J. Cole 3½ Hours of Chill Songs (Remastered)

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Mix is back up \u0026 remastered! Compilation of J. Cole's most chill songs. Every song is put in a specific order and crossfaded/blended in with each other. Previous channel got taken down, but I took the opportunity to make this mix a bit better. It's a crazy time in the world right now, sink yourself into Cole World instead to get your mind off things.

"J. Cole - The Beautiful Struggle". An album like experience with a story for the true Cole fans 👇


If you want this playlist on Spotify or Apple Music: A good amount of songs from - Friday Night Lights, The Warm Up, \u0026 Truly Yours are missing because they aren't available on Apple Music nor Spotify. Those albums are only available on Amazon Music. I added extra songs to make up for those missing songs; Links below 👇

Spotify: bit.ly/SPColeChill

Apple Music: bit.ly/AMColeChill

Playlist w/ J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Joey Bada$$, ScHoolboy Q, Big Sean, Logic, Mac Miller, Isaiah Rashad, Wale, T.I. \u0026 many more 👇

Spotify: spoti.fi/2O0clU5

Apple Music: apple.co/2NXi5Ob

0:00 Rich N***z
4:36 See World
8:48 Tears For ODB
12:36 The Badness (Ft. Omen)
15:10 Relaxation (Ft. Omen \u0026 Fashawn)
17:48 Dollar and a Dream ll
22:06 Get Away
25:12 Premeditated Murder
29:05 Revenge of the Dreamers
32:57 Runaway
37:59 Love Yourz
41:32 Split You Up
44:36 Loves Me Not
48:03 Song for the Ville
52:28 Hold it Down
56:32 Purple Rain
1:00:14 Stay
1:03:15 Can I Holla At Ya
1:07:34 The Autograph
1:11:05 Is She Gon Pop
1:13:45 Everybody Dies
1:16:25 High for Hours
1:20:25 January 28th
1:24:28 Can I Live
1:27:41 Ville Mentality
1:30:52 Foldin' Clothes
1:36:00 Neighbors
1:39:38 St. Tropez
1:43:49 Kenny Lofton
1:49:00 A Lot (J. Cole's verse + instrumental)
1:51:44 The Good Son
1:53:11 Window Pain
1:57:51 She's Mine Part 1
2:01:14 Sparks Will Fly (Ft. Jhene Aiko)
2:05:21 Welcome
2:07:33 Crunch Time
2:11:06 I Get Up
2:15:57 Can’t Cry
2:20:11 Cheer Up
2:25:02 World is Empty
2:27:49 College Boy
2:32:04 Louis Vuitton
2:35:58 See It To Believe It
2:39:19 I Got It
2:44:14 Home For The Holidays
2:48:07 3 Wishes
2:50:43 How High
2:55:01 Show Me Something
2:59:28 N****z Know
3:02:53 2Face
3:07:04 Born S.i.n.n.e.r
3:10:29 Til Infinity
3:12:35 She Knows
3:16:41 Brackets
3:21:52 Boblo Boat (J. Coles' verse)
3:24:27 Changes
3:26:21 Changes/End Credits

Songs removed from the original mix:

4 Your Eyez Only
Visionz of Home
Good Game
God’s Gift
Dead Presidents ll

Replaced By:

Loves Me Not
Purple Rain
The Autograph
St. Tropez
Kenny Lofton
A Lot (J. Cole's verse w/ instrumental (edited by me))
The Good Son
N****z Know

