Jalen Hurts Looking For REDEMPTiON🔥 OU 2019 Spring Scrimmage Game Highlights - ACCURATE!

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Apr 13, 2019




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Reid Harrison
Reid Harrison 11 days ago
That god awful defense always hurts them.
Bruno Sosa
Bruno Sosa 14 days ago
hurts going #1 overall #2020draft
SOONER SLIM 16 days ago
its so funny to see all these alabama fans living in the ou comment section acting like they loved jalen and how they never tore that kid down. all of you were so ready to see him get yanked for tua, talkin all sorts of crap on em. yall livin a fantasy. nice revisionist history bama fans
Danielle Kirkland
Danielle Kirkland 20 days ago
Jalen is just triggered because he didn't play but 4 quarter for Alabama
Alabama boi MX
Alabama boi MX 27 days ago
I'm gonna be at my grandparents we are alabama fans when they play(if) jalen hurts throughs a good play I'm go YES (sorry tuatagoviola
John Mckillip
John Mckillip Month ago
Cant wait until some Sooner football baby Jalen looking good my fellow Sooner is this the Year we get number 8 #Boomer sooner
craig williams
craig williams Month ago
As an avid SEC football fan. I found that Jalen was in someways given the short end of the stick due to one half of football. Alabama redesigned and entire offense to tailor to Tua's strengths. Jalen is not a pocket passer. He is far more dangerous outside the pocket using his legs and extending plays. Watch highlights from Kyler's Bama game and Jalen's SEC championship game against UGA and you'll see scary similarities. Watch out for this kid. Is gonna make big noise at Oklahoma. Heisman finalist type of impact.
WillB Backup
WillB Backup Month ago
As a Georgia fan, I wish him the best. A great man. Lots of respect.
Carl Mckillip
Carl Mckillip 2 months ago
can't wait for some sooner football Jalen looking good boomer sooner baby 2019
LoG Network
LoG Network 2 months ago
A future raider if Carr doesn’t shine this year
Colton Meadows
Colton Meadows 2 months ago
Yeah I can finally cheer for him
Kristy Meadows
Kristy Meadows 2 months ago
So bad
Deja RuizS
Deja RuizS 2 months ago
Tua still the most impressive Spring game...as a freshy!
007 Lanski
007 Lanski 2 months ago
Like the video but, I don't like the word redemption.
Blow' The Whistle
Blow' The Whistle 2 months ago
OU system is game matched set for Hurts redemption he bout to Rise high.
RedElephantStampede 2 months ago
Jalen, you will always be loved by the Alabama Nation. We love you, believe me. Every time I hear the O’Jays or the Spinners, or any Motown bands I think about my Bama hero.
Public Pursuit
Public Pursuit 2 months ago
Run first qb in a pass first offense. I think he's gonna struggle
John Matthews
John Matthews 2 months ago
Jordan Daniels
Jordan Daniels 2 months ago
Lookin promising🤩
Jay Manager
Jay Manager 3 months ago
Damn this kid gotten better his progressions are there
TheBiggyo43 3 months ago
Love this dude… Mentally tough and Strong…
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 if he cant do good in the BIG12 after being good enough to be a starter on the best team in the SEC he should just quit because he is playing in a quarterbacks dream conference in the BIG12 where defense doesnt exist
Hugh Banks
Hugh Banks 2 months ago
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 3 months ago
I guarantee you he does NOT break most of THOSE tackles. He is a phenom player. OU has a great shot this year. But he doesn't walk on water.
Maniac Rider
Maniac Rider 3 months ago
Hope he gets a shot at Alabama.
Max Faria
Max Faria 3 months ago
Been so many transfers recently it’s been making college football even better. Martell and Fields changing schools. These OU transfers are ridiculous, Baker, Murray, now hurts! Can’t wait for August
Shelton Rogers
Shelton Rogers 3 months ago
I hope Jalen does well, but I will never pull for Oklahoma
Joshua McBride
Joshua McBride 2 months ago
We dont need you to root for us, we have one of the best fan bases in college football we aight 😂😂
billybleeds crimson
billybleeds crimson 3 months ago
Oklahoma has an awesome quarterback in Jalen Hurts. Led us to two National Championship games. Came in and saved the day against Georgia in the SEC Championship this past season. Which so happened allowed us to go to another Natty game. Jalen is one of my favorite players to ever play for the Tide. Roll Jalen! We love you man.
Forrest Pace
Forrest Pace 3 months ago
Miss him playing at Alabama💯wish the best in their bowl game and/or championship
john henry
john henry 3 months ago
Lmao this dude is way over rated he is trash he runs 35 yards from the end zone in a scrimmage were he can't be tackled typical he is not a passer at all enjoy his inaccurate throws and decisions
Cameron AC
Cameron AC 3 months ago
I loved watching jalen at bama but know he at ou looking for bama against ou
David Stein
David Stein 3 months ago
He was unbelievable at Alabama, never thought of him as a back-up quarterback. I predict Hurts will take Oklahoma to another playoff game this year , he has so much experience and potential it's going be difficult for defenses to stop him.
Adrian Andrews
Adrian Andrews 3 months ago
Are we gonna act like OU has not had top prospect NFL caliber quarterbacks in the last few years??! Baker, Kyler now Jalen that's insane!
