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Accent Light Highlighter Palette - $49
Flash & Flare Palette
4 shades each
Mood Light Highlighter - $32
5 Shades
Beaming Light Highlighter - $24
5 Shades
J01 (Mood Light Brush) - $24
J02 (Accent Light Brush) - $20
J03 (Beaming Light Brush) - $20
Bring The Light Bundle: Brush Trio - $54
Bold & Beaming Bundle: Beaming Loose Highlight (all shades) + Brush - $120
Mood Light Duo: Luminous Powder + Brush - $49
Accent Light Duo: Highlighter Palette + Brush - $59
Beaming Light Duo: Loose Highlighter + Brush - $39




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Comments 80
Deniz Ayten
Deniz Ayten 3 days ago
16:00 so where does the mica come from?
Frejya Ort
Frejya Ort 6 days ago
she's getting fatter and fatter in every video, is that hypothyroidism coming from her product's mutations?
•Maki Chan•
•Maki Chan• 6 days ago
You're disgusting, bitch
Ambra Mae
Ambra Mae 13 days ago
Seriously people if you dont have something nice to say then shut the hell up. If you dont like her dont click on her videos. Most of you people only have something to say on a screen and wont say anything in person. Jump off her videos and let her alone
Dreiaaa 16 days ago
For those who are interested The cosmetics appear at 4:31
Mᥲrila Aschido
Mᥲrila Aschido 20 days ago
Vaughn Vaughns
Vaughn Vaughns 21 day ago
Love your products !
Bryan O'Leary
Bryan O'Leary 23 days ago
Katherine Grassie
Katherine Grassie 24 days ago
4. Your skin tone is flawless.
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour 26 days ago
She sells on youtube its her selling platform social.media and all people will buy this why vant sje sell.this huge bix to her fans in shops for $20 and stock till it goes it will show how much she cates for her fans. Too expensive did she say she was poor before if you was poor now ur rich how can Poor people afford these products. Now shes givining info to sell selling tricks on youtube people buy thus info nit me i wudnt go spend this money. But the products are nice so she does deserve little credit
MsSilentsiren 27 days ago
I feel sorry for the Fed Ex guys having to lug that around.
Inaldys Month ago
Im obsessed with the esthetic of this video plus you look beautiful!!!
no mi
no mi Month ago
fuck u jaclyn the hill
Marildia Adams
Marildia Adams Month ago
Mica... watch the Refinery 29 documentary. Child labor used to mine Mica..
John and Alexis
John and Alexis Month ago
Everybody deserves a second chance like y’all stop acting like GOD. If YOU (Bashers) will also launch something and it failed you’ll also feel bad about it. Y’all just overreacting and c’mon it’s 2020. She’s improving anyways! You guys are just attention seekers. Some are just pretending to be a user of her products but the reality is CAN’T AFFORD and just being on TREND to part of the TREND 😂 Bye ghorrrrl 😘
Chrissy Westwood
Whoever is reading this, you’re a bad bitch 😎. Don’t let people’s negativity bring you down.
Amy Stimson
Amy Stimson Month ago
Aw omg jaclyn this is so cute and we all are so proud of you keep going strong we love you
MakeupbyIreneC Month ago
Went to morphe to see the collection, had the chance to touch, feel and try on. I loved it! Quality product and beautiful packaging Jaclyn! Picked up Dew me 😊
Aditya Arora
Aditya Arora Month ago
Amy Pelletier
Amy Pelletier Month ago
Stop le monde dit à tes rouge à lèvre ont des poils est.. mes ses pas vrais j'ai acheter 3et son directeur gangue de menteurs et continue tes jolie tes bonne ne arête pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🎈💙❤️❤️😘😘😘
Sadia B
Sadia B Month ago
I’ve been holding off, but now I think I’ll finally get the flash palette and a mood light. It’s been slowly growing on me haha. I’m just having trouble deciding on which shade. That’s why I came back to rewatch your video.
Tiffany Russell
Tiffany Russell Month ago
Sick of people complaining that “she only comes back to RUvid when she has something to sell”. Ugh. Who cares!!! She can use HER RUvid channel however she wants! If it’s to sell stuff, who cares!!! If y’all don’t like her get tf off of her videos. Why is everyone so worried about what she does with her time? She’s obviously working hard to get her brand going and putting in time there. So the time on RUvid is gonna suffer. I personally love watching her & will continue to support her! Can’t wait for my highlighter and new eyeshadow palette to arrive 🖤
Danielle Kruse
Danielle Kruse Month ago
I can't wait to try some of your highlighters. They absolutely look gorgeous and flawless. So do you sell your makeup in stores like ulta and sephora or is it only on your website?
No go
No go Month ago
Seriously I can’t believe you did that to your face on purpose .
