Jake Paul: The only person worse than his brother Logan Paul

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Imagine being Jake Paul unironically
Anyways sign up for your Current card here: www.current.com/DangeloWallace and thank you to Current for sponsoring this video!
Logan Paul VS Jake Paul 2-part series
Other part: ruvid.net/video/video-7Vm282YvOGw.html
0:00 - Intro
2:45 - Disney dismissal
7:08 - The Mindlessness of Jake Paul
12:36 - Tying the knot (loosely)
18:55 - The influencer factory
24:42 - Facing the music
30:56 - Selling a lie
36:17 - The FBI raid
40:59 - Sibling rivalry
48:22 - Where is he now?
Jake Paul: The only person worse than his brother Logan Paul


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Oct 25, 2020




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dangelowallace 2 months ago
Did I get this video sponsored by a literal bank solely so I could flex on Jake Paul? Perhaps. Anyways sign up for your Current card here: www.current.com/DangeloWallace, and thank you to Current for sponsoring my power move in this video.
T9x Day ago
@blv no
SMG7 5 days ago
@blv no
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 27 days ago
The shade
Ammaar Esmailjee
Jake Paul is Donald Trump, if Donald Trump was born 23 years ago.
Jarrell Month ago
And now, in the spirit of 2020, we need to follow this up with how Jake Paul tko’d Nate. 💀💀
Government Name
Government Name 3 hours ago
I’m sorry there are 2 minutes left on this video and I just realized your wearing glasses... Wtf is wrong with my eyes
Char 8 hours ago
Plz make a video on tana
Mimi LaRue
Mimi LaRue 8 hours ago
That pic of the “Team 10 Mansion” was not the actual home. That mansion is absolutely massive and the house they lived in was 1/4 the size with a small backyard and swimming pool. This looks like Aaron Spellings mansion.
Char 8 hours ago
I loved Jake Paul when I was 9-11 now I’m 14 and don’t like him
AnimeWatcher 420
AnimeWatcher 420 9 hours ago
"The sad thing is y'all would probably let me." Dang. 😃😃😃 You ain't lie but still.
It’s Private
It’s Private 9 hours ago
“She’s extremely smart but pretends to be dumb” Tana? You’re talking about Tana ? I don’t think she is pretending 😂 what it is is she thinks she’s smart, so she tries to do things like Tanacon and then she leaves thousands of teens out in the hot sun all day with no shade or water, just to name a few disasters from that fiasco 😒
Carolina Garza
Carolina Garza 11 hours ago
As a graphic designer THANK U for commenting on that awuful banner lmao, great vid bwt!
Autumn S
Autumn S 11 hours ago
“The Paul brothers are gonna Paul brother” Mood
Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin 11 hours ago
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Ethan Irwin
Ethan Irwin 11 hours ago
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A_Viewer 11 hours ago
The dude (referring to Jake Paul) deleted his tweet cause Dream ratio Jake Paul when he tweeted "Ratio'd" and since Dream ratioed Jake Paul, Jake Paul deleted the tweet- which I find hilarious
Fluffyth3f0x 14 hours ago
i want d'angello to be my life coach it feels like he has the wisdom of an ancient eldritch being
McKenzie Hunt
McKenzie Hunt 15 hours ago
tysm for calling out larray for not social distancing. i feel like out of all of them, he’s the one that’s been held least accountable
Angel Muldoon
Angel Muldoon 16 hours ago
I love your content so much it’s so breath taking and I end up watching every single episode
Mir 17 hours ago
drinking game: take a shot everytime D'Angelo says "long story short"
D4RK Lazer
D4RK Lazer 18 hours ago
He is like d’vorah
ima little tea pot
ima little tea pot 20 hours ago
getting slapped by legal heheh i see the Danny Gonzales reference
Stuff Day ago
Logan Paul is like one of those"rebel" teenagers that grew up and matured whilst Jake probably doesn't even know what maturing means
Ares Day ago
Is this Tay Zonday ?
