Jad Halal - The SunSet live from Jetté Bchare- Lebanon For Cafe De Anatolia

Jad Halal
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Jad Halal - The SunSet live from Jetté Bchare- Lebanon For Cafe De Anatolia

Sharing Exceptional Views From my Beloved Country Lebanon, More video Likes this will be made if you liked and commented and Please Subscribe For More Music. Thank You

Video Photo By Sary Asmar :

Site and Facilities Cedarzing :

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Track List :

1 Phanoman - sitar
2 Boshoco - talet
3 Ahwak (Jad Halal Remix)
4 Valeron - resha
5 Miret - paloma (Roderic Remix )
6 Phanoman - balabania
7 She Know - Natural medicina
8 Mettabana Derun ft Huda Asfour - encore Derun Remix
9 Natureza (valeron Remix)
10 Anatolian Session - Salda

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Sep 15, 2020




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Comments 385
Elle 3 hours ago
thank you for creating this beauty and sharing it, much love :)
Andrew Jardine
Andrew Jardine 16 hours ago
i lone this sound - sooooooo good, dreat work Jad
Lointaine Étoile
I love it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Zenpanda100 Gaming
Hey, can we please get a 7 hour mix? I need an extended playlist for work 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Cervi
Darren Cervi 7 days ago
Lion Team
Lion Team 7 days ago
La tiza como se diría en mí país🇨🇺 excelente música
Jeremy Herrera
Jeremy Herrera 8 days ago
that view completly divine
Akpar Kosimov
Akpar Kosimov 8 days ago
Poison Path Botanicals
SUPER!!!! Love it
Suhail Butt
Suhail Butt 12 days ago
How much longer before we get a follow up? Great combination music, sunset and scenery 👏👏
Princess  chanel
Princess chanel 12 days ago
Amazing we love you from indonesia,god bless lebanon🌟❤😍✨🌞🌞🌺💐🙏
Stu Mountjoy
Stu Mountjoy 13 days ago
Where beautiful music meets beautiful landscapes...
Lívia Aboudaya
Lívia Aboudaya 19 days ago
Thanks for the trip! 👏 I really miss Lebanon.. 🇱🇧♥️ Greetings from Hungary!
Ahmed Berrou
Ahmed Berrou 21 day ago
Awesome view , this makes dream about a dance party , big from Mauritania 🇲🇷
Mon -Ra
Mon -Ra 25 days ago
Great music! Great mix! But, put headphones jack in!
such bliss in one track , i am ready to forget all the years i have lived so far , just to start afresh with this one 🤍🤍🤍
Андрей Котов
Спасибо -Спасибо -Спасибо!!!!!
Marzanna Malcherczyk
Piękna muzyka ale daj gazu
Rob Zen
Rob Zen Month ago
What an epic place to play your music! Mind blowing...
Ibrahim Usta
Ibrahim Usta Month ago
٢٣ BABYL Oh how much I love these clouds Spreading over Borbala hills, Will ever they’d be happy as for merging together, They sprinkle soft drizzle on me. No matter how hard others try Once never d’ they craddle, Betlehem conjoin’d ventures, ever again, said King David, ١٧٨١٨٧-178187 teardrop like a hope D’ on to ground drip, Violet kadife menevşe, fe. How beautiful was his dear, Would it flow like cloud. From one hill to another will, Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Then to Agri attach’d, to the Ararat mountain. Koçari was whoes darling? waves in Kurdish halay II III 212 Like the drum plays 193 1/3 ١۶٣ Dancing kocek with the zil, Ciftetelli at Turk to Greek, On the Fingertip of Cherkes, Try to catch it, now... Koshara, Koshara, Runs until Bagdat, Brings back the old promise, the BABYLON, Turn back the Greek Ship with Roman trees, Bosnasevdalinka, oh dear Dabke! of the Levant, lets dance Srpski kolo, Megrel and Georgian zeimi, Right now thyself collects gazzel laying over the fields Hamsheni... *unno prious
