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It's Everyday Bro... FIST!


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Jun 6, 2017




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Comments 80
xXChloeXx 17 minutes ago
Yes this was 3 years ago and I still like it
VasherVikson Vulcan
VasherVikson Vulcan 38 minutes ago
JP :if they aint't witha crew i kicked out too too PewDiePie :Tekashiiii!!!! 6ix9ine :Is jake dumb stupid or dumb
Princess Aurea Jaquilmac
Pewds angy
lowkey pancake
lowkey pancake 2 hours ago
Did he just say smack that booty😂😂😂😂
Azra Hiddlebatch
Azra Hiddlebatch 2 hours ago
JP: Pewdiepie is next Pewdiepie: *EHEHEHEHEHHEHEHHEH THAT IS FUNNY*
LuWei 2 hours ago
''I bet he's the one who poisoned me" 😂😂 Truth was told 😂😂
XxCookiesForLifexX : D
Can we take a moment of silence for the wall? 🙏🏼
Nichole Lopez
Nichole Lopez 3 hours ago
Thank you pewdiepie England is not a city! No 1 addressed this yet!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Justin Durai
Justin Durai 4 hours ago
Fuck u pewdiepie I am a Jake pauler
Aayush Shah
Aayush Shah 4 hours ago
0:50 That must hurt i feel sorry for you!
Brian Omina
Brian Omina 4 hours ago
You have100 mil sub
Niftyjojoo 5 hours ago
How many subs did pewdiepie make in 6 months? I think that was never done befoe
Jelyn Andres
Jelyn Andres 6 hours ago
Atleast mrbeast is in team pewdiepie
Gabrijela Širec
Gabrijela Širec 7 hours ago
happy birthday to this video
wonkierbroom739 8 hours ago
Half the girls in my class have a picture of him with hearts on it and he's in prison now
wonkierbroom739 8 hours ago
Jake: and pewdiepie is next Pewds: who the f#$@ is jake paul Jake: (o_o) "crying" in 2017 pewds 2020 laughs in 100ml
OhWhatNow- 9 hours ago
Team 10 Year olds
Noah Nik
Noah Nik 9 hours ago
Boss 123
Boss 123 11 hours ago
who watching this in 2020😂
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 11 hours ago
OMG it’s 2020 and I’m still laughing 😂 😂 LOL
AJ Sim
AJ Sim 12 hours ago
In his music video he dissed PewDiePie and know PewDiePie is 85 million subscribers ahead of him
Liv Morgz
Liv Morgz 13 hours ago
Who’s in quarantine and has know idea how they have suddenly ended up in the past
Yash kumar
Yash kumar 13 hours ago
Carry minati 10 mil in 7 days
Walter Taylor
Walter Taylor 13 hours ago
Jake Paul: THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION PEWDIEPIE IS NEXT Me: then why you coming for him...? Edit: I like how jake paul is going like bla bla bla bla
Shandy.wedervoort Wedervoort
stop hating bro hies better than you bitch WTF MAN IT'S TEAM 10 BITCH HO THE HELLA FLIPING YOU PEWDIEPIE
The Gladiator
The Gladiator 15 hours ago
Watching during quarantine in 2020
Ahmet Mert
Ahmet Mert 15 hours ago
Jake Paul: What's up NOOB'S PewDiePie: I don't understand, tell me again let me see ?
Royal Rum
Royal Rum 15 hours ago
Clearly all the people that dislike are Jake Paulers😐
Erik Garcia
Erik Garcia 18 hours ago
They rented every thing in the music video
Yareth Dominguez
Yareth Dominguez 18 hours ago
Te amo PewDiePie
Anja Haider
Anja Haider 19 hours ago
He is soo little as you YOU habe f*cking 105mio subs and HE HE HAS 20MIO PHAHAHA youre so much better
Dk Metcalf is a GOD
Dk Metcalf is a GOD 19 hours ago
lol get's arrested for stealing during the protest
Luna Lee
Luna Lee 20 hours ago
Dont bother looking for pewds haters,you cant find them
pvp _alpha
pvp _alpha 20 hours ago
he do be looking like xQc doe
Супчик 22 hours ago
DeShaQViews 22 hours ago
Love how he completely skipped chance's part is because it was THAT bad even though he's making fun of a BAD song.
