James O'Brien's reaction to Eminem's Manchester Arena bombing lyrics

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James O'Brien gave his reaction to the rapper's controversial lyrics which referenced the Manchester Arena bombing.
James shared a memory of interviewing Eminem 20 years ago on the advent him becoming a sensation in the UK and remarked that the controversy was "difficult for him to negotiate".
Eminem's lyrics are: "I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting."
"The terrorist attack at that Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena shook us to our core," said James, "there was something so completely despicable about the idea of targeting happy children that it shook us in ways that even other terrorist atrocities haven't shaken us. Eminem has decided to reference this on his latest album."
After talking about this attack, Eminem compares himself to others including Saddam Hussein and James questions, "He's just doing what Eminem does, isn't he? What do you do if someone is deliberately trying to offend you for money or clicks?"
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 2 months ago
Y'all wanted Slim Shady but weren't ready for him....
Niru Dangaragoda
Niru Dangaragoda 4 months ago
That line was something we missed a lot of Eminem. It's called shock value
eve aston
eve aston 6 months ago
being a victim from that night, i can’t possibly put my head around why he’d do it, it’s not easy living with it let alone one of your favourite artist writing it in a song... it hurt me and i’m sure i can speak on behalf of the other victims, it must of hurt them aswell. at the end of the day it should never be spoken about in anyway shape or form. end of.
eve aston
eve aston 6 months ago
yes i know he raised money for the event (which i respect) but that doesn’t give him permission to talk about it.
Nobody of importance
Imagine Eminem gets sued for this.
Arjun Parab
Arjun Parab 7 months ago
Eminem made a video song on Gun Violence Eminem raised 2million dollars for Manchester Victims But, Eminem mentioning the Manchester Bombings is a real issue👏👏
sean gonsalves
sean gonsalves 7 months ago
Your corny bro
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 7 months ago
It's not a terror attack
Dave Edmond
Dave Edmond 7 months ago
Isn’t he just stating something that happened? If he said he was glad of it or something then sure. But, especially the freestyle he’s talking about something that happened. Maybe I’m wrong
J Chadwick
J Chadwick 8 months ago
Eminem faces backlash for his new album. Oh the nostalgia
Lauren Holiday
Lauren Holiday 8 months ago
Jim Of LH
Jim Of LH 8 months ago
I’m sure people want to forget about the bombings and sit there waiting for it to happen again. Eminem doesn’t.
Davie C
Davie C 8 months ago
It’s what he does
Hope 8 months ago
Eminem fans are the most toxic group of losers in the world
Matthew Holwill
Matthew Holwill 8 months ago
People seem to forget about the 2 million he donated. You mugs get over yourselves lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ady8217 8 months ago
what do you do? stop listening, that's it. he's an entertainer, I don't know how this is shocking :))
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 8 months ago
I know that he raised money and im happy for that but please man im from manchester and i lived here all my life, bit too far for me
ThinkDifferent 8 months ago
LOL! These clowns don't mention he also help raise 2mill for that incident.
Scott Price
Scott Price 8 months ago
What's the song anyways
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit 8 months ago
Pelon Morales
Pelon Morales 8 months ago
People just need to realize it’s just a metaphor and words he’s not actually doing the bombing or killing it’s that simple, there are people who say a lot worse than what eminem states and they really mean it and will do it!
Ankit Shrestha
Ankit Shrestha 8 months ago
Oh my Eminem was always supposed to be nice and gentle with his lyrics.
Sofiane Chomsky
Sofiane Chomsky 8 months ago
Facts he donated money didn't he
Sofiane Chomsky
Sofiane Chomsky 8 months ago
And for your information that's not eminem was shady 😂
Sofiane Chomsky
Sofiane Chomsky 8 months ago
1.3 k dislike the word you looking for
Sofiane Chomsky
Sofiane Chomsky 8 months ago
To speak the truth you have the right to be offensive
Sofiane Chomsky
Sofiane Chomsky 8 months ago
Eminem needed in the world he's double entendre
Mark Ashford
Mark Ashford 8 months ago
Its just bars get over it em has donated loads of money etc it’s not different to comedy...
after - dark
after - dark 8 months ago
what does fornite have to do with emsinem
Orla Holloway
Orla Holloway 8 months ago
Its disgusting
Jack the lad
Jack the lad 8 months ago
The only offensive part is the fact that children died in the attack
thomas aitken
thomas aitken 8 months ago
One rule for the rich and one for the poor .
