Is the Pandemic Over Yet?

Julie Nolke
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I feel like it should be done by now.
Dedicated to all my nurse and doctor friends who are really tired.


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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke Month ago
This video is inspired by a conversation I had with a nurse friend who was frustrated with me for wanting to see my parents. She works with Covid patients. :P
Lori Siccia
Lori Siccia 3 days ago
@Katie Marigold start a you tube channel girl! 😊 most of the videos I have seen her do is her and herseld as another character. I know..you didn't ask me. I'm that annoying person who likes to help out when I'm not asked...and also encourage people to follow their dreams.
Mona Messner
Mona Messner 7 days ago
This whole Corona thing is way over the top. Go visit your parents
David Smith
David Smith 8 days ago
That like the poster child of Tyranny video. No love, Just claiming one good reason to do a WHOLE LOT of tyranny. Never Mind people died for those same freedoms the tyrants want people to just give up like a coward. What if they say just like in this video. YOU CAN NEVER COME OUT AGAIN. Then where will you side?
Anna Heart
Anna Heart 10 days ago
Oh, thanks God you real is not like this doctor! I've met mostly this kind of gullible people who are so ready to go live on schedule that the authority will give them. Wear masks and why not harnesses.
Blue Red
Blue Red 15 days ago
You are good and funny. Imagine with me if you please. You is Sarah Cooper doing a skit her being the President of the United States and you and your multiple personalities you trying to comprehend what Sarah as president is trying to explain to you as fact. Us kids alone a good to be on Saturday Night Live but I love to see you and Sarah Cooper meet and make up some kind of skit together. Both of y'all new to me and funny vibrant in the future of Comedy to say the least. Keep up the good work
Charles Yeo
Charles Yeo 10 minutes ago
New cases in the US aren't seem to be contained at all! Bet its because of all the spitsz and parents visiting and masklessness she has been doing
Gorilla Rawfare
Gorilla Rawfare 2 hours ago
I am just sitting here in Western Australia just scratching my head at the rest of the world. We have had only one community transmitted case of covid in over two months, and it was a worker looking after quarantined travellers in a hotel, and yet we still have social distancing rules and hand washing stations etc. sure people are getting a little lax with it all, but we don’t have any cases. The fact people are getting lax with it while it is just spreading like wildfire baffles me. The minuscule amount of faith I had in society is fading fast.
Kasia 4 hours ago
The patient here reminds me of that woman working in some grocery store, photographed wearing a mask she cut a hole for her mouth in.
desiree luthor
desiree luthor 6 hours ago
The older it gets...
GateGeek 21 hour ago
Those socks tho.... I want them in my life.
Manuel Almodovar
She's hilarious and cute. Love Julie's videos. Real talk about the dr. going off. They must be losing their mind over Trump and his dumbass, non-mask wearing followers.
Bubba Ho-tep
Bubba Ho-tep Day ago
This pandemic would have been over months ago had Julie NOT sneezed into her hand at the end of the Pandora video. Sad. And selfish.
Angel Ware
Angel Ware 2 days ago
I'm a medical assistant. This is 100% my interactions at work
Arcanjo Miguel
Arcanjo Miguel 2 days ago
show this to all Karens
Shankar Das
Shankar Das 2 days ago
You are a great actor
Lori Siccia
Lori Siccia 3 days ago
Remember look what I can do Stuart? She would be his perfect match. Those socks are canadian gold....and Jazz Cabbage🤣 Ooh I could totally see you do an episode of speed dating for each of your characters.
EverythingPNW 5 days ago
Let the old people die
Noor Pannu
Noor Pannu 5 days ago
She's so great! ❤️
Putaspellonyou 6 days ago
Jazz Cabbage...ha! Are those CBC socks?
Shafiayy ...
Shafiayy ... 6 days ago
Wow. That heated monologue. Wish the president would give a statement even close to that message. 😓
Markus Korpela
Markus Korpela 6 days ago
open up but do it with precautions
Sadwal Patel
Sadwal Patel 6 days ago
Do Americans really lack this much of common sense?
Maianda Griffith
Maianda Griffith 7 days ago
I immediately got the Tom Hanks reference
Sonia Mallet
Sonia Mallet 7 days ago
The CBC knee socks!
