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I had to tell you guys the truth.....
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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 16 161
J Leah
J Leah 7 days ago
She only has 4exs
Addison Marin
Addison Marin 11 days ago
The sad thing is, is that took 16 mins of talkign about her boyfriend and i have a feeling that is not all 🙄🙄
Addison Marin
Addison Marin 11 days ago
You guys are always hating if you don’t like her then why are watching her still
MallTabFilms Vlogs
MallTabFilms Vlogs 24 days ago
Why does she act so innocent all the time when we all know that is not the case
MallTabFilms Vlogs
MallTabFilms Vlogs 24 days ago
no one: not a single soul: literally nobody: Danielle Cohn: bUt At ThE eNd Of ThE dAy
X_ mysterious _X
X_ mysterious _X 26 days ago
You guys do realize that people can’t change their birthday right? That’s illegal lol. It’s practically stealing an identity. So if it says she’s 15 then she’s actually 15. There’s no way she can change it.
Official Marsh
Official Marsh 27 days ago
Can everybody stop hating I mean it’s not our business for stuff that she did and it’s not our life!Y’all need to chill would you care karma does come back YOUR GETTING OLD!MAYBE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY BECOME A TEEN YOULL KNOW WHAT WANTING ATTENTION IS.so stop trying to roast her and PRAY TO THE LORD THAT YOUR NOT SINNING *jeez*
Official Marsh
Official Marsh 27 days ago
Can everybody stop hating I mean it’s not our business for stuff that she did and it’s not our life!Y’all need to chill wh tv would you care karma does come back YOUR GETTING OLD!MAYBE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY BECOME A TEEN YOULL KNOW WHAT WANTING ATTENTION IS😑
xalie. xox
xalie. xox 28 days ago
so is she 13 or 15
Riley Baack
Riley Baack Month ago
Me scrolls through comments just to laugh and like them(hate comments)
Hip XD
Hip XD Month ago
She needs to apoligize for making fun of Christianity, faking pregnancy, lying about her age, being racist, and lying about being poor...
Alicia Persaud
Alicia Persaud Month ago
I dont like her but always coming back for update lmfao!
Rehana Parvin
Rehana Parvin Month ago
Who's watching this now that Danielle has a new boyfriend? "I had only had four exes" lol this is her fifth boyfriend. And let's face it every year she has a whole new boyfriend.
lauren lankford
lauren lankford Month ago
It Mikey and her still dating I’m just confused bc I haven’t been watching her lately and the first video I just Seen was my boyfriend rating my Halloween outfits
Kara Germeroth
Kara Germeroth Month ago
people in ten years still watching these videos: iM sTiLl WaItInG fOr HeR tO aDmIt ShEs ThIrTeEn
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 2 months ago
Guys,I know Not ALL OF US are BIG Fans Of Danielle,But just dont be mean in The comments.Its Disrespectful And I just dont like it.
Joao Beltrame
Joao Beltrame 2 months ago
Nina nj
Nina nj 2 months ago
What a joke🤣
Ryan Caabay
Ryan Caabay 2 months ago
Hi 12
Lionel ybanez III
Lionel ybanez III 2 months ago
Why is she so fake like forreal🤣🤣
Lillian Productions
Lillian Productions 3 months ago
Bc if you even were 15 or 14 your attire still isn’t it but k ain’t ya mama so
Tati Paez
Tati Paez 3 months ago
You said beef so many times it made me hungry 😋 lol
julia x
julia x 3 months ago
maybe mikey’s mom is nuts.. orrr she’s a caring mother who’s tryna keep her 18 year old son outta jail. if you were as grown as you seem to think you are, you could probably see that.
Sophia Savoy
Sophia Savoy 3 months ago
Oh my actual god. I get it y'all don't like her. And I'm not saying I'm a fan because I'm not. But seriously everyone is being so immature. Dani literally only does this for the money and by you guys commenting and giving her attention like this is literally giving her what she wants. She's heard it all bro. If she wasn't doing it for the money what else would she be doing it for? Yes maybe she's lying about her age and yes she is acting older than her age even if she is 15 but Dani literally doesn't care about what y'all say as long as she's getting paid. And if Dani wants to date and if her mom approved of her dating then what's the point of saying hateful stuff because it's not going to do anything. It's useless. She's not just going to stop dating boys cause y'all said she's too young. Just please use some common sense and leave the girl alone. Nothing is going to change just by commenting stuff. Stop wasting your time on someone you don't like.
Tinier_Hippie_ 08
Tinier_Hippie_ 08 3 months ago
Everyone waiting for her to talk about Mikey 9:13
A.T channel
A.T channel 3 months ago
Bro I'm 14 and still I don't have any single BF 😂😂😂😂
SunnySideUp 3 months ago
What she said: after Sebastian.. Auto subtitles: after smashing... RUvid knows what’s up.
Giovanna Mousques
Giovanna Mousques 3 months ago
Kristi Kristi
Kristi Kristi 3 months ago
Anybody still waiting for Dani to stop lying about her age?
Yoshioka 3 months ago
The music sounds like something from Runescape
Lee 3 months ago
What age did this young girl start dating ? I started “seriously” dating in my 20’s and it’s exhausting!! Imagine dating in your early teens!!! No thanks
Patronella Bruce
Patronella Bruce 3 months ago
When is she going to admit she's 13!!
landrey vanoverschelde
10:20 spoiled brat! im literally cringing so hard rn
KISS-AND-KILL 3 months ago
I'm counting down the days when dani finna say she's 13
JB Justice
JB Justice 3 months ago
Her whole life is a lie she's fake, her mother is fake, her friends are fake...
jessica swift
jessica swift 3 months ago
Who else noticed that she’s talking slow and taking longer to talk just to make the video longer and more than 10 minutes to get money. Also look at how many ads does this video have like 5 ads in a 16 minute video? Can y’all imagine how much we’re making this kid rich by only clicking on her pointless videos?
Neha J
Neha J 3 months ago
When dani "45" She be like actually 43 lmfao Dumb joke Like if u get
Daisy Moratin
Daisy Moratin 3 months ago
She thinks shes tuff😂😂 sis poll up😂
Paloma Grelier
Paloma Grelier 3 months ago
Mikey Drama starts at 9:15
Lele Palace
Lele Palace 3 months ago
You forgot 1 more thing to explain THAT YOUR 13 you say you have Latina but you said go back to your country make that make since🙅🏽‍♀️canceled
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