Is this a REAL or FAKE Realistic Drawing? 💎

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Today we’re testing our brains with some real or fake because art is amazing these days. I’d say this is a bigger challenge than riddles.
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Oct 20, 2019




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Comments 80
EJstalkerRZ 22 hours ago
i love it whenever sombody says somthing to do with Elton John, you are the best!
Myah Robles
Myah Robles Day ago
Kareem Abu Zayed
Kareem Abu Zayed 2 days ago
azzy more fun
Kareem Abu Zayed
Kareem Abu Zayed 2 days ago
how old you guys
Kareem Abu Zayed
Kareem Abu Zayed 2 days ago
you dumb
Allison Melton
Allison Melton 2 days ago
I want your autograph gloom
David O’Hara
David O’Hara 3 days ago
I can do that
Roberta Povey
Roberta Povey 4 days ago
Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane 4 days ago
I'm like 11 feet away and I can see EVERY SINGLE DIFFERENCE
Cora Henderson
Cora Henderson 5 days ago
Her saying :who would take a picture of this? Me thinking:who would draw this?
Cassidy Robbins
Cassidy Robbins 6 days ago
I noticed everything that looked real was fake and everything that looked fake was real.
fun with sayna
fun with sayna 6 days ago
Gloom:drawed Me:drew😩😩
Liela-Gee Davidson
im getting contacts and i really need to know if it hurts the first time or if it burns
dude me
dude me 7 days ago
dude me
dude me 7 days ago
My true answers (Might be right or wrong) 1. Real 2. Real 3. Fake 4. Real 5. Fake 6. Real 7. Real 8. Fake 9. Left is fake 10. Fake 11. The Lotus Cookie is fake 12. Fake 13. Fake 14. Real 15. Fake 16. Left one is fake 17. Real 18. Real 19. Fake 20. Real 21. Real 22. Fake 23. Real 24. Real 25. Real 26. Fake 27. Real 28. Fake 29. Right is fake 30. Left is fake 31. Real 32. Real 33. Fake 34. Right is fake 35. Fake 36. Right is fake 37. Real 38. Real 39. Fake 40. Real 41. Real Congrats if you are still here. Count how many I got right, and I will sub to your channel. I know how many I got right, so if you are lying, no sub.
dude me
dude me 7 days ago
Who else is binging Azzy's and Gloom's videos?
Brooklyn Pugh
Brooklyn Pugh 10 days ago
Why do you say happy day on gloom but gloom is dark and cloudy I love ur channel tho
Jim Oler
Jim Oler 12 days ago
BLUE MAN!!!!!!
Roblox Peeps
Roblox Peeps 13 days ago
Fox is statue
Olivia Cabrera
Olivia Cabrera 14 days ago
Kassie: I am so great. Me:👌
Noretta Craeghs
Noretta Craeghs 14 days ago
At 2:05 she already reacted to that photo in her past video's with Terry😂
vallez2 15 days ago
The trees are in front of a hill
Shamim Hossain
Shamim Hossain 16 days ago
there a pattern to this quiz, the pictures that look real are fake and the pictures that loo fake are real
Raeleigh TV
Raeleigh TV 18 days ago
Girl I don't know anything about that painting either. Do not ask me.
tanya yarde
tanya yarde 18 days ago
hi gloom I am one of your biggest fans. I can draw really well I drew the cutest facemask and I drew Naruto and his son
Dishita Sarkar
Dishita Sarkar 19 days ago
Third is fake
Rebekah Williamson
Rebekah Williamson 19 days ago
5:00 That one had more intense shading, that's how I got it. at least, that's what I think
Taz Creagh
Taz Creagh 20 days ago
The way I tried to see if they were real or fake is the reflection
Taz Creagh
Taz Creagh 20 days ago
I was talking bout the first one :P
hi gloom I am your biggest fan please answer me ❤️
Izzie Pott
Izzie Pott 21 day ago
I want her autograph anyway! She is so cool
Emily Bowers
Emily Bowers 21 day ago
Gloom: strewberry Me: isn’t it a strawberry Everyone else: that did look real ugh, but do u have Instagram?
Masked Singer
Masked Singer 22 days ago
Plot twist: everything is fake, because they are all pictures.
