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Pennywise is a form of It, the ancient evil haunting Derry, Maine for many generations with over 1M years of history to analyse!
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It, also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, The Deadlights and Robert Gray, is the evil entity that has plagued Derry for over a million years. Throughout the novel, It by Stephen King, we receive a trickle of information regarding the history of It, from It's inception millions of years ago in an interdimensional void known as The Macroverse, to It's arrival in Derry before the Ice Age to It's ultimate battle against the Losers Club and beyond.
In this video I'll be going over the ENTIRE (!) chronological life of Pennywise / It, doing a complete breakdown and analysis of the character, discussing what drives It, what rules bind It, and explaining the events seen in the book that never made the movie or mini-series adaptations.
This will cover the entire known history of Pennywise from the creation of It to the present. Please note that this will only analyse the ancient creature as It is are written in the books of Stephen King. I will show clips from the movies as a visual aid, but for the purposes of Horror History, the books are canon!
I'll be covering every single detail we know about It from the book including It's origin, the mythology of It, the inspiration behind Pennywise, It explained + how it operates, discussing the different forms of It with the shapeshifting ability, and even talking about a few Things You Missed in this comprehensive breakdown and analysis of the character.
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--About IT Chapter Two--
Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club-young and adult-in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.”
The film is Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit “IT,” which grossed over $700 million globally. Both redefining and transcending the genre, “IT” became part of the cultural zeitgeist as well as the highest-grossing horror film of all time.
Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “It Chapter Two” brings the characters-who’ve long since gone their separate ways-back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.
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Sep 12, 2019




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CZsWorld Year ago
Spent a reallllllyyyy long time on this one, so I'd appreciate if you could give it a share if you enjoy it! And here's the post you need to 'Like' in order to enter the new giveaway: 🦖 instagram.com/p/B2UZ0VxlHWy/ (must be following the account as well) Thanks for all your support! We've got three major IT characters left to cover on Horror History, so let me know who I should do next!
Mama Pink
Mama Pink 4 hours ago
I'm really sad that I can't get my local Taco Bell to make me Enchiritos anymore. 😭🌮🌯
Sindollx666x 5 days ago
@Jay Tee I recommend reading the Dark Tower Series. I read them all last year and got really into it.
Sindollx666x 5 days ago
@Lord Karasu didn't make it to the end, huh?
Sindollx666x 5 days ago
@Shiv this is indeed one of the mythologies that inspired the Turtle being, which also is tied to The Dark Tower.
Sindollx666x 5 days ago
This was a really well done video but all I have to say about your Pennywise questions towards the end is, read The Dark Tower series. Because IT is in the series... so there ya go. Stephen King's various versions of his worlds have to exist because of the Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is the blood that flows through all of King's work and variations of his work.
williskrn Hour ago
Now im craving tacos
Mike Tuohey
Mike Tuohey 4 hours ago
*is it just me or does he look excactly like the director of it*
Raelynn Repass
Raelynn Repass 7 hours ago
Christians watch this when the part on how the world was "made" 🤣🤣 Chritains we all know who made the world
vipnetworker 8 hours ago
I want to see this guy do a video about my life. I have a feeling he already knows more about me than I know about me. Give him a week, he will unlock all the mysteries of my existence. PS: I am 7 minutes into this and I can’t watch it anymore. This 7 minutes of Pennywise info is more than I needed to know. PPS: I’m turtle puke? PPPS: Just 7 minutes in he already has 2 taco metaphors. I’m almost curious enough to watch the rest to see how many more taco metaphors there are. PPPPS: How did the turtle puke? It was one of only 2 things that exist. How did its stomach get filled with anything in a void? Let alone full enough to puke the whole fucking universe? For all the complexity of this story and history, how do you just skip over puking a universe on an empty stomach??? Bro... someone needs to explain that.
vipnetworker 8 hours ago
I am amazed by people who take books/movies this seriously. This guy knows more about Pennywise than I know about anyone in my own family. I wish that was sarcasm, but it’s actually true.
