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In today's video we're taking a cheeseburger and attempting to make a perfect gummy replica.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
The King of Random
Who else was distracted by Nate dancing at the end? 🕺
the krasher
the krasher 26 days ago
You should cast a cheasburger but each part separate, like the pady and then the buns. So you can make each peace other colors
Devin Smith
Devin Smith Month ago
Sounds weird but your hole buddy wonder wat it would look like if it could be done
Jacelyn Jupiter
Jacelyn Jupiter 2 months ago
Natalie Chua
Natalie Chua 4 months ago
The King of Random everyone
Meme Songs
Meme Songs 5 months ago
i was
m7md gams
m7md gams 2 days ago
سجاد ارحمني 😁 9:35 😉👈👌
Melody 4 days ago
86r I just saw that throughout the video I don’t know what it means
Sokudon Kalitrex
Sokudon Kalitrex 5 days ago
Fill it full of cheese, obviously. A cheese burger.
Jake Sinclair
Jake Sinclair 6 days ago
That alginate looks like something you see on the sidewalk or pavement in front of a club
Hazem Nassar
Hazem Nassar 6 days ago
Nobody: Nate: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeesebrgr!
penguinxd 18 days ago
Valeska J
Valeska J 18 days ago
Ice cheeseburger!
Josi Neal
Josi Neal 19 days ago
You should mold a pizza
Xbox GamerTrev
Xbox GamerTrev Month ago
Is it possible to do chocolate in it
XDS Carly Fleischmann Not that Carly
Make a gallium cheeseburger mold
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle Month ago
I want to cast an iron burger
JasonTheGamer Month ago
what was the 86R in the video for?
TobyAnimations Month ago
takoh gamez
takoh gamez Month ago
Aidan Crow
Aidan Crow Month ago
Cheese burber
Kyle Jin Denver
Kyle Jin Denver Month ago
A gummy pizza lol
Kenji Schuster
Kenji Schuster Month ago
Looks cool but I dont think I could eat that much even if it was normal.
Casey Le
Casey Le Month ago
make chezz buger make out only chezz :) plzzz
Robert Casto
Robert Casto Month ago
An apple made of gummy
Brian Snoderly
Brian Snoderly Month ago
Make a cheese cheeseburger
Brian Snoderly
Brian Snoderly Month ago
If you feel like your container will overflow in the vacuum chamber you can always give multiple partial vacuums and release pressure. Each round will rise less than the last as bubbles are released.
Mexican homie Dallas
Yeah I had spongebob kratty patty that was gummy
marsh tha creep
marsh tha creep Month ago
Cloude & Kreame
Cloude & Kreame Month ago
Noah Rosenthal
Noah Rosenthal Month ago
You should do layers of hard candy with each of the ingredients being a different color
Isabella Summerfield
Caly: that is sticking to your gloves. Nate: that is fine that is how a cheeseburger should react. Me: 😂😂😂
yingxia wei
yingxia wei 4 days ago
Fsilone 2 months ago
Gummy burger is my favorite black metal band.
LIAMgtv 2 months ago
Yaaaaas!!! Mc Donald’s cheese mc boigor YAAaAAAaAaAAAAS!
Morgan Schodlatz
Morgan Schodlatz 2 months ago
I need some sort of metal in that mold!
Ballistic b0mber
Ballistic b0mber 2 months ago
Ballistic b0mber
Ballistic b0mber 2 months ago
Santosh Gurao
Santosh Gurao 2 months ago
This is literally vat19
branneke db
branneke db 2 months ago
Mark St Jean
Mark St Jean 2 months ago
Could of just bought a dog toy cheeseburger to use to make the mold I assume would of worked better
Gao Industries
Gao Industries 2 months ago
You could've put it in the vacuum chamber in two batches
Adam Petherbridge
Adam Petherbridge 2 months ago
Put bismuth into the burger mold
Aden's Exotics
Aden's Exotics 2 months ago
Jolly ranchers
Raphael Mad
Raphael Mad 2 months ago
Wes Oerly
Wes Oerly 2 months ago
Cast a metal cheeseburger, like a gold looking one. 😃😋, That'd be tight 😎🤠💖
Joshua Bay
Joshua Bay 2 months ago
fortnite sucks
fortnite sucks 2 months ago
🤠 / \ \__ 😩 _/ / _// \\
OG SPIKE 2 months ago
You should make a lava burger
The Crow's
The Crow's 3 months ago
Metal cheese burger
It's a beautiful thing to follow Jesus.