Gacha_Wolf_Storm 22 hours ago
And Jake Paul will know that because he eats food 😂
Dayumz Antönio
Dayumz Antönio 23 hours ago
LittleGorski25 23 hours ago
And now hes in jail
Kira Anderson
Kira Anderson 23 hours ago
PewDiePie: "What Jake P is doing here is a new form of rapping. It's meant to sound like shit." Me: Dies laughing PewDiePie's reaction to this in general is priceless
G x d
G x d 23 hours ago
Guess what he's in jail
Bruno Fernanded
Bruno Fernanded 23 hours ago
"ENGLAND IS MY CITY" Sure buddy and Alabama's my sister Sweet home Alabama ;)
sr zoeira br5759
Luba vc ta direfente
Frozen Flame
Frozen Flame Day ago
Hes been dealt with
Ashann 101
Ashann 101 Day ago
Who's J.P, Did get a dick. Jack Paul carreer over.
Adam Sarfraz
Adam Sarfraz Day ago
9:06 “ I wanna die more then I’ve ever died before”😂
Taha Saidi
Taha Saidi Day ago
bruh I came back to this and I always realize that pewds is an actual king in sarcasm
ZONCA Day ago
who got this recommended after jake got arrested ?
Cal Gray
Cal Gray Day ago
The “England is my city” reaction got me 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂⚰️⚰️
Sheik Hasbullah Ibrahim
I hated Disney
hi Day ago
even mnm was scared by laffayetes singing
Tiago Playz
Tiago Playz Day ago
Lol pewdiepie is still on top
Alexis Cervantes
T-T jp more like small PP ps: this so dum
Rader Cutlip
Rader Cutlip Day ago
You’re a fucking legend pewdie, this is fucking gold lolol
RedSkull Crusher
If you remember pewds saying the n word I really don’t care
Addison Queen
"What is a god church, its uhhhh a church with a god in it are you stupid?"
Suleman Ahmed
He just roasts the shit out of him without even trying.GOAT🐐
FF Gredi
FF Gredi Day ago
6:54 😂
herobrine 0
herobrine 0 Day ago
F ju jp
FF Gredi
FF Gredi Day ago
Jack paul 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 PweDiepie👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Océane Tir
Océane Tir 19 hours ago
Floor gang 4ever😎🤘🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿
Océane Tir
Océane Tir 19 hours ago
You said it he might have less subscribe then "Tseries "and that "coco melon" but he reached 105M subscribers without a whole Asian collaboration or an animation studio (who just do a parody of kids song) no he did it on his own
Im sorry i HAD to click away i couldnt deal with the shity, "rapping" if u even wanna call it that.
0:47 me when im mad and want to bang against somthing but my mom's right there😂
Jake Ballance
The 148k people who disliked this video are jake paulers
Marcus FAN [09C11M]
What did PewdiePie ever do to jake Paul? He is the victim here ladies and gentlemen and your not supporting him at all I know this year past but my god From my understandings of jake Paul’s roasts towards PewdiePie Is that jake Paul is jealous that PewdiePie gets a lot of subscribers everyday Jake Paul is jealous that PewdiePie is in the top and jake needs to learn what is life basically Because that is life someone is always going to be better then you Jake Paul’s roasts are basically things that a child would say
Benjamin Gorniak
Ya good rap Ya
he hasnt passed sh*t
Dazel Furnus
Dazel Furnus Day ago
Top 10 rappers Eminem is too afraid to diss: 4:07
The comment above Is whack
Who misses this pewds edgy and doesn’t give a fuck
the moment he said '' pewdiepie is next '' next i couldn't stop laughing
The Dude
The Dude Day ago
4:05 Lmfao, almost died 😂😂
Random Things
He is about to go to jail soon
MP Guard's with no brim
pewdiepie vs JB[logan paul little brother]
Comedy King
Comedy King Day ago
I neeeeeedd TO FIE after hearing this
Ecoxtic_ Gaming76
I dislike Jake Paul music video
Ango Odi
Ango Odi Day ago
Pew-I've never seen a beautiful girl my entire life
Rooster Cock
Rooster Cock Day ago
I lost 160 pounds trying to tie a noose to this song
Keelan Blais
Keelan Blais Day ago
Jake Paul is an imbecile pewdiepie has 4x as may subs bless those 105 million people
Jilly Ridenour
little did felix know, jake would later be canceled
Elias Carrillo
Jake p is annoying how many people a agry ⬇️
Elias Carrillo
Jake sopostly kid friendly and it's called team 10 because their fans is 10-
João Schmit
João Schmit Day ago
2 0 2 0 ❔❔❔
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