Ilkvomit 9 hours ago
Pennywise vs Ego the living Planet
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 12 hours ago
I want that tie omg its awsome.
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston 13 hours ago
plot wist:the turtle is actually master oogway from kung fu panda!
XO Jedi
XO Jedi 19 hours ago
So basically, the concept is “IT” is a spiritual or supernatural bully and picks on the weak. ESpecially kids kuz they have fears that are easily manipulated. So what you sayin is, he a bitch in real life.
XO Jedi
XO Jedi 19 hours ago
Nigga could show up as child support or back taxes and I’d still wouldn’t flinch, I’m good 😂
Mobgo lost
Mobgo lost Day ago
The detail nice you can't describe IT so he uses adjectives like him or her
Red Boi
Red Boi Day ago
Why does his voice make me think he will be in my closet to explain more to me
Frances B.
Frances B. Day ago
Aye -- love the Shining tie!
Jesus Pallares
Well pennywise would have a hard time killing any of the kids in this generation.The clown would probably have to shape shift into a RUvidr or rapper cause this kids these days that’s all they listen to
mack mcentire
I know one thing that turtles a REALLLLLL ASSHOLE
• R E E E E E E G A C H A •
I don’t know if people noticed, but look at his tie. Notice it anyone? Yep it’s the rug from the shining. I think lol
Doktor DigitalMusicXpress
First time coming across your videos. Good editing, presentation and speaking skills. I'm jealous! Well done and great video, it has answered a lot of my questions I had after seeing the IT Movies :)
Nadia P
Nadia P Day ago
i wanna say , basically pennywise is a alien?
. Atencio
. Atencio Day ago
Say not to ads ruin the flow of the while video
Hikyu Day ago
heloooo tooooo horrorrrrrr historyyyyyy dafuq
Morning Napalm
It could learn a thing or two from watching Monsters Inc
jheiden lising
What if the turtle is mary Poppins and the spider is pennywise
I Am The Pot.
I Am The Pot. 2 days ago
17: 45 LOL apperently spongebob up and murdered pennywise. ((yes ima go ahead and like my own comment))
Jonas Burkhardt
Jonas Burkhardt 2 days ago
i got a theory when the eggs were layied in IT chapther 2 then most of hatched because in it chapther 3 trailer there is more clowns that want to eat and kill. but hey its just a theory. man i cant type today
Jonas Burkhardt
Jonas Burkhardt 2 days ago
when i watched these movies i was scared but now when i watch then im interstanded in the facts
Rob Quin
Rob Quin 21 hour ago
you should also listen to the IT audiobook read by Steven Weber
Boyze 2 days ago
What if Ethan from h3h3 is just Pennywise who found out burgers are better than kids
Josue Cruz
Josue Cruz 2 days ago
Lmao he said Fortnite tuber
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan 2 days ago
It in 2020: You want your boat back? Child: No...creep It: But I got free WiFi and free vbucks Child: FUCK YEAH
Dave Spergman
Dave Spergman 2 days ago
omg its Paul Baumer!!!!
Fatih Abdurrahman
Your voice is scarier than the video
Lilanie Baldevieso
The people in Derry must go down in the sewers and build a church there
Queen Randomness
Queen Randomness 3 days ago
The funniest part was when the first part of the 2017 adaptation of IT came out, I was around 11-12. Oh boy it scared me so much despite being across the country.
clown baby
clown baby 3 days ago
Can you sound any more like a fruit cocktail?!
「 L e m o n 」
If pennywise is a she then in chapter two why did the lady who was attacking bev say penny wise is her father (idk if I make sense sos)
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips 3 days ago
So Stephen King says he can't deal with Pennywise again as he's too scary even for him, the king of horror? That's a first.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 3 days ago
the periodic jokes are soooooo bad. Between those, and the fake creepy voice (at least I hope its fake).....yuck
detroitbenz 4 days ago
This man really be doing A TV roll ad
deborah pachuau
deborah pachuau 4 days ago
IT 2 is the worst sequel ever......