Débora Souto
slapped by legal lol
cynthia Day ago
pls do graphic design review
Star Girl
Star Girl Day ago
This comment is purely for ✨engagement✨
Leonardo Chudin
3:20 as a Dragon Ball fan I’m offended that he has Gohan as his profile pic
Human that Draws
Hello, I'd like to place my application for marriage. Hit me up when you ready, oki bye! 👋
Carla W.
Carla W. Day ago
Jake Paul always sounds like he's struggling to form a whole sentence, it's so painful to listen to him speak
Reg Tlives
Reg Tlives Day ago
Bless his heart, hopefully he doesnt like drugs, he wont make it :/
Chandler Moses
Desperately want your graphic design review channel to happen now
Liz Johnson
Liz Johnson Day ago
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SinisterMud Day ago
I'm sorry but if one of my kids was a Jake Paul fan.... i'd smack them in the back of the head and send them to military school!
Yousuf 2 days ago
nice danny gonzalez reference
Faith Hopkins
Faith Hopkins 2 days ago
did...did he try to rip off miley cyrus' song 23 that she did with wiz khalifa ..in his promotional photos (the ones you showed anyways, i also will not be listening to it at all or looking up anything about jake paul i just like ur videos) he kind of looks like she does in the video for her song......
Alex Kiari
Alex Kiari 2 days ago
Not “Tying the knot, loosely” 😂😂😂
Haleema Begum
Haleema Begum 2 days ago
Not d’angelo dressing up as a robber when talking about his sponsor 😭
Itzen Orozco
Itzen Orozco 2 days ago
It sort of makes sense that Jake is turning to boxing now. He can be an asshole all he wants and it’ll just make him more money.
Nick8282 2 days ago
20:24 nice danny gonzalez reference 😉
sergio potes
sergio potes 2 days ago
Why are gay guys the new thing on RUvid?
Melody 2 days ago
"this sounds like a rejected 6ix9ine song.. Which most of 6ix9ine's song's should be rejected in the first place" IM FUCKKING DYING HAHAHA 10/10 commentary
sararubicubi 2 days ago
I know I sound like a boomer even tho I'm only 21 but I hate how this generation of influencers get famous for their material posessions basically - whether it is clothes, houses or cars. When social media started famous user were just people from different backgrounds testing the waters. Their audio and video quality was usually bad because they didn't have the money for anything better, but people subscribed to them because you could tell they were passionate about what they were doing or talking about. I think since Vine started more talentless started blowing up on the Internet. And I believe the trigger was Vine because since videos could only be a certain length you had to grab people's attention quickly: the easiest way of doing it is by showing your riches or being super loud which is what people like Jake Paul did. Just look at the most famous people on TikTok right now. It's just people doing bland dances but they have cute clothes and nice rooms because they had money before their influencer careers even started. It's the same thing with Instagram influencers too: most of them get followers because they appear in pictures with nice clothes and beautiful locations. The problem for me is not talentless people becoming famous just for existing -because that already exists since a long time ago- but the fact that they're taking other people's opportunities away in areas such as music and literature. Most songs and books made by influencers are trash not because they're new at that craft but because they dont' have any passion for it - it's just another way to gain money. They're starting to do the same thing with makeup now and it's only a matter of time before they take over fine arts too. But honestly this rant is just me being sad that people are succeding in something I care so deeply about -music- while I probably will never get a single call from a record label. Maybe I'm just salty so honestly who cares.
Raul Vitor
Raul Vitor 2 days ago
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Lana Saleh
Lana Saleh 2 days ago
I knew that tana chic is uf .....I just don't like her I don't know how cody did a video with her...
kaden s
kaden s 3 days ago
Krissanwich 3 days ago
Ok but I like D’Angeloners? I’m good with it 😂
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low 3 days ago
It's so ironic that Ricegum was being called the Asian Jake Paul, and now Jakr Paul has become the Caucasian Ricegum.