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Mar 12, 2021




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Forex Lens
Forex Lens 5 days ago
Best weekend playlist ever
ClevelandKidd 92
ClevelandKidd 92 6 days ago
Thank You !
Hurricane Clark
Hurricane Clark 7 days ago
Sea World
Ndiga Ian
Ndiga Ian 8 days ago
This is Pure good!
Linda Young
Linda Young 8 days ago
He is so blessed and I thank God for the power he has been given
Linda Young
Linda Young 8 days ago
This full program is on my funeral play list. I just hope my kids follow through with my celebration request.
goingghost 9 days ago
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JF2 11 days ago
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Trinity Merritt
Trinity Merritt 12 days ago
Perfect Song To Star With 🥶🌎
Flocs Inc
Flocs Inc 13 days ago
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Nep Nep Gaming
Nep Nep Gaming 14 days ago
Rich Ni**az was my very first j Cole song
Flocs Inc
Flocs Inc 14 days ago
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Domo 6771
Domo 6771 16 days ago
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Jay HuZe
Jay HuZe 17 days ago
Best thing ever uploaded to youtube
Domo 6771
Domo 6771 17 days ago
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yien 17 days ago
Thank you alot for not putting any ads here. Respect !
Dru Dawsyn
Dru Dawsyn 16 days ago
Don't think they have a choice lol Its copyrighted music
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 18 days ago
The tranquil doubt prominently poke because trial biosynthetically develop over a ajar heaven. gainful, wandering farm
EZart2015 18 days ago
Where is See World from?
EZart2015 18 days ago
@FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD damn, u was quick wit tha reply 🤣🙏🏽
FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD
Friday Night Lights
Jay Panchal
Jay Panchal 19 days ago
E 8
Rob H
Rob H 20 days ago
Besides Royce I have to say Cole is one of the most consistent doing it today....
Rob H
Rob H 18 days ago
@EZart2015 ruvid.net/video/video-hCdgDxQbW_U.html
Rob H
Rob H 18 days ago
​@EZart2015 ruvid.net/video/video-CbPhegUvBtk.html ruvid.net/video/video-rJOsjP33nF4.html You are def missing out. Bar Exam 3 is a great cd to start with also, but all of his stuff is dope.. ruvid.net/video/video-2lw91OfDopQ.html
EZart2015 18 days ago
put me on Royce...ion rlly kno him
Venelin Hristov
Venelin Hristov 20 days ago
Scortd 21 day ago
This shit nice.
Caroldq landda
Caroldq landda 22 days ago
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Domo 6771
Domo 6771 22 days ago
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Janelle C
Janelle C 18 days ago
The face he’s making is irresistible. He’s the non-linear, dictionary-studying songbird obvi. Sturdy appendages crafting anthropo-cocoon encasing my meat suit while horizontally aligned on a sleeping cube is above the threshold level of due. Got his # I’ll shoot him a text about it ...damn blocked again prob indefinitely
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Hartasia Baker 22 days ago
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 24 days ago
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vr4runner 25 days ago
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Elizabeth 26 days ago
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Pinkie Tamiko
Pinkie Tamiko 27 days ago
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denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 27 days ago
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Eniolassa Jakandesa
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shakir smith
shakir smith 27 days ago
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Jordan Ferguson
Jordan Ferguson 27 days ago
Rich N*ggaz been my fave...I got carried away with the Off Season but this just popped up and...yeah, Born Sinner Cole was just on another level
Aryan Gupta
Aryan Gupta Month ago
Thankyou for this!
tz1 ark
tz1 ark Month ago
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Cristian Veizaga
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Month ago
When it comes to Hip Hop, I'm pretty much stuck in the 80's and 90's classic era. Heard this guy freestyle the other day and was blown away. Pretty impressed with what I'm hearing from him.
Anthony Watkins
Anthony Watkins 6 days ago
@Koo20 I am a J Cole Stan, but you can’t just give him the greatest rapper of this generation because Kendrick Lamar is apart of this generation. But Cole World for life 💯
Koo20 10 days ago
