It: Chapter Two (2019) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat
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**The Kill Info is missing for Kill #4 - my bad! It should say "43 mins in, Throat slit by Henry Bowers." Not sure how it got erased, but my apologies for the error.**
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Dec 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Dead Meat
Dead Meat 10 months ago
►►**The Kill Info is missing for Kill #4 - my bad! It should say "43 mins in, Throat slit by Henry Bowers." Not sure how it got erased, but my apologies for the error.** ►Email MOVIE REQUESTS to deadmeatmovies@gmail.com (please don't leave them in the comments!) ►► MERCH - hoodies, hats, pins, and tee shirts - available at www.deadmeatstore.com ► Support me at patreon.com/deadmeatjames for rewards like explicit versions of Kill Counts, full-length commentary tracks, early releases, review videos, and more! ►►Check out the DEAD MEAT PODCAST - new episodes every TUESDAY - at deadmeatpod.libsyn.com/ ►Thanks for watching - comment with your favorite joke!
DeeJay 2 days ago
Emliy the pink cat
It’s a simple imperfection, it’s ok.
Gacha Zach
Gacha Zach Month ago
Who remembered this line Drop That Puppet
Onziz 3 months ago
I like when he said killer klowns from outer space in the end
K. Kracles
K. Kracles 3 months ago
Hey aawIs ae
Bailey Morgan
Bailey Morgan 7 hours ago
If you just wanna get to the kills, the here you go -> 3:57
MorePan ThanPeter
MorePan ThanPeter 7 hours ago
That first kill was actually based off of a murder that happened at a bridge that I live five minutes away from A gay guy was beaten and thrown off a bridge by homophobes. The three attackers never got charged because their victim didn't die from the beating but rather due to drowning
Emilio Valverde
Emilio Valverde 9 hours ago
I like how the penny wise actor said to the kids *hey kids ready to beat the shit out of me*
shea.12 10 hours ago
I didn’t even realize this was 40 mins long
CakeForCaleb 11 hours ago
I’ve gotta say I love the 1000 pg novel
Springtrap 12 hours ago
I like the fake scream bill did
catcaleb idk
catcaleb idk 14 hours ago
Golden chainsaw adrian melon dull machete vicky adrian's was so onscreen vicky what happened to her
Vojinek58 15 hours ago
Okay dead meat there were 7 kills cuz pennywise isnt human he just looks like one
Elyas Alghaffari
Elyas Alghaffari 23 hours ago
Worst movie ever
Tim Kolthof
Tim Kolthof Day ago
Fun fact Finn Wolfhard also plays in the series stranger things
Hayden gacha
Hayden gacha Day ago
Did anyone get upset in the first death in the movie even tho they didn't give any background on them.....no just me ok
Gauss Nibba
Gauss Nibba Day ago
James I just wanted you to see that the house smiling could be a reference to an animated movie called Monster House
Justin Belanger
14:32 the dead cellmate is the fat guy from blue mountain state
Division Day ago
. . . . . . . . . .. . 🤡 . . . . . Pennywise was An Imposter (0) Remaining. . .
Roman Adomitis
13:32 Me talking before eating taco bell
KR Bozick
KR Bozick Day ago
"hey guys! you ready to beat the shit outta me?" (13:31)
LightScroll132 8
Who else recognized Bill as the younger professor X from First Class
Emmanuel Freeman
23:00 Got on his ahh for no reason
casserole but without the cheese
but i thought richie and eddie got married? what movie version is this?
Max Harker
Max Harker Day ago
James,, homeboy, Richie is actually closeted and there's a scene from the first movie that was cut that explained that a bit with Pennywise messing with him. The scene where Pennywise says he knows his secret applies to that. Also the end when he goes to the bridge and re-carves the R+E (Richie+Eddie) while he softly smiles in nostalgia
Matthew Richardson
11:18 holy shit James’s voiceover fits perfectly with when Beverly says ‘Pennywise’! Nice editing trick 👍
Etienne Treneman
I feel so bad for bill because the guilt he feels about getting his brother die PLUS he was too late to save another life *coughs* the other boy that died
Nicole Clark
Nicole Clark Day ago
fun fact: the secret that pennywise knows about richie is that he’s gay
2Twelvez Day ago
Thinking back at it now, it makes sense that Richie’s real fear was being outed as gay. That’s why the ritual was effective after he showed his love for Eddie. So Eddie dying was necessary for them to defeat Pennywise. Without that they would’ve failed
Sylvia De Prins
LOL lighting it' s toung 🤣
Xiaowei Jia
Xiaowei Jia Day ago
I am proud to say I watched 2 minutes of this video.
