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Hollywood Star Jamie Foxx joins Matt and Stephen on Episode 43 of All The Smoke where he opens up about his acting and comedic career. Foxx also talks about the impact sports has had on his life, gives his all-time starting NBA line-up, and tells stories about his relationship with Tupac and Biggie.
Recorded on April 23rd, 2020
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Jul 2, 2020




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Comments 100
loverochelle 12 days ago
jamie foxx impersonating Shannon had me crying
Reggie Hall
Reggie Hall 23 days ago
I would love to see Tyler perry!
Bennie Toft
Bennie Toft Month ago
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Bennie Toft
Bennie Toft Month ago
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Co Co Stone
Co Co Stone Month ago
Top 3...easy call. Maaaan listen..Kobe, AI, and Jamie Foxx👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I needed that laugh and Stack make the t-shirt😂 "I make love to pressure" they will sell out fast! #respect
Bruce LeRoy
Bruce LeRoy Month ago
His Mike Tyson impersonation is spot on!✊🏿
Stiff Jabzz
Stiff Jabzz Month ago
Yall gotta get Mike epps on the show fellas!
FtWrthNolas Finest1
FtWrthNolas Finest1 2 months ago
This interview is amazing!!!!
Stephen Tempest
Stephen Tempest 2 months ago
alter ego
alter ego 2 months ago
joy adroa
joy adroa 2 months ago
This was EVERYTHING!!!!!
august 2 months ago
LOL his impersonation skills are top-notch
Jada K
Jada K 3 months ago
David K. Jones
David K. Jones 3 months ago
Hands down the all time best podcast. Bubba Chuck is no. 2
Maxx L.
Maxx L. 3 months ago
Man.. one of my Favorite conversations! #greatJob
Maxx L.
Maxx L. 3 months ago
And, this is the most I've seen Staks laugh!!!.. yes, great interview guys.
Umar Mukhtar
Umar Mukhtar 3 months ago
Can't wait to see Jack say "I make love to Pressure" on Netflix. Jamie is lit.
Abdul Cooper
Abdul Cooper 3 months ago
Melvin Riley !!!
Barry Regan
Barry Regan 3 months ago
Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson...directed by Martin Scorcese...give us this right now!!!!
Jon Corn
Jon Corn 3 months ago
Jack cracking up
Janet Tanner
Janet Tanner 3 months ago
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews 3 months ago
Jamie is a freaking legend! If you don’t love him you got problems ..
hope jackson
hope jackson 3 months ago
Leonardo DiCaprio would be very interesting to sit with. I look forward to it.
hope jackson
hope jackson 3 months ago
It is great to see from Mr. Bishop's take on life as an actor, entertainer, and human being. I really love this interview.
hope jackson
hope jackson 3 months ago
I'd like that shirt. Where is it at? Great interview and fun. Thanks.
coolguy 123
coolguy 123 3 months ago
why don't you do a oj simpson movie including the murder shit
Huy Mai
Huy Mai 3 months ago
22:08 Jamie butchering Antetokounmpo’s name lol
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza Month ago
22:30 😂😂
Buford Clemente
Buford Clemente 3 months ago
He said a woofer in his throat🤣🤣🤣🤣
OhSoGhost 3 months ago
Nissan XS? MAYYYBE the Acura NSX
Jefe Shot
Jefe Shot 3 months ago
Random Dinosaur
Random Dinosaur 3 months ago
matt craig david lookin ass
X 3 months ago
Quincy Jones impression had me crying!!!!
shakiedpd 3 months ago
Yall this was funny as hell. Love this show
Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips 3 months ago
😂🤣 31:30
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 3 months ago
He does the perfect voice for these ppl while actually making the face they make. It's crazy. It's like he a shape shifter lol
MzSix2 3 months ago
Leo would be insane!!! Can ya’ll get Lupe Fiasco on here?!? Love this show!
King iBeezey
King iBeezey 3 months ago
What happened to jimmy butlers hair
S West
S West 3 months ago
Some real dudes!!!
zetar0b0t 3 months ago
Jamie is cool but he be name dropping every interview on some Hollywood shit.
Roddy Reed
Roddy Reed 3 months ago
🙏🏽❤🔥💯😂😂😂Jamie Foxx😂
Roddy Reed
Roddy Reed 3 months ago
🙏🏽❤🔥💯Matt Barnes And Stephen Jackson Always Fire🔥
Josiah Pate
Josiah Pate 3 months ago
Holt fuck he's the man and I'm only half way through I hope he has the Kayne West story as well
Cal Edmonds
Cal Edmonds 3 months ago
12:46 😂 Jamie’s a legend
Moi Fino
Moi Fino 3 months ago
So inspiring ✊🏽
the one
the one 3 months ago
Acura nsx
Messiah's Vlogs
Messiah's Vlogs 3 months ago
Jack can not stop laughing...him laughing is making me laugh even more
Indigenous D
Indigenous D 3 months ago
Newman 3 months ago
Latee Piggee Jr.
Latee Piggee Jr. 3 months ago
This is my squad
Christian Picardo
Christian Picardo 4 months ago
i have hard time choosing between jamie and danzel as who's better actor , but id go with jaime
Thedra Pendergrass
Thedra Pendergrass 4 months ago
I love this episode with Jamie!!
Live4 HIM
Live4 HIM 4 months ago
Jamie is a true all around artist. Have to respect the artistry. So glad Will passed on Django. Jamie was perfect for the part...swag and all. And it's amazing how everything lined up for him for each project of his career...ordained almost
Ryan Cross
Ryan Cross 4 months ago
Lol “Acura NSEX”
John Wick
John Wick 4 months ago
Jamie Foxx isn't my favorite actor, but Django is my all time favorite movie. I think I've seen it like 30 times and I never get tired of it. This man is special.
