James Blunt - You're Beautiful (Video)

James Blunt
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You're Beautiful (Video)
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Oct 26, 2009




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AG CUBER Hour ago
Babam dinlerken gördüm geldim Saygılar
Relaxing Music for Ambient
Hey you👋. Yes, you😊. You're probably scrolling through the comments, like I am, reading all these motivational comments. If you are reading this at night, you should get some sleep, and don't stress about everything going on in the world, or what you are going through. Don't dwell on things from the past, don't stress on your future. Just live your life, because you only get one. Do whatever makes you happy, not what other people want from you. 🤦‍♂️ For me, I'm gonna wake up tomorrow morning, maybe get some exercise and do some videos for my RUvid channel, while I wait for school to start. I think it's pretty boring because of coronavirus, but I know it'll end eventually, and things will start to brighten up. Stay safe, and take a chill pill 🙏 - Relaxing Music for Ambient 🎶
sunny garg
sunny garg Hour ago
If you are listening this song in 2021, than your heart is pure & you are beautiful.
scary pumpkin
scary pumpkin Hour ago
No matter which year. legends will always be here....
MarCush Ursl
MarCush Ursl Hour ago
The Final scene is Me before jumping in the beach... Need to get all things out of my pocket.
aramude victor
aramude victor 2 hours ago
If you're watching this in 2021, You're a legend, I love you
Juan Cosentino
Juan Cosentino 2 hours ago
i beautiful
Fernando González
Fernando González 3 hours ago
Pooooo hacia una vida que no escuchaba este temaaaaa
Angel Catchthebear
Angel Catchthebear 3 hours ago
Reminds me of my first love. I used to ask him to do this song. He was a singer and played the guitar. Just to mess with him. I lost him to a car accident. And I was pregnant with a son, he never got to meet. I hear this song now and I love it. Brings back instant memories.
Vince Ian Arado Pangit
White LadyJ31
White LadyJ31 4 hours ago
I know I am beautiful but I am more beautiful inside as everyone keeps saying.....and because love is all about loving myself so beautifully that makes beautiful in the eyes of the Heavenly Father. Peace to everyone.....Hope and pray everyone finds peace within......Take care and stay safe beautiful people. God is with us by just continue praying and have faith.
Erykson Torres
Erykson Torres 5 hours ago
2021 Brasil
Mercedes Balderrama
Alfred0 Loxan0
Alfred0 Loxan0 6 hours ago
Salavrga que hermoso 🥺
Nayeli Malla
Nayeli Malla 6 hours ago
Me encanta ese tema
sinval lucas
sinval lucas 8 hours ago
Muito bom relembrar 👏
jason sinclair
jason sinclair 8 hours ago
This will be my wedding day song so love it just can't wait
Lorene Robertson
Lorene Robertson 9 hours ago
I love this movie.
Friedrich Leuschner
Friedrich Leuschner 10 hours ago
Well, to put it Bluntly...
Imran Shaikh
Imran Shaikh 11 hours ago
But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you😐
Reece Harrington
Reece Harrington 12 hours ago
Dj Deadpool Zl
Dj Deadpool Zl 12 hours ago
I came here after project x when they stole the drugs
Leo Nilo
Leo Nilo 12 hours ago
Ansina mismo cantaba yo, pero me pegó el puto Covid 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ayşe Sultan
Ayşe Sultan 13 hours ago
İf you’re watching , ı still love you
Diego Alonso Estellés
michel bonneur
michel bonneur 14 hours ago
no comment .
100% MENDIGO 16 hours ago
Cadê os brasileiros???🇧🇷
Gyada Sallywan
Gyada Sallywan 17 hours ago
a che ora sparisci ?
Paolo Lopez
Paolo Lopez 18 hours ago
Promosindo Promolengkap
Marta Ramírez
Marta Ramírez 20 hours ago
Nurhuda Sasmito
Nurhuda Sasmito 20 hours ago
Sugih banget mestine wong iki, sing ndelok videone ngasi 540 juta. Paling sing ndelok ngasi ono sing wes mati 😂
Renan Suave
Renan Suave 20 hours ago
Minha vida é brilhante ...
ron d.
ron d. 20 hours ago
Brings back a lot of memories of my college years.
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 21 hour ago
21.1.2021 😊 Good music never gets old..😊
Irvan Silitonga
Irvan Silitonga 21 hour ago
Tiktok 2021 Kids. From . Indonesia 🇲🇨
zDrazzelt 21 hour ago
D DIDI 21 hour ago
2021 ??😀
Mati Coronel
Mati Coronel 23 hours ago
lets see how many people are watching this in 2021
Bigg Flip
Bigg Flip 23 hours ago
Today is my birthday 🎂 you made me cry my friend 👍👍👍
Nathan Beck
Nathan Beck 23 hours ago
It's jesus
Im still young forever green..
Sirajul Islam Shawn
Hey! Ever green guy....you don't even know how young you are... You still listing this loving song. I love you💜
Christian Geromo
Follow me pls on Instagram 😂 @christiangeromo10
Benny Dretti
Benny Dretti Day ago
This sounds like a serial killer song wtf??!
