Israel Adesanya just became the biggest draw in the UFC...

Chael Sonnen
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Pana banana
Pana banana 4 days ago
MCG in Melbourne Australia is a venue that's exceeds 100k people. This guy's right it will be the biggest gate in history of ufc. Easy.
Larry Burger
Larry Burger 4 days ago
Adesanya barely beat Gastelum and I dont believe he can beat Whittaker aka Bobby Knuckles. Whittaker beat Yoel Romero twice. Romero besides Robert is the best middleweight in the UFC.
Scooch Pascucci
Scooch Pascucci 6 days ago
Don’t understand how you can say 185 is between 3 guys- Whitaker , Aldesanya and Gastelum. Yoel Romero convincingly beat Whitaker and should have the belt but was robbed. He also knocked out wiedman and Rockhold. So that’s a horrible analogy! Not to mention the best fighter in 185 is Paulo Costa who unfortunately is fighting Yoel soon. These are the best 2 fighters at 185- Paulo will beat Yoel then stalk down and bash the rest of the division
Jordan Spanier
Jordan Spanier 7 days ago
costa would kill adasanya or whoever he id
Tony Seccia
Tony Seccia 11 days ago
You forget about Yoel
HappyJoyKill Last
HappyJoyKill Last 13 days ago
You're absolutely right Chael. Down here in NZ our 'friendly' rivalries with Australia are always passionate to say the least. A lot of pride for NZ as both fighters originate, in a lose sense, from NZ though yes Whittaker now claims Australia. I just hope it can be positively marketed say as an ANZAC type of contest to avoid people becoming overzealous and making trouble on the night.
acktion jackson
acktion jackson 14 days ago
I got a storyline for you Chael. Robert Whittaker knocks Stylebender the fuck out! The End.
Infamous2117 17 days ago
Actually Adesanya vs Whitaker looks like it is going to be at the newly built Bankwest Stadium, And that only holds 30,000 so it wont break gate records uncle Chael.
Abu Bakari
Abu Bakari 14 days ago
Facepalm.it could still break the record depending the price
Emmanuel Baggendorf
Issy's gonna be fukd wen Bobby knuckles puts hands on him
Abu Bakari
Abu Bakari 14 days ago
He's been hit harder by guys with more power.wtf is fragile glass Rob gonna do? 😒
BAUSmane 20 days ago
I've been riding Adesanya's nutts for awhile now, the fight seems to move in slow motion for him - and 10x speed for everyone else.
BAUSmane 20 days ago
Romero is probably the only fighter who can sit him down. (I'll admit it, ....I ride Yoel's nutts too) NUTS I CURRENTLY RIDE IN THE UFC: 1. Adesanya 2. Romero 3. Mike Perry (...I know) 4. Jon Jones 5. McGregor (...I know) Annnnd my all time favorite NUTTS to ride: Anthony. Rumble. Johnson.
Shredding44 21 day ago
Luke is TRASH
VP 23 days ago
Got to give it to Israel, for a guy that has not been in mma for so long... The man in the striking game but mma has a different defensive pattern. Always watching for take downs and all aspects to martial arts, very hard coming from one discipline, but this guy is like a sponge, collecting info like no tomorrow.
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle 25 days ago
Well said Chael!
Mr Mark Hamilton
Mr Mark Hamilton 26 days ago
all this talk that witaker has this sewed up is total nonsense AND selective memory. witaker was BADLY beaten by MANY guys. ALL of whom would of been mauled by adensanya. hoon kim strangled witaker after reversing witaker take down attempts. jesse juareze punched him out mercilessly, court McGee did a fantastic adensanya style beating on the hapless witaker and Stephen Thomson out punched and grappled him. witaker looked just like kelvin did as adensanya mauled the gassed out kelvin in the last rounds. Israel will lure witaker out into the deep waters of the last rounds and do a gasilum repeat on the gassed out witaker
Cody The King Kessinger
Adesanya will get smoked by Whitaker. Adesanya has only fought 1 Top 5 MW. And that was Kelvin, who is a real WW. So let Adesanya fight Whitaker, Jacare, Romero, Weidman, Kelvin again, etc. He will be beat.
