James Forces His Writer to Binge All of Game of Thrones

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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Follow the tale of Late Late Show writer Lawrence Dai who sat down to watch the entire Game of Thrones series in one sitting. From Ned Stark's death, to the Red Wedding, to Jon Snow's death to Hodor's death, watch Lawrence suffer all the blows dealt to the Seven Kingdoms, just like you once did.
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Comments 100
bella Hour ago
I can’t think of a worse punishment!!! Poor lil fella! 😛
Tseries Sucks
Tseries Sucks 13 hours ago
To bad he did all that for the shitiest ending in the world
Hassan Ladha
Hassan Ladha 15 hours ago
can we all get his reaction on the final season
Eric Chang
Eric Chang 18 hours ago
See, I wouldn't mind getting paid for binge watching
Dylan Gabriel Alfaro
lmaooo i binge dis shit too
Sehrish Manzoor
Can someone check in with him and see if he liked season 8?
Lara Van der Velden
Poor guy you made him watch the best series ever just to disapoint him with the last season.
YoutubeTrend Day ago
At least he didn’t have to watch the last season
cannubis Day ago
3:25 rip hanshaking
cannubis Day ago
season 8 badest season compared to the others.. disapointing like jon snow said
grandpoobahful 2 days ago
i'd need a half keg of beer , a big bong and an once of primo weed.
Alan Braganza
Alan Braganza 2 days ago
I binge watched 7 seasons of game of thrones in 8-9 days, it was fun
Ishmael Lebohang
Ishmael Lebohang 2 days ago
This is how I actually watched s1 to s4...didn’t sleep a wink...just kept on taking breaks to Mcdonald’s. How could they do this to us...S8😔
Zoe Ng
Zoe Ng 2 days ago
his reactions r exactly me
Christina Kav50
Christina Kav50 3 days ago
I agree about ned stark!
Paula Catañy
Paula Catañy 3 days ago
No one is going to talk about how the board keeps changing? I mean 2:49 - 2:50?
pamela ortega
pamela ortega 3 days ago
Wait til u see the red wedding
Flareboxx 3 days ago
This poor soul sacrificed so much only for his sacrifice to be meaningless with the crappy final season...
Sarah Studt
Sarah Studt 4 days ago
They reeeeallly could have picked a different episode for his mom to watch 😂
Kage Krôss
Kage Krôss 4 days ago
It took me a week to binge watch them all and I've just finished. Never watched it since it began. All I can say is, the finale sucks.
Negative Ives
Negative Ives 4 days ago
You know what you get to do now?, You know what you get to do now? Watch every episode of The Big Bang Theory, since it's also coming to a close.
Nyx Black
Nyx Black 4 days ago
that's nothing..I binge watch Supernatural from season 1 😏
Marc 4 days ago
SPOILER ALERT Bran the king of the six kingdoms?! Really?!?! GOT disappointed me. The worst ending I could imagine. 8 years for Jon Snow to get back to the nights watch. Really bad ending!!
Maximilian Gockel
I too made people watch the show. I now feel very guilty. Season 8 was probably the greatest disappointment in their lives.
Riven Sword
Riven Sword 4 days ago
Came back after season 8 to say that u should have never watched GoT.
Viano Tolibas
Viano Tolibas 4 days ago
Was he paid straight 67 hrs rate plus bonus?! Just curious. 👏🤣
Christina Kav50
Christina Kav50 3 days ago
Viano Tolibas was he allowed to go home and sleep!!?
rio verde
rio verde 4 days ago
Have him host instead of the English piggy
Eman Omer
Eman Omer 4 days ago
how every fan turn from is it really worth it to building an iron throne lol
Aiden Richardson
Aiden Richardson 4 days ago
im mad they didnt show his reaction to the red wedding
Leticia Delavy
Leticia Delavy 4 days ago
Modern slavery
Jessica silva
Jessica silva 4 days ago
6:08 it’s hard to take him serious when he’s sitting on that DIY Iron Throne
Film Form Autopsy 101
With the way they wrote season 8, this dude was better off not watching GOT
Amanda Sujatmoko
Amanda Sujatmoko 4 days ago
After what happened in season 8.. Now I feel sorry for his 67 hours wasted. Should just read the books probably.
tuxedo Viriditas
tuxedo Viriditas 4 days ago
did he get paid for this? Best job ever???
