iyla - Juice (Official Music Video)

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iyla arrives with the first visual from her debut EP , WAR RAINDROPS , available everywhere now!
WAR + RAINDROPS: Empire.lnk.to/WarRaindrops
Artist: iyla - @iylablue
Song: Juice
Music Producer: Kadis - @iamkadis
Writers: Isabella Snook, Gary Spriggs, Brittany Barber, Trevor Wesley
Executive Producers: Kadis Spriggs, Mark Sawyer, Gaelen Whittemore
Label: 3T Entertainment / Astra Velum Entertainment / EMPIRE
Video Director / DP: Embryo - @directedbyembryo
Video Producer: Gaelen Whittemore, Joshua Redden, Amber Dundee for 3T Entertainment
Video Editing: Embryo and Bryan Ramos
Styling: Brookelyn Styles - @brookelyn_styles
Styling Assistants: Memphis and McCall
HMU: Amber Rose
Art Department: Matt Sokoler - @sokocreations
Grip: David Goodmam
Models: Delon - @drich536, Evan Chariot - @evanchariotofficial, Andrés Mejia Vallejo - @andresmejiavallejo
Coloring: Loren White - @lorenjameswhite
Titles: Andrew Choe

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Oct 16, 2018




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Comments 80
iyla Year ago
Hey guys! I’m beyond grateful for all the love and support on this visual! Please comment, like, and subscribe to my channel. I have sooo much more to share with you all. Come along for the ride... so many creative visuals coming your way. 💙
Kelvin Kirby
Kelvin Kirby Day ago
You need to come to the uk. Will appreciate you ❤️
Super Nova
Super Nova 6 days ago
John Burton It could mean “ smothering “ or fear of commitment , or unrequited love , like when you declare your love to someone and feeling is not mutual some men may feel suffocated by it because they are not ready to be in a serious relationship or they don’t know how to be loved, so they feel suffocated , get scared and ditch the girl. Even tho it looks like the black dude seems to be portrayed as her love interest he is also non receptive, he stands completely still even when she is touching him , his only movement is when he struggling to get out of his shirt. I’m sure there are many different ways to interpret the imagery
Super Nova
Super Nova 6 days ago
We love to see it 💕❣️💕
China Pat
China Pat 14 days ago
Ur taking off! In a BIG way! Luv u
Israęl Kerrin
Israęl Kerrin 17 days ago
Just perfect, first song I hear from you, and im speechless. Absolutly beautiful song.
ᄒDrea 6 hours ago
Ok but she looks like Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale
Trinity G.
Trinity G. Day ago
That lil head bop at 1:32 is so cute and I love that “ Run that shi run it back”
Kadriye Buyuk
This video and song screams black culture.
Snatched Weave
Snatched Weave 2 days ago
Bruh what’s her skin care routine. Her whole body looks as soft as a baby’s bottom 😭🤚
Karlita loolipop
Karlita loolipop 2 days ago
Anne with an e is killing it this season
Karlita loolipop
Karlita loolipop 2 days ago
everybody is talking about the dude with the tshirt but anyone love her hair like me?
Redheads are the bestest... 🙄
Arie’s World
Arie’s World 2 days ago
Just pull the shirt over your head 😕
vitor 3 days ago
that guy with the plastic bag is hella hot
Flow International
As i was driving to a friends place for a meeting, a jetplane landed on top of my head as i saw bbc cast Pakistan aircraft disaster 53 minutes prior to as i had arrived home. i was listening to this for 5 to 6 hours straight on loop. Amazing Orange shadows. Beautiful Vibrations your larynx and pharinx tend to vibune and i think you have a beautiful mind.
EmİrHaN AyDoGaN 4 days ago
Ne mutlu Turkum diyene ...
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith 4 days ago
Killing it girl
Georgette Sylvester
Yasssssss! Do that baby
Tomicka DePriest
Tomicka DePriest 5 days ago
Your hair made me hit 👍, but your voice made me subscribe💖💖💖
Kesha Kole
Kesha Kole 6 days ago
Love watching this video when I’m sad to look 👀 😩😊at the but that’s my business to peek
Super Nova
Super Nova 6 days ago
The visuals for this video are so on point!! Each frame is literally a piece of art !
able76 12 days ago
Great vocals, great song
peter dee
peter dee 14 days ago
The male harmonies in the background are so amazing OO GIRL
China Pat
China Pat 14 days ago
I can't get enough of her style/voice/looks/music/F'n EVERYTHING!!!✌️✌️
Living Like Jaida
Living Like Jaida 14 days ago
My song 😫😫😫😫💕💕🥺🔥
Quinn Kakora
Quinn Kakora 15 days ago
Was looking for Lizzo but dont regret clicking on this 🔥🔥🔥
Wolf Heart Gaming
Wolf Heart Gaming 17 days ago
She must be billi ilish
Stephani Bradley
Stephani Bradley 18 days ago
I hope you make it big one day. Your voice and the music, and the harmonic chorus is the new kind of chill music our generation is vibin' on. I can't wait to hear new content from you. -^^-
OB Beats
OB Beats 18 days ago
i dont mind ppl touching my abs...only if its my wife's hands.
No Bonzie, but still awesome. 😉
Lisa Dawson
Lisa Dawson 19 days ago
Just closing my eyes R&B sounds sooooooooo sweet I missed it welcome back 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Larisa May
Larisa May 19 days ago
redhead girl from midsommar vibes
Brandon-Todd Hutchinson
It's like a mood board ...Hm. _(Pastel-y)_
Shin Miz Kun
Shin Miz Kun 20 days ago
I remember when we were still waiting for this to reach 1M 😭😭, Who else?