Stancho Bodurov
Stancho Bodurov Month ago
Very good set ! Bravo ! And the location is amazing ... must visit ! Greetings from Bulgaria ! Sukran !
DJ Acevici
DJ Acevici Month ago
Great music, I love it 👍👍🎶🎶
Westley Ben
Westley Ben Month ago
@Max Mario instablaster =)
Max Mario
Max Mario Month ago
i guess Im randomly asking but does someone know of a method to log back into an instagram account? I somehow forgot my login password. I appreciate any help you can give me
Jhuvy Lao
Jhuvy Lao Month ago
Lovely🎼🎶 so perfect for my bellydance routine♥️♥️♥️💃💃💃 from Philippines
LyesTrance 2 months ago
9zangano 2 months ago
Comrades at 20-21 minute it plays the music from the Greek song "Milo Gia Sena" of Matoula Zamani, which song is that? Also, is it only greek or also middle eastern rythm?
Pierluigi Potsy Monsignori
magia pura
GYMKong Official
GYMKong Official 2 months ago
The video is really good and useful
Оксана Крымская
Спасибо большое за музыку!
Music ON
Music ON 2 months ago
DJ LINA OFFICIAL 2 months ago
Love your music
YOYOY GOLDBLUME 2 months ago
Hamid Samiei
Hamid Samiei 2 months ago
Tanner Trokey
Tanner Trokey 2 months ago
The sun Goin down and sitting right on top of that mountain peak. O my God! Beautiful and on point my brotherian.
Helen Coakley
Helen Coakley 2 months ago
CAFE DE INDIA 2 months ago
To the 1% who saw this comment: You are worthy of love and positivity. May you be blessed. ❤️ Thanks for sharing.❤️
Ulvi Savalanli
Ulvi Savalanli 2 months ago
G. Merve Şık
G. Merve Şık 2 months ago
26.35 Turkish beauty
Michael Lawinsky
Michael Lawinsky 2 months ago
Manan Ej
Manan Ej 2 months ago
Wow ! Grt Build uP !
solares solares
solares solares 3 months ago
lennie seaman
lennie seaman 3 months ago
spectacular.... thank you
UndinesWelt 3 months ago
I love your music and I love Lebanon ... have u already played in Beit ad Dine? One of my most beloved places in Lebanon 🇱🇧❤
Little devil
Little devil 3 months ago
Вроде все красиво но если посмотреть фильмы как живут люди в горах эти старики в шапках дети в пыли камни на дороге магазинов почти нет школ автобусов домиков мало глушь и на учебу думаю там отправляют в город всем аулом каддый понемногу кто что может лишь бы еще один человек вернулся умный потому что вла с ть не помагает Иногда страшно смотреть фильмы про жизнь в горах
Павло Ігнатенко
nice to keep. I'm from Ukraine
Wise Photographics / Clare Wise de Wet
Fantastic! Thank you 🙏🏼☮️❤️
Tere Salas
Tere Salas 3 months ago
Espectacular 😍 gracias!!
Tere Salas
Tere Salas 3 months ago
Todos pertenecemos a el todo. Dios creó la música y el sonido. 💜💜💜🌠👑
Tere Salas
Tere Salas 3 months ago
Ragil Neri
Ragil Neri 3 months ago
Ko pagi atau sore ko da?
Jesucristo Jesucristo
Pues, el sonido quedó genial. Pero, estoy Confundida que no sé si este también contiene canción de voz. ¿Suena cantando también? Es que yo nací hipoacúsica congénita. Por favor y gracias.
rafaella giovanna
rafaella giovanna 3 months ago
Lindas imagens 🇧🇷🌸
Елена Ким
Елена Ким 3 months ago
Christi Hammond
Christi Hammond 3 months ago
Goodness look at that view totally inspiring and breathtaking. Escape. Total.
Vladimír Kroczka
Vladimír Kroczka 3 months ago
super music !!!
George Georgiev
George Georgiev 3 months ago
Who sings the original Ahwak ?
Sophi Katz
Sophi Katz 3 months ago
In love
David Roger Guinot
