It's Official the 379 Peterbilt is Unwrecked.

Westen Champlin
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We take the unwrecked 379 Peterbilt for a test drive.
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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Turning Wrenches
Turning Wrenches 6 hours ago
The driver side door is dented
james gonzalez
james gonzalez 19 hours ago
"I just got hired to Swift" 🤦‍♂️ 😳 🤣
Andre Wilbur
Andre Wilbur 2 days ago
Honda Prius bruh
Halim 2 days ago
How tall are you ?, im 162 cm can i drive that truck ?
jokerwhy8 3 days ago
Vtec hybrid
Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown 3 days ago
Closet pole-smokers can't help themselves when it comes to talking/joking about man parts, either come out as the banana-crammer you are, or STFU talking about that crap!, how proud your dad must be when watching your video's.
dtbnz 3 days ago
Honda prius?? you mean Toyota Prius?
Jac Vanwyhe
Jac Vanwyhe 3 days ago
Honda Prius
StephenB 3 days ago
That donkey power
SouthernStyle Stuntz
How to you not have over a million subs
MVP 4 days ago
Somebody needs to switch to decaf lol really nice truck!
DAN HUNIK 5 days ago
Old truckers never die they just get a new PETER BUILT
dirtroad tragedy
dirtroad tragedy 5 days ago
Can you please polish all the chrome including the wheels please
nodnaL samohT Official
“Honda Prius”
SCV Transport Services
What was total cost???
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles 6 days ago
Nah, Swift had it before you. That's why it was smashed up lol
Scott Cupp
Scott Cupp 6 days ago
Damn she looks good! I am glad you rescued her. She deserves it!!!
Austin Tanner
Austin Tanner 6 days ago
I just want to drive my peter 😂😂😂
Michael Brinz
Michael Brinz 8 days ago
Did you say anything about the total costs anywhere? ... for fixing it up?
Karl Bohnenberger
Polish the dam rims
Tsm splash32
Tsm splash32 8 days ago
We don’t wanna turn and hit a HONDA PRIUS lmao
William M Vargas
William M Vargas 9 days ago
Honda Prius? 😂😂😂
River Sharp
River Sharp 11 days ago
Need some bigger rims
Jared Laflamme
Jared Laflamme 11 days ago
He said “ Honda Prius” 😂
Shaun ST
Shaun ST 12 days ago
i cant stop laughing. Probably the best channel on youtube.
Dave Hakes
Dave Hakes 12 days ago
Paint Looks Real good.
Dave Hakes
Dave Hakes 12 days ago
Go by a Body shop and get a Blind mirror nut installer and the mirror will bolt right on. Same installer works on any Pickup too, especially older fords.
Nate Botelho
Nate Botelho 12 days ago
You’re awesome man
Tommy Topham
Tommy Topham 13 days ago
Shifter bushing need replacement
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 21 day ago
Hey +Westen champlin just finished watching all ur videos we want more!!!
Daniel Gunsallus
Daniel Gunsallus 21 day ago
Nice truck, you need to get a steering wheel spinner for that bad boy lol but other than that it sure is a sight to see from what it was when you got it 😃👍 enjoy your dream truck brother
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins 25 days ago
You should put a peterbilt emblem on the front of the fummins and Cummins emblems on the sides where the power stroke ones used to be.
Lucas Perttu
Lucas Perttu 25 days ago
Does he have a son?
Andrzej Krauze
Andrzej Krauze 27 days ago
Do more, say less... 😉👍
Jacktheboss4life 27 days ago
Time for optimus prime wrap
Travis Drum
Travis Drum 28 days ago
Are you going to polish the wheels? Like you did the tanks?? I used to do it for a living
Joe Gardo
Joe Gardo Month ago
What’s going on.....I fallowed the whole project on the old Pet. nicely done and see you in the next one. Jersey Joe.
First Last
First Last Month ago
10:20 I haven't laughed that hard in a long time
Joseph Lopresti
Joseph Lopresti Month ago
Honda Prius 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abdias Fernandez
Super cool brother
Panama Pinto
Panama Pinto Month ago
Freight train horns?
