Jamie Foxx Funny Moments On The Graham Norton Show

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Jan 9, 2018




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Oliver Stephenson
He has 49
saike 4 hours ago
Please remove this video. Jamie said " oh my God " as part of a funny story. God shouldn't be part of joke
Миша Корнев
someone: how many funny stories do you have, Jamie? Jamie Foxx: Yes
Weasel 7 hours ago
Amazing artist
Quantum Jet
Quantum Jet 9 hours ago
What a voice! I'm not sure who to report this to, but I'm pretty sure Mr Foxx has stolen a whole ton of charisma. And talent. Someone lock this guy in front of a camera for his crimes and make him tell us more of the experiences and stories from his life! It's surely the most fitting punishment.
James Cappuccini
James Cappuccini 21 hour ago
Kristen Stewart looking like a bellend
Mr2at Day ago
New respect for Mr Foxx. Great story teller.
Larrymcjones Day ago
When Jamie saw his 18 year old picture he channeled his inner Master P lmao
Andreia Sofia
Dame Judi Dench is having the time of her life xd
Marine Day ago
I had no idea he was such a funny guy.
Zikliv Day ago
Hey look, it's Huckleberry Usher
sha-rheen osman
sha-rheen osman 2 days ago
Jamie Foxx is hillarious
Cristina García Ruiz
8:08 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
digbijay saikia
digbijay saikia 3 days ago
Jamie is extraordinarily talented
Mohamed Brahmi
Mohamed Brahmi 3 days ago
He's the most entertaining man in the world.
Mahmud hasan
Mahmud hasan 4 days ago
At 10:42-- - Do you sing this lyrics? - He wrote them. :p
Darin Kaintz
Darin Kaintz 4 days ago
Jamie Is Freakin Hilarious! "I Might Need Security" Is and EPIC stand-up special!
Darin Kaintz
Darin Kaintz 3 days ago
@Derci Musa Indeed It Is!
Derci Musa
Derci Musa 3 days ago
IT IS!!! and soo underrated
Mack DeBerry
Mack DeBerry 4 days ago
8:22 uhhh
Sibusiso Mthimkhulu
Great story teller
Sean Sartor
Sean Sartor 5 days ago
Chris Rock is definitely in my Top Ten
RCB 5 days ago
Jamie tells the best stories! 😂
Chris shenanigans
jamie foxx is the coolest guy alive
Innersound 5 days ago
8:17 - Name od this Madame ?
rebel ram
rebel ram 6 days ago
Jamie is just fabulous!!!!
SonDuFilm 6 days ago
"Yo FoSS waz dis man ?"
kaydawg25 7 days ago
Her look when she realize what the song meant. Lol.
buttacudawey 7 days ago
Omg..too funny lol..oh and btw that is R&B baby making music..we need it back..get rid of pop ugh..
OllE I
OllE I 8 days ago
That face man, Em Stone wanting that D
NOT kd
NOT kd 2 days ago
Andrea Marinoni
Andrea Marinoni 9 days ago
why is Usher wearing a Raccoon?
Kevin Avila
Kevin Avila 9 days ago
10:48 Emma was contemplating real hard right there
YouTube Customer Support
My ultimate favourite 9:06
Trinity Smith
Trinity Smith 9 days ago
" yeah then i went and did this bad movie" what movie is he talking about?
Fabian Lichtin
Fabian Lichtin 9 days ago
1:55 that reaction😂😂😂
Barth Slung
Barth Slung 9 days ago
8 ads throughout the video? Seriously?
Ellinon Enosis
Ellinon Enosis 9 days ago
Emma Stone looks amazingly similar with Alita. No SGI needed....
jun delacruz
jun delacruz 10 days ago
What bad novie???
Lostmunkey 10 days ago
Why would there be puddles in the OhOHOhhhh! (and thats when the clouds started forming between her thighs) 😂😂😂
SSK 118
SSK 118 10 days ago
That gasp from Judy Dench... lol
Prakash Mani
Prakash Mani 11 days ago
It's tough out there
R. F.
R. F. 11 days ago
Nah stay an actor, don't sing
R. F.
R. F. 11 days ago
What is that woman wearing??
MadMorgan 72
MadMorgan 72 11 days ago
😂😂 bruh I’m watching this and then I get hit with a commercial about how they are making a movie about Ed
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 11 days ago
Yo why does Jamie Foxx always got the most badass stories to tell? like I kinda wanna see a movie about his career lol
i1mz 13 days ago
At 10:51 Emma Stone looked Jamie up and down like she wanted that BBC 🤣🤣🤣
Danielle W
Danielle W 13 days ago
Jamie fox has so much class, hes a genuine individual Respect!
Role Zarolaj
Role Zarolaj 14 days ago
Graham the most antipathic person in the world and above all his stupidity,arrogance etc he is fucking gay
NesirTheFear 14 days ago
A P 14 days ago
What was the bad movie he meant?
bandotaku 14 days ago
Don't care how old Jaime Foxx is, I'd get on that so fast!
M. SSyaif
M. SSyaif 14 days ago
Didnt anyone get more excited when you hear Steve Carrel voice then he popped out
Adja Koumba
Adja Koumba 14 days ago
Jamie congratulations 😂. You got nice voice Jamie.
Emilo Leta
Emilo Leta 15 days ago
He is great storyteller
Conqueror 15 days ago
" I went and did a bad movie." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shashank Shetty
Shashank Shetty 15 days ago
Jaime Foxx and his crib
Prathap Sagar
Prathap Sagar 15 days ago
These 1k dislikers are more interested in listening to their grandma stories
Soppiest Wang
Soppiest Wang 15 days ago
i wish someone filmed that performance with the crowds reaction
Angelina nicole
Angelina nicole 15 days ago
Why isn't he a bigger star? His comedic timing is everything kevin Hart wishes he had. . I LOVE him!!
Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson 16 days ago
I Love Cameron Diaz , but I also liked how she was facing Jaime Foxx and smiling from Temple to Temple , giving him all of her attention . I don't get Usher ! He picks all of these Problematic bitches ! And that's how I feel . Jaime has the Ex from Tom Cruise and she knew what she had and she knew who she wanted ! , She was patient and now ? They're together and happy ! I'm a Big Fan of Tom Cruise ..... But I know the actor side of him ! And Catie knows the REAL side of him ! That's why Tom lost her ( I think ) . Catie Holmes is NOT letting go of her Foxx . I wish Cameron Diaz would smile at me like that ! , Usher probably felt like a Usher in a Movie Theater ! Because she paid him a hairline fracture of attention !
Mr Demonetisation Man
He kinda looks like Django
Andromeda 16 days ago
I love hearing stories 😁
Wise Versé
Wise Versé 16 days ago
"Did you sing them ?" "HE WROTE THEM !"
Simon Bauer
Simon Bauer 16 days ago
10:50 ... damn Emma simmer down haha
FARID1870 16 days ago
maaan.... he is sooo talented yet so humble!
Gi Gi
Gi Gi 16 days ago
I don't care how old Jamie foxx gets, I will toss his salad
Tariq Lacy
Tariq Lacy 17 days ago
"The sun WON'T come out tomorrow..." 😆
Jennifer O' Really
Jennifer O' Really 17 days ago
Oh no, I also have a terrible case of 49.
Julian Liew
Julian Liew 17 days ago
Jamie Foxx: -Academy Award winner (Best Actor, "Ray") -Academy Award nominee (Supporting Actor, "Collateral") -Grammy Award winner (Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, "Blame It" with T-Pain), plus 9 other nominations -Sold out stand up comedy shows. -plus dozens of other awards This man can do it all. The man's awards have their own wikipedia page!
Clifford Farley
Clifford Farley 17 days ago
Gotta love Jamie Foxx
Léna Lockhart
Léna Lockhart 17 days ago
How is this man 51 tf
Reavx 18 days ago
Jamie Foxx is 49!??!?! What the actual fuq....i thought he was like 30
Ill Saliva
Ill Saliva 18 days ago
I love Jamie Foxx man..in one interview he’s sat there like yano Kanye? And Ed Sheehan? Yeah I made them 😂 legend
JudeMarchisio 19 days ago
10:51 This mf can get it!
Mr Wolfe
Mr Wolfe 19 days ago
Norton has the best guest show on TV anywhere, he always has a mad mix of people on sofa.
Crab Rave
Crab Rave 20 days ago
Now that a whole lotta black
Connor winn
Connor winn 20 days ago
Her: oh my God those lyrics Her a couple of years ago in zombie land: holy shit,fuck...ect
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant 20 days ago
Could Emma Stone be a bigger twat?
red macbeth
red macbeth 21 day ago
What the fuck? This dude is almost 50? Looks 25
Jag glömde köpa Paprika
Jaime is always helping artists to get big but never gets credit
Amar Fawwas
Amar Fawwas 21 day ago
He is actually a funny guy and good singer, I've only watch his movie(when he acting). 😂
Rithik Samlall
Rithik Samlall 21 day ago
Jamie is just the best
10:48-10:52 Emma Stone looking sexy! I would love to know her thoughts in that moment because the eyes were screaming..lol
25052647 22 days ago
Foxx is a great storyteller, like Peter Ustinov he just captures the audience with words.
RoNiN-InViCtUs 22 days ago
kevin durant :D
Norman LaddleSchnitzel
Jamie foxx is like a cooler Will Smith 😂
hardy2175 22 days ago
He got 49.
Kaalen 22 days ago
That man, oozes charm and talent. Absolutely dripping with it...
Alpha Kara
Alpha Kara 22 days ago
Jamie foxx is a gheto smurph. Lol. Nothing fucking funny about him
David Rendall
David Rendall 22 days ago
If we ever have an international standard for cool, the unit of measurement should be the Foxx
crv 23 days ago
So many charismatic and wonderfully hilarious people on that sofa. He is fucking 49... He's gorgeous.
AMARIS VONNAE 23 days ago
Why did he look like mike Tyson back in the day 🤣
Guarani 23 days ago
Slow Jamz and Gold digger with Kanye are beast songs. Kinda forgot Jamie was in them x(
Kristyl Robinson
Kristyl Robinson 23 days ago
Emma was about to risk it all
2-SpaZ-4-U 23 days ago
Didn´t know jamie could sing wow GOOD. And a real song bout love, not all that sad love feeling sorrry for my self preaching crap.
Raybikid15 24 days ago
10:50 Emma just realizing what a real orgasm would be like for the first time lol
El Pedro
El Pedro 24 days ago
One of the smoothest human beings on earth
Xxmilkshake202xX 24 days ago
Other artists and actors always say how supportive Jamie Foxx is. He is just a good person.
Aswin Rp
Aswin Rp 24 days ago
I get why Graham doesn't know about squirting, Emma probably got it later.
Alias adhana
Alias adhana 24 days ago
Now he fucking tcs wife
Eliezer Williams
Eliezer Williams 24 days ago
Emma tryna find out what those lyrics mean 😂
Sunkemo Kiyar
Sunkemo Kiyar 24 days ago
Bro nigga charming
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