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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 7 026
Juan Domingo Peron
See how collective, reasonable, but caring Aleks is in this compared to Kootra's bland, emotionless robotic response?
lneibbles 2 days ago
I wish we could just go back and watch them play Excommunicated, Treehouse, and battleblock,etc. just watching everyone enjoy eachothers company
COD Logic
COD Logic 4 days ago
First the creatures now cow chop damnnnnnnnn
Daniel Pellegrino
James: LA was not the main reason for me leaving Aleks: James left because he didn’t like LA
Schmutz Lord
Schmutz Lord 7 days ago
im fine with james leaving, aleks and that "asian" dude with the glasses is a nice combo already. i like it. good replacement for james.
Kimberly Guitreau
gosh. sad to say im unsubscribing. i loved all the old people on this channel and all thats left is aleks? that suckkkkkkssss. i feel for yall. yall stay strong.
auchi 391
auchi 391 Day ago
Dude Aleks is not the only one in this channel wtf.
Lil Dump
Lil Dump 8 days ago
One storm chaser remains..... 😭😭
Roger Lopez
Roger Lopez 9 days ago
Thank you Aleks you’re the real MVP
I.A 11 days ago
Well that was some fucked news 😔
suzimoon 14 days ago
Well guys, I know this is some pretty sad news, but I think I've got a little good news that'll cheer everyone up a little bit. with James now out of Cow Chop, there is a new spot to fill, and I have decided to step up to the plate and take his spot on the couch. I know I don't really play video games very much, and I'm awfully camera shy, and I also really don't enjoy making content, but these are hurdles i'm willing to leap in order to make this thing work. Cow Chop, I'll be in touch. Thanks everyone ;)
Swag Muffins
Swag Muffins 14 days ago
Hey let’s look on the bright side. James and Alex are still amazing friends so I’m sure they’ll have some video where they do stuff together again. I mean they did it with Dex after he left the the creatures so I’m sure they’ll do some stuff together.
Jasper 14 days ago
Going to miss James. Love the guy and can’t wait to see what he ends up doing. Just hope he is happy!
Sit Nomine Digna
Sit Nomine Digna 15 days ago
LA is a fucking soul killing hellhole that should be avoided like the plague.
Torjuz1337 15 days ago
It's weird coming back here, where I still see a picture banner of Aleks and James as the founders, Aleks calling James and others "a friend" that is leaving, not an "employee", Aleks and James both looking sad but content with the decisions, but not deeply troubled / depressed or smiling gleefully knowing that this was the way it would go. I bet you guys are also able to make a memorial video if the channel ends, and I believe pretty much everyone here will eventually be able to come to terms with it all because you guys are always going to be solid people
jooonnnaaa 15 days ago
im still not over this
Sassy The Sasquatch
Who left that upset James?
Awad Sultan
Awad Sultan 16 days ago
RUvid is dead
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 17 days ago
You’re the only one left alex😢😢😢
Brother Corey
Brother Corey 17 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks this looks like the start of a beheading video?
Rikky Beatzz
Rikky Beatzz 18 days ago
Aleks the true MVP ;;-;;♡♡ nOOOOoO omg..this really broke my heart..
João R.
João R. 18 days ago
Well, no more cowchop.
RDR911 20 days ago
RIP Cow Chop.
Emilios Alexiou
Emilios Alexiou 21 day ago
I was there when Cow Chop started. I followed every day of you guys. It was a brilliant channel. WAS! Now I don't recognise it anymore. What is all that Jackass stuff? It was a perfect channel when it was about gaming. And now James leaving. Good luck bois!
smashypeople 21 day ago
Bring back the optimus prime mask
Swagons 22 days ago
Ahh...the channel banner
Thomas Carrion
Thomas Carrion 22 days ago
If this same kind of emotional pace keeps up, it'll 2020, the lease will be up and obligations will have been met. James has gone back to Colorado. The Cow Chop channel will upload one video a week, that being Aleks on a couch in a dingy storage unit having a beer and a cigarette with zero editing.
Slavica Mitrovic
Slavica Mitrovic 22 days ago
this is the beginning to the end sadly. Same thing happened with filthy frank and other great channels where they just dont care anymore
Shark Gang
Shark Gang 23 days ago
This shit broke my heart as much as the day X died 😪
Janessa Spencer
Janessa Spencer 23 days ago
wait does this mean cow chop is over after this year that breaks my heart
pingu 23 days ago
You know it's bad when Aleks gets serious
dizap 23 days ago
Just saying... April1st is coming :P
dbz studios
dbz studios 24 days ago
Rip the talent
Nick Lugo
Nick Lugo 24 days ago
First super best friends, Now cow chop This blows
Monse Gonzalez
Monse Gonzalez 24 days ago
So cow chop is ending now ? I’m glad that you guys went so far ....
