IT'S JUNE!!! FlightReacts Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike!

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IT'S JUNE!!! FlightReacts Ankle Breaking 1V1 Against TheFlightMike! | Perkyy
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Jun 1, 2020




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Comments 80
Perkyy Month ago
Follow me on Instagram, I’m always showing love 💕 @perkyy MERCH IS OUT NOW : teespring.com/stores/perkyy Like, comment and subscribe!!! What other videos do you guys want to see next!?
LEDLEY COLE 29 days ago
TheFlightMike makes nba videos
andres nunez
andres nunez 29 days ago
You should watch yourrage’s reaction to the video
J_dripsalot 2.0
J_dripsalot 2.0 Month ago
When I go to prom will you be my date
Jay Reese
Jay Reese Month ago
Im in love with this girl
Taylor Loggin
Taylor Loggin Month ago
I’m 11 and I play basketball and I’m a girl . They need to work on ALOT of stuff . And try working on a bigger court that’s for sure .
Jon Wilk
Jon Wilk 6 days ago
Perky pleassse react to flight vs Mikey williams
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 10 days ago
Flight is dating perkky he just didnt have the cameras on
Ceejayalluring tv
Ceejayalluring tv 12 days ago
That shot was so wet
Mj Franklin
Mj Franklin 27 days ago
She sound like super cee if u know u know👀
killachinzzo 27 days ago
Perky you should do 1v1s low key
Sxnny - RBLX
Sxnny - RBLX 27 days ago
PerkyyReacts by june 15th?
Hardbody_Rico 28 days ago
She like flight so much it’s not even funny
Elisha Francois
Elisha Francois 28 days ago
I mean these guys are nothing compared the professor.
TRAVION MORTON 28 days ago
Perky kno for a fact that was weak ahh competition. These youtubers be hypin up for the views
TRAVION MORTON 28 days ago
That was the weakest behind the back I’ve ever seen and he lost control of the ball 🤮😪
DumyBoyDex 19
DumyBoyDex 19 29 days ago
Perkyy: “now Idek who Mikey Williams is...” *OT fans have left the chat*
Gerrell Bibbs
Gerrell Bibbs 29 days ago
That ball sucks
Prozima 29 days ago
Perkyy since you use to ball .1v1 flight
Travis Murray
Travis Murray 29 days ago
"He got his ankles broke in a curry jersey"? *Kyrie Irving enters the chat*
нтк LᎾᏉE
нтк LᎾᏉE 28 days ago
Muhsintheballer_ 29 days ago
June baby!!!
Marquito Banks
Marquito Banks 29 days ago
Yo I swear to god when I said the trainer is a proud father you said it at the same time 😱😨😂
Kidjay 29 days ago
I wanna see a perkyy and flight 1v1👀
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 29 days ago
He may have a chance with perkky
Phillip Jones
Phillip Jones 29 days ago
Flight said he going sober
Miichaeljr 29 days ago
Love her reaction 😂😂
Darius The G.O.A.T
Darius The G.O.A.T 29 days ago
Irish spring green green green ☘️
Bentllyy Bob
Bentllyy Bob 29 days ago
flight cheated the score ong if you think im lying rewatch the video and add up the points yourself
SnappyEx Month ago
She so fine 💕
Izayah White
Izayah White Month ago
Watch him 1v1 Mikey Williams
Questions Tv
Questions Tv Month ago
New sub you look good tho 😍
ngl... flight (reacts) high key trash
Jrzy kai
Jrzy kai Month ago
Flight had his takeover
followerofyah Month ago
Perkyy dating flight it's just the camera's weren't on
R2 Month ago
She got so hype 😂😂😂
T BagZek
T BagZek Month ago
Nippes out flight is like goku ultra instinct
My stummy hurt
My stummy hurt Month ago
She’s perfect for flight (she’s a keeper)
LightningXG Month ago
Perkyy, what did you get yourself into? Now you gotta react to all Flight's 1v1s from now on
CashMoney Month ago
Perkyy can I get a shoutout too it would be the world to me coming from you
CashMoney Month ago
imyoungmac10 Month ago
Jemore Harris
Jemore Harris Month ago
React to Mikey Williams pleaseeeeeeee
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher Month ago
The way she looks at flight mike dribbling was hilarious
Jay-got No_Waves
176k with no kids
Perkyy Month ago
Ooooouuuuuuu 🗣🗣
Jay-got No_Waves
Still my celebrity crush
I KNOW Jacob
I KNOW Jacob Month ago
Flight: buts men a the floor Perky: O_O
Living with Nyla Wandland
you should react to John moss when he some random lady gave him a baby
Yuggen Mafia
Yuggen Mafia Month ago
She was se girls brooo
G1be T
G1be T Month ago
Let me break them ankles in bed
ANUBiS Month ago
Everybody know damn well that was NO W!