J Farrow
J Farrow 27 days ago
This analysis is spot fucking on
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 27 days ago
Anyone who thinks Adesanya is better than Jon right now is ignorant
Sama 28 days ago
Whoever says adesanya is the bigger/better talent compared to Jon Jones has severe autism
Deron Dixon
Deron Dixon 29 days ago
Dont forget about Yoel Romero.
Ituareaiiti Ituareaiiti
Love listening to this guy.
Ituareaiiti Ituareaiiti
Adesanya all the way bro kiwis yeah baby.
corey mcdonald
corey mcdonald 29 days ago
The problem with jones v adesanya is jones Is to smart and will not play the stand up game with adesanya, he will try to make it a grappling match and rightfully so..!
Don Won
Don Won Month ago
Style bender isnt as good as they promote and if they put that kid against john jones im done watching ufc
Thomas Boyd
Thomas Boyd Month ago
ANZ Stadium 100,000 capacity
Jack Stubley
Jack Stubley Month ago
Romero is not to be counted out, he's still a monster
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
Conor made Khabib bigger too now lmfao.. He made Diaz big... Conor been blessing ppl LOL
david gunter
david gunter 29 days ago
+FramrodLiggins I can't help u dude! Educate yourself more about things u observing... I promise u u'll get better!
FramrodLiggins Month ago
+david gunter ... You said no such thing. I want to see that 3rd fight as well. What you did say is that boxing is a very limited form of MMA...which perfectly explains why as soon as it goes to the ground Conor loses. He has a wesk ground game. Diaz exposed him and Khabib took advantage of it as well. Hes pretty damn good as long as they're in the feet and he doesn't get hit. Diaz, Khabib and Floyd shook him. Weak chin. Weak cardio. Good boxing though just not hood enough to test a boxer. He landed nothing in that Floyd fight. You think he actually tested or hurt Floyd??!?? His punches were like PITTY-PATS. As soon as Floyd tagged him he started the drunk Irish dance around the ring. Floyd Mayweather carried him for 8 rounds. Anyone but a fanBoy can see that. He MAYBE landed 2 effective punches... MAYBE. So instead of wasting time with weak-ass wimpy insults like a 5th grader...answer the question ... What's your excuse for Khabib humiliating him and making him QUIT?
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
+FramrodLiggins Conor is better over all! Not just from the fighting aspect of the game! Everything outside of the cage includes too! His Shit talking and mental warfare skills getting a fans behind him! He is the biggest star that UFC ever had like Joe Rogan said! But mental warfare dont work against fighters like Diaz and Khabib cuz those guys are street guys! I acknowledge that! But stop being a hater it's not good for U!
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
+FramrodLiggins and I said that Conor won the technical fight u little punk! And he knocked him down like 3 or 4 times! Diaz brothers are savages gangsters! And Diaz himself got good boxing! The way he light Michael Johnson up.. I love Diaz brothers and Conor vs Diaz 2 was a hell of a fight! Respect for both! But Conor won the rematch! I wanna see the 3rd fight! So stop being one sided and hater! Hope u learned a lesson how to be a neutral fan for MMA and give them fighters their respect!
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
+FramrodLiggins u reetated little but has dumb fuck lmao lol I'm not making any excuses for nobody! Idk Conor personally he dont know us neither , same with Diaz but I bet they're more successful in life than Me and U !
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
Khabib can sell more PPVs than Asusyanya
david gunter
david gunter Month ago
BS. The biggest Draw since Conor McGregor arrived in UFC has been only and only Conor McGregor!... Looong way for Asesanya to or Sasusanya to get in top 5 even! 1. McGregor 2.Nate Diaz 3. Khabib 4.Jon Jones and may be then Adeshmanya... Don't rush to put him there yet!
Dantes230 Month ago
You said Gastelum or Chris were gonna fight for the championship. You were wrong, Adesanya will.
