It's The Best Selling Smartphone On Amazon... But Why?

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So this is the best selling smartphone on Amazon currently.
Blu Vivo XL4 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2RVghJL
Blu Vivo XL4 (International) - geni.us/DEpB44
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Comments 100
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 months ago
If you only had $150 to spend on a smartphone, what would you get?
shrivaar padayachee
Rather buy a second hand phone 🤔
Herr Oberbesserwisser
Redmi note 7.
Apple Cider Gaming
Apple Cider Gaming 2 months ago
Redmi note 7
Omar Valdez
Omar Valdez 2 months ago
A life
geek 1405
geek 1405 2 months ago
I'd get a Blackberry Passport or a lumia 1020/1520
Shubham Jangid
Shubham Jangid 20 hours ago
Fuck this one plus everywhere oneplus7 ads
perrlock Day ago
Will this work with straight talk card
acelot 371
acelot 371 Day ago
Please do a Samsung j6 plus review
Alien Scribbles
I’m sorry but I cringed when he called storage memory.
Jithin A P
Jithin A P Day ago
Mine is a Lenovo K9 which I bought with around 7500 INR which is close to $100, It is much better than this.
shrivaar padayachee
Rather buy a second hand phone 🤔🤔🤔
L Satellizer
L Satellizer 3 days ago
Used the phone one step above this, the vivo xl + it's 50 bucks more but USB c. A nice build construction (the glass sandwich on most modern phones) and really good performance , obviously the camera is mediocre but for 200 bucks it's a fantastic device I often use in place of my s10 when I'm bored!
HITECH 3 days ago
Do more budget phones please
CivilCheese 6715
CivilCheese 6715 4 days ago
My iPhone SE is $150.00 at Walmart
betafour 4 days ago
Or just go on eBay and get a used or refurbished pixel 2 or iPhone 6s that both destroy this in every category
Sumon AbAbAb
Sumon AbAbAb 4 days ago
For 150$ that's a good deal
Zaka Ur Rehman
Zaka Ur Rehman 5 days ago
The shittiest processor is helio processors
Jithue Jitheesh
Jithue Jitheesh 6 days ago
But why?The coefficient of linear expansion is the position of the haemoglobin in the atmosphere.But why? But why?full many a gem of purest serene lay underneath the unfathomed ocean unblossomed .but why? But why? 😂😂😂 Any mallus here?
Jithin A P
Jithin A P Day ago
J DLC 6 days ago
just to be truthful here, its selfie is better than my LG V30's front camera.
Arty The Doggo
Arty The Doggo 7 days ago
Wait, why did he sound like kermet?
Gokhul Manikandan
Omfg I have never noticed before
jesus rico
jesus rico 8 days ago
yeah but were do you get it served
Jolteon 5456
Jolteon 5456 8 days ago
PFFFT that's actually hilarious. At least the camera when you activated all the stuff. That was hilarious.
anafbmad 8 days ago
wish people went with this kind of phones instead of stupid expensive...this would make this phones more competitive price wise and model wise.
Zariaeda 007
Zariaeda 007 10 days ago
I got a Moto G6 for $150. I'm happy.
Zariaeda 007
Zariaeda 007 5 days ago
+Dreamscape It was on sale at Walmart. It's currently $179 unlocked at a few retailers.
Dreamscape 5 days ago
No way... How??
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok 10 days ago
Haha, looks a lot like a Huawei
Yash Pardhi
Yash Pardhi 10 days ago
You will get 5x more better spects in $150
[]Squ4wk[] D3x[]
[]Squ4wk[] D3x[] 10 days ago
*Ooga booga phone has joined the chat* This phone's *DOODOO!* Any reference?
[]Squ4wk[] D3x[]
[]Squ4wk[] D3x[] 8 days ago
MOONWOLFX24 9 days ago
Glenn Mcilhagga
Glenn Mcilhagga 10 days ago
Do ya know if this is available in the UK?
The Spark
The Spark 11 days ago
Then there are stupid people like me, I am the only one on planet Earth who buys an expensive smartphone and actually never uses any of the expensive features it has. I just watch youtube, snap a photo 5 times a year and make calls.
Daniela Mount
Daniela Mount 11 days ago
do a review on BLU R2 plus 2019
Morten Madsen
Morten Madsen 11 days ago
Holy smokes that's a cold day -6℃
Wrilo Dc
Wrilo Dc 11 days ago
Do the umidigi a3 pro
Wrilo Dc
Wrilo Dc 11 days ago
Do the thing
Robloxian Noob
Robloxian Noob 11 days ago
iPhone x clone
Gallus The Paladin
Gallus The Paladin 11 days ago
I know your knife lu Its from Vat19
TheTorblox2 12 days ago
You know what they all say. "Holy Smokes!"
