It’s official, the UFC Heavyweight Champ is the baddest man on the planet...

Chael Sonnen
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Max Kellerman commented that the UFC heavyweight Champion is the baddest man on the planet.
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Comments 80
T 19 days ago
It's bullshit, fury who I think a lot of - could never compete in the ufc. It's fucking ridiculous to think otherwise
CJ Frank Icenhour
BATISTA!! Worlds Great Animal Heavy Weight Champion!!
Ro Fu
Ro Fu Month ago
Max is such a douche though.
Richard Hunting
Richard Hunting Month ago
stipe got KOed though
josh taylor
josh taylor Month ago
In the ring fury would win but it wouldn't be that easy and in the cage stipe would kill fury without much problem. Wilder would probably be better in mma the fury just because his power
josh taylor
josh taylor Month ago
On the streets it's in the mma guys favor but anyone can get a good hit off and win
josh taylor
josh taylor Month ago
And just because you're the champ dont mean you're the best. just you had a favorable matchup and was better that day.
brandon sanders
brandon sanders Month ago
Fury looked sloppy to me. I think Stipe out boxes him Everytime, oh and he has all of the other skills to back it up. Fury is big and not saying he isn't good because obviously he is, just think most of the HW'S IN UFC WOULD BEAT HIM.
Colin Mc
Colin Mc Month ago
Tyson by headbutt
Andreas Viken
Andreas Viken Month ago
It’s weird to hear people say good things about Max when I’m so used to him being completely clueless in football and basketball.
As long as mike tyson lives everyone else are kittens
MY DAWGS Month ago
First of all you're not that smart if you think step is better than Jon jones. JON BONE JONES is the baddest man on the planet. Crosier man handled stipe but can't touch Jon jones....FACTS
an Meyers
an Meyers Month ago
Yes it true mixed martial Arts real fighting kicking boxing and wrestling
K. K
K. K Month ago
Fury would beat Miocic in a real fight. Fury is incredibly intelligent and clever when it comes to fighting, he's got a natural knack for fighting. Stipe is kinda a dimwit.
Massive Durassive
They got a rough family, Big john fury, his father, cant travel outside uk. due to his crminal record. He tells stories on uk media, about gorging peoples eyes out
Massive Durassive
@Marshall march why would he? is this shit i been reading on this channel, you want real life fighting street fight shit. no rules, no nothing. and fury being a gypsy, he going to have his family around, leaping in to cause hell
Marshall march
Marshall march Month ago
@Massive Durassive so fury isn't tough enough to fight stipe 1 on 1?
Massive Durassive
Have you seen furys family, they all as big as him, his brothers, his cousins, etcc. he from a gypsy family, its huge. in a real fight, stipe be dragged off somewhere by the fury clan, never seen again
Marshall march
Marshall march Month ago
The guy with a background in grappling will probably win
Puluto Chishi
Puluto Chishi Month ago
The baddest man on the planet is the one who can land the haymaker first. At the size they are at and the power they possess, it's just a matter of who gets lucky first if they are fighting in the street. Nobody in a real fight is looking for angles or set ups, it's a straight up throw down and any big guy can sleep any guy their size. This is just a moronic notion, trying to determine the baddest guy on the planet. A non athlete could very well be the baddest dude out there, I'm just fkn saying.
Massive Durassive
Baddest man on the planet is Fury. Heavyweight boxer, nearly seven foot and his family are as big as him, and being a gypsy, his family is huge. in these talks of a real fight. you have tyson fighting then his brothers coming in joining in
Joshua Van Zuydam
Nope. You can see countless videos of guys with not much MMA or Boxing training lighting guys up in street fights. If you had 1 year combat sports training experience and we threw down in the streets, you'd light me up 99% of the time
kilokilo34 Month ago
Could you imagine if young Mike Tyson was a BJJ BlackBelt
Alexander Knox
Alexander Knox Month ago
Max Kellerman is the best boxing “analyst” not the best boxing “announcer”
Dan Addy
Dan Addy Month ago
Baddest Man on the planet top 10 rankings: 1. Jon Jones 2. Tyson Fury 3. Ken Shamrock 4. Mike Tyson 5. Stipe Miocic 6. Nigel Benn 7. Michael Bisping 8. Nick Diaz 9. David Hasslehoff 10. David Batty (MOT)
Dan Addy
Dan Addy Month ago
Marshall march let’s put him on the list at 10 👍
Marshall march
Marshall march Month ago
@Dan Addy lol just a big time Frank fan
Dan Addy
Dan Addy Month ago
Marshall march 🤣🤣 Ken brig brothers him all day long 🤣 You don’t question my other choices... ?!?🤣
Marshall march
Marshall march Month ago
Really? Ken before frank?