Hawk Fight Talk
Hawk Fight Talk Month ago
He isnt that big of a draw chael
RyTrapp0 Month ago
Yoel is the only problem - like usual he just fucks up everything, like Weidman's head
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Month ago
But how are we gonna leave out yoel! I'm not saying he should get another title fight but how can you justify anyone challenging for the belt with out beating him
Ryan Calderwood
Ryan Calderwood Month ago
yoel beat Whittaker
patrick m
patrick m Month ago
I wouldn't actually pay to see Israel. For free, sure. I would pay to see Chael, or Conor, the people's champ, Colby, Jon Jones is a juice head but amazing but I'd never pay to see the stylebender. Don't like his 'style'. But Chael vs stylebender I'd like to see.
FramrodLiggins Month ago
You're one of 17 people that even care about Colby, the sheeple's Sham. Conor vs Colby..two guys with big mouths that are actually decent fighters.
powerowl2120 Month ago
This fight brings up the question, should we have a 3 knockdown rule?
Aaron Burrell
Aaron Burrell Month ago
Khabib is still a bigger draw and would do more sales if done in Moscow.
TheTylamo Month ago
I feel so fortunate that this was the first UFC card I ever watched live
Tim Casey
Tim Casey Month ago
Israel is 6ft4 , same Jon Jones... he’s already said he wasn’t impressed by the fight and that it was an easy challenge fighting Kelvin....so exactly as you predicted, the talking has started!!
vasil Yanakuiev
vasil Yanakuiev Month ago
You guys, Cheal included, are crazy to think Izzy even has a chance vs Rob. Romero will eat both Izzy and Gastelum alive. Jon is from another Universe. Izzy's name is currently larger than his skill, and you'll find this out soon. He might be a great champion in a few years, if he takes the loss from Whittaker in a good way. Remember this comment and come back to it when the fights resolve.
Frank Partee
Frank Partee Month ago
Chael Sonnen. Sorry
Frank Partee
Frank Partee Month ago
I don’t Know about that. Has the gate record for Anderson Silva vs Chanel Sonnon#2 been broken?
WhyTheHorseface Month ago
Jones has 50 lbs of mass on Adesanya, 20 lbs of PEDS, and a gram of coke.
dave Month ago
Whittaker beats adesanya all day long. Jones beats Adesanya all night long.
dave Month ago
Anything involving Silva is the best ever fight. In his pomp, there was no one better than the GOAT Silva.
dave Month ago
This fight shows that Adesanya is no Jones and would get killed by Jones.
Luke Clark
Luke Clark Month ago
Jon vs Yoel
Perry Koulouris
Perry Koulouris Month ago
Sadly adesanya won’t live to be a Jon Jones, Whittaker will smoke him
Michael Neider
Michael Neider Month ago
There can only be one and it’s not Israel Adesanya it’s Chael Sonnen baby!!
Lasse Bergsvik
Lasse Bergsvik Month ago
Adesanya is great. To bad he is fighting Whittaker who is better. Whittaker is so underestimated. One of the best fighters in the ufc at the moment. He will beat Adesanya!
David Brent
David Brent Month ago
Don't forget Adesanya vs Costa. That would be a great fight.
webtheweb Month ago
Pay your bills, need a strategy on that one
Davide Migliaccio
Khabib Is the biggest draw in the sport after Conor.
Spicystirfry Month ago
the biggest stadium in melbourne can fit over 100,000 people. i dont think they will be able to sell it out
Blessed Month ago
Me either
Albert Miccichè
Israel is doing really really good. But it looks like that a lot of people are counting out Whittaker.
The Fully Awakened
For some reason I seem to get late notifications ... Great points as always ! You have to be the best spoken and well worded fighter. Very articulate and Johnny on the spot with your analysis. Carry on ....
javi dingo
javi dingo Month ago
weidman can fight the loser of whittaker and adesanya and jacare fights the winner if he wins against hermanson.... weidman doesnt deserve a title shot
Rahul Tamta
Rahul Tamta Month ago
Adesanya has a HELL of a lot more to prove before his name is mentioned in the same sentence as Jonny Bones Jones.
butternuts Month ago
Chael, you once said you were only taken down 3 times in your career before you fought Jon and he took you down that many times in one round.