Lilian Whitehead
Lilian Whitehead 21 day ago
mia khalifa
mia khalifa 21 day ago
lowkey should make a song w summer walker, doja cat, or billie eilish
earl mendez
earl mendez 22 days ago
this is the most aesthetic music videos that i ever watched, thank you for making this tho i appreciate it so muchhhh
Lina Kadunc
Lina Kadunc 23 days ago
RUvid recomended this to me and I ain’t complaining
Lenny 23 days ago
That deep "Damn" at 2:19 hit different
Jane Humphries
Jane Humphries 24 days ago
She’s so weird but 😍
Mariaalej 24 days ago
every frame of this is perfection
iAm Dom
iAm Dom 24 days ago
I like her and this song is dope
humblebumblejumbo 25 days ago
when I first heard this on spotify i thought she was black
Maurice Colford
Maurice Colford 6 days ago
I think she's half.
TheBrianna1431 25 days ago
She makin that mask look good. She's just snatched quarantine!
Dang Hai
Dang Hai 26 days ago
I think this is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic videos i've ever seen
DEMONKING 27 days ago
Your music video sucks
Nathan Kitbutsuji
Nathan Kitbutsuji 27 days ago
I just saw her ad, and now I’m here
TTV NELSON 27 days ago
This my song 🔊🔥🏆
CherryAppetite 28 days ago
Does she have an English Accent ???? I feel like she has an English Accent 😂
Lysha Wattson
Lysha Wattson Month ago
Was I the only one who came here because of this being an ad?
Random Junk
Random Junk 29 days ago
i remember listening to this when it came out and i just saw it as an ad today and i was like "okay iyla's gonna blow up fr fr"
Stephanie Parmelee
Where did YOU come from girl? I have been asleep apparently .
Stephanie Parmelee
Stephanie Parmelee 17 days ago
​@Random Junk Lmao I know! I always catch on to things late as hell. Better late than never right? I'm in love.
Random Junk
Random Junk 29 days ago
shes been here 🤣🤣
Mechelle1993 Month ago
Why did RUvid just show me this song like it came out like some days ago??? That's crazzzyyy
Allie M Bell
Allie M Bell Month ago
someone tell that white boy that plastic bag is not a toy!
India Benet
India Benet Month ago
Why did this remind me of Cherly from riverdale?
Queen Maddi
Queen Maddi Month ago
I don't know why Ppl getting upset bc Some ppl say she got "black soul" Either u like it or don't The doors right there 👉 🚪
Kyoukichi Month ago
lifewithmak really snapped hard. You go gurl!
Joe Reyes
Joe Reyes Month ago
Who’s here during querantine
Daeguma Month ago
I love her voice.
Darc Shinobi
Darc Shinobi Month ago
Pure Art. Fucking Love this video!! And thanks for all of the beauty. Especially freeze frame at 1:34 . Whoever directed this is a genius. And Iyla's is the best muse for this writer (me) since Corinne Bailey Rae. Going to go play this track another 30 times on repeat. Already at 20.
One Cent
One Cent Month ago
If I’m being honest this song is really great! I saw it on an ad and I’m really surprised it doesn’t have more attention. The visuals, her beauty, voice, creativity she’s honestly really great! 💕
Oh Nah
Oh Nah Month ago
I'm so glad I got this as an ad 🥺❤️ !
N Corp
N Corp Month ago
She looks like a redhead Iggy Azelia...love her hair.
Cliff Anderson
Cliff Anderson Month ago
YG ROB coleman
YG ROB coleman Month ago
So prefect god given talent right here
Nagito komaeda
Nagito komaeda Month ago
Katy perry: do you ever feel like a plastic bag. Dude with bag on head:how did she know....
Super Nova
Super Nova 6 days ago
Haylee Middlebrooks
Love it 😍
Prom Outta This World
Miss Iyla, who is that letting you bite their lower cheek ?? 🤣🤣🤣
B Soul musiq
B Soul musiq Month ago
Crash Pad On Wheels
So today I was listening to Tyipng Error by Pablo Nouvelle, and I heard the sample rip for this track. Love both track’s equally, but your video wins!
Xx Sakura blossom xX
The beginning gave me Mega billie vibes
ale sae
ale sae Month ago
She sounds great.
AlleyStar Growley
oh i know what this is. this is slut music
cinnamon sticks
cinnamon sticks 4 days ago
What do u even mean? She isn't even directly referencing sex and/or sexual activity in the song. And even if she did, that doesn't make her a "slut".
Go crazy go stupid
RUvid recommendations good taste in music brought me here
Belly_ Buttos YT
I didn’t know watching a video can me me so fucking insecure about my body man 😭
Kayla Cocroft
Kayla Cocroft Month ago
Your very pretty
Leann Abdallah
Leann Abdallah Month ago
best song ever !!
Chipped Diamond
Chipped Diamond Month ago
thought it was a black girl ngl, she got a bita sauccccce, she SAUCEY
Chipped Diamond
Chipped Diamond Month ago
AAAHHHH WHAT, im just finding this girl
Void Demon
Void Demon Month ago
*_Why do these videos always have to be fucking weird..._*
She seriously is so underrated like omg!! Every song is AMAZING 💗💗 and she is beautiful too🥰 my new fav! Def gon listen to ha on repeat ♥️
Carlton Lou
Carlton Lou Month ago
Run that sh!t run it back...indeed. you are gorgeous..this mug rides! Your voice and use of your red hair..got the juice baby...🙂(creative AF)
Steven Goodlow
Steven Goodlow Month ago
Nakamura 07
Nakamura 07 Month ago
Who still Rocking to this song during 2020?
mya S
mya S Month ago
concept for the video gets a score of 100 from me
apb38 Month ago
She can sing, sound like a nice beat but she ain't got no hook worth hearing.
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