Toosh Month ago
I’m so sorry you have to deal with literal CHILDREN and weird adults that speculate about your life and intentions and paint a picture of you that fits their own opinions without any insight. Don’t allow these nobodies to try and “cancel” you. Cyber bullying is real and it’s people so much younger than you that think they know more than you and it’s pathetic to read.
Lea Lopez
Lea Lopez Month ago
Oh good Lord here we go again 😂😂😂
Mariahs36 Month ago
She looks like a different person. What has she done to herself?
SydneyLoves Makeup
I think the first collab I ever got was Champagne pop! I want dew me and the flash palette and one of the brushes or two of those brushes! Maybe all three of them! Love you Jaclyn! :) #JaclynHill #JaclynCosmetics
Gabriela Silos
Gabriela Silos Month ago
How is no one talking about how the design looks like fenty !!!! And then the price girrrlllll ....
Stephanie Castillo
Reminds me of the champagne pop blush/highlighter palette packaging.
Vanessa Tatiana
Vanessa Tatiana Month ago
So great colors Jaclyn.😁👏🏾
retaj !
retaj ! Month ago
wow not a single positive comment..
Chelsey Foster
Chelsey Foster Month ago
I’m unsubbing. Your entire channel just seems like 1 big ad...
Alexis Loby
Alexis Loby Month ago
This is literally disgusting. The audacity of this woman. I’m so grossed out by her.
Chelsea Garcia
Chelsea Garcia Month ago
and your makeup is AMAZING!
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones Month ago
Queen Morales
Queen Morales Month ago
Doing a raffle over 250$ value on my insta : mayramorales9213 **ALL PRODUCTS ARE AUTHENTIC **tickets will be 5$ each. All products are brand new. 1 James Charles Pallete, 1 Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Pallete, 1 Morphe Boss Mood Pallete, 1 Colourpop Truly Mad Pallete, 1 Colourpop California Love Pallete, 3 blender sponge kits, & I threw in a cute mug set from Ulta as well. For every 2 people you refer and they buy a ticket you get an extra free ticket! Help a momma out thank you 🙂 Let me know and I will post my PayPal info, if you don’t have paypal comment and let me know what payment option you’ve got and I’ll get. If there’s a lot of interest I will add more things to increase value. I can always ship out to the winner as well ! If you don’t live in Washington
Tana Mongeau's toothbrush
Honestly I hope that this makeup wont stab me or give me infections
Ayda Ray
Ayda Ray Month ago
That blush is too much and horrible
Maria Stary
Maria Stary Month ago
Elle Otanez
Elle Otanez Month ago
Y’all wonder why she doesn’t post...BECAUSE YOURE EXTREMELY CRITICAL “FANS.” she gets attacked in every comment section. Shit, I wouldn’t post anything either. Get over yourselves
AJ Ebrahimnejad
AJ Ebrahimnejad Month ago
I was thinking the same thing going through the comments. It is very sad. This is the first J Hill video I've ever watched. Heard a little about her controversy but for them to be attacking her weight, her looks, her integrity. Damn, she is only ONE person and had thousands of people coming at her so viciously. What do they expect? Who wants to deal with such intense egregiousness every time they post a video. This is so sad.
Gia Loren
Gia Loren 2 months ago
trying to look like becca
Liz Lika
Liz Lika 2 months ago
I’ll never buy anything from her after watching all the back story vids on her collabs with morphe, sigma, makeup geek etc. She seems deceptive and greedy af. Not a good look! All she cares about is her fame and her bottom line
Marissa Alquizalas
Marissa Alquizalas 2 months ago
Very nice pls watch ruvid.net/video/video-jpEieYdjIaA.html&feature=share
sami bressette
sami bressette 2 months ago
Why does her face look sooo bloated or fatty? Did she get work done AGAIN?!
c schaan
c schaan 2 months ago
What has she done to her face
Cami s
Cami s 2 months ago
At this point this woman should seriously be thrown in jail. Seems like it's the only way to stop her clownery behaviour.
Katarina G
Katarina G 2 months ago
Seriously, you looked better b4 all the face work. Can't look at her. Here for comments 🤷‍♀️
KattiaC. Najera
KattiaC. Najera 2 months ago
She got fatter
Bunny The Bear
Bunny The Bear 2 months ago
Watching a narcissist is fascinating.
Bunny Baby
Bunny Baby 2 months ago
Did her fillers make her face puffy?
Nicole Fisher
Nicole Fisher 2 months ago
How many times is she going to say her deeper highlighters don’t work on her skin. We get it.