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 3 months ago
Kyler will be a HUGE bust in the NFL and I will laugh if a team spends a top pick on him or even a second round pick on him...the big 12 last year was a bigger cluster fuk and worse than usual which is saying something..I mean 70% of the conference was/is rebuilding and unless I'm mistaken by the end of the season over half the conference had a losing record
Chris Kubond
Chris Kubond 3 months ago
Dudes gonna have a killer season. He played really good EVERY time he was in a game last season, National champion, and he lead his high school team to the Texas State playoffs for the first time in over 20 years. He is a winner in every sense
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 3 months ago
It's the big12 and in this game he is playing against second string of the worst defense in all the BIG12 which is saying something since the BIG12 defenses are the worst in the country.. you can take an average quarterback and make them look like an allstar in this conference
Jack Nabit
Jack Nabit 3 months ago
I hate Alabama but what a good video
jacob montoya
jacob montoya 3 months ago
His build and the way he moves reminds me a lot of Dak Prescott
Michael Iverson
Michael Iverson 3 months ago
Jalen got kinda screwed, Tua is obviously good but for a freshman to replace him is kinda dumb
Ryan Wellman
Ryan Wellman 3 months ago
Michael Iverson Jalen needed that time to develop his passing game. Rewatch the Bama vs Georgia national championship. Georgia challenged him to beat him through the air and he just could not do it. Fast forward to last years SEC champ. The improvement was unreal. I think he needed the pressure and the spotlight off of him so he could focus and breath. And look how it worked out! He didn't get screwed he got exactly what he needed.
Steven Davis
Steven Davis 3 months ago
If Oklahoma losses this year can you leave a like please
Red Gaming
Red Gaming 3 months ago
That beat was so annoying
Garret Lewis
Garret Lewis 3 months ago
Footwork looks 1000x better.
J Man
J Man 3 months ago
Rooting for this kid
210_Bashh 3 months ago
Just looks good bc ou has no defense 😂😂😂
Salvadore Andretti
Salvadore Andretti 3 months ago
Lol I put zero stock in a performance against OU's defense👎
Salvadore Andretti
Salvadore Andretti 3 months ago
Richard Grace (zero) stock. The playoffs had them looking like a double A D1 team getting folded like a lawn chair
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 3 months ago
They had the worst defense in the BIG12 and that's saying something since the BIG12 has among the worst defenses in all of D1 football and this is their second string defense they are going against lol
Tay McCall
Tay McCall 3 months ago
This is a good fit for him i didnt even know he left bama.
Richard Grace
Richard Grace 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 it's the BIG12...that conference can make an average quarterback look like an allstar bacasue of their nonexistent defenses..and in this particular game he is going against the second stringers of the worst defense in the BIG12 and the second worst in all D1 football last year.... and
Michael F
Michael F 3 months ago
Is this how to become the Oklahoma starting QB / 1st pick in tbe draft now? Baker Mayfield = transfer from Texas Tech Kyler Murray = transfer from Texas A&M Jalen Hurts = transfer from Alabama
Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart 3 months ago
Max Kilcoyne rattler is not trevor lawrence potential lol
Max Kilcoyne
Max Kilcoyne 3 months ago
Michael F after jalen we have a 5 star freshman coming in this year and he has potential to be great. Trevor Lawrence type of potential
Toni House
Toni House 3 months ago
Devo Highlights thank you for putting this together.
Toni House
Toni House 3 months ago
He doesn't have any time in the pocket. I know BB the coach will get that honed in by Aug 31. OU is rebuilding the OL and the defense and the kicking. The whole team. OUr man looked really good out there. Like he always has. Bama fan here and Jalen Hurts supporter. OU fans are in for a treat this season. Jalen Hurts is a baller. And a winner. Looking forward to this season. Many prayers and blessing to you young man.
Mike Bridges
Mike Bridges Month ago
Toni House the OL starters were divided up between the 2 teams. You are correct, Coach B will have the OL sorted long before Sept 1 (OU and Houston will play Sunday Night Sept 1). Coach B is 1 of the very best OLCs in all of CFB and, although there will be 4 new starters on the OL, they won't be short on experience. Coach B will ensure Jalen has the same kind of protection that Baker (that Joe Moore Award winning OL was a young Unit when Baker took over the QB1 position) and Kyler received.
Maurice Timmons
Maurice Timmons 3 months ago
I am his No.1 fan and I knew this kid is supposed to be this good He did it at Bama for us All the best for him I can't wait to see him shine during the season I guess I'll be watching some Big 12 also this upcoming season I'll have to see him run some poor DB over lol
killerboy 1155
killerboy 1155 3 months ago
tua =trash hurts = nfl 1st round draft
Burns Fam
Burns Fam 2 months ago
Ladies & Defaults other way around 😂
Chunky Ragu
Chunky Ragu 3 months ago
killerboy 1155 that’s not what happened this season
Michael Aughtman
Michael Aughtman 3 months ago
Y'all in Oklahoma best give him the glory he deserves. Good luck to the entire Oklahoma team. I'll be rooting for you.
Joshua McBride
Joshua McBride 2 months ago
Lincoln Riley has put 2 QB into the NFL in his first 2 seasons as head coach at Oklahoma, he'll get taken care of (:
booch#15 3 months ago
Kinda like Kyler marray
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