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It’s Dame Time on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles. The Trail Blazers superstar comes on to talk all things hoop, looking back on his meteoric rise from unknown high school player to small school star to one of the best in the NBA. Dame explains how he ended up at Weber State and why getting hurt during his junior year was the best thing for his career. Then Lillard takes it back to his getting drafted by Portland and why he refused to believe he was going to be a lottery pick until the moment his name was called. He gets into his growth in the league, what it was like to play with LaMarcus Aldridge and what could have been if LA had stayed in Portland. Dame also touches on CJ McCollum’s rise as a player and opens up about just how close the two of them are. Then he gets into how he learned to shoot so effectively from deep range and how that led to his epic walk-off shot against OKC in last year’s playoffs. The flow of the conversation then turns to Dame’s music, what it’s like to be close with Lil Wayne and how he started his rap career. Later on, the guys get into Dame’s self-surprising shoe deal, and he reveals what he first bought when he made it big and how he wanted to bring it back to the crib immediately. Damian Lillard is beast on and off the court and you won’t want to miss him sitting down with Q and D.
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Mar 5, 2020




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Comments 100
80zDad The Ward
80zDad The Ward 18 days ago
Bonzi and Sheed have a great podcast too. A little more candid.
A E 21 day ago
kinda awkward lmao
AR XXIV Month ago
Get melo on this
Marcus Maxwell
Marcus Maxwell Month ago
Waiting on the playoff game tonight vs Lakers
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
Lol Burlingame for y'all that don't know is nothing but rich white people in the Bay that and Hillsborough
Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
22:00 watching this and playing NBA 2k20 myteam with Dame and LA as a duo 🤦🏾‍♂️
Basketball Mixtapes
GOD bless you all JESUS loves you all✝️✝️✝️
meechform kcmo
meechform kcmo Month ago
I dont understand how the world do not understand that this is the best player in the world! I just watched him in the bubble get double team at half court that is ridiculous words can't even describe that! Don't believe what they tell you let your eyes tell you the truth!!
wildkoala 🐨
wildkoala 🐨 Month ago
so why is this on my recommended now when things are goin cray cray🤣🤣🤣
PJ Jacobson
PJ Jacobson Month ago
If ESPN didn’t have TV deals with the the league’s- they would cease to exist. They better get wit the times and understand Steven a Smith and his ranting and raving is NOT what real sports fans want. To stay successful, you got to change with the times, or you end up stale
Dro Killah
Dro Killah 2 months ago
Dame ⌚
Art Alcatraz
Art Alcatraz 2 months ago
One of his 3 albums on that stranded island is Stillmatic... Damn I love Dame but this made me like him more. Stillmatic is wayyyyyyy better than illmatic.
Raph Rodriguez
Raph Rodriguez 2 months ago
I remember all those years when Dame was getting that ASG snub. he'd punish the Warriors every time after the break.
greenlantern699 2 months ago
Dame is one of the best players in the league. But he wasn't truthful about one thing...It was jrue holiday and only jrue holiday whom completely shutdown Dame in the New Orleans series. But in reality there isn't a point guard in the entire league that's able to solve the jrue holiday equation .
Ty Shakur
Ty Shakur 3 months ago
Don’t sleep on Dragic. All NBA 3rd Team
nilo76 3 months ago
Knuckleheads all the smoke nochill and Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells podcast killing the podcast game waaay better than espn or tnt basketball content and interviews
shawn williams
shawn williams 3 months ago
Typical bay brotha finding independence’s in a game that really don’t support music that’s great
Ed Chan
Ed Chan 3 months ago
Need Scottie Pippen on here
shawn williams
shawn williams 3 months ago
Dame is a real OG
LoudPack 3 months ago
dame is just a beast... cool asf... talking str8 game and real shit... 100
Habeev07 4 months ago
19:22 BROY was special. Roy was the 6th pick in 2006... Lillard was the 6th pick 6 YEARS AFTER in 2012... WHAT IRONY. BOTH ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.
Habeev07 4 months ago
What a journey. Lillard and Curry are the 2 best PG's of the era 13'-now', much like Nash and CP3 were the best from 05'-12'. Since start of 17'/18' season, Dame has made attempted 200 shots from 30 feet, making 74 of them. 37% from 30 feet!!!???!!!??? Dame has a higher % on 30 footers than Curry. Stats say Dame makes MORE and at a better %. (9) 50+ point games (1 in playoffs, 9 total 50,50,50,51,51,51,59,60,61) (Durant and Curry only have 6) www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/50-point-game-most-times.html 5 of the top-100 all-time highest Hollinger Game scores (58th, 45th, 41st, 36th, and 26th best game ever!) www.basketball-reference.com/leaders/game_score.html 2 of the 7 All-time NBA playoff series-ending game-winning shots in NBA history are by DAMIAN LILLARD ( M. Jordan 2, D. Lillard 2, J. Stockton 1, R. Sampson 1, K. Leonard 1) 1 of 3 NBA players all-time to start their careers with 6 straight season of at least 1,500 points and 400 assists (Oscar Robertson, Lebron James, Damian Lillard) He made this song: ruvid.net/video/video-0mM527yJ3K8.html - fitting Damian owns the MLK Jr. Day NBA scoring record of 61pts. Ironic. DAME scoring 50 points the day Kobe passes is poetic. KOBE was the KING of the 50 point game
Gonzalo Otheguy
Gonzalo Otheguy 4 months ago
Really down to earth dude.