Dan Bungay
Dan Bungay Month ago
I don’t think Jones or anyone should be labeled the best fighter on the planet unless they hold the heavyweight belt.
edggge Month ago
everybody knows Tony ferguson is the deadliest man on the planet
Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
UFC heavyweight Champion cannot be called the best fighter on the planet until they get rid of the upper weight limit. Which only exists to make a "prettier" looking product.
Zach McCabe
Zach McCabe Month ago
Idk if they met in an alley....stipe would be dumb enough to strike with fury...who is also 40 lbs heavier than stipe.... if Tyson could keep a distance stipe would get tagged alot. Not saying lose. But he would take alot of punches... fury being so damn huge it's probably hard to take him down just because of his mass... if he could defend a takedown he would be a serious threat to some guys....get him checking and throwing leg kicks and you have a monster
lynchinjesus Month ago
Its kinda hard to say heavyweights are the baddest in mma. Typically they are not well rounded, older, slow, and as athletic. Only a couple fighters cant cut weight because of size. Most seem to just lack discipline.
Michael penson
Michael penson Month ago
I've thought about the same thing for months now, who could stop a high level heavyweight UFC champion. Weight advantage plus high level everything lol like who
Michael penson
Michael penson 19 days ago
@Samuel Brown I meant in the MMA world, a gun can stop anybody🤣
Samuel Brown
Samuel Brown 26 days ago
Michael penson anyone with mace or a gun or a knife.
I say thee nay
I say thee nay Month ago
I think he wants to take Smith's spot commentating for UFC. Or is positioning himself as Smith's FOIL. Is this possible?
Big daddy uncle man
Chael sonnen is like an upgraded ben shapiro
BHN MOB Month ago
Point blank period
Van Damme Nation
I would love to see fury vs stipe. Let fury learn a little takedown defense and leg checking and I’m down!
Bailey Highton
Bailey Highton Month ago
Chael would get raped by fury and so would stipea
N Y Month ago
UFC is the baddest man on the planet, boxing heavyweight is the "richest prize in sport" as you earn more in 1 night than any other sport. So, we can enjoy both :)
Sanga Chhangte
Sanga Chhangte Month ago
TheDzudas Month ago
Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee are baddest guys in history. Over and under 80kgs
TheDzudas Month ago
@Marshall march pro fighters confirm this, but you Know better. P. S i am 95'
Marshall march
Marshall march Month ago
Ok boomer
Kam Month ago
Mma is way harder then boxing for all of you wondering
Jesse Teodoro
Jesse Teodoro Month ago
Chael Sonnen crossing his legs makes me feel uncomfortable
My 3 Sons
My 3 Sons Month ago
The ufc should have a Billy Bad Ass Belt! And have any athlete challenge the UFC Heavy Weight Champ!
Curt's Clocks - The Atmos Repair Specialist
No it's not blasphemous its called honesty.
Robert Elliott
Robert Elliott Month ago
I love boxing,mainly old school guys like Sugar Ray Robinson,Joe Frazier,Muhammad Ali,Roy Jones jr,Joe Calzage,Sugar Ray Leonard,Marvin Hagler etc etc.All the top guys of the sweet SCIENCE that is boxing.MMA is more about out and out brutality for proof of this go watch the fight between Robbie Lawler and Rory McDonald (their second fight).Or watch some of the crazy body slam knockouts,or limbs getting snapped or the depth and length of the cuts from elbows and finally don't forget the flying knee knockout a thing of brutal beauty.Boxers are tough MMA guys are animalistic!!!
