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The Bible says that patience is one of the main tools by which God develops maturity in us. No one enjoys seasons of waiting, but these times are appointed by God to make sure that we have character to sustain what He has for us on the other side. Be encouraged that God is at work in you even in times of waiting.
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Jul 21, 2019




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Cata Mish
Cata Mish 2 hours ago
While you wait work on being the best you can be! Go to school, further your education, do your best at your job and do Your best to live financially responsibly! Then good things start happening and God puts those things in your path and boom you have what you need to love Your best life! Amen!
Grichelle Castuciano
Meaura Leo
Meaura Leo Day ago
Some people think I have been homeless for so long because I am lazy and God doesn’t love me, they don’t understand I am a wounded soldier...rising from so much pain, was born in Africa so happy to be here in America. I know in my heart that God is preparing something big for me. Because he has been telling me. This is all confirmation. I love youuu sooo much Joel osteen thank you for following God whole heartedly this message is very powerful,..and helpful. this is the truth! Your queen 👑 👸! I’ve been in poverty so long I lost count. Been living the shelter life since 2010 just happy I am not on the streets any more. especially now during the corona virus. God took me in just in time because before the corona virus I was sleeping and living on the streets.. battling a mental illness, perinoid schytzophrenia was the diagnosis. God has been hiding me and protecting me from my enemies here in the wait room, since The pandemic I have been living in a nice hotel which has been a great blessing room service great food tv cable internet all paid for by the shelter, they decided to practice social distancing. Thank God right! So much better than the shelter. This is my wait room as I wait to be queen! Your queen is Carrying an elephant...giving birth to my testimony to this dream... phew 😅 it’s heavy! Nearly died but I made it.. I am not anxious but patient for my own place.. God willing. I’ll settle for a studio.
Fidencia Matos
Thanks God for pastor Joel!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Anugrah Stephen Topno
Amen , blessed .
Edward Kamara
Edward Kamara 3 days ago
Sizakele Diya
Sizakele Diya 6 days ago
🙌🙌🙌 Joel you are chosen by God to heal heart. You healed me today 🙏 listening all the way in South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Gabriela Mata Riggs
Amen 🙏 Thanks thanks 🙏
J Noyes
J Noyes 7 days ago
This message is for me today. Thank you Jesus, I’m in the “wait” room. I love it! Thank you for taking me from Glory to Glory and working it out in me. I’m going to be patient. I love you!❤️❤️💋💋
Psalms 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Peyton Donaldson
Peyton Donaldson 8 days ago
Please Joel, preach Jesus. We are sinners in need of a Savior.
Semi Santiago
Semi Santiago 9 days ago
Amen! Thank you for being you🙏, your awesome
Together In God's Family Care Foundation Prayer Tv
Thanks & With A Heartfully & Victorious Amennnnn Oooooo
jusna khan
jusna khan 10 days ago
God bless you and Thank you Joel. I am in Agreement with this Powerful Prayer. AMEN
Katie Austin
Katie Austin 10 days ago
Katie Austin
Katie Austin 10 days ago
i thought his name was jonh paster at first
Amanda G
Amanda G 11 days ago
Ugh God is definitely teaching me patience in this season 😞
Grace Nyarkoh
Grace Nyarkoh 11 days ago
Really inspiring
Dantanio Entertainment
Naledi Kgwefane
Naledi Kgwefane 13 days ago
@nickiminajs pregnancy 😂🙏
Gerick James De Vera
Thank you for realizing me that .. sometimes im being hopeless but this time.. I’ve become more faithful in god.. thank you so much
john musili muteke
john musili muteke 17 days ago
Surely it's something BIG for me in Christ name. Not a puppy!
Rachel ms
Rachel ms 17 days ago
Good always have good and long term purpose for us... Thank you for sharing inspiring message. 😍😍
Geraldine Jordan
Geraldine Jordan 18 days ago
I'm waiting for the my waiting room for 37 years of my life..I know I am worth of waiting is on the away. While waiting I plant good seeds when the time comes i will twice harvest more than what i am expecting. PATIENTS
Matt L
Matt L 19 days ago
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 20 days ago
In Jesus name amen amen and amen pastor 🙏
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 20 days ago
Amen amen and amen pastor 👏👏👏
Keona girl
Keona girl 20 days ago
I'd love to see God work more!
Keona girl
Keona girl 20 days ago
If they played politics..ITS time for a better job! move into something new!
Markiraengle Namahshivayakarishnajesus
Linda Allen
Linda Allen 27 days ago
The time in the waiting room has been so worth it, God's timing has been perfect on a daily basis for me. We serve a Mighty God.😇🙏❤🇿🇦
SAVAGE DOLL AJ 27 days ago
Loving myself and finding joy is my goal . I know I want a relationship but god has me single so maybe god is giving me time to find myself and fall in love with myself 🙏🏻❤️❤️
Rohan Vijay Bande
Praise the Lord. I can wait for your plans to prosper in my life.
linah korikori
linah korikori Month ago
yosiana toding
yosiana toding Month ago
Wow incredible, its worth to wait, thanks for your sermon, God bless you 🥰🙏💪
Lillian Loves the Beach!
I've been in the wait room for 12 years waiting for God to bring me a Christian husband. I'm 56 years old and although I've learned to enjoy & appreciate my singleness as a blessing, sometimes the wait is difficult making me wonder if it's ever going to happen.
Hope Mabasa
Hope Mabasa Month ago
Why people dislike a word of God😲
Grace Sherpa
Grace Sherpa Month ago
Wow...amazing..it bring tears in my eyes..thank you God...thank you Ps.Joel.
Judy Graessle
Judy Graessle Month ago
Thank God He knows what He's doing. I'm in the waiting room and my Spiritual muscles are being developed.Amen
Nana Konadu
Nana Konadu Month ago
Thank You Joel
Tess Castillo
Tess Castillo Month ago
Ptr.Joel,thank u for this reminder.
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Amen and amen
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Yes amen 🙏
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏yes amen
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Yes amen 🙏
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Thank you God amen and amen
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
God I'm not only trusting Just your weave I am trusting your timings🙏amen
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
👏👏👏👏👏yes amen and amen thank you Lord 🙏
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
I thank you Father for your patience in my life amen and amen 🙏
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Thank you Father for you being against me before they world be against me 🙏hallelujah
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Yes amen and amen thank you God we wait on your time thank you for life thank you for victory I am I am beautiful I am talented thank you for making me this way Lord before me give me what I have and who you created me to do thank you Lord Jesus amen
Odacia Thom
Odacia Thom Month ago
Mrs. Marie Harker
I believe and receive this message
That Guy
That Guy Month ago
Being purified by the HiYah FiYah!👃
Eduardo Roquinaza
I am blessed while I am in the waiting room!
Chelsey ChelCRabbit
Thank you Joel! 😁🙏🌻
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