Saman Ranjan Pradhan
Helio p22 at 150$, in India we get same processor at 90$.
Saman Ranjan Pradhan
Redmi note 7 and redmi note 7 pro is much much better. I am writing on my 48mpbeast Redmi note 7 pro.
Chaos Clareon
Chaos Clareon 13 days ago
I just spent $180 on eBay to buy a Galaxy S8 with a light screen burn. Even with the burn, I would take an S8 over this phone any day.
Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar 13 days ago
Missed to say about fingerprint... 😈
RedCrim Chan
RedCrim Chan 15 days ago
Awsooooome phoneee
Jon Brister
Jon Brister 16 days ago
The helio processor isn’t that bad. The Alcatel 7 with the helio processor is pretty fast for a mediatek octacore
Frank Savion
Frank Savion 16 days ago
Watching this video made me appreciate my iPhone X so much more LOL can’t take these high price phones for granted
Joe Spilzwell Volpe
U could've had a note 9🤯
Anmolpreet Singh
Anmolpreet Singh 16 days ago
Body of poco f1
LawofAxis 16 days ago
That phone has such a huge chin!...why is there a notch!?!?!
LawofAxis 16 days ago
Just buy an a s8, it will still be better than this.
Azxay Azxy
Azxay Azxy 17 days ago
Who else is watching this video after getting the phone?
Joe Spilzwell Volpe
Black Neon
Black Neon 17 days ago
whats that music name chinese guy with blue eyes lol
Arther Casillas
Arther Casillas 17 days ago
6:05 what jam is that? I want to hear that beat.
Ilyich Dzhugashvili
Chi by Jesse James
Chauncey 17 days ago
Not worth the hassle just buy a one plus or a Poco phone.
Osazuwa Iyamu
Osazuwa Iyamu 16 days ago
Shut Up
Paul H. Kircher III
Yea back in 1963 you really made a Bentley.
StrAWPerry 18 days ago
RedMi 5 is better
Iheanyi Onyechere
Iheanyi Onyechere 18 days ago
I once bought a phone of only a hundred bucks
John Doe
John Doe 18 days ago
you got that right about the Redmi
Rolando Roy
Rolando Roy 18 days ago
For $150, I would get the Samsung galaxy j3 Top instead
jacky Christian Tan
Can I have it pls I don't have 150 dollars
Stacececey 18 days ago
$150 usd but on Austrialian Amazon it’s $440 AUD which is 310 usd pfft cunts
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson 19 days ago
Blu products not reliable.
Molon Labe
Molon Labe 20 days ago
Umidigi A3 Pro......take the extra $60 and buy a bottle of Goose.
Björn Kliem
Björn Kliem 20 days ago
This is a huawei
Gucci Gang Tae
Gucci Gang Tae 20 days ago
No one: h This guy: *Holy smokes*
Koton Bads
Koton Bads 20 days ago
Galaxy J6+
Azxay Azxy
Azxay Azxy 21 day ago
Omg im getting this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant waittttt!!! It looks so cool
King Genji
King Genji 21 day ago
Or just get an old flagship phone like Samsung S6 or S7. Better value
help 4 u
help 4 u 21 day ago
spend less and get more 😃😃
ninjaskilling1 21 day ago
Can u play pubg mobile on this phone??
Heath_2017 22 days ago
So far...( complete tone change) That was a little laggy 😂😂😂
LongVeteran 1926
LongVeteran 1926 22 days ago
Me: This phone is quite impressive for a vivo It has a mediatek Helio P22 "I take back what I said,it's trash."
LongVeteran 1926
LongVeteran 1926 21 day ago
+Keb Alvarez did you read the description? It's a VIVO
Keb Alvarez
Keb Alvarez 21 day ago
Its not vivo.
John Sanabria
John Sanabria 23 days ago
blu is not a bad phone if you're on a budget I have had many of their phones but stay away from their low end phones and some mid phones are good but not all
LongVeteran 1926
LongVeteran 1926 22 days ago
It's still a terrible budget phone (Mediatek Helio P22)
TwiceFairy 24 days ago
I'll buy this as my spare phone
Max Rider
Max Rider 24 days ago
Every phone you review is always GSM
Aniket kumar
Aniket kumar 26 days ago
Unbox Realme3 Pro
Max's Raving Music Production's 123469
Hahahaha, your mouth is delayed unbox therapy bet no one noticed it 😅😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
the notchparty suckz for 150 xD i rather pic the old design of smartphones ;) but a good phone, i would grab it without the notch :)
Lashawn Newman
Lashawn Newman 26 days ago
I had a blu phone.. it was cool but it keep breaking after a couple of months..