Father Damien Karras
James your are the weakest link. Goodbye!
thomas aitken
thomas aitken 8 months ago
Well would he sing the same lyrics if it was his daughter killed at a concert
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt 8 months ago
You should not give reviews. You are bad at expressing an opinion clearly and you should be bothered by it too. You are writing him off and you missed the whole point. I feel sorry for you.
Shawn Reppert
Shawn Reppert 8 months ago
Crybaby’s these days, Jesus help us
xGiyu_ 8 months ago
2 million pounds donated HELLO?? CAN YOU HEAR ME??
Narrow Waif
Narrow Waif 8 months ago
"Fairly big in america" is when I stopped watching
Andrew Donoghue
Andrew Donoghue 8 months ago
I used to like Eminem. Then I found out James O Brien usually likes him.
J Valdes
J Valdes 8 months ago
if Eminem offended you....he won
Johnny Dibert
Johnny Dibert 8 months ago
The only controversy is how the rest of the rap genre survives 2020 after Em completely slayed everyone in January.
Nero Czar
Nero Czar 8 months ago
Idiot. Seems like ur making money on it
DB 42
DB 42 8 months ago
Snowflakes triggered
Zack Stanfield
Zack Stanfield 8 months ago
Dont be a snowflake and you wont cry all the time
K P 8 months ago
People complaining about Em referencing the Manchester attack need to remember that hip hop is political discourse first and foremost.
Joshua Figueroa
Joshua Figueroa 8 months ago
What i find funny is when the media attack his daugher in social media. Or when the media insults him its all find and dandy but when he speaks his mind and speaks truth the media attacks him.
KiiNG 8 months ago
Stop calling him Eminem!!! ITS *SLIM SHAAAAAAADYYYYYYYYY*
T3AR Legion
T3AR Legion 8 months ago
He also made jokes about 9:11 and comments about that in his album it's no different ones older ones more recent they both had people dying they were both horrific attacks it's meant to be nothing is off limits everything can be funny and I feel like he succeeded at that goal
Joel Ramirez
Joel Ramirez 8 months ago
Yup, doesn't listen to the album, but goes nick picking lines. Btw yea your old.
Imtheshark 8 months ago
Here you go again James, crying bout your’e "perfect" life
Shelbys GT2014
Shelbys GT2014 8 months ago
Eminem donated 200k to the victim fund!!
AUA 8 months ago
You missed the point bro.
Brandin Bertucci
Brandin Bertucci 8 months ago
The whole album is based on the American tragedies that have happened over the past few years.... It’s making a point and Eminem is correct about it. 🤷‍♂️ It’s asking how much more has to happen, for everyone to take notice?
Bob M
Bob M 8 months ago
He also has lyrics about 9-11 and the Vegas shooting. I don’t get the outrage over this specific lyric.
VaucluseVanguard 8 months ago
Couldn't resist the jibe at Laurence Fox could he.
richard golden
richard golden 8 months ago
That's what you get when you hate on Eminem, x5 dislikes to likes😂
startrek stardate
startrek stardate 8 months ago
6.5 minutes of my life I can never get back.
Arty Munoz
Arty Munoz 8 months ago
Paul Rosenberg: “Em it’s Paul, you offended people with the Manchester bar” Em: (never calls back)
bigtaterman 8 months ago
He said worse about 9/11 and Americans didn't bat an eye. Grow some nuts UK.
Yami No Lotus
Yami No Lotus 8 months ago
Man some people are ignorant when Shady did a charity and raise money for those victims!
adrian koh
adrian koh 8 months ago
Typical over sensitive "Brit-wits". You will never "get with it" sometimes *facepalm*
krazie126 8 months ago
Freedom Of Speech is awesome isn't it? No one cares about your feelings.
matthew hattendorf
matthew hattendorf 8 months ago
Hes made fun of Christopher Reeves being a paraplegic, sonny bono dying, gabby Gifford getting shot in the head....this is what he does. Why take offense now?
Karl Newman
Karl Newman 8 months ago
He’s famous for saying crazy stuff. Did everyone really get shocked when they heard it. I wasn’t. I was thinking the whole song was dope. He was going in.
Timo Dudek
Timo Dudek 8 months ago
Ohhhh I get it now because he’s famous he can say what he wants right?
Mohamed O. Shamlan
Mohamed O. Shamlan 8 months ago
Again and again you’re wrong
Nick the chopper
Nick the chopper 8 months ago
Rap is awful. Obviously that is a subjective opinion
Ems Hoggz
Ems Hoggz 8 months ago
The whole album is fire! It's no way derogatory towards the families! He donated 2+ million for the fund!
chris chris
chris chris 8 months ago
obrien is such a tool
What The
What The 8 months ago
Clearly they don’t understand rap, he’s telling a story not saying he is supporting it... Eminem is so bad now though, his music is dirt. Nobody in the US even bothers to listen anymore. Most rap and heavy metal from the 90’s to early 00’s is basically a protest, Millennials and Gen X loved it. No control on the internet, MP3’s and MySpace uncorrupted made it spread across the globe and into young ppls tank PC’s. Dial that up for 6kbps on Napster then Kazaa and go to sleep with ur queue on lol, (unusable while downloading).
