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The Ending of IT Chapter 2 explained, the secret Maturin turtle twist and all the easter eggs you missed!
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Red Balloon image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images pixabay.com/vectors/balloon-party-red-celebration-303142/
Pomeranian image by 관성 정 pixabay.com/photos/dog-puppy-pomeranian-pet-dogs-414570/
Pennywise Spider Concept art by Bryanzap www.deviantart.com/bryanzap/art/Pennywise-Spider-Concept-Art-727646610
Turtle images by Iván Tamás pixabay.com/photos/turtle-elephant-animal-wild-nature-2361131/ and Phillip Black pixabay.com/photos/turtle-oasis-desert-waterfall-2629420/
Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club in a return to where it all began with “IT Chapter Two,” the conclusion to the highest-grossing horror film of all time. Twenty-seven years after the Losers Club defeated Pennywise, he has returned to terrorize the town of Derry once more. Now adults, the Losers have long since gone their separate ways. However, kids are disappearing again, so Mike, the only one of the group to remain in their hometown, calls the others home. Damaged by the experiences of their past, they must each conquer their deepest fears to destroy Pennywise once and for all...putting them directly in the path of the clown that has become deadlier than ever.
New Line Cinema presents, a Double Dream/Vertigo Entertainment/Rideback Production, an Andy Muschietti film, IT CHAPTER TWO. ITthemovie.net

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Sep 7, 2019




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Comments 80
Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City 10 months ago
What you think of IT Chapter 2? 🤡😃🤡 CLICK HERE for Pennywise Funko Pop giveaway! ► gleam.io/APz1Z/win-pennywise-funko-pop
donald and douglas
donald and douglas 7 months ago
It was stupid
steve Slater
steve Slater 8 months ago
I don't understand why mike has not gone to his memory at the butcher's shop in part 2
Gio Green
Gio Green 8 months ago
I loved the shining Easter egg that’s the main thing I realized when I watched IT chapter two
Virginia Lara
Virginia Lara 8 months ago
I wont bothe
Howling Wolf Spirit
Howling Wolf Spirit 8 months ago
Eh if I’m going to be honest, I didn’t find it as scary as everyone pictured it. It was especially hard to with some of the awkward effects like towards the end and the constant flash editing makes it difficult to soak in the action or even some of the horror people claim. If anything I found it kinda weird and funny, yeah at first I was like; wtf? But then that quickly disappears with a amusement replacement.......Pfft......! Also Pennywise seems to be enjoying himself as his role a lot more than the first, so you just had to feel amused along with some of the wisecracking lines the characters kept making. So yeah, it wasn’t as scary as I thought like everyone else.
Sophie Tataje-Luna
Roses are red you fry an egg on a pan you should cut that mullet it’s been like 30 years man
SXMMIZ Month ago
Eddie dying in front of Richie is so sad! Richie's crush died right in front of him T^T
TauroJoshua 213
TauroJoshua 213 2 months ago
Without Eddie they wouldn’t kill Pennywise
TauroJoshua 213
TauroJoshua 213 2 months ago
Pennywise: IM THE EATER OF WORLDS Eater of worlds from terraria: SAY WHAT
The Queen of Mischief
Fun fact: Pennywise didnt actually die.
Eric Hollaway
Eric Hollaway 2 months ago
Why do you believe this movie would be referencing “The Thing”?
leah XD
leah XD 2 months ago
if pennywise is a shape shifter, then why couldn’t he of shifted into a human to lure kids easier? i mean this is just a joke because it wouldn’t be as scary or exciting
Muhammad Raaid
Muhammad Raaid 2 months ago
It would be hilarious to see a gearnade thrown Into Pennywise's mouth and I feel bad for the people living next to the house of IT
ORG Panda
ORG Panda 3 months ago
In the books it is a female and it is pregnant
Former Brothers
Former Brothers 3 months ago
Chapter 2 made me miss the TV movie. Rituals, tokens, chanting, Richie's gay, Jesus Christ....
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 3 months ago
4:26 isn't that the great A'tuin?
SuckTitles 3 months ago
10:26 unexpected proof how superior practical effects are and forever will be.
