Is the economy ready to let go of Trump?

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The Heritage Foundation chief economist and economic adviser to President Trump, Steve Moore, discusses a meeting he had at the White House on Friday focusing on the U.S. economy.
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 361
Uncle60 26 days ago
Can Pence appoint him for sec. of state or other positions, after impeachment if so?
Marton Steve
Marton Steve 26 days ago
Andy Christ
Andy Christ 29 days ago
This economy is a deck of cards about to fall...
Doug Green
Doug Green Month ago
Accomplishments across the board ...Vote-DT2O2O-America !
J.L. Klamer
J.L. Klamer Month ago
US economy primarily serves the top 1% of high earners. Pres.Trump is working on that, these are his true friends.
OpnDoarPlcy Month ago
What I just can't understand is the leftist claim that this economy is not the result of the work done by President Trump, but instead this economic boom was created by the previous administration. I think it's insane.
Charles Archibald
I'm not tired of winning. Trump 2020 2024!
Bridget Gayle
Bridget Gayle Month ago
Promise keeper and deal maker always puts America 1st🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
ZechsMerquise73 Month ago
Iron production is up 5%, corn is up 150, and gains in Africa against East Asia are booming.
A Man
A Man Month ago
We are living of a massive trillion dollar deficit! When are we going to start paying off the debt!?
Loliver Hecc
Loliver Hecc Month ago
Yes, yes it is.
Bo Brother
Bo Brother Month ago
What a complete load of crap! 'Fox Business' analysis is mental illness on an industrial scale!! What's driving these markets? ....TRILLIONS of dollars pumped into the debt market by the FED. . . . not gonna end well.
keptitreal 100
keptitreal 100 Month ago
Trump isn't even done.. the hell y'all talkin bout!?
Jaime Avila
Jaime Avila Month ago
Republican should get ready to have a new candidate for president, the party need to change Trump mentality, Mitt Romney need to start champagne now, he is the right candidate from the republican party, Romney will win easy
Frank Brown
Frank Brown Month ago
Henpecked Harry abandons his country and his duty for his ....
Nicholas Santos
Nicholas Santos Month ago
No confidence on this corrupt SOB, Fox News needs to stop recycling BS
Dave B
Dave B Month ago
The economy has gotten better ever since Obama took office.
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller Month ago
You all morons. The economy is a roller coaster, every up is followed by an equal downturn eventually. The economy cant sustain this growth if the deficit continues to climb. Economys on fire, its never been so good! Oh, by the way, we went another trillion dollars in debt, but nothing to worry about! The economy is strong, tremendous, STUPENDOUS! ITS THE BIGGEST BEST ECONONMY IN HISTORY. God you ppl are dumb
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller Month ago
Lol. Wages on the rise... at about 1% of corporate profit margins... and if the economy is doing so great, why is our deficit still ballooning and we are still rocket sledding further in debt?
Johnnie Dingler
Johnnie Dingler Month ago
Give him a chance Obama doubled our debt in eight year and it took 43 presidents to get it as high as it was when Obama took office
Danger Mauz
Danger Mauz Month ago
When, I was a kid, I used to wonder why my grandma had photos of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. in her living room. Some people may be too young to have experience this. But, my grandma didn't play, she banned us from her living room. It was furnished and was well decorated. But, anyways, now that I'm older, I realize, I have a JFK and MLK in President Trump! He's not only the greatest president. But, he is also gonna be the most loved president. Because, he put us first. God bless America, and God Bless our beloved president and co.
Nican Tlaca Original
God is not on the side from those who're calling them self Americans, at all, you're worse than those who're blowing them self up in the name of God n killing innocent people's n say, in God we trust, the mark on your faces can be seen by the Creator n the rest of the world, what is a couple hundreds years compare to more than 40.000 YEARS? not just USA, also those who're joining them, Guns, drugs, hate, jealousy, rasism,fighting for power, r sickness from evil, that can only be cure, if they realize that what they've done n continue to do is wrong, stop fight against the law n power of the Creator n Mother Earth, cause you'll never win, talking about kingdom, Empire, Conquered, r you sure what that means? Only God can use this words, you had the chance ones to restore, this time will be different, can you use your wapens against high flood n fire? can you fight the army of the Creator? Life is spiritual, not how you've brainwashed mankind, the clock is ticking n time is near
Kelhori Elhori
Kelhori Elhori Month ago
Kelhori Elhori
Kelhori Elhori Month ago
Kelhori Elhori
Kelhori Elhori Month ago
Gina Mariposa
Gina Mariposa Month ago
Better Steve Moore than Michael Moore.
