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People always ask about my setup so here it is!
Thank you Origin for the brand new MONSTER PC bit.ly/2O4P5Uc
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May 17, 2019




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Comments 7 148
jacksepticeye 4 months ago
Pc specs: i9 9900k at 4.6GHz CPU 64GB RAM Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti 2x 1Tb hard drives Elgato HD60 pro capture card (for consoles) Everything else: Shure blx4r wireless lav Sennheiser mkh416 Sony a7r ii Elgato key lights Elgato stream deck Logitch pro g mouse and keyboard GoXLR mixer
Ruben OLIVER 12 days ago
Jesus christ 64GB of RAM
Edward Eyes
Edward Eyes Month ago
Battsie Month ago
showoff :( lol
Maarten 22
Maarten 22 2 months ago
Fangal 2 months ago
Fliberjig1 Official HDD
Tw1ce N1ce
Tw1ce N1ce Day ago
epic comment right here
Dominic Beaudoin
Dominic Beaudoin 2 days ago
Did Sean mention why he's got gaffer's tape/duct tape on his chair?
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas 3 days ago
it feels so pure that he describes his pc and its components as "strong".
Mundi 3 days ago
I can tell just by your door that you are wealthy and have a nice house
itsCallum 3 days ago
Pewds plays games standing and looks at memes sitting Swedish people right?
Octobotimus 4 days ago
But what do you use for that amazing beard?
TheSaxAppeal 6 days ago
Me: sees whiteboard Also me: L A U G H
Quadro GV100: AM I A JOKE TO YOU!
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
Wonder what editing software he uses?
Max ekjrbfhjbsrfkjebrf
nice pc
RAP1DCL1CKS 8 days ago
Where did you get the things for the walls?
Kusayama Joe
Kusayama Joe 9 days ago
fix ur lamp
Scape Man
Scape Man 9 days ago
"I remember when i used to play drums" Wait so you don't play drums anymore?
Cassy Unnie
Cassy Unnie 9 days ago
tsk tsk tsk... frickin sasaengs all over the place...
Josva Meinhard
Josva Meinhard 10 days ago
3:30 Woah shiny beard
SuperSky 10 days ago
Ok jack is there any good recording software you could recommend or something on recording mostly like the gameplay
gron 12 days ago
hey Jack I'm getting or not the Razer siren elite $200 I'm 12 and I wish to be a good RUvidr also I watched you when I was 4 or 5 😁
xX 乃ㄖ丂丂卂尺ㄖ Xx
Why does his beard look so *majestic*
Swallow Your Goldfish
Oscar 12 days ago
The lav mic cant "send it" hard enough
Of Course Little Boi
shut ur ass up and stop flexing
Update Your smartphone
A challange: Take out the SSD (and store it SECURLY), put a new one in. Install a GNU/Linux Distro. Try to record and edit 1 video. A few gaming tip: Borderlands 2, Plague Inc, City Skyline, Civ5 or just Rocket League.
D_ Spy
D_ Spy 14 days ago
Where do you put your PS4
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 15 days ago
Cough cough RICH!!!!!!!!!!
CA Games
CA Games 15 days ago
How dare you not mention poor poor spider loaf
Sharpen TV
Sharpen TV 15 days ago
U're a fan of The Office, okay now i'm a lifetime sub
Pandemic 15 days ago
Os Jack getting grey hair ?
Mr.Birdie 16 days ago
I neeeeeed that desk
StatTack 16 days ago
a fucking million dollar computer and a ducktaped chair, he has made it
intelligent Human
intelligent Human 17 days ago
Which monitors does he use?
Brick Break
Brick Break 17 days ago
jack: this is the best graphics card in the world Minecraft with realistic shader: the best graphics card? "spits" WEAK
KDaKing 18 days ago
m8 ur airs goin white
Fair Plays
Fair Plays 18 days ago
Content is king everyone. (coming from someone who doesn't have much content, I know, but we're working on that.) Even if you have the best setup in the world, your views will still be low. Create content. Create a youtube personality (even if that is just being yourself). People will watch if you are funny. You'll just need to give the viewers some time to find you first. Save up for the good stuff. Use the time while you're still low on viewers/subs to work on your personality.
Dale Larroza
Dale Larroza 18 days ago
What kind of app does he use to record his gameplay?
Jammyjim07 19 days ago
I have a pretty good computer huge case, GeForce thx 720 or 760 or whatever it’s perfect for what I do my only downside with my pc is one of the rams are shot I am supposed to have an 8gb ram (which is more than enough for me) but now I can only get 4gb out of it. It’s a Corsair can someone tell me if a pc like that is good or not.
I need to know your chair
That" action "scared a heck out of me
Jxshua Yuzn
Jxshua Yuzn 20 days ago
Finally, a non tech tuber that actually overclocks their i9 9900k
Murex 19 days ago
айс кайс
айс кайс 20 days ago
😋❤️❤️ like
Suckmy Something
Suckmy Something 20 days ago
Thx jack
[GST] FlyingHorse20
"I might use that small mic for regular content..." Nah. Also your computer is beast. I just made mine and she does not compare at ALL to yours...
Adeeb Jagirdar
Adeeb Jagirdar 22 days ago
Jack: I can play all high graphics games Detroit Become Human: Am I a joke to you
Shams Aldin Hamdy
Shams Aldin Hamdy 22 days ago
Is it good to use a laptop with Intel celeron, 4GB RAM and 500 GB ROM and it's lagging alot and I don't know what to do because I can't buy better stuff
Penguin Man
Penguin Man 21 day ago
If for work like PowerPoint or Excel than yes it is good but for games it isn't, except of course lite ones such as Papers Please, FNAF
xxhalogamer22xx 23 days ago
A gamer's dream
Eclipse YT
Eclipse YT 23 days ago
I have the exact same setup😯
Daina Spure
Daina Spure 23 days ago
Who else thinks Sean should try braiding his hair? :D
Jaiden Ganging134
Jaiden Ganging134 23 days ago
Do more life is strange because I like that
Niki Riki
Niki Riki 24 days ago
You should do more drumming vids
Sohil Ahmad
Sohil Ahmad 24 days ago
We’re is the intro
Editor Playz
Editor Playz 24 days ago
Afcorse you "LOV" it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Im sorry
Chinkrit Subunvong
Chinkrit Subunvong 24 days ago
hell yeah
MOPAR MAN 24 days ago
I really wanna know the kinda microphone he has hooked up
MOPAR MAN 24 days ago
What kinda mic were you pointing to that you said you didn’t use for vr
ThatKiddRich 24 days ago
How did you know what goes into what when you started get all the cameras mics and pc’s???
SeanyBoi 24 days ago
ur pc is worth my living room
Android Toots
Android Toots 24 days ago
Jack going grey
TOAST Rawr 24 days ago
You should try pc building simulator
MattDP 24 days ago
I wish i could have that pc
Jonathan Candare
Jonathan Candare 24 days ago
So what would u recommend for new youtubers? What specs? 8gb ram? 4gb ram??
Joel Deakin
Joel Deakin 24 days ago
For any job, if you can have more. Take it.
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