Ja Rule Responds To Eminem Dissing Him On 'Killshot'.. "You're A Clout Chaser" + 50 Cent Reacts

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Sep 22, 2018




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Comments 12 643
S. Davis
S. Davis Day ago
They chased Ja outta hip hop. I’ve never seen anything like it, but the fact is he was shoved off the top and he can’t come back because young folks don’t even know who he is outside of the beef because playing his music (after the beef started) made you a lame for even being a fan. Even Fat Joe got torched for making a song with Ja. And the song was fire! Lol, 50 was relentlessly...
JAY Lee Day ago
Bruh ja rule was a wannabe Tupac
Charbelk 3 days ago
So ja is alive waw 🤔
Nathan Chigs
Nathan Chigs 4 days ago
Who is ja rule?
Aj Moton
Aj Moton 5 days ago
Ru u have no clout to chase
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 5 days ago
None of them beat ja rules who wanna die wit me track. Shyt was gangsta n fire and he dont have no testimonal tracks that threw ppl in jail. Unlike 50cent
BIG STEVE 5 days ago
JaRule ain’t even in the TOP 10 or even the TOP 20 of all time! But he think he the GOAT? WTF? He needs to get off that GO FAST and come back down to reality! And he said M was “clout chasing?” LMFAO!!! Lil niggas make me laugh, I can remember the scene in Fast and Furious where it looked like he needed a BOOSTER seat in his car! LOL. “Monicaaaa!!!”
Davor Skenderović
And this is why you don't take drugs kids.
Gabriel Quiyote
Gabriel Quiyote 6 days ago
Who's Ja Rule?
joshua Wilson
joshua Wilson 8 days ago
ja rule ur a bitch you arent legendary
Unknown 032301
Unknown 032301 8 days ago
I ain't even know who ja rule is never heard any songs from the man wtf
Brigada91 9 days ago
Lmao, Ja needs to sit the f. down and hold that L. He got murdered by Em
Aden Choi
Aden Choi 9 days ago
He should either make a better diss track or stfu
Farhad Faqiry
Farhad Faqiry 9 days ago
Who remebers the song called The Return of the Ja Fool
D. LAW 10 days ago
ja best rap lines The way you walk The way you move The way you talk
Vino BabyFace
Vino BabyFace 10 days ago
When did Pain is Love2 drop?😂😂😂😂😂
Hollow Man
Hollow Man 11 days ago
What clout do you get for dissing sombody without a career....
Corrupted Films
Corrupted Films 12 days ago
I kinda feel for Ja Rule Cause 50 Destroyed His Career And Now This, I Only Feel Bad Cause Everyone Dissin Ja, I Bet Half Of Yous Dissin Ja Don’t Have The Balls To Say It In His Face
SGT C DUB comming at yah
Silent Flores310
Silent Flores310 13 days ago
Who ever hatin on Ja rule..hes a fckin O.G...yall 50 pennies dickriders & EM dickriders be on their dick soo hard😂😂MGK murdered Em..Ja rule will murder 50..50 cent a snitchh...so is EM...EM always dissin but dnt even come out his house 😂😂
Jerry Hill
Jerry Hill 14 days ago
I love 50
Arifka Brave
Arifka Brave 15 days ago
Ja who?
Mashari E.
Mashari E. 15 days ago
One rule in life i've learned that whoever brag about what he has .. trust me, he has nothing.
