Jalen Ramsey had frustrations with the Jaguars’ front office | NFL Countdown

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New Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey opens up with Ryan Clark about his trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Rams. He talks about his relationship with his players and coaches, as well as the front office. He concludes the interview by going in depth on how he will adjust to his new teammates and how dominant the Rams’ defense can be.
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Published on


Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 1 639
Love and Peace
Love and Peace 6 days ago
Jalen Ramsey should come out the closet already
Zlockzy 13 days ago
D B 15 days ago
Tom C needs to go fishing and play golf . Football has passed him by
Malick Sangare
Malick Sangare 15 days ago
les francophones si vous voyez ce commentaires dites moi ils ressemble pas à koba la D
Osama Binfaq’n
Osama Binfaq’n 15 days ago
If the Rams dont win, he’ll be hating it there. This guy is poison.
Rey Rios
Rey Rios 15 days ago
18:27 to 18:44 is the the difference between a Classy MAN and a DIVA doy.. the way he handled the situation in general is the true definition of a man
chris Lovett
chris Lovett 16 days ago
Lol clark wrong bish he don't have a baby with the taco tuesday bish
Urassnface 1
Urassnface 1 16 days ago
Wow everybody hates Tom Coughlin but he dethroned the perfect season NE was going for in 07 and then for good measure won the rematch in 11. Yeah that guy must be a real POS for beating America's most hated football team in the biggest game.
alxv213 17 days ago
Mike Riggins
Mike Riggins 17 days ago
Let's be honest, it's your responsibility to give your current number. My only question is, how many times did you try to go talk to Tom???
naomi tapia
naomi tapia 17 days ago
The amount of fucking makeup tho.....0
CaseyJones718 17 days ago
You dont say
Gavin Knight Jackson
I lost all respect for this dude . You bailed on all your teammates and friends . You burned your couches your teammates your friends. Just so u could get tour way
browns1ism 17 days ago
The top corner in the league man.
Rich Harp
Rich Harp 17 days ago
Boy jalen a dead beat how he got two kids with golden tate sister and don't even want no part of it 😓
Los Rodriguez
Los Rodriguez 18 days ago
Hahah you gonna have frustration with them l.a rams pretty soon
G Money
G Money 18 days ago
I’m not mad at ya Ramsey we gonna miss you in Duvall
xochitl martinez
xochitl martinez 18 days ago
😴😴😴 thank you next ➡️➡️➡️
Gator Nation
Gator Nation 18 days ago
You tell me 💁‍♀️
Brandon Baldwin
Brandon Baldwin 18 days ago
Pays To be the best CB in the league .
Robert Herzog
Robert Herzog 18 days ago
come on jalen, we are soooo glad your here! ball up and make your mark and put this to rest! horns up!
Colin Delozier
Colin Delozier 18 days ago
djbasquiat 18 days ago
Ahh.. Okay Always, It's imperative that we get both sides of the narrative Totally, I can relate to Jalen Ramsey not wanting to be associated with a cancerous person like Tom Caughlin, et al. Jalen Ramsey, Much success
Richard Coords
Richard Coords 18 days ago
I usually don't hope for player injuries, but this may be an exception. When you FAKE an injury, it's easier to root for a REAL one.
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 18 days ago
You know what Jalen, I’ve just gained a ton of respect for you as not long ago I was in a similar situation with my companies management not having respect for the people who ran the ship. To whom ever reads this, understand that your value and happiness are worthy of notification and if your employer can’t see that, they deserve the gavel. I’m proud of you Jalen for following your heart and I think there is a lot to learn with this video. Excellent job all around!
P scheiBEARmeir
P scheiBEARmeir 18 days ago
So in other words, Jalen was sick of Tom Coughlin and his 1850’s style management.
alec__rivera 18 days ago
Im not gonna lie i disnt lie ramsey before this interview but thats why you dont judge a book by its cover
alec__rivera 18 days ago
Ryan clark is the best person for one on one interviews. Do you see the calm cool and collective from both guys, thats my guy ryan right there espn needs to continue to do one on ones with him 👍👍👍
Myke Ford
Myke Ford 18 days ago
What happened to his super gay personna all of a sudden?? Hmmm
P JB 13 days ago
"you tell me"
trush0t1 18 days ago
he looks like a gay
Jeffery Estes
Jeffery Estes 18 days ago
ASAP Rocky
808AllDay 18 days ago
LA's problem now...