Rebecca Bergen
Rebecca Bergen 23 days ago
I knew that tye coke was fake
Rebecca Bergen
Rebecca Bergen 23 days ago
I want your autograph even though you didnt draw those
Rufus Doggy
Rufus Doggy 23 days ago
Cassie: freckle Woman, hoodie girl, shower woman🤣🤣🤣
Rufus Doggy
Rufus Doggy 23 days ago
Me: if it looks real, it’s fake. If it looks fake it’s real
Stop the Motion Studios
your my favourite youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sadie Chabot
Sadie Chabot 23 days ago
I literly saw the same video of the emerald today! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
t3ddyM9 c
t3ddyM9 c 23 days ago
Oh my goodness I watched the video of an emerald being drawn yesterday
Jillian Dela Cruz
Jillian Dela Cruz 25 days ago
Bring me THANOS
Bring me THANOS 26 days ago
This app is fake
Ian Wood
Ian Wood 28 days ago
Love the video,s you make❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😻😻😍😻😍😻😍😻😍 and you make me smile
Emily Linczak
Emily Linczak 29 days ago
who is here in 2020?
Piia Pärn
Piia Pärn 29 days ago
The fox filter came when The person taking the photo put on the vivid filter and zoomed in.
Ma’ayan Praiss
The black and white drawing of the girl is fake bc it looks 3D. That’s how u can tell sometimes.
Ma’ayan Praiss
The Candycane one was so easy because the shading was completely different, duh
Kira Yuki
Kira Yuki Month ago
How much time do ppl have on their time Me: I have literally life off I got nothing to do So I'm just watching azzyland and gloom!😂😂👏👏👏
Tara Grant
Tara Grant Month ago
Tara Grant
Tara Grant Month ago
Alfaisal Sarmiento
3 thats just the 🌿🌲🌳🍀 leaf
Jeffery Thomas
Jeffery Thomas Month ago
People already want your autograph 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Lindsay Riester
Lindsay Riester Month ago
I literally cant with this video
Barry Kidz
Barry Kidz Month ago
(First Fake) (Second Fake) (Third Real) (Forth Real) (Fith Fake) (Sixth Fake) (Seventh Fake) I done
Lynette & Ashley 大千與小仟 Chu
nathan anderson
nathan anderson Month ago
So cool
Quinn Transfiguracion
Watch this video kass
Roshan Gajmer
Roshan Gajmer Month ago
it is real gloom
Roshan Gajmer
Roshan Gajmer Month ago
i love it all
Alessandra Bercy
I got 7 wrong what about you?
Miley DelarosaRamirez
That is amethyst and that is a drawing
Cookie Bear
Cookie Bear Month ago
The purple one is a Amethyst I know that cause it's my birthstone and I'm obsessed with amethyst it's also fake
Andi Ben
Andi Ben Month ago
I got them all right besides from 1
Tapping with Tea
0:00 intro
Strawberry Galaxy
Quick tip: Look at the shadows. If they are a harsh or darker black with non-blurry or slightly blurry edges, it is usually a drawing.
Monica’s Hoodies
for the eye drawing so look to see if there is a camera reflection in the eye
Torah Kate
Torah Kate Month ago
gloom the one you got really like cunfuzzled with there is a shadow and behind that is a mountain
ruchipravin patel
For me this is super hard!!!🤣🤣🤣
Sofie Risvold
Sofie Risvold Month ago
My whole family: have like that first eye just with a little more brown and green instead of blue* Me: have brown eyes like just normal brown eyes* Also me: NO FAIR!!
Samia Sayed
Samia Sayed Month ago
Try to look in the shadow of the thing and you will understand if it is real or fake and shaiding
Amy Scott
Amy Scott Month ago
they look like there from steven universe cartoon network
Nashay Cole
Nashay Cole Month ago
Barbara Cole has my last name😲
O Lox
O Lox Month ago
It like reverse psychology
G Springer
G Springer Month ago
Gets one right” YES I’M EVOLVING “
maleia hicks
maleia hicks Month ago
New it
Stella Halsey
Stella Halsey Month ago
The coke looked too perfect
Evan E
Evan E Month ago
the red head girls freckles look better than mine and mine a real 15:38
The potato boi
The potato boi Month ago
7:26 Jake paul be like
gacha noob girl
gacha noob girl Month ago
If it looks real it’s fake. If it looks fake it’s real.
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