Martin Anderson
Martin Anderson Month ago
Conservatism is a mental disorder.
john doew
john doew Month ago
multisphere1 Month ago
If economy is booming , what we people don’t feel it ? Why our life become so expansive and why our salary is frozen ? You clime low unemployment, but it’s the opposite. People can’t pay rant and we’d forded on streets! For whom is Trump economy ? What he actually do for economy?! Trade war? No tax for rich ? Tariffs?! What did he do?! Printing money?! What?!
Chiến Nguyễn
Obama gave money terrorist Iran and let them killed our US Ambassador at Libya.
Jon Foss
Jon Foss Month ago
Jon Foss
Jon Foss Month ago
Summer Time
Summer Time Month ago
I wonder if those new South American caravanners are heading to the usa in Hope of working on the wall, hopefully being stuck in Mexico requires them to improve their chances by Forcing them, so to speak with incentives to learn to speak fluid English if they want to work on the wall. Now that Trump has his funding, let the Mexicans get paid to build the wall using the illegals labor with temporary work permits. Get the wall built as fast as possible before November.
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos Month ago
Fake news
Galileester GmaiI
Guilty, guilty Pelosi, Schiff, fat boy natler are guilty of treason.
Galileester GmaiI
Innocent, innocent, our POTUS is innocent.
Anrcy TV
Anrcy TV Month ago
Fake fox news at it again
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg Month ago
Since the economy is going up so well.. *because of* Trump... How do you account for other countries economy going up as well *without* Trump?
Jacobus.F Rossouw
Good for a fair man
Oscar Orozco
Oscar Orozco Month ago
Trump 2020,,:-)
Lance Colbert
Lance Colbert Month ago
Tell Boeing that iran DEFINITELY needs another 747.
Paul Cunnane
Paul Cunnane Month ago
Charles is a great presenter.
Knc Delivery
Knc Delivery Month ago
Yes to all slow people this was all planned illegals voting socialism open borders propaganda media no guns impeachment it’s all because Democrats are desperate for that socialism they will do anything Bernie is a crazy socialist retrain your kids come on this was all planned
Blatant Foul 88
Blatant Foul 88 Month ago
They minute Trump leaves office, my Money will leave the Market! Unless somebody like The Prez is his successor.
Margie Deal
Margie Deal Month ago
Everyone is benefiting the economy Trump2020 KAG
Miguelangel Macias
Ahmm? let me think about it? NO!
Kim Pinkham
Kim Pinkham Month ago
sleepy will save us
Life love life with rights
In US are all about Trump? Yes or no? It is about much more !!!!
MBFLA45 Month ago
Or... as the lefties would say... "Look what a great job Hillary did for her foundation. Imagine what she would have done for the American economy!" The Dems would create great jobs too! Look at some of the jobs Hunter Biden has had... look at the incredible jobs Chelsea Clinton has snagged. Watch how rich AOC will get." TRUMP 2020!!
Life love life with rights
Steve Moore is an expert?
Life love life with rights
Blackmail only helps for a short time!
John O'Brien
John O'Brien Month ago
Democrats could really turn this economy around..
DatBoiCMan Month ago
Like obama did
John Tatum
John Tatum Month ago
Yes, President Trump does not deserve the constant harrassment from partisan hacks like Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and networks like CNN and MSNBC...I say lets get rid of these traitors.
DatBoiCMan Month ago
He be okay he a big boi
american psycho
american psycho Month ago
he`s like Charlie sheen, he`s winning and will win 20/20!
iii Month ago
malcolm clark
malcolm clark Month ago
You dooods cant talk fast enough, carefull now were coming up on a hard brake..
Russian kek Bot
Russian kek Bot Month ago
This irrelevant compared to they attacks on American rights and the constitution at the moment. Fox news is pathetic propaganda lacking any real substance
RedSkaal Month ago
MSM 93% negative reporting on Trump. Scum
Dirty Sanchez
Dirty Sanchez Month ago
Trump 2020!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Bobby Joplin
Bobby Joplin Month ago
Trump should collude with Puntin to stay in charge for ever and lock up Democratic Congressional members in dungeon. Build a dungeon with a wall around it.
DatBoiCMan Month ago
So he should commit treason to break the Constitution and illegally imprisoned political opponents?.....no
Bobby Joplin
Bobby Joplin Month ago
Round up Democrats and ship them to California and build 2nd Walls
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