Minux Day ago
36:36 "They call him an impostor" Pennywise was The Impostor Victory
Breena Hill
Breena Hill Day ago
Why are there such things as Homophobes?
Moony does Everything
Who’s ready to beat the shit out of me Yeaaaaaaa
AttackOnStuff 22
youtubes algarithm really likes this kill count lol
Jonah Hassell
Yo did bill just call pennywise sus
DopeSupremeCream 2 days ago
bro where’d you buy that shirt it’s sick
A Joel Palafox
A Joel Palafox 2 days ago
OMG this is 43 mins!
Sage Argento
Sage Argento 2 days ago
How funny that Craig from Animal Kingdom who plays been a Gay guy who loves Adrian is actually beating the shit out of Adrian here who is also Gay. 👀
Pearl8520 2 days ago
Kill count starts at 4:00
Matthew Tomlin
Matthew Tomlin 2 days ago
Wait I thought the arm penny wise was waving with was George’s because he bit his right arm off and that arm he was playing with was a right arm
Santivls Fortnite god
To be honest I thought the giant trash pile in the middle were dead kids crumbled up together
Zachary Harris
Zachary Harris 2 days ago
Pennywise was an impostor
Skars42Nite 2 days ago
It’s funny because Stephen King looks like the nicest guy in the world but his books are very very dark
The Wandering Gamer
I half think the Homophobes were IT herself.
Kadir Binjoa
Kadir Binjoa 2 days ago
Ngl im homophobic
Lightenant 2 days ago
19:51 black man be vibin tho
Jayden Torres
Jayden Torres 2 days ago
This movie scared my life away! XD
Latarsha Harper-walker
You're so gay you think your auntie had a chance to see if he's a dude UK eBay BTS gay
Latarsha Harper-walker
Is this what his greatest things that he created but Pennywise the Dancing Clown from another world I think it's like space but there was only one clown now so he can shape-shift
Latarsha Harper-walker
You can see the future oh my God you can see the future well I hope you did not attack me 30 kill myself there was
Latarsha Harper-walker
Was this before the Coronavirus like that bill part where he was at the camera left before the Kelowna I was going to say it was
xKnightOfNi 2 days ago
am i the only one who found this way more terrifying than the first one? first one was still terrifying but idk.
Mr_N0OB23 2 days ago
11:13 how many damn foreheads does this man have
Kami Kelly
Kami Kelly 3 days ago
@33:30 James says Mike
NO-LIE 3 days ago
one of my friends is dating younger stanely from it and its really weird now watching these videos knowing how famous he actually is now
Rick's Tube
Rick's Tube 3 days ago
Ok, expect pennywise stepping in a parade.
Matthew DiDia
Matthew DiDia 3 days ago
14:27 actually that’s donnie from Blue Mountain State
Your daily dose Of KARMA
Uh that’s a Karen 6:36
Boris Arturo B
Boris Arturo B 3 days ago
Penny wise was an a imposter
Ethan Tran
Ethan Tran 3 days ago
Imagine Pennywise vs Doctor Phil
Jacob Animations
Jacob Animations 3 days ago
I love that penny wise said are you ready to beat the shit out of me | (• ◡•)|
Om Patel
Om Patel 3 days ago
Not gonna lie penny wise is pretty sus
Noob Demon animate
The grandma was the one who watched gorgie die in The first movie IT
Jayden Montes
Jayden Montes 3 days ago
What is your favorite horror movie
FUN WE’ LIFE!! 3 days ago
Thank you very much for the warning I’m epileptic. ☺️☺️
prashant bopte
prashant bopte 3 days ago
I've watched both the movies. I freaked myself out. One day I'll have the guts to watch it again. One day.