Jaiden Kurzdorfer
“Squared circle”
Ritalie Month ago
Unfortunately, Wilder will *never* face Fury again. Fury only wins fights once, and then he moves forward. He doesn't have enough patience to go back and redo something that he already completed. Also, Wilder's performance was not sufficient to warrant an immediate rematch. Fury will find a way to fight Anthony Joshua next, or Stipe Miocic. Due to a lack of patience, Fury may begin training MMA full time soon, and we might not see him in boxing for a few more years.
paradox of Epicurus
A street fight can be finished in seconds and Fury has a good chance of winning if he can stay on his feet and land the 1st good shots.
Pinch Man
Pinch Man Month ago
Man, I wonder if Chael's shoulders hurt from carrying the weight of always being right.
Books _
Books _ Month ago
Lol wilder is still the baddest man in the planet
John Deeble
John Deeble Month ago
It doesn't matter what your brand of fighting is, if your expert at your style you're a bad man. I'd like to see if stipe could go 12 rounds with Fury. Im tired of boxers always going in to the UFC. They have big balls for doing it. Why aren't UFC guys crossing over into the squared circle against boxers?
Lmaoooo Month ago
1 take down and is over it's pretty clear that stipe would kill fury in a fight
gerald martinez
gerald martinez Month ago
Boxers can't wrestle w mma guys, and mma guys can't box w boxers. Been the narrative forever. Conor proved it.
gerald martinez
gerald martinez Month ago
HBO cut boxing whilst cutting Max's heart out
...In an alley I'm pretty sure Fury would walk out before Stipe. More used to the game and bigger. Case closed.
Isreal Stylebender Adesanya
Lmao no.Stipe would mop the floor with fury.fury could even take dillian Whyte in a street fight.
Erick Burgos
Erick Burgos Month ago
Comparing apple and oranges........
Mitchell Powell
Mitchell Powell Month ago
if stipe miocic fights Tyson fury. I bet that boxing announcer that said UFC champ is baddest man on planet not boxing champ will get paid if that fight gets made. He started selling it at that moment right there.
Freekzilla87 Month ago
Mike Tyson is still the baddest man on the planet.
Fat Munch
Fat Munch Month ago
Mike Tyson fucks up baumgarden any day I don’t know about stipe tho
Sachin Nayak
Sachin Nayak Month ago
Brock Lesnar UFC heavyweight champion of the world
Brad Brobst
Brad Brobst Month ago
Kellerman is great but he's one of the worst self hating white boys ever. "Hey leme rap these biggie bars to remind you I like black. People more than white people". Feels like he constantly needs to prove how woke he is and cry about racism while looking like the whitest man i have ever seen. Real piece of trash.
Isreal Stylebender Adesanya
Lmao doesn't sound like he's self hating sound more like you're a thin skin insecure white boy mad cause some else has different opinions 😂
stunnah 187
stunnah 187 Month ago
Baddest man on the planet is a boxing Thing. Used since Dempsey Liston etc Tyson made it famous. It’s used for the Heavyweight champ and doesn’t discredit other sports etc So get your own term lol
turtle nigga
turtle nigga Month ago
Jokes aside Stipe's a freakin firefighter and a part time UFC fighter. Has the most defenses at HW, beat Ngannou and DC and held the belt twice.
Nicky Bobby
Nicky Bobby Month ago
@Devante Bell Miocic would just wrestle him down again with his Division 1 NCAA wrestling skills. No way Ngannou learned how to be a top tier wrestler in a couple of years time.
Devante Bell
Devante Bell Month ago
How do you think a rematch with Francis would go? Genuinely would like your opinion!
PHNX EN3RG Month ago
Only problem is the 265 lb limit. I wish ufc would get rid of weight cutting and have the weigh ins a few hours before the fights, get rid of the 125 lb division, add a 225 lb division and make heavyweight unlimited weight.
Jack k
Jack k Month ago
Lol how y'all gonna sleep on Tyson fury? Connor showed what happens when there is a boxing mma crossover.
Isreal Stylebender Adesanya
Conor show that in boxing now let's see what happens whens when a boxer comes to mma 😒🙄.Even tho Ray Mercer koed Tim Sylvia in a couple seconds in mma he had a losing mma record 🤣😂
mucura1 Month ago
Tyson fury is 6"9 . He is the baddest man on the planet. You try some takedowns on tyson fury, your getting spiked.