Benny Dretti
Benny Dretti Day ago
My god lmaoooooo he is literally singing a pervert song
Alexandra Hiers
I was 4 when this song came out, my family was a family back in 09. My dad would come home from work, the windows were all open, it smelled like fresh air, it was cold, my mom would dance in the kitchen to this song. I was such a happy little girl
rafifani murfid elfan
Iam listen in 2021
Nicole Weller
I cry everytime i this song .
Mystic Man
Mystic Man Day ago
“and I don’t think that I’ll see her again but we shared a moment that will last till the end” remember boys, every shot that u don’t shoot, u miss.
Stray Kids, Uh!
*iaaa bifiro is thuuuu*
Peachybee Day ago
I wish I'm beautiful lol
Ronald Robinson
Good morning!!!!!!
Melvin Tejera
Classic!!! This that feel good music still beautiful in 2021.
Max Mad
Max Mad Day ago
Legacy Loaded
Still here in 2021, good music has no expiration!!
McKenzie Fludd
This still my shit. I kant always listen to my gangsta shit.
Jeff 20007
Jeff 20007 Day ago
This song rocks
AMETS U Day ago
Rifen Michin
Rifen Michin Day ago
*listen on RUvid since forever* James : "I was flying high" *listen on Spotify* James : "I was FUCKING hiiiigh" Bro wtf I choked
jeysel Rivas
jeysel Rivas 41 minute ago
Boi 8 hours ago
Man, 😂😂😂 I never knew. It doesn’t even sound right now tho 😭😭
Rifen Michin
Rifen Michin 15 hours ago
@bridgett moela Glad I could share this !! 😂😂
bridgett moela
bridgett moela 15 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂your comment sent me straight to spotify... WHAT THE HELL?!
Eunice Cambuta
Hello James blunt
Eunice Cambuta
Hi James blunt
nich corpuz
nich corpuz Day ago
Still listening to this song 'coz it's never gets old
Echo Wyvern
Echo Wyvern Day ago
‘There are plenty more fish in the sea..’ I think he took it literally.
Isabel Cruz
Isabel Cruz Day ago
Estilo coldplay - yellow XD
Arturo Love Music
when I was a puberty
Amanda Nacrur
Dani P
Dani P Day ago
Troppo troppo bellaaaaaa
raymond silva
Met a girl during a summer camp 4 years ago and can’t stop thinking about her ever since. She followed me on instagram as well but we never talked in real life. What should I do?
Mystic Man
Mystic Man Day ago
u should text her bro. I met the most beautiful girl a couple weeks ago and we really did share a moment that will last to the end. but I never asked her for her number I was afraid. Just remember every shot that u don’t shoot u miss...
A_L Day ago
If I’m ugly im scary 👹
Shaun Ingwane
I didn't search for this song, but I'm glad I ended up here🙂.
Ronkiegurl27 19 hours ago
Listen to this song on my teen years .. fun times
V S Day ago
I'm living this text right now 🙈😭 but instead of seeing somebody once in a subway, I've spent one evening with that person (but he has never called/written again...)😭 Why are we people able to fall in love even only after the very first time?🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🙏🏻
kikkokha Day ago
Im listening in 2021. Love this song🥰
Winnie kasweetie
Legends are here in 2021 watching and listening to this legend🔥❤🇰🇪
Renad Agasiyev
Alexander Jones
"The stalkers national anthem" - Ryan Reynolds Beautiful song though
Alguem em 2021?
Ms. Gregoria
Ms. Gregoria Day ago
Wishing everyone here good health success & happiness! ❤️🎉
Avinch Adventure
My girlfriend hates this song for no reason and I hate her for that lol😂
Magna Communications
It all started in 2004. Time flies, what a career he had.
William Fawdry
2021 gang 😂
Ruth Salazar
Ruth Salazar Day ago
909ARSENAL Day ago
Wow 11 years.😔 my love and I have been through so much. Just now I feel we're in the best place we have ever been! IM STILL FKEN HERE FIGHTING FOR THE LOVE OF MYLIFE! it's been a shit show at times but WE'RE STILL HERE FKERS......🥰
Mr Binyo
Mr Binyo Day ago
Felling Good 😍🌹
Masashi Fujita
Masashi Fujita 2 days ago
You re beautiful
hi im' ,are autism
Ah yes, all the retards with their "Watching in 20XX" comments are here.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 2 days ago
I don't know why. But, RUvid is recommending me such amazing songs.❤
りるてっか 2 days ago
Melanie Baker
Melanie Baker 2 days ago
Lost my crush , we would have been great together. I'll always remember you forever 25
PooDot StinkPants
Greetings future person, yes we are still listening to this in *[insert date here]* . You have impeccable musical tastes too. Have a wonderful day!
Christian Steward
_Smallville_ "Reckoning" S5 Ep12, anyone?
Carmen Turquini
Carmen Turquini 2 days ago
Remper GR
Remper GR 2 days ago
I am latino but this música 🎵 en Inglish l like
Xavli J
Xavli J 2 days ago
Alex Akash
Alex Akash 2 days ago
Are hedar put gaan gaitasot toh vlo kotha dress kere khultasot
Juddy Poundz
Juddy Poundz 2 days ago
Love this check my page
Genilma Alves
Genilma Alves 2 days ago
Que é que é isso ..meu Deus !!! Uuuu
umbralino Trevoso
o suicídio esta no meu DNA
Androma Studios
Androma Studios 2 days ago
Am watching this from my coffin I couldn't hold to see her beauty 😦😦
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