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low 3 days ago
They say that psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made. I wouldn't doubt his life growing up definitely did affect him in some way. Not that I'm giving him a pass. He uses everyone around him because sociopaths are manipulative, and treat people as objects/tools without feeling remorse. But he still may not know why he is like he is. (Only at 19:20 so far)
James Porquez
James Porquez 3 days ago
logan is more tolerable
Saturns Ring
Saturns Ring 3 days ago
I'm not sure what happened to the video but was the "slapped by legal" joke referencing danny gonzalez? This may be the dumbest question ever haha
SniffyWall 513
SniffyWall 513 3 days ago
Max Wolf
Max Wolf 3 days ago
D’angelo “well get into that later” Wallace
Kady Harris
Kady Harris 3 days ago
Jake Paul’s energy on his channel is the same as Robert Pattinson playing Edward.
Haleema Begum
Don’t do Pattinson like that 😭
Lauren M
Lauren M 3 days ago
The Paul brother's are gonna Paul brother 😂
A Pan Slytherin
A Pan Slytherin 3 days ago
42:29 My guy really out here sounding like Justin Bieber when he released yummy 😂
Steve Ingraham
Steve Ingraham 3 days ago
Demonstrations of Opulence is a good album or song name for a prog metal band or something.
Jungcock4lifeu 4 days ago
I would want to vote for dangelo for the streamy awards, but how does one pick between him, Danny, and Jarvis?
Ashley Gibson
Ashley Gibson 4 days ago
Jake Paul is like the Donald Trump of RUvid 😬
Eliza Rusher
Eliza Rusher 4 days ago
my application for marriage clout: i have a good taste in cars that’s all i have
I glory Sun
I glory Sun 4 days ago
Ok but why did I actually pay attention to the sponsorship lolol
Makeup With Smidge
I mean, I think Tana really loved Jake before all of the clout shit happened. They were sleeping together before it all happened but I think Jake realised what he could use her for.
Ms. K
Ms. K 4 days ago
Man I can feel his tiredness through my screen talking about Jake paul. I'm also tired. EXCELENCE IS WHAT DANGELO POST. That's that
John Rossi
John Rossi 4 days ago
I mean one example of Jake trying to be on the same level as his brother (which I know came out way after this video) is Jake trying to get a fight with Conar Mcgregor because Logan got a fight with Flyod Mayweather.
The Random Guy on YouTube
Oh yeah, and we're just not gonna talk about how the Fresh Outta London beat was stolen
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson 4 days ago
It’s amazing that his brother who literally took a video with a dead body, belonging to a person who hanged themselves comes out better looking than Jake. How insane do you have to be?
The Muppy World
The Muppy World 4 days ago
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay 4 days ago
Will it be beneficial to flag RUvid videos by the brothers?
lane cress
lane cress 4 days ago
The worst thing jake ever did was calling his scam team thousand and not team ten thousand. Like, come on. It was right there.
Marti Turner
Marti Turner 4 days ago
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Robrt N
Robrt N 5 days ago
I didn’t skip the ads so you could make more money 💰🙏🏼🙏🏼
darek klich
darek klich 5 days ago
The undesirable trousers unlikely frame because cause contrarily nest pace a merciful rhythm. quack, homeless motion
boog 5 days ago
Not him copying miley with 23 lmao
I Kind Of Like Mangoes
9:27 did D'angelo just use self-deprecating humour? What has this world come to?
Yapples 5 days ago
*coughs* bandicam
Supplanter_J 5 days ago
The most insane thing about all of this is how we now see Shane and that not only could he sneak past PR problem after PR problem he also helped loads of other now outcast youtubers out their PR problems...
Maddy 0000
Maddy 0000 5 days ago
your videos are so important
Marti Turner
Marti Turner 5 days ago
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emma 6 days ago
If I have to hear him say like like like one more time I’ll die
almondxxmilk yt
almondxxmilk yt 6 days ago
Isn’t funny how must of the awful stuff Shame Dawson did was before 2019 yet people still liked him.
