Jail Cell Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live
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A group of prisoners (Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, Michael Keaton, Kyle Mooney) discuss why they got arrested.
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Smelly Ellie
Smelly Ellie Day ago
Time to watch Beetlejuice.
get yeeted boi
get yeeted boi 4 days ago
Takashi tho
TeslaChad 4 days ago
WHY DID NO ONE LAUGH WHEN HE SAID “You wanna get nuts?! Come on ... let’s get nuts!” Dammit audience
Richard Burch
Richard Burch 6 days ago
THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN!!! Ladies and gentlemen..."we got Em!"
c lawfer
c lawfer 7 days ago
Omg count chouchulan
B'Andree Howell
B'Andree Howell 9 days ago
SNL has something against Hallmark lol
Matthew Cuthbertson
This is such a mock!!
awallner1 10 days ago
That's a huge prison cell and it's co-ed apparently.
george minikes
george minikes 11 days ago
if they wrote this sketch today joe exotic would be in this
Margis Kapur
Margis Kapur 15 days ago
He’s shorter than the Guy he called little man
Ketan Jain
Ketan Jain 20 days ago
unbelievably sad that this is how you represent Assange just because he released your Hillary emails. wtf has happened to this show
Ajay Subedi
Ajay Subedi 24 days ago
Pete running for President this year? 🤣🤣
Mark Cangila
Mark Cangila 24 days ago
Hey don't diss assange
ontar th
ontar th 26 days ago
i'm just wondering how many time takeshi six nine would get raped in prison especially with the rainbow hair and the 69 tattos
Ana Lopes
Ana Lopes 26 days ago
Is Kate suppose to be playing someone famous?
Miles Corporosus
Miles Corporosus 29 days ago
Feels like whenever Keenan plays a prisoner he's also a cannibal. I don't hate it.
Pj Mathison
Pj Mathison Month ago
Don’t think the audience got the batman reference
Grey B.
Grey B. Month ago
Ah, now I remember why I disliked this video. Fuck you.
KingKamehameha Month ago
"I'm in here for assault bitch!! You want a reenactment?"
emadodin zati
emadodin zati Month ago
soooooo sad, Julian Assange is held captive wrongly, making laugh at him is sooooooo wrong
Jonaah Laang
Jonaah Laang Month ago
How the justice system was so tough on Aunt Becky is seriously fucking beyond me. She spent more than half a million to get her daughter into USC... if anything she was the real victim here.
Scipio Africanus
00:42 That have got to be the "Texas Man-Gobbler" and he's GOT to be the craziest mofo on the cell block, because he will NEVER get parole.
TheYonkel Month ago
Love hearing batman say his line. "You want to see crazy "
John Gray
John Gray Month ago
I unknowingly watched the episode with the rowing crew coach just before this one
James Smith
James Smith Month ago
Lost my shit when Takashi Came out
Moonlight Star
Moonlight Star Month ago
2:03 that guy should be SNL new cast member someday.
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese Month ago
Michael Keaton is a legend
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese Month ago
Watch mr mom
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese Month ago
Love Michael Keaton
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese Month ago
Love Kate and Keenan
Suey Month ago
kate McKinnon is the stand out here : )
James Taggert
James Taggert Month ago
3:28 I took him for an albino negro
Brandon Grady
Brandon Grady Month ago
0:29 I saw this in real life at jail. I was in intake and dude took his shirt off and everything then got crushed. It just wasn't a fair fight at all. Good times.
antonio volpe
antonio volpe Month ago
prison is fun ???
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey Month ago
I mean the porn star joke is not really okay, they're as respectable as any other profession and just doing a job. It's their bodies, if they choose to be objectified, they get to choose that. Just like you can have sex with consent, they can do porn.
LuaBloe Month ago
Julian Assange is *actually rotting away* in prison, and for once nah, I don't think it is a laughing matter, at all. This is plain cynicism.