Monse Gonzalez
Monse Gonzalez 24 days ago
Why !!! Both of y’all was in my childhood !!! :( I wish you guys the best .... sad hours here
MrEnglishMan 24 days ago
I feel like i'm about to cry, I'm ngl.
limonas 25 days ago
but u people about to get 1m
Hail Gaming
Hail Gaming 25 days ago
Good early April fools joke right guys..... guys.
The Cheese Assassin
There’s a lot of space on that couch 😭 #facebook reply
Professor Pimp
Professor Pimp 25 days ago
Smoking Camera
Smoking Camera 25 days ago
Aleks sitting on the couch alone, compared to the first Cow Chip trailer: it hurts.
CaptainNautious 25 days ago
RIP CowChop 2016-2020
Hunter Hagen
Hunter Hagen 25 days ago
Uhm... who’s James?... wait a second. The face of James?!!! That’s silly, just do less videos! No need to cut off completely. Just do less videos.
J Edmond
J Edmond 25 days ago
Sad to see a good RUvid channel go
BubbaSteve Garcia
BubbaSteve Garcia 26 days ago
Aleks went full Hollywood. Bleached hair and calling it L.A.
The Walking Ducky
The Walking Ducky 26 days ago
Well at least we still have popular members like brett..and lidsey... woo.... (sarcasm) channels done pack it up and head out
Roberts 26 days ago
los angeles fucking sucks
Write Off
Write Off 26 days ago
When the topic at hand doesn't even get a million views.
Fillup Mc Sqwerlems
ruvid.net/video/video-HEk5_3jZi_c.html Where it all started😢😥😥😭😭😭
James Copleand
James Copleand 26 days ago
I wouldn't say I don't miss James but even with him the channel has been very stagnant for the last couple months perhaps even since they moved. ... ... To be honest I haven't been excited or actually gone out of my way to sit down and watch a full episode of cow chop in nearly a year. Idk what this means or what my point is. Thought I would share my thought on this video
Prestige Worldwide
Prestige Worldwide 24 days ago
I think for me ever since they left the house and moved to LA their has been a slow downfall, not in the quality of the content but a lot of the key original members like Trevor and aron and even Joe left and they lost the mold that held their whole shtick together and always had the new guys coming in not that I don't like them but its not the same ever since the beginning of 2018 I have barely watched any cow chop stuff only watching james and aleks on their own channels and now that james is leaving I'm just not really into it anymore
sai akuto
sai akuto 26 days ago
It honestly just feels like an era of my life has came to end.
R 26 days ago
Enthusiastic Coffeebean
I thought it was clickbait, I was so terribly wrong ;-;
Ed Zitrick
Ed Zitrick 27 days ago
Aleks is being pretty Presidential... Aleks for president 2020
bi is an excuse for being gay
all because aleks killed norman jayden.
Turquoise Supernova
This is absolutely heartbreaking. Like, I feel like this is a really shitty dream. Everyone who founded CC is gone. At least the original members... but I understand. You get burnt out, among other things. I'll really miss him, but I wish him the best as I did with Joe and Trevor.
The Great Lemon
The Great Lemon 27 days ago
Like I mean this is life. Nothing last for ever. Some time James and alex will leave youtube. That could be tomorrow that could be 40 years from now. But everyone need to learn that nothing is for ever. I enjoyed cow chop and james alot and I'm glad I got to experience it
El Cucuy
El Cucuy 27 days ago
RancidTrain2540 __
RancidTrain2540 __ 27 days ago
Does James stick to anything?
Xanax mouse
Xanax mouse 27 days ago
I love you and james and i have watched both of you since the creatures and if your a real fan you will remeber this from the creatures James:Want some vodka Aleks:(shakes head (yes) James:fuck you no
Yoko 27 days ago
I only would've watched aleks deliver this. Him and James were French fries and Wendy's milkshakes. I only watched cow chop for them two. Gonna miss the chemistry but I understand that James needs to put his mental needs above all else.
Spartan0941 28 days ago
First two best friends and now this. Getting ridiculous sad
Foma 28 days ago
Iam watching videos from this channel every day, it will be really sad once it ends. It would be really awesome if the last video here was a final goodbye with all the members like trevor, aron, joe, james, asher and other members.
Rammy kokina
Rammy kokina 28 days ago
Has Trevor left also?
taobao tarkan
taobao tarkan 28 days ago
Wth is Cowchop?! Why is everybody suddenly leaving it?! And most importantly, WHY THE HECK IS THIS IN MY RECOMENDATIONS?! I will never understand RUvid...
William Webb
William Webb 28 days ago
All this...... because a door was kicked in......
Kyle Rudd
Kyle Rudd 28 days ago
Chase Werner
Chase Werner 28 days ago
What the hell happened can anybody please tell me?
oMarkyMark 28 days ago
Should have never moved to LA. Would have been much better if they went to Austin with the Rooster Teeth guys.
AdvancedVac AdvancedVac
I hope they burn everything Viking Style at the end, similiar to how James did. Love you guys, and I'll keep watching till the end.