Your Father
Your Father Month ago
Terry Nobley
Terry Nobley Month ago
Excuse me I misprinted boxing has the only world champions the UFC has company champions they can only fight people currently in the UFC at that time
Terry Nobley
Terry Nobley Month ago
Yes but recently I've realized boxing UFC has company Champions they can only fight people in the UFC
nikola poyukov
nikola poyukov Month ago
what does baddest man on the planet even mean? i can guarantee there is tleast a 1000 people on this planet that will smash stipe in a fight. being the ufc hw champ doesent mean that you are the baddest. maybe competition was low at the time, maybe the champ is very good at facing the specific styles of the hw competition and so on.
Sushil Moirang
Sushil Moirang Month ago
Tony ferguson is the baddest man on the planet
Jay Crew
Jay Crew Month ago
People STILL don’t grasp that they are two different sports. Jesus. Tyson Fury trains for competition under one rule set, Stipe trains for a different sport with different rules.
Feguens B
Feguens B Month ago
I know we're all full of ourselves here but why not the Bellator heavyweight champ? Or another promotion for that matter?
Adam LaTour
Adam LaTour Month ago
Max understands mma is real fighting
Joseph Gouthro
Joseph Gouthro Month ago
And that's another thing, don't get me started on all that "the king is back" bs after he folds a solar powered folding chair by the name of cowboy that they used as a warm up so McGregor can say he won a fight after a 4 year losing streak and tapouts in three divisions as Kabib pointed out XD. Need I say more?
Joseph Gouthro
Joseph Gouthro Month ago
At this point the way things are going in UFC they should just rename it Dana White's beauty pageant. Starring Connor McGregor and co-starring Connor McGregor etc.
Joseph Gouthro
Joseph Gouthro Month ago
Sorry bro Stipe is not the baddest man on the planet, how can you forget??? Daniel Cormier is the baddest man on the planet to ever put on a pair of fighting gloves cause he's not only KO'D Stipe but he also he achieved more than him (owned both heavyweight and Lightheavyweight championships at the same time, etc) but he also gave Stipe a rematch (when he didn't even have to, etc) and now Stipe should give him the rematch that D.C. is entitled to but he won't cause he knows he's going to lose if he does. And yet for some Crazy reason there was even talk about Jones fighting Stipe for the belt? Couple of BS'ers hyping themselves up to beLIEve they are the baddest, but what have done to prove it that DC hasn't???
Niall John
Niall John Month ago
Max is on a payroll there’s a reason why he said that #espn
Arnold Jenkins
Arnold Jenkins Month ago
Putin is the baddest man on the planet. Next question pls
account holder
account holder Month ago
I get that but.. If they meet in a dark alley who knows? The dirtiest fighter would then win. Fury might have good eye gouges and fish hooks? Haha
KlaasJan Huntelaar
What a setup! They are trying to get tyson fury to fight stipe miocic in MMA!! They know he fights anyone. And that he's the best heavyweight figher ever!! When fury becomes ufc heavyweight champ. You all will know who's the baddest man on the planet. When they i fight i hope stipe doesn't try to take fury down. It will slow the pac of the fight. And we will be BOOing if he does!!! Just a stand-up fight. Like ColbyVsUsman
Mason Jackson
Mason Jackson Month ago
The baddest man on the planet isn’t artem lobov?
Mike Derby
Mike Derby Month ago
Chael sonnen u couldn't have said that better my man!!!!!
Dodge Ram
Dodge Ram Month ago
Fury is the baddest man on the planet. If he trained mma for two years he would CRUSH em all. But...imagine this..., Bare knuckle fighting...Tyson Fury. Game over
Gradon Pannell
Gradon Pannell Month ago
I’m not entirely sure stipe walks outta that alley way... fury is by far the better puncher and would only be a 2 piece away from putting stipe to sleep.. it would really depend on who gets the jump
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Month ago
Baddest man on the planet: Putin.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Month ago
The baddest man on the planet: that shit came from WWF. Two different sports and two entirely different skill sets. If we’re talking outside of the context of sport then let’s include special forces dudes with silenced sub machine guns or teenagers armed with knives.
Rob Plant
Rob Plant Month ago
Bong Radio Records
francis nganu tho...
overthehill91 Month ago
Look at what happened to James Toney
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