Is This Box Actually Unbreakable?

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Thanks to @JustDustin for including us in the latest Unbreakable Box challenge! Now let's see if we can get that money...
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Dec 29, 2019




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Comments 11 001
Rifqi Maulana Jati
Rifqi Maulana Jati 4 hours ago
they didn't try to get the money, they just try to open it up
Levis Martinez
Levis Martinez 5 hours ago
Ohhhhh i know this guava juice broke It with fire. Nevermind YOU GUYS BROKE IT HOORAY 😊😊😊
6 hours ago
Undo the bots bam
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson 7 hours ago
Why didn't they just take the bolts out
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith 9 hours ago
unscrew the box!!!!!
Hydraulic press?
SupremeS0vietSZ 11 hours ago
Unscrew the bolts....
PETER LUONGO 12 hours ago
Adam tried to break the box when it didn’t break after it being ran over by a tank
lissy1277 13 hours ago
just run it over
TheManWTheSpoonOf Shaaat
When they shot at it sound like when your iphone won’t let you do something
Sydney Trudeau
Sydney Trudeau 15 hours ago
I'd be afraid of the bullets bouncing
Shane Sener
Shane Sener 16 hours ago
Theres no money
Miguel Ferron
Miguel Ferron 17 hours ago
Just take out the bolts
Felix 19 hours ago
How about unscrewing it Or an angle grinder
Abey Dawg
Abey Dawg 19 hours ago
Can it survive Plainrock124?
Chan Kit Ying
Chan Kit Ying 21 hour ago
BT MONEY 22 hours ago
How much times did they try to use a small tool 👇🏼
Rayyan Danish
Rayyan Danish 23 hours ago
To get the money you have to use flame because is weak and you use anvil and higher you can
Rayyan Danish
Rayyan Danish 7 hours ago
Use flame for 10 minutes and u done now use anvil
cRaZyJohnmicool Playz
Try an RPG
Omega Omelette
The Hacksmith broke it using liquid nitrogen a 78 lbs Thor’s hammer and a lot of other weapons
Bro, plz visite may channal throw me some tips... I do not tell you that promote me because It's depends on my hard working.
AccountSpace Day ago
All you needed was a crescent wrench
sam Anselmo
sam Anselmo Day ago
we use a tank to break it we shot it breaked🙂😄
sam Anselmo
sam Anselmo Day ago
we finally got the money!!!!!
sam Anselmo
sam Anselmo Day ago
we already break that unbreakable box it took us 5 years
Hoi Hoi Hoi!
Hoi Hoi Hoi! Day ago
Why don't they use a hydraulic press?
Ian Gaming
Ian Gaming Day ago
Cause America, when all else fails. Blow it up...
Oli Mckevitt
Oli Mckevitt Day ago
Dangie bros thid beter then u
L.Fetuu Star
L.Fetuu Star Day ago
How old is Sara
Samantha Wessels
Or use a hot knife
Dan Kaezarr Tamayo
Unbreakable glass: i cannot be broken!! Fire and Guava Juice: Am i a joke to you
s o f y T D C
If magic existed i would’ve used "Bombarda Maxima!"
ravindra bairagi
Watch guvava juice,he break it!
Joshua Grant
Joshua Grant 2 days ago
Hey vat19 did you know a RUvid's called guvea he brought that and was able to break it open but took a couple few tries anyway like your vid keep up the work
Ocean Meme
Ocean Meme 2 days ago
So i started blasting
Vibha Baskeran
Vibha Baskeran 2 days ago
Hi vat
Julie Barrick
Julie Barrick 2 days ago
I would use a 60,000 PSI water jet.
Yuuki_kamitsuki 2 days ago
Has anyone tried any kind of acid? Preferably Fluoroantimonic Acid.
Sophie WHEELER 2 days ago
Something that is 1000 degrees might get in it
Aidan Glendenning
Chain saw
Destiny Demon Alpha
I wonder if their dart launcher will work on it
Audrey Awesome
Audrey Awesome 2 days ago
JustDustin: gives Vat19 the “unbreakable” box Vat19: we exploded your box.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 2 days ago
how in the hell do they know how to fire a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? Especially Danny
Sebastian Stainbrook
I'm.. can't you in bolt it? Is that not the point?
Judy Hare
Judy Hare 2 days ago
Bailey Molloy
Bailey Molloy 2 days ago
They have a steam roller
Ryan Culley
Ryan Culley 2 days ago
The awensenser is thormite
FYS_ Chill
FYS_ Chill 2 days ago
I should but my playstion in that because.... I kinda get mad
Tobz Playz
Tobz Playz 2 days ago
Brook Clipz
Brook Clipz 2 days ago
Box: no one cant break me Roddy ricch: are you sure about dat
Chicken Nuggets pwease
Rip money
poonja detchpai
poonja detchpai 3 days ago
Screw the thing off that holds it together​
Grace Dorothy
Grace Dorothy 3 days ago
danny and adam combine is less intense krieger from archer
Dj Nguyen
Dj Nguyen 3 days ago
Shoots with gun*
Dj Nguyen
Dj Nguyen 3 days ago
Didn’t use drill....
Amina Imran
Amina Imran 3 days ago
What if you throw yourself on it from the roof I've been thinking about that
Lan Solo
Lan Solo 3 days ago
Heat up the rivets which will make it expand and pop up
aar00n08 3 days ago
Like the chiefs shirt!
flycrew 3 days ago
Give me the box...I'll get in with the first tool. Guaranteed. This looked like 5 year olds with a plastic hammer until they actually wanted to get in. All for a video, but hey, it's working for them. Unbreakable....Husqvarna says otherwise.
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