Is this Grooming Product for Pets or Humans? (GAME)

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Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring today's episode. We know people treat their pets like their children, but can we tell the difference between the grooming products they would use on their animal vs. human children? GMM #1458
Check out www.capitalone.com/eno to learn all about how Eno, Capital One’s intelligent assistant, is looking out for you and your money.
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10 янв 2019

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Mayah H
Mayah H Час назад
Im so tired that when link said the dog pads smell strong i was like oh well then they'll hear the smell too much if its on their ears and itll hurt them
MiszzMiszz 11 часов назад
11:24 dear god link
Frodin527 13 часов назад
My dog likes to eat his eye boogers too!!! My husband thinks it’s gross but hey, then I don’t have to worry about figuring out how to throw them away. Idk why people think it’s gross though, it’s not hurting anyone.
Almost Everything
Almost Everything День назад
link said a bad woRd....ahhhh....
Singing Juggernaut
Singing Juggernaut День назад
Oh no, I thought I won
S.K.Y MagicStar2
S.K.Y MagicStar2 2 дня назад
I felt links embarrassment lol
oxnard_flossifer 2 дня назад
Outrage! What is this a podcast? Where’s my forward 30sec button?
Emperor Ehryn
Emperor Ehryn 2 дня назад
Oh no, furries
Emma Stephens
Emma Stephens 3 дня назад
Anyone else noticed the pushing of advertisements or their own products more frequently? Kinda ruining the authenticity of the videos.
Carolina Alvarado Nuñez
Carolina Alvarado Nuñez 3 дня назад
I like the new Intro guys..!! Great video :)
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 3 дня назад
Ricardo Rojas
Ricardo Rojas 3 дня назад
Link.you can do all of this on a dog you can do non of this on a cat. Its a cat massager
weihong fan
weihong fan 4 дня назад
That was a of-fish-al joke. Get it?!
RockismyAir 4 дня назад
I love Link, specially when he meows.
Triest Wright
Triest Wright 4 дня назад
I can see a cat letting someone rub that on their face for about half a second before going wtf!!!
Lolly Sherman
Lolly Sherman 5 дней назад
12:50 I...had....that....hat.... it lights up 😂😂
DarthCanis 5 дней назад
I'm so happy my boys were featured
Zahid Sadik Fuad
Zahid Sadik Fuad 5 дней назад
Just watched your talent, I think .. Jim Carrey I didn't missed you long time! I am here.. both of you superb. If I have... I invite our country but it is matrix...
iMRM.1472 5 дней назад
Hey, i use the same scalp massager
Maygan Phynix
Maygan Phynix 6 дней назад
cats are awesome! Animal Lover right here. I love all Animals Equally. 😊 🐾🐷🐱🐶🐮🐔🐟🐣🐾
Dat_kid _jay
Dat_kid _jay 6 дней назад
Link: *''Don't judge me.''* I think we're _way_ past the point of judging you based on the weird things you've said...
Frances Jordan
Frances Jordan 6 дней назад
lol glitter never goes away, but my horse hasn't complained yet! Love getting her all dolled up for parades and holidays.
Lucy Benjamin
Lucy Benjamin 6 дней назад
Everyone hates your new intro!!!
Missyurr 6 дней назад
Aww noo Link looked so sad when he realised he didn't win
Crystal R.
Crystal R. 7 дней назад
Isk why but I laugh every time Rhett says, "My dog, Barbara!" Who names their dog Barbara?! Its so funny/cute!
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis 7 дней назад
Get Barbra a product called angel eyes my auntie uses it on her whit people and it doesn’t have those brown runny stains
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis 7 дней назад
Mostly dogs tear up like that because their eyes are irritated
Jordan Hewlett
Jordan Hewlett 7 дней назад
13:03 You're WHO NOW?!
javamanpr 7 дней назад
The cat face massager is used in South Korea for massaging human face cheekbones.
Joseph Gregory
Joseph Gregory 7 дней назад
Animal lover?!
Mateo Gamer
Mateo Gamer 7 дней назад
So much grooming stuff
robspunk 7 дней назад
Connor Wyant
Connor Wyant 5 дней назад
robspunk they have to make money bud. Stop being immature.
Forgotten Angel
Forgotten Angel 7 дней назад
I actually appreciate this cuz I need to get some of those ear wipes for my 4 month old. Puppy.
Patowtow 7 дней назад
11:57 *Sigh* Typical Link attempting to be funny by pretending to be really stupid...
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM 7 дней назад
Link said what seriously 😂
shirley rae
shirley rae 7 дней назад
My cat would love that facial massage. She always tryna rub her cheeks on everything 😂
Max Weakly
Max Weakly 7 дней назад
If you want to feed your pet the best then don't feed them Blue Buffalo and Purina
Wenslock 7 дней назад
The cat face massager has a human variant. I've seen them here in Japan. (yep, I live on Tokyo! WhaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaa)
ReVersE ShaDDowZ
ReVersE ShaDDowZ 7 дней назад
I have the scalp shampoo brush in that colour
Cutman3030 7 дней назад
I like that Link has been saying "Smell-a that" for like 10 years and Rhett is just now starting to make fun of it
Violet Henderson
Violet Henderson 8 дней назад
Hate the new intro...idk why
Heather Reddick
Heather Reddick 8 дней назад
Rhett! I feed my dog his eye boogers too! They eat poop! Eye boogers are a treat😉
Amy Dennis
Amy Dennis 8 дней назад
I feed my dog her eye boogies too!
Olivia Templin
Olivia Templin 8 дней назад
you should do a will it cola
Berk Dikbaş
Berk Dikbaş 8 дней назад
I am in love with Stevie Edit: My dreams are crushed she is lesbian
Kaci Carmody
Kaci Carmody 8 дней назад
At 10:28 my cat would LOVE that!!!! It’s like she’s in cat heaven when I pet her! I’ll scratch under her chin and she lifts her head up and it’s adorable
Rachel Emejulu
Rachel Emejulu 8 дней назад
I have a papillon jack russell mix who loves to eat her own eye junk too! Just like you said, Link, she knows I’m going to feed it to her and she loves it! She even eats my other dogs eye junk too! Lol. My boyfriend thinks it’s gross but when I asked him if he wanted to eat it he declined. 😂
Keely Aldrich
Keely Aldrich 8 дней назад
100SubsWithNoVids? 8 дней назад
Vicky Payne
Vicky Payne 8 дней назад
Can no longer watch this show, Link is way too irritating. The people on the show obviously work very hard and he never says thank you always complains. Got 2 minutes in and had to turn it off. Sorry but it’s true. BYE
The Metalhead Gamer
The Metalhead Gamer 8 дней назад
Yes, because I'm gonna massage my fera outside cats face
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