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf 18 days ago
Lol I bet if you spoke with Trent Williams he would be saying a lot of the same stuff
Andrew Wolf
Andrew Wolf 18 days ago
Jalens my favorite player lol and I now have a signed jaguars helmet worth a whole lot less. Best part is, I got two of them cuz I gave one to my buddy, and they weren’t cheap 😂😂
Corona light
Corona light 19 days ago
Glad he gets to explain what happened
e torres
e torres 19 days ago
Jamison Watson
Jamison Watson 19 days ago
**Cough Cough** Cough-lin cough-lin
Andrae X
Andrae X 19 days ago
OR sometimes you just want something new.
Omniscient 1
Omniscient 1 19 days ago
He’s a talented malcontent. He personifies what’s wrong with this generation. He disrespects his management but expects respect back. He creates heat where none exists because he has been coddled and has always been entitled.
P JB 13 days ago
people don't realize that coughlin disciplined fournette last season but he took a diff approach than ramsey.
Matthew Houck
Matthew Houck 19 days ago
He seems like such a chill dude
doadoomzday 19 days ago
Great hair style lol
Da RSN Way
Da RSN Way 19 days ago
Great interview from Ryan Clark and we appreciate you Jalen for walking us threw what happened. Coughlin is a Asshole always has been.
Paper Boi504
Paper Boi504 19 days ago
Those front office executives better learn the culture... How you loose a Corner of this caliber... get your swag up J’ville
KING SMK 19 days ago
enorth15 19 days ago
Another NFL baby that took his ball and went home.
DeAnna D. Wright
DeAnna D. Wright 19 days ago
I've got no problem with Jalen Ramsey handling his business. I do however have a problem with Tom Coughlin and the rest of the Jaguars management.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller 19 days ago
Don't know why he is talking about the past you're a RAM now....act like it, move on and play ball on Sunday. Your time in Jacksonville is over.
Super J
Super J 19 days ago
Who ?? You play games for a fucking living........respect, sympathy, care and Fucks Given about your feelings = 0
Elonjoan Williams
Elonjoan Williams 19 days ago
The sassiest cornerback in the league 😂.
CranialExtractor 19 days ago
Jalen you are very well spoken and I respect the way you went about things. All the best to you in the future. Great to hear his side of the story.
Dalloway Dame
Dalloway Dame 19 days ago
"You tell me" Jalen Ramsey 😂😂🤣🤣
Just Me
Just Me 19 days ago
Man I knew this guy was gonna be a stud. I said man I know he was coming off injury but how he fell in the 2nd I will never know.. Kinda how in like 5 yrs from now people are gonna be like how did Tako Fall not get drafted number 1.
aqony 19 days ago
Sounds like the Jaguars were taking Ramsey for granted
s'bu dhladhla
s'bu dhladhla 19 days ago
The video's thumbnail looks like Da Brat.
Jeffrey Kerns
Jeffrey Kerns 19 days ago
Ok so then why can't you say you was wrong about the Hopkins catch now? Oh yeah best CB in the league would've made that interception also and pretty much would have put the team in a position to win against Houston. You are Disrespectful Bro dont get it wrong
Deshaun Washington
Deshaun Washington 19 days ago
Ramsey was nick picking 11 months ago I seen this coming a mile away 👋
Aguilera FB6
Aguilera FB6 19 days ago
“YOU TELL ME” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
Shivors 19 days ago
Jalen has a toxic ego...the Rams will see that next year when he wants Jesus money and they wont pay it.
snosurfur 19 days ago
This dude is pathetic!
Ben Redmond
Ben Redmond 19 days ago
He better play good. Wade Phillips is old school too and will let you know if you screw up
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