Is Titanic Good, Actually?

Lindsay Ellis
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Thing Good (except Pearl Harbor).
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Jul 3, 2020




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Jenny Nicholson
Jenny Nicholson 2 months ago
WHY does everyone think it's ironic! Faysawtute!
10z20 6 days ago
@0ctopusComp1etely thanks man, ill make sure to produce more content for all my subs
@10z20 Subscribed. You and your one video are now my spirit animal.
can i kickit
can i kickit Month ago
One of the greatest things about this video is the spaghetti-o's can I spot in the background...oh and the commentary of course
phastinemoon 2 months ago
The Internet and Poe’s Law have destroyed us, forever.
Ethan O. McBride
Ethan O. McBride 2 months ago
Of course these two are friends 😹#feud
Aragorn Arathorn
Aragorn Arathorn 10 hours ago
It was a forgettable love story with cartoonish characters and splendid special effects. It pales in comparison to a lot of truly great love stories including a lot of recent gay love stories.
Axem Titanium
Axem Titanium 14 hours ago
Ah so she was drinking Corona out of that teacup the whole time
Stevie Micah Saunders
3:56 I choked laughing
ArsArma Day ago
Ironic reappraisals are pastiche.
mojos7 2 days ago
But... what about the dialogue?
Raymond Kravitz
Raymond Kravitz 2 days ago
Star Wars: Starring Cool Triangles and Scary Spheres
Joy Scott
Joy Scott 2 days ago
37:08 oh,,,,,
seinesalz 2 days ago
Titanic is one of those movies that always feels like an Event to watch and not in an, "I'm watching a literal historic event," way in a, "This is an event in my week to sit down and watch this film again."
Kirk Everist
Kirk Everist 2 days ago
I'm inspired by your Hadestown connection. It clarifies how the circle of characters in Titanic surround and frame the straight line traversed by the ship itself. "It's an old song ... but we're gonna sing it again," not unlike the songs that critics find themselves singing again and again. Please keep singing yours. It never occurred to me before that Titanic also tells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice - in which Rose (who has been saved by her Orpheus, Jack), at her moment of escape on the lifeboat, chooses to go back into the Underworld (the sinking ship) to save him. The last act of both love stories is trying to survive long enough to get out of Hell (... or quarantine?) In Titanic, Eurydice learns to save herself - and nearly saves Orpheus in the process. Thank you for finding the new in the familiar - and finding growing things where others, missing out, see only wastelands.
Gumball 3 days ago
Since when did people think Titanic is bad? Till I saw this video I didn't realize liking the movie was a hot take. Especially considering how it was the highest grossing film for like a decade.
Pangasauras 3 days ago
The fact that dads love Avatar is so flipping true. I think it’s meh, but he loves it lmao
Carlee Maurier
Carlee Maurier 3 days ago
I LOVE TITANIC SO MUCH. The movie of my heart. Favorite movie since I was 6 years old, and now I’m 23. Thank you for the validation, Queen.
Larry isn't my name, but you can call me that
I got titanic on blue raymond for one dollar at a thrift shop
Ricky Showalters
Ricky Showalters 3 days ago
Please shut up about pearl harbor it's one of my favorite movies
silverwasp 3 days ago
I don't understand, I thought Leo was great in 'Man in the Iron Mask'. Do people think he was acting poorly?
Carter H
Carter H 4 days ago
Holy cow a Jim Sterling plug in an Lindsay Ellis vid lmao
Amélie Hudini
Amélie Hudini 4 days ago
Are you sipping Corona tea? LOVE IT!
dye john
dye john 5 days ago
I came for the iceberg
dye john
dye john 5 days ago
I came for the iceberg.
Caitie Regan
Caitie Regan 5 days ago
no but i appreciate the effort lol in all seriousness i didn't realize people don't think this is a good movie, i just don't like it because it gives me anxiety
M K 5 days ago
I don't think Jenny Nicholson is capable of being insincere.
Carson Briggs
Carson Briggs 6 days ago
I was in the 2nd grade and saw titanic twice in theaters. It BLEW my little mind.