David Roger Guinot 3 months ago
Rn Cc
Dimitri Stathos
Dimitri Stathos 3 months ago
Thanks for the beautiful music and views, cheers from Los Angeles California.
JiYoung Moon
JiYoung Moon 3 months ago
So cool, dude 😎👍🏼
Maria 3 months ago
Tanj Smit
Tanj Smit 3 months ago
Елена Вотчиль
Красавчик 🤑
DNL MDNA 3 months ago
Esquisita !!! Genial !!! Todo
Светлая Свет
Музыка улет просто! Я летаююю! Благодарю!
Carmen 3 months ago
Rambo Excess
Rambo Excess 3 months ago
Amazing, i can listen to this for a very long times
Evgen 3 months ago
😁😎😎😎Aaaa sex For my ears
1977smoking 3 months ago
I already knew your work but this set is magnificent!!!!!
paradise theta
paradise theta 3 months ago
mükemmel :)13.00 mest oluorum .....
zaerkus 4 months ago
Increible cadencia y creatividad. Un gran descubrimiento para mí. Puedo durar días escuchando sin parar...
Anon O'mass
Anon O'mass 4 months ago
man Lebanon is a beautiful looking country
Emad Aboushakra
Emad Aboushakra 3 months ago
Its lebanon❤
Olga Zelentsova
Olga Zelentsova 4 months ago
Wow 🤩
anele renhsuk
anele renhsuk 4 months ago
jo delmor
jo delmor 4 months ago
Невероятна красота !!!!! Впечатлен съм. Уникален сет. Поздрави от България ! Мир и щастие за всички хора по света. 🇧🇬🇧🇬
Emil Ljesnjanin
Emil Ljesnjanin 4 months ago
but bro why you have to be so Brutal... sounds are so insane!
beni exiskel
beni exiskel 4 months ago
Bravo perfecto
Saparbek Suyarov
Saparbek Suyarov 4 months ago
Perfect bro!
Mixirica Games
Mixirica Games 4 months ago
great Mix! Can you guys update this video with high quality image?
Leandro Silva
Leandro Silva 4 months ago
The sun! You are amazing! I have a new artist to follow.
Juan Federico Garde
Juan Federico Garde 4 months ago
Fascinante, Federico / Germany
prameeth anuradha
prameeth anuradha 4 months ago
geat harts 🇱🇰
Ivo VIM 4 months ago
The rhythm is so smooth . . . Where is this filmed - the place is astonishing 😲
mix Colours
mix Colours 4 months ago
Ahna Ledesma
Ahna Ledesma 4 months ago
Love all the way. From USA with love….Indeed music is my refugee….
@ Just a Farmer in Lebanon 🇱🇧
So fire 🔥 ✌🏻 🇱🇧💜
@ Just a Farmer in Lebanon 🇱🇧
I’m gonna make a reel on @Instagram if that’s alright and tag you in it, with this track… من اخ مثلك بموت ب بلدو ✌🏻❤️‍🩹🧙‍♂️ @justafarmerinlebanon
visitor on earth
visitor on earth 4 months ago
Love from syria🤍
BrownSugar 83
BrownSugar 83 4 months ago
Jadran Babic
Jadran Babic 4 months ago
Lots of Balkan melos.
Jennifer Troy
Jennifer Troy 5 months ago
Love love love, deep from the heart of Texas ❤️
Fares bel haj
Fares bel haj 5 months ago
17:41 ???????
marisa costa
marisa costa 5 months ago
Amaizing country and music Libanon will raise soon
kati placencio
kati placencio 5 months ago
this is AMAZING and helps me focus
Luisa fernanda Cubides
De que país es este bello? Saludos desde colombia
Priority Circle
Priority Circle 5 months ago
You have hit the nail 👍👍👍👍👍 love your mixes ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Andy Bisak
Andy Bisak 5 months ago
Thank you for great music experience!
veysel akmil
veysel akmil 5 months ago
Angelique vd Ree
Angelique vd Ree 5 months ago
Breathtaking view 😍, and also the mountains 😉 Love from the Netherlands ❤️
Basel Melhem
Basel Melhem 5 months ago
Ido Assaf
Ido Assaf 5 months ago
Big love from Israel
user 6495
user 6495 Month ago
Isayitlikeitis Jones
youtube did me right today
Ana Medina
Ana Medina 5 months ago
So chilled, love this
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