You do NOT want to pour from as high and thin as possible. You're reintroducing air bubbles in between the folding layers... pour as low and slow as possible.
Jesslyn204 3 months ago
A lollipop cheeseburger!!
JULIANLUIS 3 months ago
0:50 is the hidden tkor logo
Brooke Eckstein
Brooke Eckstein 3 months ago
Man I wanted that burger
firekiller 127
firekiller 127 3 months ago
...... Could you make a loaf of bread in that thing?
da real pug king #official
Law Lee
Law Lee 4 months ago
The sound that it made when he bit into it 😂😂 I made this disgusted face and the camera panned over to Calli and she was making the same exact face 😂
The Virtual Traveler
Chocolate cheeseburger
Aidan Blade
Aidan Blade 4 months ago
4:58 something in top right corner
teddy toys and game
teddy toys and game 4 months ago
R.I.P😢😭😭... cheese burger
james blankenship
james blankenship 4 months ago
They just made pretty patties.
Nick Lamb Official
Nick Lamb Official 4 months ago
I thought you were going to make the gummy burger taste like a burger. Have pickle flavored gummy pickles, beef flavored hamburger patties, etc... and have molds for each item. I know the lettuce would probably be really tricky.
Dian Meurs
Dian Meurs 4 months ago
Perhaps a cheese burger made of chocolate.
L 4 months ago
Freeze dry that burger
Raiinbow 🌈
Raiinbow 🌈 4 months ago
CHEESE cheeseburger?! Or a BURGER cheeseburger!
Alex Wohlgemuth
Alex Wohlgemuth 4 months ago
... even though I have a stomach bug I want a burger. Bad idea
NathanK 4 months ago
Gallium cheeseburger
La Flame
La Flame 4 months ago
A toy burger would've worked better maybe?
BloxExpert 4 months ago
10:22 well... According to Nate that's how a burger should react
Alec Gonser
Alec Gonser 4 months ago
Madi Lee
Madi Lee 4 months ago
Rainbow ice cheeseburger???
Elijah Brooks
Elijah Brooks 4 months ago
The look on callies face said "DIABETES" when Nate took a Bite
Expectocat YT
Expectocat YT 5 months ago
Put in frosting then freeze
Adam Webster
Adam Webster 5 months ago
Why don't you use a sonic cleaner type devices to vibrate the bubbles out?
confused dullahan
confused dullahan 5 months ago
Why did I think they would freeze dry the parts of the burger and turn them into gummies for a gummy that tasted like burger
Reexamine Reality
Reexamine Reality 5 months ago
Chocolate or cheese
nicola van rooy
nicola van rooy 5 months ago
You should fill the mould with just cheese 🧀🍔🧀🍔🧀🍔🧀🍔🧀🍔then it is really a cheese burger
Irma Mercado
Irma Mercado 5 months ago
I want to see you make a piggy bank
Creepa Time
Creepa Time 5 months ago
Ice cheese burger, aluminum cheese burger, gold cheese burger, glass cheese burger
Tyler Harmon
Tyler Harmon 5 months ago
Iron cheeseburgers, like if u agree
priceda6 5 months ago
Can you fill a bubble with hilium
Meme Songs
Meme Songs 5 months ago
mold a brass burger
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 5 months ago
I would have done each piece in a different mold and put the cheese burger
ew no
ew no 5 months ago
I don't exactly know what this means but, i got a screenshot of the little flashed image of the logo after i paused at the right time Sooooo uh, cool i guess
CocoaCry 6 months ago
Pizza! Make a cheeseburger chapped pizza!
Al Vu
Al Vu 6 months ago
The red gummy Burger remind me of the red burger from SpongeBob
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