Arshita Dhara
Arshita Dhara 8 days ago
I am so glad I found ur channel, would love to see u on Netflix or big screen one day, I hope ♥️ u r 100% pure funny, I cannot stress on it anymore
Sara Jung
Sara Jung 8 days ago
The patient reminds me of aunt gayle
D Smith
D Smith 8 days ago
Watching this for the first time a month later while living in Texas😂😅🙂😏😐😶😒😣😤😭😷😷😷
Caitlin Sweeney
Caitlin Sweeney 9 days ago
Needs to be a recurring bit
Sandpaper File
Sandpaper File 9 days ago
Are those CBC socks?
Patas Gringas
Patas Gringas 9 days ago
Will Michael
Will Michael 9 days ago
Lorraine from madtv lmao gosh that's cuuuuuute
fourmath 2346mn
fourmath 2346mn 9 days ago
I like the patient character. The doctor character was being rude for no reason
Ronan Giguère
Ronan Giguère 9 days ago
Obviously excellent, but those CBC socks....
josie nyounai
josie nyounai 10 days ago
oh my goodness!! my five younger brothers have been asking me this for the past couple weeks now XDXD
PeterHSPeter 10 days ago
Lol both these characters are fantastic, would love to see them again!
faith 10 days ago
The patient reminds me of creepy men in the subway/bus and everywhere, like the way they sit n stuff :')
Fabrinne Macedo
Fabrinne Macedo 11 days ago
I needed to hear that today... Thank you
Flobby Cameros
Flobby Cameros 11 days ago
"ah, humor based on my pain. Ha ha ha"
As someone who works in healthcare, I really needed this 🤣
Shuvo Roy
Shuvo Roy 11 days ago
This video was☮️✔️
Scarlett D'amante
Scarlett D'amante 13 days ago
The patient reminds me of Buck from United States of Tara
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis 13 days ago
3:05 Everyone with a friggin brain
Vivi & Lina
Vivi & Lina 13 days ago
really one of the best things during this quarantine are your videos - thank you for making them! :)
Namenloses 13 days ago
isn't it great that for some parts of the world this whole thing just drifted by. We can visit our parents, have parties... dont even have to wear face masks when we go outside (and yes we can and it was never an issue).
Benjamin Wilson-Ripsom
this was hilarious but it aged like milk
Sean Mccracken
Sean Mccracken 13 days ago
You are the tragically hip of youtube
Tenma 14 days ago
Doctors: Keep distance. People in my country: Nah, let's give party's and go to a big festival in some other country and do whatever we like.
MaxthexPfarmer 14 days ago
Doctor: I am the judge, jury and executioner! You can't do anything unless I let you! Karen: What if I do, anywayyyyyy?
Tim Opper
Tim Opper 14 days ago
Despite the talk of wearing masks, neither character is wearing one!
trickdawg 14 days ago
Awesome! Unfortunately these two have as much expertise and legitimacy as Dr.Fauci, the CDC and the thousands of health care officials that told us to go out and protest. I am sure that the virus will understand.
Tropical Homestead
Tropical Homestead 14 days ago
Loving the CBC socks!
Krystal Wilhelm
Krystal Wilhelm 15 days ago
Who else thinks she should be an actor
Bubba Ho-tep
Bubba Ho-tep Day ago
uh, she IS an actor.
Bear gaming//CM Fan
Sadly not and it gets worse
Kate H
Kate H 16 days ago
Mathew 16 days ago
This is especially relevant now lol
ryan boughton
ryan boughton 16 days ago
The patient voice is gold.
Effa Qamariani
Effa Qamariani 16 days ago
Jazz cabbage
Siddhant Yadav
Siddhant Yadav 16 days ago
Those are some tiny ass feet! ;-p
JPark 16 days ago
She’s fantastic!
Karen Elizabeth Bernard
I want to see my 80-year-old Dad for Father's Day... 😔
Bubba Ho-tep
Bubba Ho-tep Day ago
I saw my 84 year old mother for Mother's Day. I picked up her ashes from the funeral home two days earlier. Sadly I'm not kidding. She survived a lot of things in her life - but not COVID-19.
Lily 06
Lily 06 16 days ago
Jazz cabbage is referring to weed just so we are all clear
Mireille Cossette
Mireille Cossette 17 days ago
Love the CBC socks ;)
Umema Kamil
Umema Kamil 17 days ago
You are amazing!