Get familiar my dude. I’m a product of great 90’s hip hop as well. 1999 HS grad. Grew up in CT on Wu-Tang, Tribe, Redman, BIG, Jay, Guru, Outkast, Mos etc etc. This man has been influenced by all the greats as well and it shows! He is too fuckin nice. My nephew put me on to him years ago and he been my favorite rapper ever since! I put him on to our generations hip hop too, it’s a beautiful thang. I played him art of storytelling off aquemini and he had never heard that OG shit , only knew it from Land of Snakes when Cole sampled it! That’s song is fire, all Cole’s music is fire. I’m honestly gonna say, listening to a large sample of his music for a while now, just hearing the Off-season recently too., I think J Cole def the best rapper of his generation, but maybe the GOAT.... as these kids saying. 😂 or he will be. watch. Man’s a poet.
Domo 6771
Domo 6771 Month ago
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2:48:07 Wise man Used wishes for others Instead for himself
Anesu Mukura
Anesu Mukura Month ago
Cheer up 🆙 🔝
Fran Swinford
Fran Swinford Month ago
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Fran Swinford
Fran Swinford Month ago
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin Month ago
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Fran Swinford
Fran Swinford Month ago
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Robert Lin
Robert Lin Month ago
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Cooking Parker Month ago
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less gooo
less gooo Month ago
a real one to put zero ad to this masterpiece
Maroc Nino
Maroc Nino 2 days ago
@Capt. Camron of the O-Zone!ا .
ECIN 08 14 days ago
It’s copyrighted he can’t
Niels Savvides
Niels Savvides 18 days ago
you can always just download an ad blocker my guy
EZart2015 18 days ago
for real
Capt. Camron of the O-Zone!
bg sw
bg sw Month ago
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Wali Dank
Wali Dank Month ago
Dan s
Dan s Month ago
wow didnt think i would fw so many of these 🔥🔥🔥
Philip Benhard B. Velasco
cole world no blankets!
Mihailo Vasic
Mihailo Vasic Month ago
IT'S BACK! I SWEAR I COULD HAVE FALLEN IN DEPRESSION THE DAY THIS WAS OFF RUvid. Thank you man for bringing this back and remastering it!
Jason Giannopoulos
@FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD actually my favourite mix I sleep listening to it or when i am chilling
FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD
Lol I couldn't let this die! RUvid goddamn took down my old channel. Enjoy the vibes
Mateja Ercic
Mateja Ercic Month ago
I love The Off Season. But this Cole just hit different man.... The greatest to ever do it.
Roland Wideman
Roland Wideman 6 days ago
@Anthony Watkins u know what u right I fw The sideline story imma go over it again see if I missed it
Anthony Watkins
Anthony Watkins 6 days ago
@Roland Wideman I think you can switch Sideline story and KOD, especially since sideline story produced one of his greatest songs ever. Otherwise I agree, though Born Sinner and 2014 Forest Hills Drive are flip-floppable for me
Anthony Watkins
Anthony Watkins 6 days ago
@Red Pill X X yeah you gotta really know how to hear in between the lyrics, all his songs tell a story (well most of them)
Schnell 27 days ago
@Red Pill X X That’s okay, a lot of people are still extremely slow and behind the times and makes it hard for people like me to converse but fortunately I manage to be straight up (physiologically”
Roland Wideman
Roland Wideman Month ago
@Red Pill X X I’ve played it a whole lot more and I think I got the order 6 sideline story 5. KOD even though I love KOD 4 4 your eyes only the storyline and storytelling is just to elite 3 off season 2 forest hills drive not too many things compare to some self reflection and love yours 1 Born Sinner his 2nd most slept on album and ion know why especially when I’m struggling with my belief rn but other then that there’s not a single miss a remix of da art of storytelling, the flow on rich niggaz, the bars on miss America, it’s got radio hit power trip, is she gon pop has great storytelling, and a track with Kendrick Lamar, overall the way it’s constructed is just god tier And ofc his mixtapes like Friday night lights and truly yours have some great music in there too
Trev Sc
Trev Sc Month ago
i can't make it through this without the span of human experience racing through my mind... the highs, the lows, the joy, the pain and everything in between... i stay shedding tears to jcole preaching..
Tha Duchess 👑
J.Cole your my kind of flow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯😍😘⭐️✌🏻 man your view is so true 💯💯💯💭
killer_god1223 memes
This gonna need be updated the off season out fam finna be cold Summer
killer_god1223 memes
@FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD U damn right tho but fam we all finna have that on repeat today
FusionRecordz / InsideGamingHD
The Off Season straight 🔥, Cole went IN!; non of those songs fit the "chill vibe". But I'll definitely be doin something with the album
Kc S
Kc S Month ago
Gettin rdy for the offseason 🔥
Goes hard asf
Dominique Gregory
