James Charles RESPONDS , Tati RESPONDS, Projared RESPONDS

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James charles, tati and Projared have now all issued RESPONSES
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Pepper Johnson
Pepper Johnson 9 hours ago
PewDiePie: I'm not inclined to throw someone under the bus Me: so much RESPECT
Alexandre Booth
Alexandre Booth 10 hours ago
F Grumpy cat
Floram Studios
Floram Studios 10 hours ago
mratimuthi 18 hours ago
this video😭
Fina Nailus
Fina Nailus 20 hours ago
The waiter's hot tho
G Sniper
G Sniper 21 hour ago
Tati: destroys james charles career James: its ok ill fix it Tati: i’ve left town so i can hEaL from this
Snoopy982 Day ago
SP665 Day ago
" I love Poppy Gloria she was like a sh- father to me." what were you GOING to say? - 2:04
David Whyde
David Whyde Day ago
Ekrompir Krtolić
Why is James Charles talking so fast
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 2 days ago
Poppy Gloria nooooooo
Need Username
Need Username 3 days ago
Poppy gloria is not ok guys, was hit by a treadmill 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓
Cole VanWiechen
Cole VanWiechen 3 days ago
Zedzaxp 3 days ago
I love the way pewds can be a jerk but still be a nice guy... I mean he's a nean (mean/nice) and people really need guys like pewds we need a little critisization to learnfrom our mistake.. If you cant figure out your mistake by yourself guys like him can help you... This is one of the reason why i love pewd's content
Zedzaxp 3 days ago
Geez whatbis wrong with people... Jumping to conclusion immediately with out waiting for all side to see first
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 3 days ago
Seb Killeen
Seb Killeen 4 days ago
CEO of actuel content
epic dab
epic dab 4 days ago
year later lol
Rob WILCOX 4 days ago
Agree with me if you think that at least the majority of all people hate James Charles
Ashley 4 days ago
Lol alot of people who watch beauty vids are easy to manipulate it seems jeez who even cares that a 19 yo virgin is checking out guys
Your Mom
Your Mom 4 days ago
Why do people care about these morons
Y.R 4 days ago
Pews is spitting more facts than other youtubers
I will do fortnite dance on u
LMFAOOO imagine starting drama over vitamins
Hellfire Doughnut
I'am straight. But that adidas tracksuit makes my slav pp > PP
Cinna Bobbie
Cinna Bobbie 6 days ago
i rmbr at this time just to be safe i unsubbed to all beauty channels lmaoo miss me with that drama shi
marlin gates
marlin gates 6 days ago
The most stupid drama I'm not even James fan at all. I don't watch his video do I don't have incentive defend him but honestly accusing being predator without proof would defamation
Teddi Trevino
Teddi Trevino 7 days ago
when u watch old drama bc boredom
Not a Youtube Channel
she's fake as fake gets
randomginger oof
randomginger oof 7 days ago
The quarantine brought me here.
Party hat animate
Commenters: DO UR RESEARCH Mary ham: No u
heat heat
heat heat 8 days ago
Because of shitty cancel culture, poppy Gloria is gone forever. WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES REEEEEEE
m 6 days ago
lowkey pancake
lowkey pancake 9 days ago
To be honest this waiter guy isn't even that hot 🤷‍♀️
AgusGrimmPitch 9 days ago
The fact that she lost many of the suscribers she won, and never hit 10 million again makes me happy
Moonbyul Daddy
Moonbyul Daddy 10 days ago
I wonder why I was brought up here by the quarantine rather than studying for my online class
Kermit Chloe
Kermit Chloe 11 days ago
Honestly forget why I believed Tati she had zero proof when James had a lot of receipts
Zanillani 11 days ago
I bet Tati and Jeffree woulda felt like shit if James had actually gone through with what he was going to do to himself in Australia, all because of vitamins.
Spear Bearer
Spear Bearer 11 days ago
She's just jealous that Charles has more men that she has. hahaha
Fatima Alabdulbaqi
Fatima Alabdulbaqi 11 days ago
a year later and still in my recommendation
Braedtlo X
Braedtlo X 11 days ago
I obvs heard about PewDiePie and I know he was a creator from RUvid and is famous but I didn’t know he was this good.
Vann Alistair Tadas
With all the drama happening these days, who wouldn't want another pew news? But I can truly understand if Felix doesn't want to have anything to do with what's happening. It's obviously one of the reasons why Felix dropped Twitter. I saw people asking Felix for what he thinks about the drama on his livestream. Please, people, let's not drag Felix into it and just enjoy his content.
lily brown
lily brown 11 days ago
Yo the username from twitter @taebubs us armys really everywhere tho
actually tomholland
*Pewdiepie turned from gaming channel to a Drama channel.... never gets old*
Asma TM
Asma TM 12 days ago
yes king. we stan james and pew😍
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 12 days ago
I love whoever subtitles if you don't know what I mean just watch the video with sub and you will realize what I mean
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 12 days ago
Charlotte xoxo
Charlotte xoxo 13 days ago
two people in their 30s dragging a 19 year old because of hair gummies...