Dian NurmalitaS
Dian NurmalitaS 2 months ago
if asians can be this shameless... millions people could still saved from suicide
Hanin Fadel
Hanin Fadel 2 months ago
Don't trust your words
Isabella Campione
Isabella Campione 2 months ago
Nah I don’t trust it
Bijela Ruza
Bijela Ruza 2 months ago
Neda Adil Mãliq
Neda Adil Mãliq 2 months ago
Is she pregnant or did she put on soooo much weight Im confused anyone????
Amber Awesomeness
Amber Awesomeness 2 months ago
Stop tryinggggg oml there’s gonna be more metal and shit
B. Family
B. Family 2 months ago
People need to stop ordering from this women..🙄
DeadGirlJimmie 2 months ago
Isn't everyone scared to buy anything from her after the lipsticks??
Living with Chronic Pain With Aria
I haven’t tried any of jacklyn’s make up products yet but I need to give them a try and see for myself! She looks so glam!
Soksy 2 months ago
So yet another highlight??? Meh... Don’t we have enough already?!!!!
Angela S
Angela S 2 months ago
i have never scrolled so far or read so many comments on a video before in my life. you would have thought this was MY video and i was looking at hate comments about myself i scrolled so far down.. i have no idea what happened to jaclyn... i have been subscribed to jaclyn since i was 12. 11 years later and i absolutely don’t recognize her... inside and out i have no idea who she is anymore.. i am actually on the verge of unsubscribing and that brings tears to my eyes. i used to look up to jaclyn and learn so much from her. she taught me my eyebrow technique as well as winged liner.. to say i am lost is an understatement.. what happened?
haley smith
haley smith 2 months ago
who cares if she's coming on here to sell us things? it's her channel, it's her time, her money, her product, and she's a beauty INFLUENCER. she influences beauty products... it's her job. kudos to her for doing another launch, while y'all are mad, i'll be using her morphe brushes and pallets :)
Julia Sarahh
Julia Sarahh 2 months ago
Maria 2 months ago
I'd like to try her products but as a disabled veteran I really cant afford it. I liked it more when she has no money and her body scrubs were sugar etc. I do like morphe but I can see their prices going up as well. Hate to but back to drug store stuff. Makes me so sad.
mikaa Ruby
mikaa Ruby 2 months ago
She's trash. And reminds me of the fucking moon emoji
zylene del mundo
zylene del mundo 2 months ago
Why her face so bloated is she sick?
Abbie Kramer
Abbie Kramer 2 months ago
It really sucks that you only put out content now when you're getting ready to launch a product. Definitely feels like you're using your subscribers.
Unrealpodz 2 months ago
unrealpodz.com/eyebrowpencil NAtural product for eyebrow
Michaella Blackey
Michaella Blackey 2 months ago
JH uses her channel only when she wants to sell something and then "poof" nowhere to be found....money does change ppl
Junebaby80 2 months ago
2:36 I see that tag...did you return that dress after you smeared your ass all over it?
Fati Lami
Fati Lami 2 months ago
I haven't seen her in months, and I am shocked how much weight she gained. Is it because of stres or is it because she likes to eat food? Almost didn't recognise her.
Diana Herazo-Beedle
Diana Herazo-Beedle 2 months ago
Fati Lami preggo
Anna Hutson
Anna Hutson 2 months ago
I really supported you through the lipstick thing and stuff because I understood it wasn’t on purpose but like.... you’ve officially disappeared for 2 months now off RUvid after making a few videos to sell ur highlighters. This doesn’t look good at all
Pelle 2 months ago
what the fuck is up with her face??????? her face is bigger than people that weigh 200 KG
Pelle 2 months ago
is she pregnant or is she pumping all that jaclyn cosmetic money into her face??
Anita Robijn
Anita Robijn 2 months ago
I hear the next product she's launching is fluffy white gloves :P
dissociate 2 months ago
I know your next video will be something like ‘Why I haven’t posted’ or something along the line of you having to take care of your mental health because the internet is so mean to you and, honestly, that’s fine. A person’s mental health is important. However, it seems you can’t cope with your RUvid ‘job’ anymore since you don’t upload videos for months at a time unless you have something to sell (even your fans notice this). I think you should just stop your RUvid and concentrate on your makeup line because it’s not fair to say how much you love making tutorials, ect. for your fans when you haven’t done that in ages. You can still connect with your fans but you should be honest with them that you only post advertisements for your products now on RUvid otherwise you’re just giving your fans false hope while taking all their hard-earned money.
Prizzilla 2 months ago
Hahaha someone on her video before this called her ass out for only posting that video because she was about to sell us something again!
Kri3tina 2 months ago
Holy shit, I've never seen such a nasty comments section BUT ALL OF THESE COMMENTS ARE TRUE
Kyleigh Madill
Kyleigh Madill 2 months ago
Where have you been girl?? I love your makeup and tutorials why haven’t you been posting lately..
dissociate 2 months ago
Don't worry. She'll be back when she launches new products to sell.
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