NotVictoria 6 days ago
Dads like Avatar because it bait and switches them from a war movie to a fantasy once past the point of no return and their unused imagination muscles get tickled for the first time since H.R. PufnStuf went off the air.
Hallie Geary
Hallie Geary 6 days ago
Twister reference is funny, you either die a hero or see yourself become the villain and then sort of the hero again. RIP
Lens Guitar Lessons And Violin Progress
"come back, come back" is the line/scene that grabs you and rips the tears from your eyes. Man in the iron mask is not only DiCaprio's worst movie....it is quite possibly THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE...lol I would love to see your review of "INK" by Jamin Winans. :)
Michael Spooner
Michael Spooner 6 days ago
Should those crime Lumbos do some logging?Prison jobs vary I don't know if the jail birds can contribute to western fire fighters.I would consider using sewage and ocean water.Some of your acting crew may have to chaperone the gig worker.Thats a lot of fire out there.I did disaster work for 7 years I was on 10 jobs.Now I'm an old gigger.Some hero gods may end up on Love Island for job well done.Love is what it is.Also if you consider traveling. To concert,A lady needs 2 sets of docuements,you know rock stars.I dress like an old jew, funny fella in my boydrobe.A lady got to maintain her quiet ways if you know what I mean.
There was a movement that said Titanic was bad? As a guy that's never seen the movie, I don't see how that could be possible. If that were the case, then my entire fourth grade year where the girl students would sporadically break out into thematic chorus of "My Heart Will Go On" just doesn't compute. That movie had the entire roster enamored. I'm pretty sure anything that can capture the hearts of girls too young to legally watch the movie counts as an artistic success by default.
Charizard13 7 days ago
I watched it when i was it 4th grade i am still replaying it today now that im 33. Timeless movie
Chris Foster
Chris Foster 7 days ago
No way there was enough tea in the cup to warrant that amount of sips!
Tracie Trog
Tracie Trog 7 days ago
Thank you for continuing to bring thoughtful and good content to us peons.
sethsassy 7 days ago
At 5:51 it's a good thing Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, all of the Pixar movies, Chicago and Moulin Rouge never got nominated for or won any academy awards or else you're whole premise would be faulty....
Rachel K
Rachel K 7 days ago
...I like the Titanic Musical. I think it's really well done. I cry when Marion Thayer starts singing "To The Lifeboats" as she tries to comfort herself and her son that this is not the last time they will be seeing John. It is more along the lines of Night to Remember vs. the Titanic movie, but you also do follow 3 couples, one first, one second class and one third class. I think they also do a good job with making the crew more human (and that is my problem with the James Cameron movie, I have no issues with how first class is portrayed and I love melodrama, but it's as if 2nd class doesn't exist in the movie and the crew are demonized and they generally come from the same background as 3rd class passengers or are the equivalent of 3rd class passengers working on the boat. 2nd class men had the highest percentage loss of life of any one group and crew had the highest number of people lost. I'm a Titanic nerd. I read A Night to Remember and watched the film version (as well as Raise the Titanic and the Barbara Stanwyck Titanic ) long before Cameron's Titanic. But I will confess to loving the melodrama and the music (I love "My Heart Will Go On") love that it was seemingly written to appeal to women. BTW... since you mentioned it at 8:06... there actually WAS A BOOK published called Futility in 1898 by Morgan Robertson which features a ship named the Titan on her maiden voyage hitting an ice berg in April and sinking. It is generally considered to have been eerily prescient of the Titanic disaster so yes, a publisher would have published that book. I personally think that book is itching to be made into a melodramatic movie.
Esther Miller
Esther Miller 7 days ago
Shouldn’t there be a Loose Canon? Titanic has been made so many times, that it has a rapping dog.
dimentio 7 days ago
Short answer : nope
Yamamanama 8 days ago
Fun fact: Titanic (1943) was never released in Germany because they thought it could just as easily be interpreted as a metaphor for the Nazis.
Yamamanama 8 days ago
I would totally watch a docudrama on the making of the 1943 Titanic.
Jon A
Jon A 8 days ago
3:36 dropping some real truth.
kolcs 8 days ago
what is the monkey movie?
