Jaden - Ninety

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May 21, 2020




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João Bittencourt
João Bittencourt 2 hours ago
Still dope
Mizrahhi 7 hours ago
I wish there was a full verse where he didn’t stop rapping . ☹️
Aaron Bernhardt
Aaron Bernhardt 10 hours ago
Saw this after his song Batman. This is real that other stuff was wack
AngeL 17 hours ago
Hendra 19 hours ago
This shit is fayaaarrr...
m a r c e ll u s
m a r c e ll u s 22 hours ago
😔 perfect
Red Raven
Red Raven 23 hours ago
Its so cool watching this man grow up.
brenda chapman
you make me want to cry in never stop i love your music please sing a again i have to dance in hug in smile in play
Live Love
Live Love Day ago
Who writes for you you said you had no money lol! I love it I’m living this song right now! Right now! I’m sorry, I mean right now!
Temaki GL
Temaki GL Day ago
Wagner souza
Wagner souza Day ago
Mande in Brasil '' tamos on✅
daucatmoi vlznun
Clay Whitfield
He's not crying.. he's regrouping..
Ciara Haidara
approved by donald trump
Ciara Haidara
my name is ciara and i want some jaden smith in my life
Ciara Haidara
wow jaden smith is bae
Tokolo Joseph
jade ali
jade ali Day ago
Jaden the life force me to move true love if I make more assistant don't cry please be cool you're never alone right here with you love you😢😭😭
Alexis Chavez
Demons Cry Too album trailer: ruvid.net/video/video-49HOj7iknkM.html
Alpha Xilent
Alpha Xilent Day ago
6:17 is sooo similar to the beginning of Pornography from Travis Scott's album Rodeo or Apple Pie at 2:55 from the same album. I know jaden has been called out to copy Travis Scott style after Erys. Here it is again.
Andersia Fernas
Andersia Fernas 2 days ago
he is so creative
Nay Gamer
Nay Gamer 2 days ago
cristóbal soto
cristóbal soto 2 days ago
Best song of 2020
Nespa 2 days ago
aoy tu gan
Tuck 2 days ago
Tyler Medley
Tyler Medley 2 days ago
can we acknowledge the fact that he made this 8 min and kept it entertaining the whole time. not many people can do that.
ada a
ada a 3 days ago
Itzel Avila
Itzel Avila 3 days ago
He's so underrated smh, this video needs more views all of his videos
detoogni 3 days ago
I liked this album, congratulations Jaden
Kgotso Hlapolosa
Kgotso Hlapolosa 3 days ago
眠い用心棒 3 days ago
I absolutely love the style shift at around 3:10. It gives off a similar aesthetic to EDEN's work; a beautiful blend of sorrow, solace, and ethereal-ism.
Peace By Christ
Peace By Christ 3 days ago
I literally called it out 5 years ago that he would be one the of new hip-hop leaders of this upcoming generation...Look now! BOOM! 💥 Said this the majority were 💤ing on him!!🗣
Memesponge_487 4 days ago
I've played this song more times than I would like to admit..........
Enos Amimo
Enos Amimo 4 days ago
Jaden: we all come from Africa Me:WHATT
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 4 days ago
I was in this close👌to lose some friend because he talking sh*t bout Jaden a lot of lies but I told him the truth and we good now so, please don't believe any stupid bout, anyone, unless u sure of it and I hope to everyone have a nice day
Garry Elber
Garry Elber 4 days ago
Kurus kw......makin kurussssss...mntp bulan
Jay Wawawalker
Jay Wawawalker 4 days ago
Love lol
izzy fai
izzy fai 4 days ago
Listened to this for 10th time, immediately went to write some more poetry afterwards
Thinkgs Thinkgermer
1:07 yo intentando que no me robe el drogadicto de la esquina alv
William Mendes pereira
Mano som muito top é nois
Nicholas Mesquita
P! 5 days ago
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom 5 days ago
use me as "still waiting for karate kid 2" button
Vocalistic Kopano
Who's jamming with me 2020
Arlindo Camarada
Arlindo Camarada 5 days ago
Where’s the kind person with the lyrics? :)
Dylan Franco
Dylan Franco 5 days ago
Love you, you're great.
Ricardo Quezada Morales
jaden is underrated
frojutsu 5 days ago
Fallen vibes, loved ittt
Mclean Uwuses
Mclean Uwuses 5 days ago
So fucking underrated
Stanley Dany Pierre
August wrote this 🤣
Fatiha S. Ali
Fatiha S. Ali 6 days ago
I love you wayyyyy more
Namii Tv
Namii Tv 6 days ago
*Now we need that Lost Boy music video!!! WE KNOW YOU GOT IT IN YOU PHONE MISTER!!*
Philip Dyson
Philip Dyson 6 days ago
this is trash
SubconsciousCat 6 days ago
5:45 this build up gives me goosebumps to this day. every time i listen i sing along and it touches my heart every time. infinite respect
Tafadzwa Machi
Tafadzwa Machi 6 days ago
04:31 touched me so deep
Tafadzwa Machi
Tafadzwa Machi 2 days ago
I really doubt that will gooo
ana t
ana t 2 days ago
saying that we'll ruuun awaaaaaay
ValladolidArde 6 days ago
bro needs some animal protein, good tune, would like to hear a mainstream hit tho, not all this deep introspective stuff
DavioTube 6 days ago
Jadens so talented and criminally underrated.
yoongo boongo
yoongo boongo 6 days ago
does anyone know what kind of genre this song is? i love this song a lot and i’d love to listen to more like it !!
