampeloni
Moni Pampeloni Месяц назад
That beard is so out of place 😂 doesn’t even match his mustache color let alone his hair color 😂
AxelFoley FromDetroit
AxelFoley FromDetroit Месяц назад
What was the song the Roots played when Jamie was impersonating LeBron!
Kaya Месяц назад
holy shit he is sooo fine
Nilly K
Nilly K Месяц назад
What was he talking about in the beginning?
flow flow
flow flow Месяц назад
Great impression of Labron James
Prolyric 27
Prolyric 27 Месяц назад
I'm just here for the comments. 😆
Amber-Jane Ezzat
Amber-Jane Ezzat Месяц назад
I just love him x
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