NukDuk Month ago
Tekashi out today
David 2 months ago
But my password has letters and numbers hehe
Benizok 2 months ago
So this is the same universe as the college admissions sketch
M Diesel
M Diesel 2 months ago
Julian Assange is a patriot going to bring the house down on the corrupt. #Trump2020 #blexit #WalkAway n Above ALL #JesusISTheTruth 💪💯🙏
Josiah Pryor
Josiah Pryor 2 months ago
I love Julian Assange
Tucktuckboy and IcyyDeadpool
I love how Michael Keaton quoted Batman 1989
Mark Cangila
Mark Cangila 2 months ago
Assange is good though
dankwrasslin 2 months ago
lol damn i wish pete davidson was even a little funny
Miss Marvel
Miss Marvel 2 months ago
I'm studying Communication and I felt personally attacked
lorraine clarke
lorraine clarke 2 months ago
NFL And NBA Player
NFL And NBA Player 2 months ago
Kyle trying to act tough is hilarious
Brian Sounalath
Brian Sounalath 2 months ago
lol. Communications major
Stephen Walsh
Stephen Walsh 2 months ago
Nobody got the wanna get nuts reference
Mhd D
Mhd D 2 months ago
We need another sketch like this Thoughts??
Landon Ujimori
Landon Ujimori 2 months ago
Michael Keaton gotta do the you wanna get nuts thing every year
The saucy fry
The saucy fry 2 months ago
The fact that I just watched the college one
Professor Swaggamuffin
Although it was a mere mention in this sketch, Id like to say that the whole idea of social media _"influencers"_ is sickening.
Amanda Neese
Amanda Neese 2 months ago
So funny the cast is brilliant
Sean Lauper
Sean Lauper 2 months ago
Michael Keaton doing Assange as sort of a weird mix of Beetlejuice and Bruce Wayne. Which is to say....perfect.
Evan Beining
Evan Beining 2 months ago
Dear god what demon from hell fucked a rainbow had a kid then that kid fucked a unicorn that was on meth and then they gave birth to that buttfugly untalented tekashi69
Insert CleverName
Insert CleverName 2 months ago
Me: This is a weird sketch. Amusing and all, but still, not sure why they wrote it. [Michael Keaton comes onscreen] Me: Okay, now I get it.
Boned Youuu
Boned Youuu 2 months ago
Free 6ix9ine
Robert Last
Robert Last 2 months ago
This is amazing. And more interesting than reality.
Keith Townsend
Keith Townsend 3 months ago
Everybody know 69 he is the only one in the world that did stupid shit & got paid live for saying stupid
Alicia Tisson
Alicia Tisson 3 months ago
Ha! Ha! Haha 😂 I got the joke^ >>>>the last part with the rapper 🤣
Jetty 3 months ago
What a terrible take on Assange :/
Angry_PhoenixToxic 7000
5:46 fake crazy 69
Gerald Stephens
Gerald Stephens 3 months ago
She's a bad mama , guys! Better not mess with her!!!
Tyler Jhonson
Tyler Jhonson 3 months ago
I cant believe they got the actual tekashi 69 to play himself lol
Duh 654
Duh 654 3 months ago
Kyle is not believable as a tough guy
ABtheGreat69 3 months ago
"Bitch, I'm accused of crimes you can't even concieve of" strongest quote I heard today XD
Melon 3 months ago
Tekashi 69 is just there to get all the info he needs to snitch 9.
Reza Behnood
Reza Behnood 3 months ago
Yeah so funny making fun of Julian Assange’s situation, US created for him for the crime of revealing unbelievable corruption running the world
Lloyd Darnell
Lloyd Darnell 3 months ago
6-9 heibachy should be shot it the street on Easter Night
kayemen415 3 months ago
Assange sounds american.
Sanquinlily 3 months ago
James Bond super-villains usually don't get nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes.
afro deity
afro deity 3 months ago
SNL at their VERY BEST.
Panta Rei 83
Panta Rei 83 3 months ago
Didn't no you could go to jail for snitching ... snitch9
Simian Stareyes
Simian Stareyes 3 months ago
Lori did pay for a prison consultant... She probly make a mean shive!
None of Your business
How did they not have Will Ferrell do a 'Unabomber' appearance.
Mason DeRoss
Mason DeRoss 3 months ago
Goober 3 months ago
John McAfee is crazier
Ethan ethan
Ethan ethan 3 months ago
Shoulda had Hillary!!
ritemoelaw_books83 3 months ago
The real-life overachieving grandma bookworm, or the imaginary supervillain that's a female version Putin, and only exist in the minds of cult members?
Wheeler Knight
Wheeler Knight 3 months ago
I thought Michael Keaton was Orson Welles at first😂
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