Richard s
Richard s Month ago
I tend to believe Wittaker when he says that he will make short work of Israel. That is when the long losing streak begins.. Wittaker, Weidman, Souza, Rockhold, Paulo Costa, Romero.. Tough to get wins in that crowd. He should be thankful that many on my list are aging. Weidman could take Israel down and he will never get up.
Richard s
Richard s Month ago
Yep.. I'm compelled to watch Weidman take Israel to the ground and pound his face into the mat. I'm compelled to watch Wittaker knock him out in RD 2. I'm compelled to see Yoel knee Israel in the face in RD 1. I'm gonna enjoy watching him.
This guy has eyes that can see.... Most people either blind or wants to deny Adesanya is going to become huge star....And there is nothing going to be able to stop that....Even when Jones fights no matter who he fights it's not really fun to watch... But any fight of Adesanya is just magical and really interesting.... So Jones has a big problem.... A king sitting on his throne but loosing the Kingdom to another and soon king has no one with him.... That's where this is going..... Style Bender
Switchnz Month ago
Just to confirm what was said about Izzy vs Rob, from a New Zealander. IZZY VS ROB IS THE BIGGEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN MMA ( To us ). Rob was our guy, he came out and said he is proud to fight both for Aus and NZ. I, clinged on to the idea Rob was born in NZ. Nz and Aus have a long history of claiming each other's stars, not only in sports but also film, TV, food you name it. This fight means everything to us, we will have alot of people who have never watch a MMA fight watch this fight, and when parker fought AJ, have all the experts come out of the woodwork haha.
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Im glad you like adesanya as much as i do. Have to say though kelvin earned my respect, i didn't like him one tiny bit before this fight. Now i wanna see him do good things lol.
Alec Holcombe
Alec Holcombe Month ago
Yoel Romero is the middleweight champion
Alec Holcombe
Alec Holcombe Month ago
YOEL ROMERO?!?! how is he not mentioned but Chris bum Weidman is? What has he done
Ramb0sama Month ago
Love the honesty
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly Month ago
CHAEL, CHAEL, CHAEL: Adesanya took some real damage against Gastelum. Next he's going to take more damage against Whittaker. Then he's going to take even more damage against Romero. He has to clean out the division first before he ever gets a crack at Jones. Then he'll get his rude awakening. Jones isn't going down to Middleweight, is a much larger guy naturally, and would seriously smash him with ground and pound. This hype makes for good publicity, but these people don't understand how good Jones is until you get in the ring with him. He beats you at your own game. I've seen it over and over and over again. But never mind his superior skills, his fight IQ is through the roof too. He is the GOAT, and deserves that recognition. His only fight that was even close was vs Gus the first time, but his outside antics made it more difficult than it needed to be, as demonstrated in Gus II. A clear headed Jones is a freak of nature, and beats anyone, period, even Goliath's like Brock Lesnar.
Victor Spassov
Victor Spassov Month ago
You know you gained Unlce Chael's respect when he doesnt butcher your name ;)
UFC's best draw is sitting at home cuz DANA's afraid he might retire w/the belt. Dumbest shit EVER!!!!!!
C D Month ago
You can't help but love and follow chael, he puts everything into perspective and makes it very easy to follow. Long live king Sonnen. Great guy!
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Arrogant prick, OK. But real problem with JJ, he a CHEAT.🤷🏼‍♂️
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Chael Also had Holloway. And He had Gastelum. He Also had Anders vs Khalil. 0/3. Chael fun, But dont put your💵 on his picks.!!!! Bahahaha😂😜 Also Stylebender Vs Kelvin 2 just dont make sense. Adesanya will just get better and better, but Kelvin really has no more new tricks to come with, His athletic capability is limited for evolving exponentially. Kelvin will continue to fight like He Always does, headhunt, worst case scenario mix in a little wrestling. His "KO ego" is Kelvins worst enemy. Kelvin said Adesanya "didnt have no popp" still Adesanya floored Kelvin 4 times. 3 in 1R..! And do not forget, Kelvin Barely got the Split dec Vs Jacare, and was finished by Weidman. So besides Bisping (nr5) KO, He is 1-2 (1w split dec) in last three. Kelvin lost to Woodley, to Magny and so on. Great guy, But I just dont see the Champion in him. Honestly I really like Kelvin, Im just being honest.🙂✌🏼💵☝🏼
pot as
pot as Month ago
No need to curse.
