James Charles RESPONDS , Tati RESPONDS, Projared RESPONDS

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James charles, tati and Projared have now all issued RESPONSES
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 61 958
Maxgamer Brandon
Maxgamer Brandon 7 hours ago
Kiwi Chan
Kiwi Chan 2 days ago
I still don't get why people still support Tati and Jeffree after this
Joey Cain
Joey Cain 2 days ago
Rahimah Che Soh
Rahimah Che Soh 3 days ago
This is the first time i watch pewdiepie video...lol...i heard him a lot but never watch him..but i followed him on ig.n his wife so drop dead gorgeuossssss..💕
I'm vegetarian so a petition to bring back Poppy Gloria. 👇
Ciaran Sweet
Ciaran Sweet 7 days ago
Is it just me, or are his eyelashes trying to levitate? *eyelid batting intensifies*
DestroyingBeast 7 days ago
2:04 He was like a father to me.
Tejaylen Glenn
Tejaylen Glenn 12 days ago
YOU HAVE 101 Mil subs
Rowan Fox
Rowan Fox 12 days ago
Anyone knows Jeffrey from the song "turn off the lights" of Hollywood undead?
monster panda
monster panda 14 days ago
James Charles weird asf,i definitely would feel uncomfotrable around him
Yuichiro Uzumaki
Yuichiro Uzumaki 14 days ago
17:14 SWORE!!!
Haruchan 14 days ago
I know I'm late, but I came here after Jame's "No more lies" video, and it is so so so so so refreshing to see Pewds handle the situation so smart
Carmen Peters
Carmen Peters 15 days ago
Fails at being a man ... And a woman
ItsLizz 17 days ago
No "Hey Bruh, I'm PeWdIePiE"
There is a very fine line between genius and madness, and Felix keeps one foot firmly planted on either side of that line. I love you, you nutjob brainiac! I also love your compassion that is never a bleeding heart, but always tempered with common sense.
kenny joseph
kenny joseph 17 days ago
Dont even care about james charles shit, but i still watch 2 of pewd videos about this bullshit drama. How did i end up here?
Random 4eva
Random 4eva 18 days ago
And now the are playing MInecraft together!!!! Happily ever after.
Mashmallow Spinkle
Mashmallow Spinkle 18 days ago
Is no one gonna talk about that GRUMPY CAT IS DEAD!!!!!?????!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Arnes Tafro
Arnes Tafro 18 days ago
comantery crettin
comantery crettin 19 days ago
Poor waiter gettin shyte kisses
Bellalina 19 days ago
PewDiePie simplifies a situation The makeup guru and tea spill community: *OMG THATS NOT WHAT HAPPENED.*
Cerise Y’all don’t need to know my last name
You can’t trick straight guys into vie game Gay. It’s not possible.
Cute Turkey
Cute Turkey 20 days ago
Johnny Villegas
Johnny Villegas 21 day ago
Is poppy gloria the poppy that is the singer or something like that
Ama Artz
Ama Artz 21 day ago
18:21 yuh thats wht i wanted too😞❤️
Tina Soumetho
Tina Soumetho 22 days ago
Best reporter out here!
Theodor P
Theodor P 25 days ago
"Pewds didn't do research. He shown Tati in a bad light". Pewds do research. now she seems worse.
Israel Edeaghe
Israel Edeaghe 25 days ago
This drama shit is actually uncomfortable
MCMXCVI - MMXIX 25 days ago
All y'all shocked at how quick the internet jumped on James.....why you lying????!!!! I was still watching his videos. I believed Pewds. Stop being hypocrites and just admit you are on the bus.
Izzy Bliss
Izzy Bliss 26 days ago
esa dilla
esa dilla 27 days ago
Why ada fair & lovely 😂😂😂😂
the panda bros 3000
I remember when I hated Pew news
Sleepy Claus
Sleepy Claus 28 days ago
When will you -old man- internet learn?
mandy Voorhees
mandy Voorhees 28 days ago
tati is just stupid
kiwi 28 days ago
Haley Butler
Haley Butler 29 days ago
It’s Hayley
It’s Hayley Month ago
I’d be that one guy who reads the comment and doesn’t respond and laughs it off
Sage Of Phat Beats
Pewds really is a great guy
Anna Xiong
Anna Xiong Month ago
I'm new to ur channel ....what's up with ur changing dialect ?
Trevor L.
Trevor L. Month ago
I think Tati, while she might be coming from an emotional place, is mostly to blame for this issue. She got mad about something and she decided to take things out of proper context to use them against her friend to take him down. They should have handled this privately.
Colton Elkins
Colton Elkins Month ago
This is how many votes to get Poppy Gloria rehired | | |
Total War Timelapses
What's the point if the show itself was cancelled? All Pew News anchors are now out of a job
Cosmosho !
Cosmosho ! Month ago
8:43 I like how Tati has Jeffery Star’s lipstick just perfectly able to see his logo in back ground 👀👀👀
Emma Coakley
Emma Coakley Month ago
*I can steal your song with no handle bars*
The Cult
The Cult Month ago
Does everyone hate gloria or mary more?
Cat Takahashi
Cat Takahashi Month ago
You made some really good points here that I hadn't considered. I used to be subbed to one of them. Then started watching the other out of curiosity. But now I just unsubbed from both and done bother with either. Simpler that way. Not worth the drama
Laurence Gallant
She is acting like a teen Girl. Was is it ? He wasnt allowed to ad anything else but her ever? Come on women ..
Vocanimeify Month ago
I feel like that was honestly so homophobic of tati though.
Jeffreee Star has done the same thing. I.e. the song: straight boys. Singing about doing the SAME thing as JC is doing 🙄😒
Anmol Reddy
Anmol Reddy Month ago
2:04 this is where the iconic line started
Just Random Stuffs
2:08 ...this is where it started... "he was like a father to me"
Total War Timelapses
Nope, he said it waaaay back in like 2017 or early 2018
Love is what is
Love is what is Month ago
When I subscribed you had 17m subs...and I feel like that wasn’t too long ago.
i love steve saga Orgins
My phone is going to die becuase oewdiepie is saying sexuality and gay BRUH MOMMENT JAMES:I dont care if im gay Pewdiepie: shut up you buble gun dum dum looking ass
Margarita Kafidova
James: *throwing tati under the bus* Tati: *throwing James under a train*
Clare Month ago
Don’t mind me..just sipping old tea 😉
Get Ass
Get Ass Month ago
Skeleton3713 Month ago
Savannah VG
Savannah VG Month ago
Pewdiepie is the oldest youtuber and he is filled with so much knowledge he should basically be the RUvid police
Potato Grl
Potato Grl 7 days ago
The judge of youtube community
Vanilla or Chocolate ?
He's not the oldest, just the most popular one so far
Irken Pony
Irken Pony 10 days ago
Ehh, not the oldest, just the most wise.
Senali Karunathilake
He isnt the oldest, nigahiga created content since 2006,but there were videos since 2005
Psycho Gamer
Psycho Gamer Month ago
Tati looks like a pig without make up🐷🐷
Nickos GR
Nickos GR Month ago
Popi Gloria was like a father to me.. I loved her like my daughter?
Madger Badger
Madger Badger Month ago
Pewdiepie is my favourite person
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