Bobojon Rajabaliev
Bobojon Rajabaliev 15 days ago
Thanks to Eminem, I know Ja Rule
No life shaq must have let him out the toilet
Brian Stott
Brian Stott 16 days ago
Fuck Ja rule
Mr.J Jr
Mr.J Jr 16 days ago
So nick and Ja are the real clout chaser and also who let ja out of Shaq’s toilet
Nicklas Brady
Nicklas Brady 18 days ago
50 is off the chain
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 19 days ago
Eminem already ended him years ago nobody cares what he says now lol
Dwayne Greene
Dwayne Greene 20 days ago
"If Pac was still alive youd never get by"
Kirk O'reilly-Small
Didn't even know Ja was still breathing... He talks like he needs a punch in the throat
slieter 21 day ago
Ironic cus I don't even know who ja rule was until killshot
Antonio Dominguez
Ja rule been dead af what u mean
Master Z
Master Z 22 days ago
" thank you , we gon reschedule.. thank you " 🤣🤣
Lashid4U 23 days ago
50 Snitch is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the rapping Elvis: ruvid.net/video/video-Jl7LITnSzRA.html
Silent Flores310
Silent Flores310 13 days ago
50 pennies is 💩💩💩 EM is a scary pssy
Cody Wilton
Cody Wilton 26 days ago
Wait a minute ja rule Sang love songs not rap songs
D W 26 days ago
What? Ja Rule is still alive? I thought he died.
Yonkaboo Exkaboo
Yonkaboo Exkaboo 27 days ago
Lmfao, Ja Rule sales don’t even come close to Eminem’s. What the fuck is Ja smoking?
Collier Stephens
Collier Stephens 27 days ago
Idk for sure but Ja does realize me put out rap god for a reason right So I’m pretty sure he’s not the real god
The AThLaholics
The AThLaholics 27 days ago
How in TF does a super Nova like Eminem clout Chase?
Jakub Millward
Jakub Millward 27 days ago
Ja is delusional
Mcfluffy challenges
Lmfaoo ja rule is the one who clout chasing
Ishied 28 days ago
i just feel sorry for ja rule
Be Kind
Be Kind 29 days ago
50 Cent !!! 😆😁😄👍
Jeff Kells
Jeff Kells 29 days ago
Eminem worst lp sold more than most rappers,I think you dont bring peoples children into anything.
Free living
Free living Month ago
Was JA gonna do a show at fyre fest but his career isn’t fire so he had to cancel. Sorry Syracuse
Crystal Morris
Crystal Morris Month ago
He's not even in the toilet anymore...Shaq put him in the potty the other day😂😂🚽
Gurūmaru U.
Gurūmaru U. Month ago
Bruh I’ve never even heard Ja Rule 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
sonja Month ago
I am sure that Ja Rule's career will continue to go as well as his concert promoting skills.
Bryan Hinkle
Bryan Hinkle Month ago
Ja rule does high school gym shows and he still cant sell out .....irv Gotti is selling mattresses
Bryan Hinkle
Bryan Hinkle Month ago
Ja rule is trash ...
MJ1980NL Month ago
Ill take Em over Ja anyday of my life, Ja is so irrelevant its laughable.
MJ1980NL 21 day ago
@Monica are you white???
Monica 21 day ago
mjss1980NL, they’re all laughable across the world including Eminem.
MJ1980NL 22 days ago
@Monica no only in America 🤷‍♂️
Monica 22 days ago
mjss1980NL, I prefer Ja Rule over a Eminem because he’s a joke 😂 Then again, aren’t majority of these White people laughable🤷🏽‍♀️
Trey Lewis
Trey Lewis Month ago
Bro you don’t fuck with 50. Bruh he took 9 shots and smiled.
Winterfell Month ago
christine Carman
Ja Rule Your A Joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMFAOO You Will Never Be Better Then Eminem,Or 50 Also You're Fake Trying To Be The Amazing #DMX Yo Dude Have Fun On Love and Hip Hop 🤣🤣🤣 Don't Mess With The Big Dawgs J,You Ain't Shit!!!
Darkblade X
Darkblade X Month ago
1:45 check the comment 😂😂
EVO_KILLER_619 Month ago
Ja has 0 clout dafuk 🤣
chipgaming Month ago
lol Fuck ja rule fucking 🦕
xWhisperx Month ago
50 Cent is the only reason ja fool is even remotely relevant
xWhisperx Month ago
Ja Rule is an irrelevant clown. Sit your ass down. No one gives a fuck about your opinion
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