_Suburban_ 27 days ago
The only purpose I can think of for a phone jack, is to use an FM tuner. But then, I've never actually used the FM tuner on a smartphone.
Toby Blair
Toby Blair 27 days ago
It's not bad, I buy BLU FOR MY KID, he is not getting a 1000.00 phone!! He breaks everything!! Its perfect for a replacement when you break your 1000.00 phone and your under contract with no insurance!! Lol!! Replacement cost at full retail...
myroom isverydirty
myroom isverydirty 27 days ago
3:55 oh, it's got the ugly thing on top? changing video now...bye.
Avia Ethan
Avia Ethan 27 days ago
Android X
Pluvillion 28 days ago
Now try Vivo V15 Pro! It's has the the similarly price but believe it or not, it performs as fast and maybe even faster than the iPhone X!
Gaming with Hannsel
It's same price and almost same specs as Huawei Y6 well little bit cheaper......try the Asus Zenfone max pro M1/M2 They both have good speakers as well as a 5000mAh power for a cheap price of $320 USD approx....I prefer M2 if you got enough money
Loo Jieren
Loo Jieren 28 days ago
Now we contact Jerry for hardware testing 😏
HYPED GAMER 28 days ago
look at umidigi one pro
Niggolo 28 days ago
wtf this is proof that the poor work 1000x harder and cater to everyones needs while the rich corporations remove every feature imaginable bc they want to show that they can afford everything
Tadeos. Bennett
Tadeos. Bennett 29 days ago
3gb Ram....nope not buying it
K9 29 days ago
Still the same res as the XR
Batuhan Akyazı
Batuhan Akyazı 29 days ago
Check out Vestel smartphone. I am curious about what you'll say.
Émilie Boisclair
this channel is really a therapy to me, it put my life on stop for a moment. Its so entertaining
nikolas 1145
nikolas 1145 Month ago
wait... so you're telling me that if a smartphone is unlocked, you can just slap a sim card into it and use it on any carrier? I thought you had to be within their approved phone lists to use a phone on a specific carrier
harrison fortnite
i want that phone now 😭😂
Lakerguy1000 28 days ago
harrison fortnite same
P5yC1ops _
P5yC1ops _ Month ago
I own a vivo phone
Carolina Mendoza
I have this phone and you can choose to either include the top part of the screen or turn it off by sliding down the top left corner down. Also it has a dual Sim card slot, plus you can put a SD card
Gregory Newman
Gregory Newman Month ago
People who lost a phone might buy this to have some form of communicationtech for them to use. As they say "Better something than nothing"
its matt
its matt Month ago
To my eyeballs
Ahnaf Dragneel
Ahnaf Dragneel Month ago
who else thinks this phone is trash
Letty Agapay
Letty Agapay Month ago
I have the Blu life Play 2 and on the box it says Stay Bold
luisao escobar
luisao escobar Month ago
The amazing redmi note 5 is near $150 in Amazon, and is completely better than that phone
Brian Buchanan
Brian Buchanan Month ago
Redmi note 6 Pro
Penetrate me softly
they like it cuz it looks like an fake iphone 💀💀
Jeffrey Worthen
Jeffrey Worthen Month ago
I purchased this phone from Amazon in February and this phone is ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yayish Yagami
Yayish Yagami Month ago
Not as good as my S10+ tho..
Jade Lopez Murillo
It looks like Cherry Mobile.
Ria Phillips
Ria Phillips Month ago
Got my LG Stylo 4 on amazon unlocked
JCN Ph Month ago
Xiaomi redmi 5 at that price point is good
Elieshuh Month ago
That box looks like a brisk bottle.
Murray Thompson
Murray Thompson Month ago
Funny how you said that you Haven't seen wired earphones come packaged with a cellphone in a long time. I immediately thought of the S10 phones they all come with headsets and you just reviewed those a couple of weeks ago maybe? So maybe time is relative in the product review game? hahahaha
Murray Thompson
Murray Thompson Month ago
+THE LOUIE BRAND hahaha, that's funny.
Murray Thompson bruh. 2019. We live in dog Year’s now.
Aniket Sawant
Aniket Sawant Month ago
I just checked & this phone on Amazon costs around rs 3,500 in India which is less than 100 dollars
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