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J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD (Official Music Video)
Stream or Download "Middle Child" now: dreamville.lnk.to/middlechild
Director: Mez
Creative Direction: Scott Lazer
Edited by: Roberta Spitz
Executive Producer: Candice Dragonas
Produced by: Daniel Yaro
Cinematography: Sing Howe Yam
Production Design: Greg Lang
J. Cole - Middle Child (2019 NBA All Star Halftime Performance): ruvid.net/video/video-ohAbCN4E3RM.html
Where the fuck is the off season RUvid playlist: smarturl.it/WTFITOSYT
Connect with J. Cole:
Connect with Dreamville:
#JCole #MiddleChild #Dreamville

Music video by J. Cole performing MIDDLE CHILD. © 2019 Dreamville, Inc., Under exclusive license to Roc Nation Records


Published on


Feb 25, 2019




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Comments 99
KojaX 4 hours ago
thos goes so haardddddd
hui 5 hours ago
P 6 hours ago
best rap song.. people love you.. you don't need awards ... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Asha Devi
Asha Devi 6 hours ago
Off season is coming baby . Ggggs
Jae Chillz
Jae Chillz 6 hours ago
May 14th 2021 history will be made
The Kurt Gobang Show!
When I first heard this I was like. I want this played at funeral 🙏🏾💯
Destroyer 9 hours ago
J.cole already predicted about Covid-19. 0.47 sec
jae drox
jae drox 9 hours ago
Best song ever Who is with me👌✌️
jae drox
jae drox 9 hours ago
Best song ever Who is with me👌✌️
iGus & Chels
iGus & Chels 11 hours ago
If this was suppose to be on the Off Season, just imagine the heat that's coming!!!!!
Vaibhav 13 hours ago
yessir offseasonn
Nic Gerr
Nic Gerr 13 hours ago
Who else here cause they just an og and not here from a doc
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 13 hours ago
I neeed cole an Lux on the same Shit NOW!!
BATMAN 14 hours ago
Eid Mubarak
dennis baluyut
dennis baluyut 15 hours ago
I wanna see J.Cole and The Weeknd together
Oscar Rivas
Oscar Rivas 16 hours ago
James hunter
James hunter 16 hours ago
Better than y’all favorite rapper Drake💯
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 16 hours ago
"The real ones is dying the fake ones is lit." Was he talking about Neighborhood Nip??? I dont get the ending...
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 19 hours ago
John 3:16-21
Lenny 19 hours ago
This song is almost 3 years old
Amar Harris
Amar Harris 19 hours ago
I’m glad he dropped this early and didn’t hold it for the off season
liam lifa 27
liam lifa 27 20 hours ago
Everybody here after the announcement
Laveal Bright
Laveal Bright 20 hours ago
When you made this song you became my #1 MC
Senovia Maat
Senovia Maat 21 hour ago
Ima meet up with my momma for lunch
Rasputin Disclaimer101
Listeners/Readers/Viewers discernment and discretion is advised.
Teo Stoyky
Teo Stoyky 23 hours ago
The real one be dying and the fake ones is lit.R.i.p. Dmx and 6ix9 outta jail
Viktor 23 hours ago
Day 8 of listening to "MIDDLE CHILD" for a year
بابكر مصطفى
He never disappoint us
Kristian Fernandez
Andrei D.
Andrei D. Day ago
informant09 Day ago
Beat sound like an uninspired version of laugh now cry later.
Ayoub Hamou
Ayoub Hamou Day ago
Fuck Grammys
Elti Kasmi
Elti Kasmi Day ago
Currently waiting for 'The off season"
Carlos Beltran
“They act like 2 legend could not Coesxist” 🥶
Mzingaye Mamsa
Yoan Hristov
Yoan Hristov Day ago
I'm not here after the off-season, I'm here everyday, all day despite that
Ameer Allison
kartikeya Saxena
Mark your everyday attendance
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Day ago
Shcool shooter:"Niggas ben countin me out counting my clip checkin my list"
Anh Do - Logo & Identity Designer
Shout out to T-Minus!
Richard Low
Richard Low Day ago
Love you Drake. Y'all look good asf Tho.
WeUpNextTV Day ago
I ain’t finna cap that jacket go hard ☔️🚀
anonymous Day ago
Takeshi 69 whole career < this song
Nicholas Irving
Cole too comfy in dat Kroger 🛒
derrick hale
derrick hale Day ago
Whoow never know Jay can rap like this !!! i used to be on bullshits am now opened to the real ish 🔥🔥💥
Caleb Haines
Caleb Haines Day ago
CHEMBl in google glasses
CDB Big Shaww TV #CDBM
WendysHoe Day ago
Day 15 Of listening to this for a year
Cory Williams
...ask for a feature!...irony!
Cory Williams
Who here after that Off Season!
J A Day ago
1:55 Damn he spittin
Donovan Clark
Danilo Hernandez
Ayo go watch the applying pressure documentary and come back here.
Put It in the safe
2:22 pause and observe the shitting of blue berry faygo😂
