'It matters to me': Video shows Good Samaritan take gun from robber on Blue Line train

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New video shows the moment a Good Samaritan disarmed a robber on a CTA Blue Line train Sunday morning before the Chicago Marathon.

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Oct 15, 2019




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John Miner
John Miner 55 minutes ago
Felon with a gun...we need more gun laws!
Misherman 2 hours ago
Doesn’t know how to set the safety. Pathetic.
Booger Lips
Booger Lips 2 hours ago
Which style of Karate and boxing do you break necks ?
Hidingfromu 3 hours ago
He will be out in no time. Past long list proves it.
christopher Lucy
christopher Lucy 4 hours ago
Don't move PLSE we need u here in Boston..as for Chicago I went 2 times and I can't say I liked it..
Cellus Joseph
Cellus Joseph 4 hours ago
Lol, he doesn’t even know he’s a hero. Thank goodness we still have people like this who exist in this world. We need more like him.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 4 hours ago
Best cities I’ve ever visited? Wtf. He should get out more.
Renee Ehefrau GRAY
Renee Ehefrau GRAY 5 hours ago
Keep Concealed Carry!!!
Stuart Warren
Stuart Warren 5 hours ago
Remember folks... This is Chicago, a city with VERY restrictive posession gun laws. All the guy was charged with was felony robbery? What about a weapons charge?
Phillip nguyen
Phillip nguyen 7 hours ago
xQc is so nice
Shammendra Eshwar
Shammendra Eshwar 8 hours ago
Absolute unit
Barney Lan
Barney Lan 8 hours ago
He is black. Black lives matter!!! You'll get trouble, dude. Political-right politicians protect criminals.
Kcayos 8 hours ago
Although this guy is a hero, he had his finger on the trigger the whole time he had the robber’s gun, while he was pointing it at his freaking leg!
theL81Again 9 hours ago
Boston to the rescue!
Timur Zavidov
Timur Zavidov 9 hours ago
I am boxer, karate black belt, long range sniper, UFC champion. This guy :D I like what he did, but I wonder how truthful he is about his skills.
Tom Stern
Tom Stern 10 hours ago
What a legend!!!
blh3863 10 hours ago
Toxic masculinity. I have to go to my safe space after watching this guy refuse to be a victim.
huk bb3
huk bb3 11 hours ago
Its by him self while others sit like a chicken and watches him instead of helping
Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg 11 hours ago
Good Samaritan my ass
Love Life
Love Life 11 hours ago
Him: I'm a boxer I'll break yo head Robber: *pulls out Glock19* Him: *takes gun* Robber: my only weakness
Saydat 12 hours ago
Nigga was still wavin ah loaded gun around🤣🤣
Victor Acosta
Victor Acosta 12 hours ago
Italian balls
Orleans Artist
Orleans Artist 13 hours ago
I love this man
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 13 hours ago
Where can I find this guy I want to buy him a beer
What a legend JUSTICE
Diego Weissel
Diego Weissel 15 hours ago
Samaritan?? Why not fellow, or just person!!! You know how bad you make it for being just a DECENT person, by using a religion related word, in a world that needs more inclusive narratives? I can smell from Chile the fear of leaving behind the obsolete and turning into socialists hahahahhah
VERRATEN ➊ 11 hours ago
Ah good Samaritans might be from the Bible but now it's a normal term used to define good people who help others I don't think there's anything too religious about it Anyways this is my opinion only U can have a different one for sure ☺️
Felix Trujillo
Felix Trujillo 15 hours ago
How and why the hell do keep letting the criminals out of jail??? Who the F makes the laws there?
Felix Trujillo
Felix Trujillo 15 hours ago
Everyone sitting down are cowards
mystacris 15 hours ago
One Punch Dan. Sorry, I could not resist. Je suis vraiment désolé LaPierre. Je n'ai pas pu m'en empêcher. Je suis vraiment désolé.
