James Is Leaving Cow Chop

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Mar 18, 2019

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Comments 7 041
RedNasty7 19 hours ago
Your guys are suppose to make me laugh tears not cry them😭😭
RedNasty7 19 hours ago
Your guys are suppose to make me laugh tears not cry them😭😭
Aquaintence Buddy
Death Is Coming
Death Is Coming 7 days ago
good luck aleks i hope you and james can still collaborate and have fun together :) spasiba!
Blotted 7 days ago
I think James just knows its easier to make trendy gaming videos in his bedroom and make a fat paychecks. At that point most people would prefer to take it easy instead of working hard.
Samuel Sanders
Samuel Sanders 9 days ago
Didn't realize that they made a vid of it.
GSPV33 12 days ago
Love you Aleks. Watched you & James since, what, 2011? Do whatever works for you. You're charming and enjoyable to watch in your own right, when you're just being yourself, so I'll go check out your Twitch. That said, you and James should do some co-op stuff over stream (if you two enjoy it.) That'd be super fun to watch.
Todd Pullara
Todd Pullara 14 days ago
Holy shit...Aleks is being sincere...Fuck me. (And honestly...who the fuck spells Alex like that?) You should do an entire video of the remainders (Aleks, Brett and Lindsay) drinking Maloort until you hate life, and throw up all over each other, all the while saying how you miss James. I'd watch that. Twice. Maybe thrice. Cheers, guys...It was great while it lasted.
Cookie Roxy
Cookie Roxy 15 days ago
Luis 15 days ago
I just found this channel and its ending wow that's alot to take in. Owell good shit
Dayne64 16 days ago
Is the channel ending at the end of the year, then?
joy das
joy das 18 days ago
Yo man this shit breaks my heart , yo Aleks u should play games with James again on ur channel
Daichi 20 days ago
This was something i think all of us fans had, "That bad feeling" for. After joe left, i think everybody had this kind of thing pass our minds at that time. (Makes me sad thinking about it, not like anything could or been done though) all of the fans just need to keep supporting them in these times of goop-like sadness... you are a really big meanass if you don't at this point.
Skylark 101
Skylark 101 23 days ago
Dude I want a video if it's the very last cow chop video I want everyone to return and have it end with the names like the credits of avengers endgame
Skylark 101
Skylark 101 8 days ago
@Warboi dude that would be good to see
Warboi 11 days ago
I'd personally like a shot of Aleks sitting on the beaten down couch in an open field just being all sad then have Aron, Trevor, and James just walk up behind him and sit down
Godamn PLAN
Godamn PLAN 25 days ago
Goodbye cowchop u gave me many laughs but I cannot stand to watch without James
Death Stalker
Death Stalker Month ago
You should do another knife video with james..
James is such a drama queen lmao
Todd the mildly stimulated turtle
He just wasnt enjoying himself, doesnt make him a dramaqueen lol
ThirdWheelin Month ago
Shit yo, I started here with the creatures. I remember the first creatures house with Sly and the other boys. I remember minecraft treehouse. Now it's time for me to be a 21 year old adult and start growing up without them.
Alex Bernardo
Alex Bernardo Month ago
From middle school to college, every one of you creatures made my childhood. Thank you for everything! (even kootra)
D3W_Simulator Month ago
Alex’s and Brett are the only ogs left... I don’t want that number to go down anymore😭
conner2dank Month ago
Damn when you think about it, this is where the creatures kinda end and go fully into cowchop, James and aleks kinda carried on the legacy with cowchop after creatures ended and now that James left the creatures are officially done and now are solely known as “cowchop”
Katie Month ago
I’m gonna be sad if this channel dies 😥
Christopher Doe
Christopher Doe Month ago
The last of the creatures have split :( goodbye childhood
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Month ago
Two months later and I’ve gathered the strength to start watching here again... still fucking tears at my heart.
YouMadGirl Month ago
You fucking drove this bitch to the ground. Just like the creatures.
YouMadGirl Month ago
And you sold the fuck out. Just look at how this video is recorded. No fucking emotion or remorse.
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson Month ago
Well.. that sounds like they are done after the contracts up. Good luck gents and lady.
One last video with James would have been amazing - but I get it and I love you Aleks - thank you for sticking with us
Nate G
Nate G Month ago
It's sad because now they will never hit 1 million
nico yazawa
nico yazawa Month ago
almost all of the main people from the group is gone only alex is left let that sink in
nico yazawa
nico yazawa Month ago
god im gonna miss cow chop i dont believe they will be together in this group for a year maybe 8 months or something i remember when they started cow chop god that was amazing
Sybato 2 months ago
Rip Tony
proud 2 months ago
i know very well aleks wanted to cry. been watching cow chop for 4 years now. :(
Mr.Jankson 2 months ago
So I'm interested in what the drama is cause I also saw a video in which James left realizing Alex was also playing (it was a gta 5 RP) which means there probably has been some drama.
Sir Salamence
Sir Salamence Month ago
There´s no drama. It has been said several times
Cowchop will inevitably fall, just like the creatures.
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez 2 months ago
No im unsubscribing to cow chop if james comes back than i will subscribe to cow chop
shadow knightxx
shadow knightxx 2 months ago
You guys are cool though right? You guys don't hate each other do you?
David Mederos
David Mederos Month ago
No they don't, there is no beef between them james just left because he didn't feel happy there anymore
Aiden Ashworth
Aiden Ashworth 2 months ago
yournans toast OCE
yournans toast OCE 2 months ago
this really breaks my hart i wish it could go back to the good days like the gta5 series :(
Ds _mson10
Ds _mson10 2 months ago
why does this actually hurt so much now that its been basically 2 months since this video was made
Damon Wiseman
Damon Wiseman 2 months ago
yall annoying as hell in these comments show some respect
Lunaseur 2 months ago
Was it my fault, dad ?
William Bauer
William Bauer 2 months ago
First Aron leaves, then James. I haven't watched your content in a while and obviously I've came back a few weeks to late. But it breaks my heart to see the channel that was meant to succeed the Creatures slowly breaking apart like them.
MC Key
MC Key 2 months ago
get these fuckers to 1 mil before its to late. shit should have happened a while ago
Asad Parvez
Asad Parvez 2 months ago
They're losing subs real fast. This channel is dead.
Aric Chojnowski
Aric Chojnowski 2 months ago
Don’t y’all dare split up though, I mean you and James, at least do collabs together like the older days
Vin Rosemary
Vin Rosemary 2 months ago
Although James leaving sucks I still do love cowchop and hope you guys are still around
Wafflemeister 2 months ago
Im gonna be hella disappointed if the last video isn’t all of the current and former members in a video whether it’s just a video message or in person. We were promised it for CreatureHub but it still hasn’t happened. I heard Dan has been having mental issues tho so I don’t blame him.
Isaac Zamora
Isaac Zamora 2 months ago
No not another channel spliting :( its like smosh all over again i hope this channel doesnt go crap but ill always support you both
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves 2 months ago
I just had a flash back of the infinity gauntlet oven mitt video and broke down
Dinkle_Man 2 months ago
James left cowchop for dead in my opinion.
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