Tomasina Covell
Tomasina Covell 8 days ago
Ah, you did such amazingly good and interesting work, you and Jim Sterling do! But, I don't quite understand how and why you're using the musical term "capriccio" in the character sense? I always saw DiCaprio as a latter day sort of Jimmy Cagney. He could be quite compelling also and sad heartbroken pathetic role, gee Mom... :)
Olivia Bodily
Olivia Bodily 9 days ago
Hadestown? In my titanic? It’s more likely then you think
Dis My Dog
Dis My Dog 9 days ago
It's boring, actually. But that's just me! I'm still watching this tho 🙏
Josha Curlie
Josha Curlie 9 days ago
Not gonna lie, if I even hear the music from the Rose being reunited with the titanic passengers scene the waterworks start ;____;
SwagHags69 9 days ago
I miss you like Michael Bay missed the mark when he made Pearl Harbor.
R Darkstorm
R Darkstorm 9 days ago
That's the cleanest trash I've ever seen. And I don't know why, but it bothers me greatly. Great vid tho, even if I did go in already agreeing with your conclusion because Titanic is fantastic.
Ronnie Barzel
Ronnie Barzel 9 days ago
Finally got the chance to watch this, and have to agree especially strongly on one point: the modern intro with the explanation of what happened to the ship is genius!
random 10 days ago
Hu, I wasnt expecting a Jim Stirling mention on here :O
Sam 10 days ago
l O L L L L L L L
mcswaggerr 11 days ago
Adding comment #9600 for the (Algo)'rhythm
Paul Rone-Clarke
Paul Rone-Clarke 11 days ago
vfaulkon 11 days ago
On my...third? Fourth?...rewatch of this video, I'm still stunned by that Richard Davenport-Hines' quote. Did some weird time vortex suck up an early 19th-century British literary critic and drop him in the 2000s or something? Who says that kind of shit openly and in all seriousness nowadays?!
ashwater skydust
ashwater skydust 11 days ago
Pointing out the bad logical math at the end is a pretty important thing that people should be a bit better at than they are. It was a good movie, luckily it did stay alive through people actually giving it a chance on tv repeat or whatever. Not as likely to happen anymore, but shows you the same value this video does of giving films those second chances. Actually a redeeming value of this platform among less than ideal values.
IAmAZygote 11 days ago
I had no idea people hated on this movie! Lindsay as always your analysis is a pleasure to watch. I was always a sucker for the costumes. And dang I wish I got to see Hadestown! Theatre isn’t dead just sleeping! ::nervous sweating::
Stephen Woodcock
Stephen Woodcock 11 days ago
Kara Kaspar
Kara Kaspar 12 days ago
Ace 12 days ago
The only time "thing bad" is a mark against you as a living human being is when it's Avengers: Infinity War and/or Endgame. that's when "MOST SUCCESSFUL MOVIE EVURRR" becomes all the proof it needs that thing good. just something I've observed anytime a rare criticism surfaces
Greg Mark
Greg Mark 12 days ago
"Tortured." It was a "tortured metaphor".
Stephen James
Stephen James 12 days ago
Was anyone's else's first dance or prom Titanic-themed?
Annie L
Annie L 12 days ago
I used to write off Titanic as just a "sappy movie my mom likes" but then I found out how much painstaking work went into getting every little detail about the ship and the night it sank right, that's when I realized the film was more then I gave it credit for.
Roger Barnes
Roger Barnes 13 days ago
Cameron made a great, dramatic disaster tedious and boring by focussing on an unrealistic and unbelievable cross-class love affair, and otherwise populates the boat with cliched characters. And you think it’s a great movie?
Erin Bailey
Erin Bailey 13 days ago
Andrew Kightley
Andrew Kightley 13 days ago
Thing good content is also great! For me at least, it's viewing a well crafted argument that is engaging. Also, scolling badly sung lyrics is probably never going to get old.