Isabella Liam
Isabella Liam 2 days ago
Who else just got on a Cole marathon after the announcement wow mad results *Authentic views* is the best
Phumlani Ndlovu
Phumlani Ndlovu 2 days ago
This song is deep😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🤞🏾
TWENTY 8 2 days ago
Wow 🌍
Mike M
Mike M 2 days ago
Why is he rapping like this, sounds like these new young rappers, I want the old J-Cole flow.
nexxt up
nexxt up Day ago
he is trying to be versatile not many old rappers are versatile 😂
Leo Davies
Leo Davies Day ago
this song is still epic and still better than new rappers that don't make sense
- MattIsAwkward
- MattIsAwkward 2 days ago
Let's see how many people are watching this in 2021
Om Sharma
Om Sharma 2 days ago
Imagine listening it on the "off season" @lbum after two fucking years
Brooklyn Boon
Brooklyn Boon 2 days ago
Brooklyn Boon - Lemon Pepper Freestyle
Dhriti Menon
Dhriti Menon 2 days ago
49k dislikes? HOW?!
aaron alexander
aaron alexander 2 days ago
whos back here after watching the J. Cole off-season documentary
Christopher K. Agbega
I am 'Under Pressure" to do a J.Cole marathon
Viktor 2 days ago
Day 7 of listening to "Middle child" for a year
kapambwe kapambwe
The 49k dislikes are from the fire department
Blaine Whatman
Blaine Whatman 2 days ago
Everything grows its destined to change
Divin Murengezi
Divin Murengezi 2 days ago
Who s here after getting he s going to play for Rwanda 😎
tattoo bobby
tattoo bobby 2 days ago
The Off-season, lets goooooooo!
Joey_18.06 2 days ago
Is it me or this nigga looks like off-set 1:49?
Spencer Daniel
Spencer Daniel 2 days ago
he boutta ball 🏀🔥
mark majiga
mark majiga 2 days ago
Here after watching the OFF-SEASON PREMIER
eyosias amare
eyosias amare 2 days ago
This song always gives a vibe like no mf other 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jo 2 days ago
Nowhere left to go for us but up, big thanks to all who support the climb 🙏
Jovan Taacon
Jovan Taacon 2 days ago
I wonder what songs J Cole is hiding from us. I can't wait to hear the new album!
Jovan Taacon
Jovan Taacon 2 days ago
This is playoff mode!
L2 WhatItDo
L2 WhatItDo 2 days ago
Who else ran this back after watching the doc?😅
Mister Fister
Mister Fister 2 days ago
Der Bruder wurde einfach in Frankfurt geboren :)
ash kielyn
ash kielyn 2 days ago
this was gonna be on off-season
11 2 days ago
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 2 days ago
Shout out to the OG J Cole fans✊
Jennifer lims
Jennifer lims 2 days ago
Fds hum avd aproveitar caralho hum eyyy
Jennifer lims
Jennifer lims 2 days ago
Vamo aproveita
Jennifer lims
Jennifer lims 2 days ago
I Love you eyyyy
Jennifer lims
Jennifer lims 2 days ago
Cade os BR gente nessa porra eyyyyy hum
Thanatos 2 days ago
So this was meant for the Off season damn.... we’re about to get some priceless Gems
Jachai Edwards
Jachai Edwards 2 days ago
If any conscious person watched the movie “Get out” then you know exactly what this son was about. What blew my mind was when she picked up the meat at the end bc they really sell the remains of a human in store mixed with other meats.
Juanita Peters
Juanita Peters 2 days ago
Cole: i been getting lazy and comfortable Me: i just realized he barely moved this whole video 😂🤣
J. Brook
J. Brook 2 days ago
Watching this video after the watching the documentary, anyone else?
JJ Rebancos
JJ Rebancos 2 days ago
Who's here after watching "The Off-season"?
Actor_267 2 days ago
Here after watching the off season documentary
Bryce 2 days ago
Who else came after he signed a basketball contract?
Tyshawn Baker
Tyshawn Baker 2 days ago
#offseason 💯
Lol Khone
Lol Khone 2 days ago
im back on this track
SavyWic 2 days ago
If this was for his next album then omg it’s gonna be another classic
SHINESET TV 2 days ago
Welcome in Rwanda J Cole
Roh’s Reality
Roh’s Reality 2 days ago
Who else back here since Cole said Cole it was supposed to be on “The Fall Off”? #ColeWorld 🔥
Solomon Roller
Solomon Roller 16 hours ago
glad you got it right, everyone keeps saying The Off Season loll
choolwe kayumbilwa
Am here
Jahir 2 days ago
This music video came out the day after my birthday. And im a middle child. And i fw j. Cole Its like this song was ment for me
Matias de la Plaza
be proud brother
D hawk
D hawk 2 days ago
Anyone else watching this after he signed overseas, because you heard he was a rapper
kanye gang
kanye gang 2 days ago
I just payed attention is that Migos heads on the wall?????
No Role Modelz
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