Hardeep Johal
Hardeep Johal Month ago
Izzy has combined fight like 100+ kickboxing boxing nd mma yeah chael is right he is better striker than jones
Moe Diggz
Moe Diggz Month ago
Stop fighting Chael and stick to commentating. You are embarassing yourself. You are good at talking but really past your prime as a fighter.
Samuel Month ago
I can’t wait for the UFC to have a card in Africa
Asiel Regueiro
Asiel Regueiro Month ago
Ufff you're crazy if you think Romero is gonna stay out of that equation, in fact I think Romero beats the 3 of them
Its Me
Its Me Month ago
makes you wonder, how good is conor mcgregor
John Luxmore
John Luxmore Month ago
Chael your forgetting about all Justin Gaejthe fights this year & korean zombie vs yair Rodriguez was by far the best fight I have ever seen in my life. That is the best of the year.
Victlin Month ago
u forgot about yoel romero, i really wana see what happens when he goes up against izzy and KG, that's extremely interesting to me as well.
goalposthead79 Month ago
I think you are forgetting just how good Whittaker is Chael.
jafsterlordbib Month ago
resurrected buildings?
Jacob-210- Month ago
Hopefully Izzy beats Rob so Yoel has a chance to fight for the belt again. He got robbed in the second fight
Protect from Evil beings
Adesanya is not as good as many people think ... hes easy to be figured out ... hes like Conor ..fighters figured him now he cant beat no one no more
Carlos Month ago
Yoel Romero
AB100 Month ago
Chael taking some heavy head trauma in training. Nice pick with Max heh.
VAZ1R Month ago
To add to that, Israel is still undefeated
Matthew Duncan
Matthew Duncan Month ago
What about Romero? Is he in the mix or is he going up to light heavyweight (what I personally think he should do)?
James Harnish
James Harnish Month ago
Mr. sensitive I love it
A Unique Disposition
What the fuck are you talking about Chael? Jon Jones is struggling to sell and has never been the draw that people say he is? The guy sold nearly 500k PPV against LionHeart. He last 5 PPVs has been pretty good. He’s been a top 5 consistent seller for a while now. Anyway I fucks with Adesanya, the man is the shit. But boy your bias against “sensitive” Jon is beginning to showing more and more.
Cody Month ago
Umm no he's not lol..
Haaris Waqas
Haaris Waqas Month ago
Chael, we need your take on a potential Jones vs Adesanya fight down the line. Do you think adesanya is ready for Jones at this stage of his career or does he need more experience. Can he EVER be ready to fight and defeat Jones. Is he the guy to do it.. Because I don't see ANYONE at light heavyweight who can beat Jones right now.
PHELEEKS Eh Month ago
What about soldier of god
esh skippeah
esh skippeah Month ago
I feel like Justin gaethje is biggest draw in the ufc in terms of excitement never seen a fighter willing to risk his body just for our entertainment
Erich Crossland
Erich Crossland Month ago
Kelvin versus The Joker
brandon reyes
brandon reyes Month ago
I know how good Whittaker is. But his hype and popularity aren’t there for him
rum02 Month ago
Creaming your jeans a bit too early for Adesanya
A G Month ago
Is it a marketing strategy to always say that the current fights and fighters produce the best fights ever? Best pound for pound? Greatest ever? Shit gets old..
kane666 Month ago
Best mw fights andy vs chael 1 whittaker vs romero 1 and 2 and this fight
pitbull fights
pitbull fights Month ago
U know chael ur wrong on that Gas and Bender 2 ,Fuck that, Bender don't step back go forward I'm a fan over watcher of u guy's fights ."love a seat if these fights happen free bro on u, fight im wanting a cut in . Woodley and Bender u tell me who win comment here! both are looking for that shot right now Woodley ready to go on anybody for a get back Bender's a legend killer
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