Itza Espino
Itza Espino 4 months ago
RIP CITY💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
TheDijas82 4 months ago
Shawn Kemp please🙂
Marlik Evans
Marlik Evans 4 months ago
Logo Lillard!
B C 4 months ago
Damian Lillard did some spring cleaning one day he went live then showed up to Irving Park with a uhaul full of shoes for the kid's. He's a real leader, and roll model on, and off of the court! 💯 ruvid.net/video/video-bZZXvvSzDbU.html
B C 4 months ago
Dame host a skate party ruvid.net/video/video-WHM3anfP6Go.html
B C 4 months ago
Damian Lillard Respect Campaign. I'm from Portland. Thiers a lot of player's who has done a lot for the city. But none can touch Dame. ruvid.net/video/video-HdDfzqvfCIk.html
Bung Chew
Bung Chew 5 months ago
Chef_ RG.2
Chef_ RG.2 5 months ago
Every interview Dame gives is good👍🏾👍🏾 Hes a great personality. I see him having a show after his NBA career.
7DAYWKND 5 months ago
Let’s get Drose on this jawn
Jonathan Mings
Jonathan Mings 5 months ago
Why do I feel like Miles isn't a fan of Curry? There have been statements in multiple videos he's said that seem like they are jabs at Steph but idk. Maybe that's why he hasn't been on here yet either.
Drtist1 5 months ago
Hella-Informative. Not Skip Bayless BS!!!!! Great questions Knuckleheads!!!
JMac The Fanatic
JMac The Fanatic 5 months ago
booker plain and simple is not an allstar. if he's an allstar Phx has to win more. He is capable to for 50 light on any night but he's inconsistent. he averaged 27 or 28 by getting 15 some nights and 40 others.don't me wrong he's an allstar talent and a terrific scorer. so was jamal crawford. so is lou williams. he's borderline. i might put him in if there was one more spot, but i wouldn't take anyone out for him.
Ronald Mack
Ronald Mack 5 months ago
Bryan Dunkerson
Bryan Dunkerson 5 months ago
aye victor oladipo got pipes need to get him a song @damianlillard
Real Matic
Real Matic 5 months ago
Yah should’ve kept the nipsey hustle soundtrack
bigerv foods reviews
D miles be like so what made you get some head from the girl that offered you some lol
Mopsic Worldwide
Mopsic Worldwide 5 months ago
Darius miles be sounding higher than matt barnes an stack jack 😂
C&G Body Auto
C&G Body Auto 5 months ago
Dame that dude on God and Q Rich a whole fool!
Rashawn Goston
Rashawn Goston 5 months ago
They and ATS should do 3 shows a week to give relief from covid 19. It's well needed.
guzmanj824 5 months ago
d rose need to slide 1 time 🌹
El masca Vidal
El masca Vidal 5 months ago
D.Lilliard humble superstar
Donavan Mcdabb
Donavan Mcdabb 5 months ago
I see why LA wanted to come back
T.K 5 months ago
why does d miles ALWAYS try to finish someone's sentence!!!🤬,,, that shit is IRRITATING!!!🤬🤬
KC Okoro
KC Okoro 5 months ago
Get Tracy McGrady!!
rdgz 5 months ago
Zach Lavine i’d like to see on here
P Money
P Money 5 months ago
ChriswavyTV 5 months ago
Love the podcast, can you get people like T-mac, Brandon Roy, KG, D Rose & Rondo
Jamaal Gill
Jamaal Gill 5 months ago
Dame Lillard is everything you'd want in a franchise player. Loyal, down to earth, hard worker, great teammate, great leader, never throws another teammate nor coach under the bus, wants to win at all costs. Gotta love this dude
GDSX 5 months ago
Nobody: Darius miles : Der , Her , Rer , Wer
Massimo De Marchi
Massimo De Marchi 6 months ago
c-webb birdman b-roy duncan gary payton
Vittirio Washington
Vittirio Washington 6 months ago
Requesting LaMarcus Aldridge please...
SBM HIGHLIGHTS 6 months ago
The albums he picked was 🔥 🔥 🔥 !!