Suzanne Smith
Suzanne Smith 3 months ago
At three when his teeth came towards Victoria I jumped
Will The Wise
Will The Wise 3 months ago
Vogue Worktops
Vogue Worktops 3 months ago
Why do people call pennywise it The movie is called it because pennywise is up and the kids have to run there explained
Lucas Marley
Lucas Marley 3 months ago
The movie was amazing 👌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😍🙌🙌
Matt AND Josh
Matt AND Josh 3 months ago
I think the movie was the best movie I sean before it ch1
Amare Walker
Amare Walker 3 months ago
It: I cannot be destroyed Me:your forehead did a backcourt violation It:😳😵🤒 Me:McDonald's logo hairline headass It:*explodes*
Amare Walker
Amare Walker 3 months ago
Cil Ordonez
Cil Ordonez 3 months ago
Pennywise:I am the eater of worlds!! Losers:But your just a clown
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 3 months ago
It was grate and also the video
S2C 4 months ago
Love your accent
Juney LoveHeart
Juney LoveHeart 4 months ago
Oh my god maturin was there😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skull Boy
Skull Boy 4 months ago
the gaming Matthew
the gaming Matthew 5 months ago
This is a very good movie than it
Tara Sarvas
Tara Sarvas 5 months ago
I missed it, so can someone fill me in...what is the turtle?
Carmen Sanchez
Carmen Sanchez 5 months ago
Hi i like you video.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😁😁😁😁
Yoshihisa Fox
Yoshihisa Fox 5 months ago
Why did Mike lie to the losers
Life Of Corlson is quitting
Because Mike only wanted for the gang to be back together,watch the recap of it chapter two from vanity Fair I think and adult Mike will explain that,he didn't say that that's why he lied,so that's just a theory
sarah o'keefe
sarah o'keefe 5 months ago
Richie's secret is not his sexuality it's his crush on Eddie
Lillie Guinn
Lillie Guinn 5 months ago
I love the it chapter two
Timothy Cleghorn
Timothy Cleghorn 6 months ago
IT is sexy
evelyn 6 months ago
Best movie explained, explored or spoiled.
Pain The Destroyer
Pain The Destroyer 6 months ago
Done my favorite part is when Pennywise kills Adrian and when he dies
Miles Bowser
Miles Bowser 6 months ago
richies token was eddie. that’s why they couldn’t defeat it until he died.
ShadowPlayz 6 months ago
I like how she says "losers"
Thick Dog
Thick Dog 6 months ago
you didn't explain shit u just said what happened
Out LOL 6 months ago
What happens when copy pennywise? Will it be fatal for *IT*?
Gucci Killo
Gucci Killo 6 months ago
*Boss Fight Scene*
shark gaming
shark gaming 6 months ago
I say OOOF all the time just don’t say stop saying OOF
bastardjustice 6 months ago
Don't forget King cameod stan lee style lol
Miliani Bennett
Miliani Bennett 6 months ago
if you think about it eddie and stanley both died, you know? sooo in the sewers in the first movie THEY both did not want to go in the sewerr and they both ended up dead. And they both were in the river playing together Stanley and Eddie were like separated away from Ben, Bill, Bev, And Richie were like play fighting in the water and stan and eddie were playing with each other without the rest of the group AND THEY BOTH DIED!! boom.
Seth Stephens
Seth Stephens 6 months ago
A couple easter eggs I saw were: Filthy little children. I instantly thought of Gollum. And Eater of Worlds. Very J Robert Oppenheimer quoting the Bhagavad Gita (Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds)... which I assure you is infinitely more chilling and terrifying than this movie
Leonard Dement
Leonard Dement 6 months ago
This second half version was length yet awesome
Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 6 months ago
I love how Pennywise died once and for all, by getting insecure.
Flashyy Flashyy
Flashyy Flashyy 6 months ago
At least Stanley and Eddie remain best friends in heaven
ReAnimated CriticalShit
:v 7 months ago
The reason why it’s 27 years is because the old pennywise was released 27 years ago :D
Nolan Solano
Nolan Solano 7 months ago
I was kind of disappointed that stan died I thought for a second maybe they would do it different because stan was so realistic.
Brighid Dannan
Brighid Dannan 7 months ago
Hi Jan, sending some love your way from Australia , I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you having content that your viewers can rely on to always be fresh, interesting and surprising , complimented by your uniquely enthusiastic commentary style makes for an enjoyable experience for your audience. you have a knack for consistently selecting vids that are fresh & current providing thoughtful insights when discussing the characters development, plot evolution including ideas not previously discussed or covered in the many channels with similar content You have great intuition for knowing what content on your genre's plat-form that's been done to death and avoiding them entirely, instead showing clips and presenting original material based commentary we viewers find enjoyable because you take current available information and re this film...introducing the background of chapt's 1and 2 clearly covering the multifaceted meanings using your always creative style that is easily relatable! For me...You are the 'go to channel' that does more than simply pointing out the obvious , your style of taking your viewers through the movies ending explained is more akin to enjoying an interesting lecture on the more innovative dynamics and interpersonal relationships between characters and perfectly critiquing finer points of ever evolving dynamics of things easily unrealized until you point them out BRAVO 👏
Rita Sarker
Rita Sarker 7 months ago
Did you realized after the first it's bload oath,first stanley went his home and then eddie.it was a reference to it 2's death of stanley and eddie
EPIC GAMER 7 months ago
How do you burn a rock
FNAF Walk Throughs
FNAF Walk Throughs 7 months ago
R. Ive
R. Ive 7 months ago
Soooo Richie was gay???