Azim AZ landscaping and snow removal inc
LED clear headlights hid
Aiden Miller
Aiden Miller Month ago
Westen you are funny
basschief72 Month ago
honda prius...funny
Tony R
Tony R Month ago
What's the cost of the truck when you bought it and the final cost of the restoration? Superb job!👍👍👍
Dingo_ 77
Dingo_ 77 Month ago
That's one beautiful Peterbilt.
A-Dog Month ago
Honda Prius😂
Drunken Hobo
Drunken Hobo Month ago
hmm i like yah vids dude but can't help but think you are copying off of vice grip garage sense of humor
TheRedPanda Month ago
Do you plan to buy a trailer for the pete' 379?
William 1221
William 1221 Month ago
I have a question and was wondering if there is a way to message you.
Jaime Castro
Jaime Castro Month ago
Said what?? Honda prius?? Hahahah..
Shawn Jarman
Shawn Jarman Month ago
Hood latches guys! Hood latches!
fuzzyjax Month ago
Man am I glad I found this channel!
Flatbed hauling with scott N
Would you be interested in selling it?.
Matthew Scholes
Matthew Scholes Month ago
Western, Get A Tank!
David Cook
David Cook Month ago
The hood still doesn't line up and the breather lights on the front still missing
Dannon Month ago
Good job boys.... lets get that interior in and them two dead hookers out
Victor Ambula
Victor Ambula Month ago
about to feel the power lol
Sire DragonChester
When you going put bigger TUBRO on her? hah good video :)
William Johnson cx dc fx sdxxrhn
Awesome video. Love trucks. Owner op for 10+ years got out and prolly getting back in the game. Check out my old project if u like old trucks.ruvid.net/video/video-1-66y1WrTUM.html
Toni Larsson
Toni Larsson Month ago
Honda prius ?
Brian Caldwell
Brian Caldwell Month ago
Sale it you'll get killed in that dam thing
Dale Girard
Dale Girard Month ago
Honda Prius???
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
Now all you need is to get it registered & the plates on it. I do like the idea of the wood floor that would match the dash; or else use oak.
MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
Keep the APU harness.....
essoca Williams
essoca Williams Month ago
Grow it out friend don't let friends get haircuts or buy Ford's but to late
Bly thkd
Bly thkd Month ago
I just got hired by Swift! Hah! So when did all the jokes flip to Swift. Back when I used to drive all the jokes were about JB Hunt and Schneider. I know one thing, when I"m on the interstate now I get tired of passing England and Prime. They used to roll now they're just rolling roadblocks.
Carrot 225
Carrot 225 Month ago
Honda Prius
Arthur Pflughoeft
Ummmmmm..........that's not a 15 speed transmission. A red button is on a 13 speed.
Robert Fox
Robert Fox Month ago
He definitely needs to get new wheels for it or at least polish these ones
Me Month ago
I wonder what his investment was. Nuffn wrong wit engine. This series was a real treat
Stupefaction 101
Stupefaction 101 2 months ago
What happened to the driver side of the cab!? It was amazing before!
Jerry Bernier
Jerry Bernier 2 months ago
Your awesome for your age you are a pretty good mechanic to
Andreas Frind
Andreas Frind 2 months ago
To bad the trucks are worthless right now
Joshua White
Joshua White 2 months ago
1:36 It's a Semi Truck. It's always the other guy's fualt.
Cody Thorson
Cody Thorson 2 months ago
Need to add a couple 4" red LEDS on the back wall of the sleeper for running at night
madpainter69 2 months ago
Ok i'm confused ... BUT entertained... Do you do these builds just to make content? or do you build and sell to make more money to build more? OR ... are you rich and just board? Odd question i know... but i'm watching ... liking, and subscribed . thanks for posting ... Thumbs up.
Gary Cottrell Jr.
Gary Cottrell Jr. 2 months ago
It looks like you got a big dent in the driver's side door
HFR Productions
HFR Productions 2 months ago
Was that Bobby hill
Dee💯1Deep 2 months ago
You wanna sell that Pete
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