BiGGz 28 days ago
How to think about James leaving Step 1-Think about James leaving Step 2-Try not to cry Step 3-Cry A LOT
BiGGz 28 days ago
Fuck man, thinking about cow chop without james is hard to think about. but i’m glad he left, i would hate to see james depressed. i still hope aleks and james are still on good terms and that in the future they could do more collars on there main channels. i’ve been watching the creatures and james since wool came out, and i’m glad i got to see these people evolve with each other. all in all, i hope everyone can be happy.
moxie girl
moxie girl 28 days ago
James wasn't even that funny.
Flyin Hawaiian520
Flyin Hawaiian520 28 days ago
All the people on that couch is gone.. Joe, Trevor, Aron n James. Aleks is the only one ):
its kinda weird hearing aleks being 1000% geniuine and serious.
Rogelio Garcia
Rogelio Garcia 28 days ago
James :( can i get a F
gabby calabrese
gabby calabrese 28 days ago
I CANT BELIEVE THISSSS. I've been watching him since I was 14.... that's 7 years... at least he is happy...
Romearci 28 days ago
So what do they mean by pushing it till the end of the year?
Taylor Jankowski
Taylor Jankowski 28 days ago
The Cowchop era will still continue to be my favorite 💓
Gaming with Kintuk
Gaming with Kintuk 29 days ago
this felt like shade was thrown but its ok it was also genuine but dab
Riccardo Gatterer
Riccardo Gatterer 29 days ago
the unknownkitty67
the unknownkitty67 29 days ago
I'm been of fan of the creature hub and James for 6 or 7 years and I just hope this channel keep going if not it's okay we can always appreciate the videos, we always enjoy, I stop watching you guys when cowchop was started coz I got job and family but i will miss watching your videos, huge support and love from dalia ( btw that's my name lol )
Caitlin T
Caitlin T 29 days ago
does this mean cow chop is over at the end of the year? james leaving is really sad (but super good for him and absolutely necessary if this didn't make him happy anymore) but i hope cc can still live on for a lot longer than 9 months... there are only 3 rooster teeth channels where i always watch all the videos and this channel is one of them.
WizaDude 29 days ago
looks to his left and reads script "I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to"
HealiumCrackle 29 days ago
Good luck James. We will miss you
TyrannicalPorpoise 29 days ago
Mad respect for everyone
Potato Zombie
Potato Zombie 29 days ago
This is all of "the cunt's" fault.
daddy issues.
daddy issues. 29 days ago
Took 5 days to get on y sub feed
Edward D.
Edward D. 29 days ago
Hey, im a long time follower of aleks and james.. The young immortalhd videos (when you made the league of legends video on how to play and you played fiddle mid and inted your ass of, but it was funny as hell :D) And i enjoyed watching your content, because i saw an awesome personality.. And the same with james, the video of him with spoon and the wool, (Thats cheating!!), are my favorite ones, since back then and to see hpw you evolved and the growing of you both as humans.. Its like i was able to grow with you guys, and for that i thank you.. You have been always real.. Either talkimg about it, or just talking to each other.. Something that i could never witness, but i didnt have to, cause i act in the same vein and have similiar reasons.. If something gives you drive to do things and you are able to keep up the drive, then go for it! As long as you are able to enjoy it.. And if you dont, well then be able to learn from it and move on. I was able to learn valuable lessons from following you guys and seeing the cow chop team and the way you guys create content, behave on camera (i love the podcasts :>) or watever it is you guys do.. Its awesome.. And the cow chop team always kept that realness.. Staying true to your beliefs and having a kind and awesome vibe.. Real human beings :) i guess the comment section can only fit so much, but i havent even said everything i wanted to say.. Basicly, stay real, enjoy life and thank you all for making us smile whenever we watch a video of you. And keep smiling :)
Badass Rooster
Badass Rooster 29 days ago
No bullshit. I'm 18 and I don't cry cuz man shit but this did bring a few tears to my eyes. Imma really miss james destroying shit :(
Superninja 29 days ago
at the start of the year bean is leaving Keven and bean, and now this whats next pewdiepie retires.WTF damn it mannnnnnn shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
thedude8267 29 days ago
It's an April Fools set up
Luke Perrick
Luke Perrick 29 days ago
This is the saddest thing I have ever fucking watched. Y’all were legendary 😢
EdZeGnar 29 days ago
Move to Texas fuckers
Bryce Parker
Bryce Parker 29 days ago
Reminds me of the smosh situation
Barial 29 days ago
They came so close to passing The Creatures in subs too...
Yazmeen Niebla
Yazmeen Niebla 29 days ago
So long as you guys dont delete all your oldies and goldies, ill be happy if you all decide to be happy somewhere else. And if you guys do delete them, at least I'll have my memories. :,)
Durp Shady
Durp Shady 29 days ago
Damn. He was goin' hard on James. He need to chill a bit.
Salty Quip
Salty Quip 29 days ago
He literally made and now killed this channel
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