Maria Sama
Maria Sama 4 days ago
Rumor has it that this time it took the form of the president of USA.
jesus fuentes
jesus fuentes 4 days ago
People need to realize movies are not just movies and entertainment. They are based on reality. Many now know that fear produces adrn0 chr0m in the blood.
Crafts, Arts and Dolls: by Noora
your so funny i laughed when he said like the flood in the comment section when i wore a wrincly shirt
Sara art
Sara art 4 days ago
so clearly because IT the clowns true form is a spider and a beldam could be a spider from our theory about Coraline's movie, they both could be related somehow, The clown could be the same beldam since the clown is a female, and the beldam is a female, Also they both like children the beldam in Coraline's movie liked children because they are scared easily, and it helps the beldam to live, and the clown eats children because of the same reason the children help the clown to live the beldam and clown are also very old these are many evidences and are based on both the characters so my theory is that the beldam and clown are 1 person or are related somehow and they both try to be friendly with the victim then come out on their true form because when the clown wanted to eat Georgie he started to friendly then ate him, and the beldam started being friendly with Coraline to feed of her soul they both use helpers and things that the kids dislike, Coraline dislikes insects they both choose a place in which they could kill kids without anyone knowing , in derry people simply did not care , and they were not wise enough , in coraline movie , there were not a lot of residents , and they didnt care , and didnt go out of the house often .
Ice cream Girl
Ice cream Girl 4 days ago
Wait It is a she?! BRO..
Kayla Owens
Kayla Owens 5 days ago
Pennywise is also referenced in 11-22-63, as well as the losers club. Two of which are actually in the book and meet 11-22-63s main protagonist
glazese 5 days ago
New subscriber
Omg, IT could turn into the patriarchy and scare extreme feminists wore then the deadlights.
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 5 days ago
Haha damn go eat and come back
i love how when he showed the wrinkly shirt comments he showed the reply to one dude "bro you needa stop playing fortnite"
Long Shlong jimmy wong
“Ninja, what are you doing in the sewers?!?”
Do you have some taco fetish or something? I'm not kinkshaming but taco bell commercials don't say taco this much.
SLIM saiyan
SLIM saiyan 5 days ago
So wait it’s a freaking woman I’m sooo lost
craig mackssj3
craig mackssj3 5 days ago
the book confusing because it jumps around when it doesn't need too in certain parts i just finished holy fuck the spider form is black with yellow greenish eyes but it also says red ruby eyes and over 15 ft tall its crazy when bill and richie fight it good book
I Am The Pot.
I Am The Pot. 5 days ago
the constant reference to Taco Bell. make this even better. ALSO... pennywise be savin THOUSANDS of moneys. he eats kids to save on groceries and Lives in sewers to avoid realtors and paying rent.
David Payne
David Payne 5 days ago
Excellent work, I really enjoyed that. Subscribed and Shared
Eddieisherenow 5 days ago
All this art imitates life crap is creepy AF with real life events and not to mention the adrenochrome fear cannibalism thing .
lordeppiothe1 5 days ago
that tacobell shameless who-.....advertising tho, so cringy....
San Toad
San Toad 5 days ago
Is this about a bunch of abortions?
Bendy 5 days ago
Kide beat up a homeless clown living in the sewers.
Jasper & Poppy Rivera
I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasper & Poppy Rivera
stop talking about tacos you're making me hungry so STOP!!!!!!!!!
Evan Cops
Evan Cops 6 days ago
33:48 american malfoy
Juan García
Juan García 6 days ago
When your scared of falling and penny wise can shape shift into that
Idiot Goddess
Idiot Goddess 6 days ago
*This is somewhat unrelated, but what do you guys think the easiest form would be for Pennywise to be able to strike fear in both adults and children without having to change forms?*
Charlie Hones
Charlie Hones 6 days ago
Is this real or just pretend are we actually in turtle puke
Zebulous 6 days ago
Could you be any more monotone? Seems like all the research one needs to do to get this information is read It.
BOOK PILE 6 days ago
Maybe it did happen. Prove otherwise!