Michael Kamah
Michael Kamah 4 months ago
Bring lebron here
Crystal Hudson
Crystal Hudson 4 months ago
Legendary interview!
Keith Jr
Keith Jr 4 months ago
Jamie is mostly known for serious movies and singing now, but he was a great comedian. Would love to see a new stand up special from him. I might need security is a classic
WavyWadeTV 4 months ago
Classic episode
Evan Chreene
Evan Chreene 4 months ago
One the greatest dudes to ever coming out East Texas.
Kimya 4 months ago
I love y'all crazy asses
Kellen Breton
Kellen Breton 4 months ago
Legendary podcast
Johnnie Fitzpatrick
Johnnie Fitzpatrick 4 months ago
This episode is fuckin legendary. Aint no question about it....
Theresa Bowler-Shopeyin
Talented, legendary, a force of power💥....Jamie Foxx❣🤗🙏✔💯🎯
Mike Miller
Mike Miller 4 months ago
Lmaooo stak was dead all show🤣🤣
thatboyjamal27 4 months ago
They haven’t dropped in a min
Korrag Prime
Korrag Prime 4 months ago
1:10:28 Kanye part starts here
Tahir Robinson
Tahir Robinson 4 months ago
Yow stack out here dyin 🤣🤣
Marcel McFadden
Marcel McFadden 4 months ago
Not many people that have the range that Jamie has had throughout hi entire career. The ability to be great at almost everything he touches and still have such a good spirit
Brandon Whitehead
Brandon Whitehead 4 months ago
this is good
sidjt 4 months ago
Episode 100: Baron Davis
YLN Studios
YLN Studios 4 months ago
When ya coming back ?
Rodney Wilson
Rodney Wilson 4 months ago
312 MF thumbed down this interview???? Hate at its purest form!!!! Keep thriving and pushing though My Black Kings!!👑👑👑👑👑 #YouWillRespectUs💯
Julio Mac
Julio Mac 4 months ago
39:07 that Camaro Z28 punchline took me and Steve OUT !!!😂😂😂
David Chandler
David Chandler 4 months ago
This one was one of my favorites..dope
1DoPeS14 4 months ago
So thats how Jamie Foxx got his Tony Blair voice on Dave Chappelle he held the oscar before filming lol
Reggie Zeigler
Reggie Zeigler 4 months ago
I used to tell the girls I was Dominican 😂😂😂
Hyenasfan 4 months ago
Tempora Loca
Tempora Loca 4 months ago
Damn what happened to these?
Carti dp
Carti dp 4 months ago
When we gonna get lebron
Clayton Bigsby
Clayton Bigsby 4 months ago
“I know a girl that look like Wanda. I grew up with her.” - Stak
yezefen neger
yezefen neger 5 months ago
So, Matt and Stephen Jackson done fell off??
Will C
Will C 5 months ago
jamie talented af
Kyle S
Kyle S 5 months ago
Guess the shows been cancelled since Jax came out as an anti-Semite?
13 5 months ago
anymore episode?
Dhk4 5 months ago
I love his stories but that party couldn’t be in 2000 if nobody knew Jay Z
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 5 months ago
Were yall been
WombatCowboy 5 months ago
When are the new ep's coming out. Did I miss an announcement?
Utkarsh Arora
Utkarsh Arora 5 months ago
Where is the next episode?
Lil Waiter
Lil Waiter 5 months ago
I miss y’all man 🥺
Killa Zeke
Killa Zeke 5 months ago
Jamie be lyin his ass off wit his stories
Sour_Tiddy Milk2x
Sour_Tiddy Milk2x 5 months ago
Lmaooo bro tht Jay -Z impression 😭😂💀
Courtney Palmer
Courtney Palmer 5 months ago
When are we getting more content
Colin Cossolotto
Colin Cossolotto 5 months ago
prolly when Barnes gets a new host hahah
Trill Mane
Trill Mane 5 months ago
Jax prolly got them in trouble with his big mouth off air
batoua wonlet
batoua wonlet 5 months ago
If I was stak I would gone on espn or one them sports shows to express that even tho even tho I’m ride or die, but I stepped out of line with following desean Jackson with his comments, we can’t ask for equality if we can’t give everyone else the same
batoua wonlet
batoua wonlet 5 months ago
I miss the show so much but I can’t help to fell that a kapernick like syndrome is happening here . I love you guys ❤️
NOTFORSALE 5 months ago
Y’all gotta get Isaiah Thomas on here or B Roy. Both are legends in Washington state and both have great stories. 206/253
Ray BanDz
Ray BanDz 5 months ago
Let’s speak in living color back into existence 🙏🏾
Clipse D
Clipse D 5 months ago
Stacks the dumbest dude that gets to talk on TV
Felix Morales
Felix Morales 5 months ago
Y’all stop making vids?
Ray BanDz
Ray BanDz 5 months ago
Ppl I wanna see on ATS 1. Allen Iverson 2. Kevin Hart 3. Meek Millz 4. Kyrie Irving 5. Klay Thompson 6. Dirk Nowitzki 7. Skylar Diggins 8. Amanda Nunes 9. Dwyane Wade 10. Lavar Ball
BARRY LOVE 5 months ago
First off, I want to say I support the show and support true Alpha males running the narrative, no cap...i did a dedication song for the times and i did roll call on this song with mentions of Kobe and George Floyd...I named over 30 in all...but my wish is to get it to Kobe And Jeanie and families i can t reach with the song thats mentioned...the healing and the message is the only cap.....soundcloud.com/barry-love-527787225/well-get-thru-this-barry-love if the song touches you..please pass it on.....Peace to you brothers
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