Dominique Gregory 28 days ago
SNAFU * Month ago
I love starting the work day to this playlist.
Felipe C.
Felipe C. Month ago
gracias, ahora puedo estudiar bien
Abraham K. Sanyang
How can I download this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Leviatán Month ago
With snaptube
Mr.Teknition Month ago
Tha Duchess 👑
This was really well put together to come out so discreet fully spoken.. Ijs for me at least … 🤷🏼‍♀️
AJ Copney
AJ Copney Month ago
rayakaderey Month ago
I just bought some dreamville merch cause I gotta support Cole any chance I get plus I've been a fan for almost 12 years I think it's about due I get some of his shit.
Inez Essed
Inez Essed Month ago
Nolton anifo
Nolton anifo Month ago
I can listen it all day, never got tired, it's ..ck dope
Mazen Kayed
Mazen Kayed Month ago
Same here buddy, I been sleeeeeeeeping on cole omm!
Artur Month ago
All day, every day!
Jamie Love
Jamie Love Month ago
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J G 21 day ago
@Jamie Love nah Cole delivered with then bars
Jamie Love
Jamie Love Month ago
@Richard Katongole It's God words not a human's
Richard Katongole
Cole wrote this/
W1N5T0N Month ago
Bruh........ the second song alone
Cynthia Hardy
Cynthia Hardy Month ago
Raggamuffin was the best. new exactly what time it played :( so glad this is back tho!
Brian Brian
Brian Brian Month ago
So much nostalgia. When i first had a major heartbreak, J cole saw me through.
Mitko Papak
Mitko Papak Month ago
holy f* what a mix, kudos
Thoughtworks Computers
here to re-listen to jcole after he announced "the off-season"
EZart2015 18 days ago
Saniah Rodgers
Saniah Rodgers Month ago
sameeeee 😭
jene dussault
jene dussault Month ago
to refresh my memory
Malcolm Manier
Malcolm Manier Month ago
Can I holla at ya ....... that 3rd verse was so deep... Straight up. Cole still does not get enough credit for his pen. That’s crazy to me.
Trev Sc
Trev Sc Month ago
he gets mad love from the right ones! loyal fans and real fam.. unlike the "lil whatever" rappers.. jcole preaches, its like church.. he dont get that mainstream love cause hes not willing to bow to the whiteman and have his music owned by them.. he runs his own game and feeds the crew.. hes living right and dont need that fake fame
Ulysses Bobadilla
I think he gets credit for it. He's known for being lyrical
Not that Good
Not that Good Month ago
God damit
Send it media
Send it media Month ago
I love that you did this. Appreciate you , helps me focus on hw and relaxes the stress.
Max Baller
Max Baller Month ago
Thank you so much. Hate that his mixtapes aren't on spotify
Danail Batev
Danail Batev Month ago
I was listening to cudi why did it start playing this shit
Rafael Köhler
Rafael Köhler Month ago
hat Spaß gemacht zu zuhören! Grüße aus Deutschland.
Lucas Arede
Lucas Arede Month ago
Jenn Marie
Jenn Marie Month ago
killer_god1223 memes
Thank god bro was playing this one for so long weather for games, school,working, studying,before get ready drive this just best playlist.This comes in clutch for these tuff times👨🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥
Patrick S
Patrick S Month ago
CLUTCH. Thanks for putting this together.
i was looking for this mix, i like it a lot!
Sneh Patel
Sneh Patel Month ago
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sobey Month ago
see world. you no good
Trae ler
Trae ler Month ago
North Carolina's finest. This brother makes me proud of where I come from.
Jeremiah Nixon
Jeremiah Nixon 28 days ago
That's not Germany you here on these tracks tho bro #RespectTheSouth
made on Earth
made on Earth Month ago
he was born in my country germany soo :D
Liam Stevens
Liam Stevens 2 months ago
This took me back to 6th grade
Dr Pique Jr. Lopez
Dr Pique Jr. Lopez 2 months ago
Weeztonio 2 months ago
You ain’t shit and I’m scared it rubbed off on me...🥶
CULTR'd 2 months ago
Thank you.
unclemercy 2 months ago
crackhead cory sent me 💯💯
mike lawry
mike lawry 2 months ago
I NEED SOME HELP WITH BACKGROUND SOUNDS PLEASE PLEASE soundcloud.com/mcflyyhigh/dont-waittoo-late
T Conley
T Conley 2 months ago
Peace king! dopeness!
amazingkid98 2 months ago
all these songs need to be on Spotify
Automatic 93
Automatic 93 2 months ago
It’s a damn shame. But many of them it’s because of samples included in the song that he doesn’t have rights to. At least we can enjoy them here for free
Randy Funningham
Randy Funningham 2 months ago
Fax bro
brassko1 2 months ago
Tiago Branco Prata
Tiago Branco Prata 2 months ago
Aquiles Pagan
Aquiles Pagan 2 months ago
Shit slappppsssssssss during study hours thank you!
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez 2 months ago
I have this playing in the background while I do my math homework! Love it! 🤓❤️
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Month ago
Jess 2 months ago
J. Cole 1 Hour of Chill Songs
the best of Red Hot Chili Peppers