Queen Rebel
Queen Rebel 17 days ago
Okay but we can already go to our family/hang out if only you keep distance like the whole quarantine is kinda over
ulNag 17 days ago
i thought she asked what's the doctor's thought on her socks ,😂
Sylphialon 18 days ago
I work at a starbucks inside a large department store- And yes SOMEHOW my starbucks has not been closed even though I feel that it should have been- But we get tons of customers lately never wearing masks or just flat out dissing the whole pandemic, and it is gut-wrenching. I can't stand seeing these probably smart people making themselves seem more stupid by ignoring what effect they have in these times. It is actually dispicable, and I hate it. Okay, rant over thank you
Derf In sniter
Derf In sniter 18 days ago
She’s not even wearing a mask, clearly this is fake
Blitz&Chips 18 days ago
how can you be so attractive and so disgusting at the same time?
Dasha Ott
Dasha Ott 18 days ago
Well done! I really wish we had an answer. No one knows and it’s frustrating. Also people need to be able to make their own choices. Governors and medical professionals can’t even agree how to deal with this thing. But sadly it’s not over.
Ocean Dust
Ocean Dust 19 days ago
It was really funny until I remembered that ALL of my family turned out to be exactly like the patient in the video. They think I'm just going crazy when I try to tell them to be careful. Nobody wears a mask, they invite and visit friends on a usual basis and don't keep the distance. My mother even considers going to visit our grandparents by travelling on the plane. I can't convince her not to. I need you in my life, doctor Julie :(
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 19 days ago
i actually thought this was serious until the end. funny vid
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg 19 days ago
Beat video I’ve seen yet
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg 19 days ago
God damn this girl can act! 🤯😂
Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.
Masks are only vital if ur sick and going in close proximity to someone that is sick. The public in general there is no evidence to say its helpful but the government made that recommendation to hope it help. And it can help but its very important not to touch ur face and mask. People always touch their masks when they r out jts a problem.
FAYC_FAYC 19 days ago
Doc out here sounding like my mom, teacher and friend all at once lmao
wo MAN
wo MAN 19 days ago
Me as wraith when I unmute my mic finally to scream at my pathfinder after he wouldn't shut up about how trash I am when I have quadruple his stats: 2:09 - the rest of the video
Alexandria Virginia
Still relevant. Haha.
chernobyl68 19 days ago
"I'm the captain now!"
Tirtham Pal
Tirtham Pal 19 days ago
Why did this video scare me?
Molly Scafidi
Molly Scafidi 19 days ago
I genuinely can't tell if the patient is Julie or not.
GasmanOAV 11 days ago
Molly Scafidi I was thinking the same thing. That’s great acting and character development. Good one Julie.
Sam C 95
Sam C 95 20 days ago
It does seem like lockdown is ending in a lot of places more because people are just bored of it rather than because the scientific consensus suggests that it's the appropriate course of action now. How many lives is okay to lose to have a less bored population?
Caleb Harris
Caleb Harris 19 days ago
I agree. The entire population doesn’t need to shutdown once we discovered that the virus isn’t impacting as hard as first thought. It’s affecting less than 1% of the population. It’s way past due to reopen. High risk population needs to take their own course of actions to protect themselves.
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 20 days ago
My question is...are thos socks with the CBC logo on them? Lol
s o p h i e
s o p h i e 20 days ago
just found this channel ,im never leaving 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰
Boredboys21 20 days ago
Many articles that have been published have found that many people who caught Covid-19 got it from home. Those articles also said that you are less likely to get covid while outside compared to being locked inside.. Furthermore, the US is seeing more cases because more people are being tested and due to the recent protests more people will likely get sick. To add to this I would like to point out all of the doctors that denounced the anti-lockdown protesters when their were literally thousands of people protesting for BLM, not saying they don't have the right to or saying I dont support it just pointing out the double standard. Also that whole lysol thing isn't true. People weren't actually injecting/drinking lysol, many of those stories draw inaccurate conclusions on what really was happening which was that people were worried they were using to much disinfectant to clean their houses. Sources: www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2020/05/07/new-survey-suggests-66--of-all-new-hospitalizations-are-from-people-sheltering-at-home- www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/policy/healthcare/496483-evidence-mounts-that-outside-is-safer-when-it-comes-to-covid-19%3famp www.google.com/amp/s/www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-double-standards-of-the-london-protestors/amp
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