Shay Otero
Shay Otero 15 hours ago
Eastside JB
Eastside JB 16 hours ago
Give man a badge
Christopher Andrew
Christopher Andrew 19 hours ago
I'm the what if the guy. So, what if the white guy went after him just cause he's black. The biggest resaon is that what is being robbed and where is the person/people that got their stuff stolen. Just a what if guy
success2471 19 hours ago
This is disturbing on many levels. Fair play to the guy who confronted him. It could all have gone horribly wrong. The robber has a history of robbery. Why is he not in jail? Thankfully no one was hurt
King Opportunity
King Opportunity 19 hours ago
He's the 🐐
4036alex 22 hours ago
That’s a fuckin manly man of manlyness, salute this man cause he’s carrying a huge set of balls
MK ULTRA 23 hours ago
Nice job La Pierre! You are a true American and us real Americans are proud of you!!! Stay healthy and safe. Criminals don't follow gun laws. Law abiding armed citizens can stop criminals. Gun laws hurt law abiding citizens only. They also affect minority groups more than anyone else. Do the math.
Engil Day ago
"but the robber had a lot of friends on the train"
anonomous63 Day ago
Superstar in action...I love it when the criminals get their asses kicked...
Nedwin L.H.
Nedwin L.H. Day ago
Lapierre is incredible. Respect 🙏
LeftHookOuch McArm
He was trying to get his life back on track
D Williams
D Williams Day ago
That’s good he stop the robbery. But he’s not a black belt. That someone who trying to show off. A real bb don’t talk or tell what he going to do
Lord Pigeon
Lord Pigeon Day ago
"I could hit you 7 times in 3 seconds" Me: "The Fastest Fists in the West!"
Probably had those free 3 sessions now tells everyone, IM A BOXER, I KNOW KARATE IM A BLACK BELT,... HE PROBABLY ASLO OWNS KFC & FERRARI 😂🤣
T R Day ago
Is the hero married? 😉
Dark Web Search Engine.
Bruh this is like the modern wild west 😂. The sheriff in town stoping the bandit from robbing the people on the train lol
Kane Whu
Kane Whu Day ago
Legend but ultimately idiotic. But fair play to the man. Can't knock him at all
XxAizxX Day ago
Put the safety on this gun "I don't know how to do that" bruh I get that gun knowledge isn't for everyone but at least know what a gun safety is
ARCHANGEL978 Day ago
Chiraq at it again, wonder why it is still like this. Thats right Democrats been running city for decades
LTC SHOW Day ago
Why weren't his friends who threatened this boxer arrested? Or did they get sent to jail as well?
canada painter
USA needs to lock up 2nd time criminals for 20 yrs... just like China and N.Korea does....WE NEED MORE OF THOSE RUNNER GUY....use violence for sake of goodness..
Michael Bissoon
I see nothing wrong with what he did or said, most of us (me included) would've been cowering in fear not doing anything.
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi Day ago
The usual people doing the usual things.
Douglas Schevers
So many pieces of shit. Look at the scum on their phone!
Jon Lister
Jon Lister Day ago
Brave guy respect
Lewis Bell
Lewis Bell Day ago
Jose Araiza
Jose Araiza Day ago
I would hope I would at least come to his aid if I had been there at the time or at least, called the police right away.
Coom Lord
Coom Lord Day ago
Would’ve taken EVERYTHING in me to not turn the thing I grabbed out of his hands right back on him
Mike nyny
Mike nyny Day ago
So, answer me this: why do they keep letting the criminal out?
earl starck
earl starck Day ago
French templar bloodline Jean Paul ⚜
airborne stud
People better start waking up. There's a reason some of them people didn't want to help & it had nothing to do with a gun. Smdh
Elizabeth Robinson
Thank you for standing up. That punk needed to be manhandled like that. Great Job!!! Lock that punk up...
the robber in red ?