R. Ive
R. Ive 7 months ago
Pennywise has flounder eyes.
Takiya M
Takiya M 7 months ago
I wish eddie had not died
jeff the killer Creepy pasta
I’m seven years old and I really like anyone beat beep beep Richie hahahhahaahhhahah
Eric Antone
Eric Antone 7 months ago
Here's an interesting point that you might have missed. In Chapter 1, during the final showdown in IT's lair, Bill confronts IT with the cattle gun. Bill points the cattle gun at ITs head, and pulls the trigger, but the gun isn't loaded. Even though the gun wasn't loaded, the act of pulling the trigger (i.e. the WILLPOWER to kill IT untouched by fear) actually harms IT. Pieces of ITs face start to disintegrate, although IT recovers quickly. This shows that IT isn't so much harmed by physical force as it is by psychic force, the projection of the spirit's positive energy (will). IT also has Beverly in its clutches long before the other losers arrive in the sewer, and Beverly says she's not afraid of IT. IT smells her and seems angry and frustrated, but doesn't kill her. I believe the reason is that what IT really consumes is fear, or possibly fear is the gateway that allows IT to enter the spirit of the victim and consume the victims inner spiritual energy. Without fear, IT cannot successfully feed, it seems. This is more evidence that IT operates on a psychic plane and much less on a physical plane.
Carrie Rands
Carrie Rands 7 months ago
I loved IT Chapter two I was laughing through it
Jhanrie ph
Jhanrie ph 7 months ago
i need suff toy
ÏŞHTĀÄŘ 7 months ago
So irl Bill is Steven King and everything depicted in the film is legit ??? 😕😲😰
THE-DOBER-MAN 1987 7 months ago
And if you’re not blind it’s all obvious that it’s the same actor
Nomadic Colours
Nomadic Colours 7 months ago
And yet again, the black character doesn't get screen time hmmm.
Ron Roy
Ron Roy 7 months ago
Ending explained yeah right your rong
Ron Roy
Ron Roy 7 months ago
10.30 he did the test when he told them the truth about what to do
joco villacorta
joco villacorta 7 months ago
It was scary and sad
Damiboiii :D
Damiboiii :D 7 months ago
CoMe HoMe CoMe HoMe CoMe HoMe ☠️☠️☠️☠️
Jack Riley
Jack Riley 7 months ago
😍😍😍😍😍😍 💀😢 _ IT is Cooler 2017 Better then 1990s Vershion & got TO Get IT 1 And 2 .
Cassandra Hunt
Cassandra Hunt 7 months ago
It was very scary. With pennywise tong. Of
• ᴋʀʏᴘᴛᴏɴɪᴛᴇ •
Pennywise was stabbed: *Still alive* Pennywise was shot by a gun: *Still Alive* Pennywise was punched: *Still alive* Pennywise was shot by a bat: *Still alive* Pennywise was roasted: *Dies6
lensu kunai
lensu kunai 7 months ago
Hey didn’t Richie also make a suicide note during the ending too?
Maria Millan
Maria Millan 7 months ago
It was the best thing I’ve ever Scene thank you for sharing this
Kieth Serrano
Kieth Serrano 7 months ago
Is it weird that i ship Richie and edie
Jay Diem Band
Jay Diem Band 7 months ago
It didn't die. Before they killed Pennywise, the lights left the clown almost like it was being remotely controlled. Watch the ending, and you will see the lights leave Pennywise before they clown was killed. Just like when the natives fought it, it will come back as a different entity.
Tamim Noory
Tamim Noory 8 months ago
I think Richie's real token was Eddie and he burn wrong one in the end when Penney wise killed Eddie caused the ritual work and losers to win and kill him.
Cheers Mate
Cheers Mate 8 months ago
I just read the novel
mangle spy
mangle spy 8 months ago
You lied and I died...... you lied and I died.... *YOU LIED AND I DIED*
Gay Setosta
Gay Setosta 8 months ago
penny not wise
JakkuWolf Insomnia
JakkuWolf Insomnia 8 months ago
Pennywise: “I am the eater of worlds, child!” 🤡 3 year old girl: “clowns are silly” 👧 Pennywise: 💀
Shelah Whitney
Shelah Whitney 8 months ago
IT chapter 1: The losers fight penny wise with actually metal bats and a sphere , doesn’t kill him IT chapter 2 : The loser roast penny wise and kill him Me: huh?
Melissa Layson
Melissa Layson 7 months ago
My opinion is that roasting of Pennywise was actually a battle of wills.
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