The Demon Slayer
The Demon Slayer 3 days ago
Its jaden Baby, There aint anyone else like him
Wyuheuwhe Shuwehiwhe
Roses are red violets are blue if you give a like God will forgive you 0:22xx
Gabrielle_ Walker
It makes me mad that he is so talented but he's underrated, It's always like that with artist who are so amazing.
Kelly Hooker
Kelly Hooker 7 days ago
Loved your mom and dad, they definitely made a beautiful baby, been a joy watching you grow, but what I love most is your uniqueness! Love this song shows your heart♥️
Kayla 7 days ago
The cancer energy radiates from him and i *love it*
GGbrizzy 7 days ago
Oh I'm so glad Jaden decided to make music!!! Bless our ears !
Ceehdeeh 7 days ago
crazy to think I was born in in 90, and I grew up with your dads song/remake, just the 2 of us. cool to see you grown up now and doing you.
K Nabeela
K Nabeela 7 days ago
Kathryn Manning
Kathryn Manning 7 days ago
Yikes.... that was worse than I imagined it could be.
Karim Barouda
Karim Barouda 7 days ago
Im sorry...Who is Syre?
TheGoodPring 7 days ago
This song hits home.gg Jaden.
Min V
Min V 8 days ago
There is no artist today like Jaden, he is unique passionate and woke . I love you Jaden.. I hope I can meet you and vibe with you one day:(:
TJ 8 days ago
what a beautiful song
Light workx
Light workx 8 days ago
who else cried ?
Gaming Scoote
Gaming Scoote 8 days ago
i liked in the instant i heard the synth LOL WP jaden keep it up!
Juan N
Juan N 8 days ago
AJ Wulf
AJ Wulf 8 days ago
Please jaden do karate kid with jackie one more time !! But in the karate kid you’re a rapper hahahahah
Isma 8 days ago
i love you
Hazem Babsoun
Hazem Babsoun 5 days ago
Rulo 6 days ago
Jaysons Corner
Jaysons Corner 8 days ago
isn't it amazing we've all watched these people grow up to be even more amazing than they could've ever imagined... i mean jaden is an inspiration on his own account, knowing he comes from a rich family it is truly an inspiration that he is so artistic and independent in his work and his amazing music just goes to show the brains this kid turned man has, I hope you read this and it makes your life even better Jaden, i know your music makes my life better
Maurine Odongo
Maurine Odongo 8 days ago
I love his style.its unique
Sasha Bell
Sasha Bell 9 days ago
I love this song
Adeline Megne Neche
Mariano Sobico
Mariano Sobico 9 days ago
el productor esta loco, un flash de 8 minutos
Money Baggs
Money Baggs 9 days ago
mario dire dire docks
TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo
truly beautiful
Hanna Nagy-Leranth
Do you think Will Smith liked this
Kao Kpp
Kao Kpp 9 days ago
Henry Mgn
Henry Mgn 9 days ago
Apart from blue this was my favourite
Leonard 9 days ago
Give me the feels Jaden!!
Fido Didodol channel
Hey jaden...miss karate kid
Signorenza Assem
Signorenza Assem 10 days ago
"This is not my country, we all come from Africa" I love that part
Willy brown
Willy brown 7 days ago
ikimchi 10 days ago
getting real mac miller vibes here
israzan omi
israzan omi 10 days ago
jaden is me
whalien 52
whalien 52 10 days ago
I don't like songs that are too short or too long but I don't mind this. It never gets old.
TakingOutTheTrash 10 days ago
Best song of all time period
Lara 10 days ago
That's my favorite song ever, I listen to it every day, I'm so glad this MV exists :)
Bastian Dohlen
@Lara no worries:) its not just a song u know im sayin? its just kind of me and its and endless vibe. Glad to found another person who thinks so! enjoy your day
Lara 6 days ago
@Bastian Dohlen If there's one song I would play on loop for eternity, that's it. It just gives you all kinds of feelings and reminds you of situations you're not even sure actually happened. I'm so glad I listened to NINETY before I die. Sorry for the rant XD
Bastian Dohlen
Bastian Dohlen 8 days ago
Same dude
so glad i got to see him live 2 years ago :)
Zaesha McCloud
Zaesha McCloud 10 days ago
Bruh Jaden with Odessa....there is no other music that compares.
Eli Sanchez
Eli Sanchez 10 days ago
Wow i feel old now 😭
AveolarD 10 days ago
BLM- couldn't find a black girl to play the part? smmfh
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