Duckly Duck
Duckly Duck 2 days ago
On god
eatshitdillhole 4 days ago
I think it's because Shane was able to scrub his own reputation clean by featuring more polarising figures than himself (J*, the Paul brothers, Tana) until he got too caught up in bad behavior and exposed his own damn self. (I think I've been watching too many of these videos haha)
danni correll
danni correll 6 days ago
At 20:25 Is that Danny gonzalez reference?
Lord Lyka
Lord Lyka 6 days ago
I honest to God didn't know shane painted LOGAN as the sociopath, all this time I thought he was framing Jake as the sociopath because they're both so bad and I just assumed that Jake was ok with that angle lol
Chickling 6 days ago
As a kid I legitimately watched logan (or jake paul, which ever brother used to break plates in random stores) and I watched a few videos, and I used to get very confused about certain things. For example: why did he have so many cars, why did his girlfriend (this was years ago, I don't know which girlfriend) look so uncomfortable, and why he never got in trouble for breaking the plates. Since I don't know which brother it was, I can't tell if my comment is related or not, but I watched maybe 3 videos or so. It felt like an acid trip, and after another video I almost cried. This was years ago, and they haven't gotten any better. And they're scaring the children. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN THAT DON'T WATCH STUFF BLINDLY
Crizpy 6 days ago
Neltins 6 days ago
Man, before JAke Paul gained a ton of popularity I swear logan paul wasn't all that bad, seriously ;/ but then Logan just seemed to need to match Jake's shittiness
Lunar 6 days ago
Holy fuck my head hurts
Crizpy 6 days ago
HAUWA USMAN 6 days ago
Top 10 questions science can’t answer 😂
Anushka C.B ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
*I know Christmas is over but....🎄🎇🎉✨*
SherryGaming 7 days ago
these videos are like the perfect videos to listen to while doing homework, i’ve like rewatched this 3 times now
Mia Finch
Mia Finch 7 days ago
Can we just give props on how much this guys must research and work
hai hai hello
hai hai hello 7 days ago
logan is the most likable (according to the tweets and memes I'm seeing) jake paul a total idiot and an overall bad person
sharky shark times
"I don't know what she does but good for her"
Whit Bohorfoush
Whit Bohorfoush 7 days ago
u look like lil uzi
Jacee Baxter
Jacee Baxter 7 days ago
I remembered one time I went to jake Paul’s RUvid is was sooo inappropriate
Jacee Baxter
Jacee Baxter 6 days ago
@Crizpy stfup
Crizpy 6 days ago
I remember when I didn’t ask
Keylup Veintisiete
The shadows, textures, colors and stuff make it impossible to read anything on the screen
Natt 7 days ago
PR relationships have been in the word since it exists so dont get surprised by that
Pearl Mayhew
Pearl Mayhew 8 days ago
lmao..slapped by legal...i finally get a cool person reference
Alex 8 days ago
I saw the title as “jake Paul the only person worse than hi...” and I was like wait is that gonna say hilter? That doesn’t seem like something dangelo would say
dakika Woodard
dakika Woodard 8 days ago
Are you a woman
Karimee Sanchez
Karimee Sanchez 8 days ago
Super irrelevant but love the fit
Entregador 6
Entregador 6 8 days ago
when jake paul's spotify cover appeared, i swear i read "Fresh out of condom"
Hot Dogs 2
Hot Dogs 2 8 days ago
21:51 Dangelo adjusring his collar is so cute uwu
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 8 days ago
I saw the video, but it stopped before it could say, "his brother." I thought you were saying he was worse than Hitler at first.
Tsukurikata 8 days ago
"What's up, D'Angeloners? Welcome back to my channel. The joke is that you're all single." Well, a week ago, but not anymore~~
DeathBy Tree
DeathBy Tree 8 days ago
Jake got slapped by legal.... I’m sure Danny could relate
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