COO Bay 6 days ago
Nothing would be more scarier than being stuck in a room with this guy none stop talking at you.
maggie 6 days ago
i imagine he scares college students by taking the form of that one stress-inducing teacher who always gives you too much work.
Patrick Kinnaird
Patrick Kinnaird 6 days ago
Why not just turn into a 600 foot spider then just enhale half the world come back like 500 years later and do the same thing if we're still here by that time.
suicide squad joker
you are sooooooooooo cooool
Suzie Nada
Suzie Nada 7 days ago
does anyone know another channel that does stuff like this without throwing in cheesy "relatable" shit?
itsnick 3134
itsnick 3134 7 days ago
Someone get this mans some tacos
TheDANK -memeviewer
Emoberham lincon
Jade 1872
Jade 1872 7 days ago
Welp, when the Babadook showed up at the mention of knocking IT up, I realized I must now call him Daddydook.
lapidot lazuli
lapidot lazuli 7 days ago
WAIT WHAT??? PATRICK IS 12?!?!? 20:20
Rob Quin
Rob Quin 5 days ago
yeah. in the book he is
Tomi Tietäväinen
How come no-one told me about this channel before?! I mean screw you guys :D Well, at least I will have hours and hours of stuff to watch.. my brain is melting since this is just so amazing stuff :D
Doggy Moo
Doggy Moo 8 days ago
Pennywise gets more food in IT chapter 2 than the first one
lostfan1978 8 days ago
That was a Rotweiller not a Doberman.
Nelson Hernandez
Nelson Hernandez 8 days ago
By 1:30 you made your several mistakes. 1. The Deadlights is where IT lives/its existence. Several times it mentions that it lives in the Deadlights. 2. The other didn't create it. The other only crested the turtle. The turtle created it during a stomach ache. This is directly referenced the first time Bill does the ritual of chitlu (misspelled). As Bill goes "skidding by" the turtle tells Bill not to blame him for IT. He had a tummy ache. Get yiur king right brah.
Did you just assume it’s gender
Evil Monkey66666
Evil Monkey66666 8 days ago
It is not male or female
Black Stars
Black Stars 8 days ago
If they would know that people dissapear every 27 years wouldnt they just leave the town?
Cheyenne Gilleland
Yessss. So grateful for someone to explain IT completely and thoroughly!! I read the book a couple years ago and was blown away at how much there was to the story no one knew. One of my favorite books from King 🥰🥰
Ray 99 Films
Ray 99 Films 9 days ago
No we didn’t get scared of clowns when these films came out It was 2016 the 2nd worst year kc
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 9 days ago
"John Markson" not very creative name
Gopinath Vm
Gopinath Vm 9 days ago
Off with the tacos, man!
Sajai Mcpherson
Sajai Mcpherson 9 days ago
if all of that is true then the turtles babies still lives on too right and i know the turtle isnt a fighter but cant the turtle just swallow pennywise like in futuristic hub
Help_others_ Fight
Me realizing that he said it was a she me “my whole life is a lie”
Lodieux 9 days ago
Nice Craig Kimbrel reference
Angel Baby
Angel Baby 9 days ago
The Crawling Eye is also the name of a Misfits song. It slaps too.
teaukeri 10 days ago
I love the Room 237 tie!
Tristan Dewey
Tristan Dewey 10 days ago
You're relations are stupid... AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!
_Lexlenz 10 days ago
I love this video you should do one on granny
Lilyanna Jacobs 'Night terror'
13:58 HER advantage? He has said HER a few times describing Pennywise/IT. Did I miss something?
RAYZN 10 days ago
My man really loves tacos
Cassi Dee
Cassi Dee 10 days ago
"It uses this to her advantage." Her. Right.
Prinsura 10 days ago
So that's why
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Joseph 10 days ago
Did anyone notice his sweating?
James Johnson
James Johnson 10 days ago
*The following was brought to you by Septic tank companies*
SavageNathan 09
SavageNathan 09 10 days ago
I love this
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