I like how I'm watching these videos at 8pm and I have online school at 9am tomorrow. :>
James Cook
James Cook 3 days ago
14:04 derp eyes
Apex Adventures
Apex Adventures 3 days ago
THORN ΨΩ 3 days ago
I love you mommy... wut
Dane Thomas
Dane Thomas 3 days ago
When can we get the jeepers creepers kill counts hmm? 🤔🤔
Connor Wong
Connor Wong 3 days ago
Who would be disliking this video? Do you know how much effort and time they put into this video for a 3-hour movie?
Dj RuDubs
Dj RuDubs 4 days ago
Anyone else notice the license plate in the pawn shop is the one that was on Christine in the movie Christine?
Alexander Barraza
I can’t see the smile on the house
Dinoflamezy 4 days ago
i HATE horror but i think you are starting to change my mind and make me like it. i saw the begining of it chapter 2 and i was scared so bad. now i see your video all the way though and i like it.
Ceviche 4 life
Ceviche 4 life 4 days ago
Richie’s true token was probably Eddie, that’s why they were able to defeat Pennywise after he died
James Lopez
James Lopez 4 days ago
Paul Bunyan try’s to eat Ritchie: growls :Ritchie I think I just BLEEP my bants
Gãçhã Álï's Stūdïø
To me and my friends, both the movies weren't scary. They were actually funny.
Gãçhã Álï's Stūdïø
the house reminds me of the movie monster house
Ut Kid
Ut Kid 4 days ago
21:18 ummmmmmmm is anyone gonna notice Christines plate and other Stephen king things in the pawn shop
BuzzedLightyear 4 days ago
So did that scene between Ben and Bev in summer school actually happen to a degree or was that all an illusion by Pennywise?
- Sprit
- Sprit 4 days ago
I think that the reason they did the hair net was because another thing that could represent Stanley could be a Yarmulke but burning one wouldn’t be the best imagery
Wxndzz 4 days ago
Wasn’t Andy in the saw Series?
Skele Boy
Skele Boy 4 days ago
4:58 my dad after my mom hit me with a chancla
titanium plates
titanium plates 4 days ago
my first name mustafa
Robeniu Blank
Robeniu Blank 4 days ago
26:55 You can hear the pain in his voice. Ha. Same.
Abigail Metcalf
Abigail Metcalf 4 days ago
Did you do the ring yet?
Blake Krueger
Blake Krueger 4 days ago
So menu deaths
Payito Santiago
Payito Santiago 4 days ago
Holy shit now that's alot a damage
Paul Sanchez
Paul Sanchez 4 days ago
Dude the leper puking part had me laughing so hard simply from surprise. It was finally that characters moment to shine and he was actually physically fighting back, just to have Valiant "FUCK YOU" interrupted by the leper projectile puking at his face and mouth which actually calls back to his fear of contagion, which also shows that he pretty much overcame it. Edit: That's why my gf and I got pissed at the end when the only person not fighting back was the only person fighting back 10 minutes prior.
cloudtoground 5 days ago
This guy's cussing is really disgusting and the reason it gets a thumbs down. Since when is gratuitous cussing a good thing anywhere or anytime. This big bearded baby can't tell a story without the 4-letter words apparently.
cloudtoground 5 days ago
children got to pick the adult actors, sounds like complete BS
TwistedFnaf5 5 days ago
Richie that's his name I think
TwistedFnaf5 5 days ago
If anybody has anybody has ever watched the show ZOO doesn't one of he cast look like hat one scientist I forget his name but the one scientist with glasses from zoo
TwistedFnaf5 5 days ago
Dude it actually scares me but I still watch it but I hate clowns man I just hate them
Purple Ninja
Purple Ninja 5 days ago
The thumbnail is when a anti vax Kids when they get sneezed on
Mr Pyro
Mr Pyro 5 days ago
13:15 oh god he looks like a white mega mind
SP4WN 5 days ago
ghost riders cameo is amazing
Janet Schmidt
Janet Schmidt 5 days ago
When they call pennywise an imposter people in among us be like 😎
Dr.NightShade 5 days ago
"ready to beat to s*^% out of me" is the best blooper i have ever seen
Wings Of Dino
Wings Of Dino 5 days ago
The doorbell rang when I was watching this and I almost had a heart attack-
the robloxian gamers
James did you know that finn wolfhard is acting in the carmen sandiego series as her accomplice player
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