Vander Cecil
Vander Cecil 13 days ago
Margaret Kuwata
Margaret Kuwata 13 days ago
Too much spectacle these days. We need more story.
snowangelnc 14 days ago
10:40 - I can see the point to the criticism there. The portrayal of the first class passengers as a whole was pretty negative, and the first class passengers were portrayed positively. Rose and Molly Brown would be the most notable exceptions, but the film seemed to make a point of letting us know that they were the anomalies among the other first class passengers. For contrast I'd compare it to Downton Abbey. In the series we have a mix of personalities within the aristocracy and the working class. In both sets we find both good and bad people. There's also a variety of characters that are ambiguous enough that the audence is divided over whether each can be considered a good person or a bad one. Then there are some that start out on once side but change and become either more or less sympathetic as the story progresses. The reason why is obvious, Downton Abbey was a TV series so it had far more time to develop the characters. The difference is noticeable though.
Naja H
Naja H 14 days ago
um I was not aware that people disliked Titanic, who are they and where do they live lol
tealduck 14 days ago
36:05 ironically, pugs actually are/should be controversial. The inherent health issues are tragic. I apologise for being That Guy...
Papa Bear Loki
Papa Bear Loki 14 days ago
I just remember hating to hear "my heart will go on" 10 times on the hour on every radio station. X_X
Dorothy Gale
Dorothy Gale 14 days ago
It was either gonna be Phantom or Transformers.
ZornAllein 14 days ago
I liked Titanic back then. Later on I thought it must have been actually bad. So I rewatched it years later. And I was surprised to find that it was actually good and I didn't hate anything about it. There are plenty of things I even like about it: The costumes are gorgeous Kate Winslet is terrific and stunning the atmosphere is killer and the pacing makes the movie thrilling Di Caprio and Winslet actually have chemistry
Stefan Tsarev
Stefan Tsarev 15 days ago
I love it when you pour Corona beer into a teacup. Classy.
Ad Lockhorst
Ad Lockhorst 15 days ago
James Cameron tried to do Titanic correctly; he's taken part in a program in which errors in the movie - on the basis of new data - were discussed. Given that the setting is an historic event, that scores Cameron bonus points for me.
KlutzCopSu 15 days ago
I didn’t realize it got a lot of hate. I thought it was an epic story. I didn’t love the movie though but I thought it was good and iconic.
Connor Hobson
Connor Hobson 15 days ago
I don't love this film but its okay.
The great Maximilian
Nah, all the schmalz, plus that stupid song. But to each their own. Except pugs, if you like those you support animal cruelty and problematic breeding.
Ad Lockhorst
Ad Lockhorst 15 days ago
But the story was pretty smart in the sense of giving an excuse for exploring different sections of the ship 🤔 the rich and the poor. Schmalz, indeed. And can you imagine if the main characters - poor guy, upperclass girl - were reversed? That would not have worked. Schmalz it is.
Harrison Boulay
Harrison Boulay 15 days ago
I put my finger in my belly button.
JC Andrijeski
JC Andrijeski 15 days ago
I always thought Titanic was exceedingly well made, and genius in terms of storytelling. Were some of the lines cringey? Sure. But the actual story structure / bones were nearly flawless. But then, I've never been a huge fan of the cynical "anything non-ironic is stupid" culture. I associate that kind of thing with insecurity, frankly. Like "cool kids" in high school afraid to admit what they really like so they go along with the other guys and their tastes (in girls, music, movies, whatever).
Ze'ev O'Rourke
Ze'ev O'Rourke 15 days ago
Just commenting to boost your channel. You do great work
Krk Patterson
Krk Patterson 16 days ago
What’s happening now?
Anne Katrine Kamper
Look, I'll freely admit I still love Pearl Harbor, mostly because Much Explosions™ and the tension of: will the 7 Fabrizio's make it? The love-triangle is definitely the least engaging.
Calavero 16 days ago
Ah a fellow dewer I see
Limubi1 16 days ago
Lindsay, I love you, but sort *clap* out *clap* your *clap* lightning
Matteo Smith
Matteo Smith 16 days ago
I love this channel so much. I love your PBS stuff too, but this is just so "authentic" (I saw your video on RUvid authenticness) and hilarious. I love it. Thank you for being so fricken talented.