M1X4 5 days ago
i re-watched a whole show in 5 days.
Icy Maine
Icy Maine 5 days ago
the best piece of all time
Miko V.
Miko V. 6 days ago
Now I wonder what he thinks about season 8. 🤔
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor 6 days ago
3:47 should have saved that for the red wedding
imrestyles 6 days ago
I’m the guy who keeps correcting him “coworker”
automaticchic 6 days ago
Was his salary raised for this???
Amanda Stevens
Amanda Stevens 6 days ago
Currently trying to catch up on all 8 seasons in one week in order to watch the finale air.
PolliitoAle 6 days ago
I can't believe they didn't put his reaction to the red wedding.
V-Y 7 days ago
i would love that!!
Viva Rain Casinabe
I did it yesterday🤦🏽‍♂️
Anup Raj
Anup Raj 7 days ago
Sadly after he watches season 8 all of this would be a waste...can't recommend anyone to invest their time into some show which has absurd conclusiveness.
Lit Brit
Lit Brit 7 days ago
Bro I did this before it was even cool -.-
Dubem Ezekannagha
But really dude enjoy your world record while it last cause by the time S8 is out it would be nothing special..........oh......and quickly find a sub fo Corden seems like he loves that show
Dubem Ezekannagha
Wait this is not something we all do, are you telling me there are people who still do this for only 27hrs tops🤯🤯🤯😐
LionelSquad 7 days ago
Imagine sitting through 67 consecutive hours of Game of Thrones all at once, just to be met by season 8 at the end.
H.U.S.H 7 days ago
I actually binged watched 2 entire GOT seasons in 1 sitting
Nico benji024
Nico benji024 8 days ago
He's gonna be so disappointed when the knight king finally attacks
sarah davis
sarah davis 8 days ago
I watched it all in a week to catch up last week and I thought that was pretty good
Aaron Frechen
Aaron Frechen 8 days ago
Watch him be disappointed by season 8...
John Byron
John Byron 8 days ago
The credits in season one actually begin with Sean Bean, not Dinklage.
SkriP StreaM
SkriP StreaM 9 days ago
I binged watched all 7 seasons in 2 weeks. Lol
Morgana Mercer
Morgana Mercer 9 days ago
We LOVE Lawrence want to see him more
carameldrops08 9 days ago
I just did that for fun and didn’t get paid for it
Dartagnan 9 days ago
this is hazing
Nicole Colina
Nicole Colina 9 days ago
This video made me binge watch game of thrones but in a week cause this is crazy 😂
Karen M.
Karen M. 9 days ago
James was nearly a faceless man, wh ?
QUploads T
QUploads T 9 days ago
5:15 How can the crowd laugh at this? He's suffering...
Laila Almasalkhi
Laila Almasalkhi 9 days ago
i did the same thing and i cant even process anything i have no idea what this show is lol
Kristine Deles-Sepe
Oh how I love doing this as a job😁
E63 S
E63 S 9 days ago
Everyone who's speaking as if this man was forced to do this is clearly not considering that he is a grown man and can make decisions on his own. If he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't have. After all he is a writer for the talk show, it was probably even his idea. Props to him for taking on the challenge, I would have done the same.
lane aloha
lane aloha 10 days ago
Like for Lawrence!
marco polo
marco polo 10 days ago
Best job ever
Powauwauwwuw 10 days ago
I want to see Lawrence in more videos! He's so entertaining
Juan Poznanovic
Juan Poznanovic 10 days ago
That's got to be a record!