David Puck - Artist
I just realised that sugar bear really came out of this well, they get namedropped regularly in the biggest youtube story ever, and they didn't even do anything wrong or questionable hahaah. Sucks for Tati, if she just left that one IG story go she would've given her competitor much less publicity.
may annonymous
may annonymous 14 days ago
Rewatching this in 2020. Gosh darn I miss PewNews so much 😐 he got it right from the very start.
Lisa MAYO’s hair and makeup styles!
Pretty bad jeffree and Tati two grown ups had to try to destroy James career... it's really sad... they made him talk about something he didn't want too. But James video no more lies. He really turned it around. It's sad he even has to talk about his personal life like that. He's a kid .. that's traumatizing ... and I hope James realizes who his real friends are.. all this starts over vitamins... smh
NO NAME 14 days ago
Alyssa Curry
Alyssa Curry 15 days ago
This video is a year from today
Gravecoyote 6497
Gravecoyote 6497 15 days ago
Straight guys: *harass lesbian women to try and get them to have sex with them* People: *pretends it didn't happen* Gay guy: *harass straight men to try to get them to be gay* People: Its time to end this man's whole career
Lama 15 days ago
واو مر سنه عالفيديو وشفته بالصدفه
IronicAppreciation 15 days ago
Holy shit? He’s nineteen??? Shit, dude, he’s just a boy
me jk
me jk 15 days ago
1 year
Cute Cookie
Cute Cookie 15 days ago
I do wish this video had more views from the beauty community audience, because it was so messed up and crazy, that people, even nowadays, calls James on every single thing.
Marie Ramos
Marie Ramos 15 days ago
The real tea is the injustice that fell upon poppy glorier
tara k
tara k 16 days ago
jeeezzz i cant believe all this shit was a year ago. im not invested in the beauty community and have never watched James Charles in my life but I remember thinking he didn't deserve it.
NoelaReacts 16 days ago
You can clearly tell how Tati was faking it all through her facial expressions.
makailah r
makailah r 16 days ago
Tati and James should go on Dr. Phil. Sent her to the ranch!!!!!
DOPE NIBBA 16 days ago
James Charles was the reason he was never married before
Lollipopmcd 16 days ago
i just realized this video is one year old tomorrow
OlyMolly 14 days ago
So you mean today? No wonder it got recommended to me lol
Ernesto Delaroca
Ernesto Delaroca 16 days ago
Have cancer? Take vitamin gummies to help you sleep. It'll work!
Luke Robbins
Luke Robbins 16 days ago
Completely Right, Period.
Claire Michelle
Claire Michelle 17 days ago
Kinda loving that pewds just skips Jeffree......
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis 17 days ago
my boy pulled the BIGGEST uno reverse card in beauty history
drippy okameh
drippy okameh 17 days ago
Debra Charles
Debra Charles 18 days ago
Can’t stand that Charles guy!
SELENA ZHAO 19 days ago
F for Grumpy Cat
XYN otakubyheart
XYN otakubyheart 19 days ago
Lemme guess you're bored during quarantine
JunoNH 19 days ago
Gloria Borger has been cancelled
Hilton Botha
Hilton Botha 19 days ago
wheres the F's for grumpy cat
Craig Usselman
Craig Usselman 19 days ago
RUvid is a big frickin oopsie-oopsieing since LONELYGIRL15.
Nobody 19 days ago
one year later, james charles now have twice tati's subscriber count lol
OlyMolly 14 days ago
glad to see that. JS's sub is also lower than his.
ishan singhal
ishan singhal 20 days ago
god damn this guy is a genius
Avram Stefan
Avram Stefan 20 days ago
I regret looking at this video,
ツShreyaa 20 days ago
there's a reason why PewDiePie is no. 1 Individual creator on YT
hitormisshuh 21 day ago
Rewatching in quarantine, i really want felix to be my lawyer 💀
Sophia Frantzi
Sophia Frantzi 18 days ago
hitormisshuh if you watch James Charles video you probably want him to be your lawyer too. He had so many evidence !
bonniemaree burke
honestly im watching this during quarantine and this video is so perfect, he didnt miss anything, he made comedic relief at the right times and its honestly great to watch right now.
Palomo Cordero
Palomo Cordero 21 day ago
These guys (Tati and James) are just people wanting some of motherfuckin' attention, DISGUSTING
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