Pablo Fernandez-Valdes
fav player
KO 4 Miles
KO 4 Miles 6 months ago
Q got that CTG thing going on.
EJ Brooks
EJ Brooks 6 months ago
Yall need to have booby gibson on this bih‼️
Denzil Hill
Denzil Hill 6 months ago
Dame my favourite player easily most underrated in the league
Dragon Father
Dragon Father 6 months ago
We need swaggy p, Lavar ball & dbook
dinkdaplaymaka 6 months ago
Brad Beal and Dame would be a 🥶 backcourt
Manimal 6 months ago
Great album picks, Stillmatic!!!
Gerold Sewcharan
Gerold Sewcharan 6 months ago
Steven Hall
Steven Hall 6 months ago
Can we get a Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis interview?? Nobody talks about those guys
dinkdaplaymaka 6 months ago
As he talk about Aldridge I just remember that series against the rockets with they had Harden,Howard & Parsons was hooping for them. Dame hit that GW tho 😎
Wes 6 months ago
Dame is cold as 🧊 He’ll send yo ass packing in the playoffs
ken frank
ken frank 6 months ago
his comparisons for his game tho, alot of them is dead on
jose daniel arosemena
guys, you have audience from all over the globe, can you please put the names that this guys mention on the First question (subtitle style). this is great material ! Thanks for the good work From PANAMA CITY, PANAMA
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson 6 months ago
Same is such a cool dude
Isaidit Management
Isaidit Management 6 months ago
Blessings #IsaiditManagement
Ahmed James
Ahmed James 6 months ago
Goran still busting you
Plottage Plottage
Plottage Plottage 6 months ago
No Name
No Name 6 months ago
The Blackest One stays fly
Davonte S
Davonte S 6 months ago
Portland front office need to get back on track. Had a good team last year but let everyone go smh
Jay Douangdara
Jay Douangdara 6 months ago
It’s crazy because I used to think the Rebels were still hella good.
이홍규 6 months ago
I wanna see Ben Wallace on here so bad
Masud Saeedi
Masud Saeedi 6 months ago
Get these players on please - like if you agree.. 1) Steve Francis 2) Vince Carter 3) Gerald Green 4) Iman Shumpert 5) Gilbert Arenas
Ahmad Spencer
Ahmad Spencer 6 months ago
Masud Saeedi they did Gilbert
Jordan Henry
Jordan Henry 6 months ago
Dame, CJ and Aldridge would've gotten to the finals if LA didn't leave. CJ was just becoming a star right when he left, it would've been a top 3 big 3 in the league easily
Black Wolfie
Black Wolfie 6 months ago
lol, does he believes himself when he says they might have won 1? haha
Frankie Dobbins
Frankie Dobbins 6 months ago
Need to see Gerald Wallace or peja storakvich
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth 6 months ago
Great Interview
solephonic 6 months ago
another great interview. keep up the good work fellas.
KD SWAGGER 6 months ago
Stephon Marbury needs to be on Knuckleheads!
J R 6 months ago
Yo, get Richard Jefferson on here!!!!!
Ajjan Inthiran
Ajjan Inthiran 6 months ago
8th???? imagine this man on the raptors.
yaamanzzdee 6 months ago
Get John Wall and Dbook
Jay James
Jay James 6 months ago
Quentin Richardson:that's when I found out he was something like me .. Yea ok lol
Damien Butler
Damien Butler 6 months ago
Enjoyed this episode!!! Dame Lillard my favorite player in the nba!!!
Kevin Moten
Kevin Moten 6 months ago
You guys reached out to d rose yet?
Jeff Miguel
Jeff Miguel 6 months ago
Dame humble af
Daniel Qilkinz
Daniel Qilkinz 6 months ago
Dame with right pieces around him would have several rings by now
Cool Mon
Cool Mon 6 months ago
Dmiles is better at asking questions but he still needs to know when to JUST STOP the question and let the guest talk and answer. 👍🏿
Medallo City
Medallo City 6 months ago
Dame is also more important than the mayor in Portland. We fucking love him and hope he never leaves but will always respect him either way.
T Cook
T Cook 6 months ago
The NBA paying you back with your performance Dame for those all-star appearances they left you out of.
Freddy B
Freddy B 6 months ago
Why he disrespect marvin bagley like that smh
Antbeast23 6 months ago
I love dame so loyal. Doesn't jump on a bandwagon.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 6 months ago
He better than curry 🤷‍♂️
Tree Thomas
Tree Thomas 6 months ago
Peep me and Dame DOLLA's song "Dont Have To Call" out now! ruvid.net/video/video-Bv3-Fxvc2-4.html
Tree Thomas
Tree Thomas 6 months ago
Ayyyy Real Oakland!!!
Asante Carter
Asante Carter 6 months ago
That colorism shit is wack...."the blackest one" foh Quintin
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