Gilly Gogs
Gilly Gogs 10 days ago
I love how in season 6 ep 5 he just wrote hodor tons of times 😂
Jar Dom
Jar Dom 11 days ago
I wouldn't be too sure if he is in need of a psychiatrist after that binge - btw James Corden waving him of after all that - such a di*k move.
Amlan Abhijeet
Amlan Abhijeet 11 days ago
Plz don't show him season 8 in one go he will die and that is just murder.
خالد - Khalid
خالد - Khalid 11 days ago
Lawrence: Ed Sheeran is in the show ( S7 ) 5 minutes later... *S5 Finale*
Kmchuwabae 12 days ago
i probably do the same thing like him rn lol. still in the season 6. wish me luck
Linda evangelista
Linda evangelista 12 days ago
I just watched the entire series from start to the current ep in a week and it was too much to handle 😂😂
James Patrick Lozada
Did i just see the delivery man watched with him? Fuck! This is ridiculous.
Swolenator 12 days ago
I never understood what the big deal was about this show. Then HBO let people watch season one free and i got hooked. Got HBO and binged all the episodes in a few weeks like 5hours a night lol
Stephanie Hawver
Stephanie Hawver 12 days ago
I wanted to see his reaction to the Red Wedding!
lolasum sumi-san
lolasum sumi-san 12 days ago
This whole thing is pretty cool but honestly that DIY Iron Throne? Now that shit was awesome as hell!!
Abbey Harobed
Abbey Harobed 9 days ago
semakonzi 13 days ago
And I thought I was intense... 26 Days... 7 Seasons ... :D
Catherine Pelletier
Umm, can Lawrence get his own reoccurring segment on the show, please?
oglukzkashan 13 days ago
Its not 67 hours.. it will be more
Marlene Gabriela Contreras Gamboa
campeón!!! jajajja
Jayneel Ramjee
Jayneel Ramjee 13 days ago
Here's Lawrence's reaction to the Red Wedding episode: twitter.com/latelateshow/status/1114584540993863680?s=19
Charles Chen
Charles Chen 13 days ago
dang........ that doctor is hot or what
Kessy Desena
Kessy Desena 13 days ago
man I did this for free. not fair
Jay Sullivan
Jay Sullivan 14 days ago
Oh hey, a video about what I've done to every single girlfriend before they inevitably dump me and the hole left in my heart is more about wasted time instead of the actual content of the relationship.
Fix Me
Fix Me 14 days ago
Those annyoing fake laughs, bruh.
Natalie Homdrom
Natalie Homdrom 15 days ago
This is amazing!
Monique Pareja
Monique Pareja 15 days ago
You think you are worthless?! Because of this 67 hour binge, you made a masterpiece recap! Awesome GoT recap.
hkwan 15 days ago
Promote that man... he's freaking hilarious!
kracker 15 days ago
I fking cried when he made the iron throne out of snack remains LMAO
Ray Ledet
Ray Ledet 15 days ago
This man should be givin a raise... How was that throne he made
aHhH NoOo NoO nOoO NoooOo
This was me few days ago
Max Damn Bot
Max Damn Bot 15 days ago
This is spoiling everything
ernesto gastelum
ernesto gastelum 16 days ago
67 hours no I cant I was but 67 hours... Ok yes I am why the hell not jumping on the wagon. Dam you James Corden
Linus Karlsson
Linus Karlsson 16 days ago
You'll have man bench watch Game Of Thrones but basically have zero reaction shots? That's dumb..
Duda Melatte
Duda Melatte 16 days ago
“Red wedding cake” I DIED
Lola Hur
Lola Hur 16 days ago
Take it slowly 😂😂 been watching it for the past 5 years. Binge watching it for season 8 is literally gonna leave you traumatised needing therapy. Take it slow
Blessed Rose
Blessed Rose 16 days ago
A British man forcing an Asian person to binge on something people commonly find addictive? It’s like it’s 1839 all over again...
Aeria Cross
Aeria Cross 16 days ago
Dude. I just binged this too. It was not worth it.
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