Anita Boodram
Lans Martinez
all lives matter
xiao le Yu
xiao le Yu Day ago
Good on him
KC Here I come
You can now sub " Jean Paul LaPierre" in for all the Chuck Norris jokes." When JPL asks for your gun, you hand it over with no questions asked".
Zano Korellio
Why is no one helping out? Wtf.
Alex Ringo
Alex Ringo Day ago
That is one badass 54 year old 😂
YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt
Attempted robbery and a slew of other past history, yet, the criminal had a weapon, in one of the strictest gun control localities in the nation. It’s due to straw-sales. The criminals will ALWAYS have access to firearms. It might be more expensive with stricter laws but there will always be access.
YouCantHitATarget YoureNotAimingAt
Back then they taught gun safety. Now gun safety is taboo and rare. This is why you don’t want to be scared of a firearm. You want to be competent and safe. Even if the government doesn’t want you to have one, criminals always will, so gun safety people, and don’t be afraid, it’s just a tool
Dave Wellings
You don't have much time to react. "I decided to shoot as many as I could as quickly as I could. I did a fast draw, and shot with one hand (my right), pulling the trigger prior to the gun being aligned on the targets. All actual shots plus my draw time occurred easily within 1.6 seconds or less. This is a statement by subway shooter Bernard Goetz 1984.
Ramen Guy
Ramen Guy Day ago
Last time I was in that exact train in boston was a year ago dang
Christy Cullen
Uno reverse card right here
1mikewalsh Day ago
" best city I ever visited!"
Imagine a world with balls as big. The man is legend.
Joshua Barillas
Jean Paul aka X
It's funny that in the video some of the witnesses are turning against the hero.
Mike Gerstner
Goodness takes a STAND!!!! We need more people like this hero!!!! ❤️🙏
Leslie harriman
Crazy old coot. He’s lucky he didn’t get tossed a beating.
Patrick Cox
Patrick Cox Day ago
Shit, screw the marathon, run for governor after that
bingobango Day ago
That's the problem with people these days they are all sheep. They would rather let many people die so long as they them selves don't get hurt
Kody Kindhart
Kody Kindhart 2 days ago
Ppl so dumb on the train Like wtf Fuck that dude
Tammy 2 days ago
WHAT A BRAVE MAN!!! We don’t seem to have too many Good Samaritans these days...this restores my faith in humanity✌🏻🤗
5cent27 2 days ago
But aren’t guns outlawed in Chicago?
dattienle37 2 days ago
the world will be a better place if we had more people like him.
Andre W
Andre W 2 days ago
This is what you call a weak man picking on vulnerable people and when a real man steps in his automatically calm down due to be someone bitch in jail now
MJ Kessler
MJ Kessler 2 days ago
Those people were so unhelpful
Johnny FTW
Johnny FTW 2 days ago
That man is racist how dare he stop that innocent man from robbing people!!!!!
David R
David R 2 days ago
I do not see the people on the train not providing any support to the hero.
Carnbyarst 2 days ago
I'm surprised he wasn't arrested for aggravated robbery...
SmokedSalts 2 days ago
This is the most Boston dude I've ever seen rofl
vic 2 days ago
Soooo this where xqc gets his name
MONT MONT TV 2 days ago
He's a stand up guy
Venonymous1 2 days ago
I need to step up my game! Just when I was feeling good about cleaning the house and running an errand or two... this guy is fighting criminals and running a marathon in one day.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 2 days ago
He’s like Batman, stopping crime one minute then going to a political campaign the next. Only in this instance it’s a marathon.
sc4rs 2 days ago
xQc really doing some good here
realcomments 2 days ago
He is awesome 👌
Funky drummer 76
Funky drummer 76 2 days ago
Hey Joe Biden, here’s your criminal with a gun that your people have neglected to do their job with
Motolympics 2 days ago
All you gotta do is be crazier than the crazy guy
Judith Hathcock
Judith Hathcock 2 days ago
There’s a hero!!!
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