Athena Reddy
Athena Reddy 17 days ago
I like Bad DiCaprio more than good Dicap. IRON MASK ROOOOCKS. FOREVER
Official_WOB5 17 days ago
After watching this video and reading about the door scene being the most controversial thing about the movie to the point of it ruining it... It for me was like: how the fuck a simple nit-pick can ruin a film?
Sentle Shebe
Sentle Shebe 17 days ago
Im 20 years old and I just watched Titanic this year, no lie😂. I didn't avoid it because of the melodrama or because its a movie about one of the greatest man-made disasters of all time. I really don't know what the reason was for avoiding it, but after seeing it, I really did enjoy it for what it is. I always saw movie as set in 3 parts just like the 3 major musical themes of the film: the maiden voyage of the Titanic (Southampton) that brought together the lower, middle and upper class from all walks of life, to board and experience this engineering creation, it's grandness and just the euphoric feeling of being in the ship itself; the budding romance between Rose and Jack (My Heart Will Go On) and the impending and inevitable doom and sinking of the Titanic (Hard to Starboard and Death of the Titanic). These key elements for me, as well with music, really made me enjoy the film a lot more and appreciate it for what it is: a blockbuster that's trying to be a period piece, and have so many narrative elements into one, that somehow worked at the end 😂.
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor 17 days ago
I would have been about ten or eleven years old when Titanic first came out, and I remember two things most vividly: one was me crying my little girl heart out both times I saw it, and the other was how long it stayed in cinemas - months, the way I remember it. And then all the other girls in my year were suddenly covering their workbooks in Leo DiCaprio stickers and giggling about how badly they wanted to date him, which I couldn't understand in the least because I didn't know what celebrity crushes were.
Snitch 17 days ago
“man, she really is having an Anton Ego moment-“ *cuts to Ratatouille* There it is
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson 17 days ago
me pausing the video to laugh thinking "I need to give Lindsay Ellis money"
Blake Brinkley
Blake Brinkley 17 days ago
But the door/headboard! Blah, blah blah... 🙃
Charles Herbig
Charles Herbig 17 days ago
That was a really rash promise.
Mike Keith
Mike Keith 17 days ago
I'm obsessed with your videos btw
Christian Dale
Christian Dale 18 days ago
I definitely agree with people hating Titanic being primarily rooted in dubious criticism, but when you were making the point about how could one of the most successful movies of all time be bad...wouldn't that logic apply to Avatar as well? Not saying that Avatar is some secret masterpiece, but I feel using the argument of 'Movie made money, therefore it's good' is disingenuous.
Aaron S.
Aaron S. 18 days ago
pearl harbor simply should've been gay
Trekkie Junk
Trekkie Junk 18 days ago
I thought Titanic was pretty good, but i was never a fan of the love story in the movie, but not as a concept. Mostly because i don't think Leo is a very talented actor. I did NOT buy him as a turn of the century American. Kate Winslet embodied the early 20th Century, but Leo just sucked, and ruined the movie for me. We all know Leo has ONE skill in acting: Screaming unhinged. Like when he busted his hand in Django. That very, very narrow place of acting is his forte.
Trekkie Junk
Trekkie Junk 18 days ago
Anyone know what that song is at 4:01 ? I see a lot of RUvidrs use it as a sort of money "baller" song. Just curious what it is.
η η
η η 18 days ago
Now I’m gonna rewatch Titanic.
Lam Zwerfpaard
Lam Zwerfpaard 19 days ago
"Buying houses. That's something people of our age did in the 90's." Auch, that one hit hard xD
Quantum Astrologer
Quantum Astrologer 20 days ago
Love the home decor
Bloody Simile
Bloody Simile 20 days ago
I remember the Mythbusters episode tackling the driftwood door survival. They were able to determine it was plausible that they could both survive by placing the life jacket under the door. However, that conclusion was reached by given all the time in the world and two smart guys to figure out the solution compared to the fact that Jack and Rose were both dunk into freezing water after a shipwreck with everyone swimming around trying to survive from freezing to death were seconds count. Yeah, I sure Jack and Rose can figure a solution in a middle of a crisis.
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