Rudy Robinson
Rudy Robinson Month ago
Flight faked that video he was playing against someone who is trash
IFinesse YT
IFinesse YT Month ago
Aye flight now try playing comp
dghfjgdf Month ago
When the add came on for perkyy who else tried the press skip LOL
Amethyst Gayner
Amethyst Gayner Month ago
Who is she?
Young El
Young El Month ago
Nothing but swish 🤣
Hakeem Atariwa
Hakeem Atariwa Month ago
I do not care about what everybody says perkyy bad ash 😍
MaikuLaKilla Month ago
Why Flight Mike look so awkward?
MaikuLaKilla Month ago
Flight better take Steroids
VrTx Lightning
VrTx Lightning Month ago
As soon as she said "I gotta get an add block", I got an add on her video
locxied Month ago
10:21 soooo is it safe to say flight has shot creating takeover 🤣🤣
locxied Month ago
Dafckin Goat
Dafckin Goat Month ago
U gave us the same ad they gave u
franklinellis27 Month ago
They play like those kids that be off the court waiting for the teams to start arguing; so they can get layups and shots in on the end of the court. There are Bum sauce. 😂😂
JTG_ Frenzy
JTG_ Frenzy Month ago
It's June omg flight is break ing yt
ɴᴏᴛ ᴊᴏʀᴅᴀɴ
Hezafied Month ago
The guy in the curry jersey makes me so mad
Jaelon Willis
Jaelon Willis Month ago
Mike has all the shot animations but got no attributes
Johnny B
Johnny B Month ago
Now everyones a RUvidr lmao...Same how everyones a rapper...cut it out.
clout god513
clout god513 Month ago
iBe TRXLY Month ago
Perkyy x Flight June 2030
Z-haan Skat
Z-haan Skat Month ago
George Floyd
Young Jay Da Sauce God
The flight mike got more subs than u 😂
Perkyy Month ago
LIL Ant Month ago
Why are you so badddddd
YT TENDAI K Month ago
Perky’s face a 7:10 tho lol
Chai David
Chai David Month ago
Ohhhh noooo why is flight mike so bad no offense but damn
Makaila Eldridge
bordeaux 1’s perky?!?! those are bred 1’s 😭
Perkyy Month ago
I know my shoes lol
FSG Rico
FSG Rico Month ago
perkyy so smexy🤣 i may be young(18) but i’m ready
Dewayne Queen
Dewayne Queen Month ago
Cheryl Hunter
Cheryl Hunter Month ago
flight has handles but it just his balance
the lifeofRome
the lifeofRome Month ago
Flight june is the same as when he first started.....he is 0-1 and this game does not count until he really plays comp which makes you go harder
FazeChico Month ago
This vedio good because, she know abt bb So, it makes the reaction more interesting
king_ reacts2x
king_ reacts2x Month ago
Flight beat Curry in a 1v1 he just didn't have the cameras on
Tyz mart
Tyz mart Month ago
Really😧 does she not see that flight is tired 🤦🏼‍♂️ Flight needs a 🧞‍♂️ as trainer or a miracle worker
21 tv
21 tv Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-AjT_2m8rnKw.html Summary of the video
Tyrese Mvuna
Tyrese Mvuna Month ago
8:42 On God that's the slowest DreamShake I've ever witnessed😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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