Chris N.
Chris N. 8 months ago
For Eminem, it's words that rhyme or fit together... That's all.
Mr Dan Master
Mr Dan Master 8 months ago
The song is about stopping gun violence and terrorism. The shock is needed to make people see his view. This is main song he is promoting with the album and the end screen essentially tell you to vote for gun control. Don’t be an idiot.
Shannen mat
Shannen mat 8 months ago
Biggie smalls did the same with his lyrics
I don’t see any problem he brings it up. These things get pushed under the rug a lot so if anything it’s getting people talking about it. Further pushing for justice like y’all keep calling for in these post.
Leshem Amaya-Mejia
Leshem Amaya-Mejia 8 months ago
Doing what eminem does
Carlos Chapa
Carlos Chapa 8 months ago
Listen to the whole album...hes not being disrespectful...hes talking about issues that need to be talked about..the entire album...well most of it is pretty deep and meaningful if u actually listen to it nd not get offended right away
ww tt
ww tt 8 months ago
As soon as I heard the album I knew this was coming. Here comes The Woke police
97 Street Records
97 Street Records 8 months ago
Shady ! 💪
ty nechee
ty nechee 8 months ago
How much free time do you need to deliberate lyrics from an "outdated entertainer". Let's ask LBC. But fr a bloke breaking down bars is cute. Still gets a dislike.
Evan G
Evan G 8 months ago
You couldn't resemble a talking head more closely if you tried.
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 8 months ago
Best to ignore him
A.K.A G 8 months ago
I saw this coming...this is what happens when u only hear what u want to hear
Colgan 8 months ago
I am a Manc. I live in Manchester and I do not take offence to the lyrics. It's not malicious to the families. After all he raised $2m for the families! It's sad and very upsetting what happened but Eminem is making fun of it.
Anthony King
Anthony King 8 months ago
Everyone tripping about this. True Eminem fans will continue to support and respect him. Dude has donated so much money to mass shooting victims. Eminem offends people, what’s new?
BrieTheMom 8 months ago
Em, like everyone else, is bothered by all these tragedies... that's why he raps about them.
Lord BlackGoku
Lord BlackGoku 8 months ago
Lest Em is man enough to talk about the gun problem an the shootings kudos
OneInchDeep 8 months ago
Who is this guy?
stopme rite
stopme rite 8 months ago
He's not offending he's speaking about it and bring awareness to it and any future aspect of these attacks that keep happening
drewski s
drewski s 8 months ago
Its not em its slim shady
Beto Rodz
Beto Rodz 8 months ago
Imagine the only bar they can actually understand make them not want to listen to album.
Anthony Marshall
Anthony Marshall 8 months ago
4tech69 8 months ago
"I'm not going to finish this for obvious reasons." That's right, because you're not serious about it unless you willing to look it in the face.
Nikki A
Nikki A 8 months ago
The end of his video says “when will this end?” He wants the violence to end- would you be discussing it if he just said when will this end? He is brilliant.
The Average Golfer Sway Baez
😂😂 I love all these soft people
Jacob Blanchard
Jacob Blanchard 8 months ago
He references 9/11 and a lot of other things too why is only the Manchester arena attack offensive if that’s the case
Skinny Get'em
Skinny Get'em 8 months ago
"If I said I'll be in the news tomorrow, who would the odds favor?" Eminem's own words and point being made in a song about the vegas shooter. Eminem donated money to the Manchester attack, and is trying to raise awareness on school shooting, and the vegas shooter to try and make a difference, but then the media aims to demonize him. Smh
rdenn5 shapes
rdenn5 shapes 8 months ago
Eminem usually says whatever he likes and nothing really happens does it
OOTVTOO 8 months ago
It’s called a metaphor
Slammin Mor
Slammin Mor 8 months ago
Eminem stands up to bullies and makes me not afraid to say what's on my mind. Thank you Em you are my hero.
Towan 4108STTC
Towan 4108STTC 8 months ago
He said WORDS... how pathetic of a person could you be to be HURT BY WORDS...
Shantel Whitehurst Williams
I'm not mad at you slim
Adam G
Adam G 8 months ago
Lol he raps about columbine after it happened in a song called “im back”
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